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an spune was a gangrelchielhe s nae sanct yon
the stair o a gangrelchielon neebourly terms wi wint
rent tribute maun must gangrelchielvagabond fellow fremit strange foreign
neil duguid wis a canniechielan accoontant aathin maun add
pat duguid wis a pouerfuchielan cud easy makk things
as fur neil duguid thechielfa d raised him it
jack biggit this is thechielthat bedd in the hoose
jack biggit this is thechielthat gaed tae wark tae
jack biggit this is thechielthat merriet a wife that
jack biggit this is thechielthat needit a dram tae
jack biggit this is thechielthat thrashed the bairn the
o anither macgregor aathegither achielcaad gilderoy fa wis as
the bard hissel a makerchielcaad john milton maun hae
there wis anither o achielcaad mercury haudin a staff
at his command a lesserchieldaith surely cud hae wyled
legion he cud reist achielwi ae glower he cud
aathin in the faimly achielwi bluid group o cud
for spring is the fermerchielsaturday 10 temp7 10 damp
ti wait a yung fermerchielturnt up that pleised the
daft wi the combine fermerchielwalnut oh ronald this is
bairns ane til the staigchielan anither til the chaumer
thrie ane tikl the stigchielane til the chaumer loun
n chariot chaumer n chamberchieln fellow chirker n cricket
gied aathing ti a chaumerchielti tak awa prince duan
neil wis nae ill luikinchielderk haired sax fit heich
the car a heich sparechielstrade oot tae greet us
faither wis a heich trimchielwi a braw broon mowser
i shall gyang quo thechielin the licht fariver ye
sae but gifna some itherchielmaun dae it quo he
a big brosie kinno achielquo granda nae a shilpit
o her quo the rochsomechielshe s nae spoken twa
verra girse cries gandhi thechielfa cowpit an empire walkin
threw the bunches tae achielfa wis biggin a ruck
quine fa cudna fin onychieltae merry her till at
fedotik ye r a brawchielfedotik we hae been guid
gied til a whyte hairedchielthe present o a braw
yon aff ither than achieldawdlin ben the road wi
s maist affectin an yonchieldegas hard tae beat peintit
an dyed his hair yonchieldidna gie a snuff fur
tak it whit yon editorchielhammer has been clecking on
wis tae come for anitherchielin a bleck goun jumpt
me jonsar eck thanked thechielan fin he came back
the response o the cheerychielan i myn fin ee
the will o the ferminchielfin he cries wheep its
fin he wis a youngchielon his first sea voyage
unneeboorly coorse ploys a violentchielsober he wis certifiable fin
jist ane auld irish fairmerchielhurlin peats in a cairtie
kist intil the pail anechiellunts a gun loading the
a bairn ti the staigchielan nou as ferr as
kidney he wis a clivverchielauld pat terrorism murder bairn
the ither wis the quaeterchielpoored wisdom in ma lug
i gloomed at the auldchielfrae aneth ma broos i
his maister the fly auldchielhad pawkied in wi my
tae ken foo the auldchielmicht jeedge me i stappit
morn laddies sclyin an auldchielsmirks frosty morning boys sliding
fair an square like achield expeck fit if ma
let s hear fit thechielhere s wintin this wisnae
he kent tae that thechielreally lued him bit fit
aye on duty taks achielthat kens fit s fit
a bottle a reid heiditchieltheir first fit nae lucky
there an ill trickit kinnachielpersuaded a loon to bore
shift fur thirsels syne someitherchielan his wife wad hae
them jenny wad gar thechielsit doon an hae the
kick about whit kin ochielwad a be says gao
wad hae them bit thechielwarned her weel that they
kiln wis fou a sodgerchielcam up at his back
saw wis a green glowinchielhappit wi the phosphorus calf
the tither wis the quaterchielhis currency wis dreams the
dairy stable cannily the youngchiellaid her doon bluid wis
this wis your troilus buirdliestchielo the land the rival
man wis shot by somechielwi a gun an nae
spell hid wirked an thechielwis chyned tae her soul
the first born an thechielwis fairly a man lizard
there wis nae denyin thechielwis fertile forbye northie s
of wir class s newchielas we took for an
by a certain class ochielwha niver buys a ticket
m a courss kin ochielan a m forfautit wi
o disraeli as a youngchielbyronic an broodin wi blaik
kis he wes an eydentchielhe set ti tyauvin wi
luikit nearer forty nur achielin his seventies wi sic
a carved shelt wi achielon his back a pict
planet the skreichmakkers bore achiels physog wi the body
the glaur a gammie fittitchieltaps wi a stick a
lawyer a doctor a professionalchielwi a fine hoose in
work but as a youngchielwi his ain life to
the bronze o a peeriechielwi his whussle an his
horn an the weel luedchielwi the hairt sae leal
the fireplace an a doctorchielcam oot frae aiberdeen tae
frae the dee a theologianchieleence screived me a puckle
friens ploy she merriet achielfrae embro wye an she
a primary source a ventriloquistchielfrae findochty spakk in cantonese
within twinty yairds o thechielon oor side richt lads
a richt maitter o factchielspikkin o eez wye o
her heid ower the richtchielthe sheik in the tartan
the brace o cheery achielcame whistlin free an sallied
american friens then that editorchielhamilton came in and congratulated
hale essay tae peint thechiels character aricht sae i
an george morris the buchanchieltwa names that meant sae
the main road as thechielspakk kate murdoch could hear
wrang ronnie s a finechielbut he must be a
jist the soun o somechielhackin wid or dellin dung
in the car the driverchielnewsed constantly o cricket a
dochter wes mairrit on achielo ordnar hicht an this
a drink in this kintrachielseen the style o profunditas
the sioux tribe o achielsmoored in fedders the sioux
tell me o ae specialchielten generations back when twinty
o a pictur buik achielupon a camel a wumman
o the name o thechielye ll mairry the kitchie
kens his worth a surgeonchielbut drugs an doses or
thegither a lang fyle thechielnear etten up bi his
little perplexed that a ploughmanchielshould souse his sonnets on
but whit a nerve thatchielshowing his face in this
clankin doon a stinch likechielsikkin the richts tae his
geein a wuman an achiela hand tae help the
selt their grun tae achielat dunracht an bocht the
as tart a german peinterchieloot tae impress ejaculated in
coodnae use the lavvy achieltelt him far aboot tae
haun an lauchin ee kenspecklechiela scholar s harns a
the laichest place the barmanchieldid them a service an
but he s a spunkiechieleh no an then he
s an affa glaikit lookinchielf1001: a vacant kinda look
cope maybe iss bletherin aulchielis a haverin dope but
bun glyte is cock eyedchiellike childe is a chap
be a roch haivless kinnachielor a gey allagrooze lookin
they fand a bird likechielproggin an edder birds an
ti be mairriet on achielshae cryed the blak k
toon will never lack achielshe crooks her pinkie at
seemed to me as achieltakkin notes that there was
was a gleg and eidentchielthat he sang like a
ere s aye an antrinchielat ll be ower e
an adam the stodgin crafterchieleydent about the midden hed
you ll find every lastchielof them has something he
beef earlier on says thechielbut it s aa sellt
bowdie leggit barrel briested kenspecklechielin the toon s chequered
connor s minder s thechielneist door bring on the
in law ross muir thechielthat hosted the tv fairmin
ah dinna lyke that protopopovchielmihail potopych or ivanych or

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