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peanuts cumin coriander black pepperchillinubian baskets skullcaps scarves and
yoghurt 4 bananas sliced pinchchillipowder 1 tblnspn lemon juice
to paste add coriander cuminchillisalt beat yog into ving
anne paella fur bella anchillifur sam mary buchan s
bacon small piece of greenchilli1 egg yolk small piece
cumin 2 tsp vinegar 1chilli2 tsp worcester sauce 1
dressing carton plain yoghurt dashchillisauce ΒΌ tsp garlic salt
at a golden delicious thechilliturned red and incredibly vicious
have a butcher s madamchillicheap as chips oh lady
the bacon and add choppedchilliturn up the heat a

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