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the ginger stubble on yourchininto a million unpaintable points
duvet roon ma neb machinkyte hurdies happin in case
on yer hurdies touch yerchinpit yer hauns in yer
strained like trawler cables hischinstubble glossy in the arc
o fite stibble at hischinhis neb wis hooked like
o black stibble roon hischinsingin fur the sheer joy
m608: mmhm m642: they llchinwag away i ve got
you can go up andchinwag with them you can
on the buird an hirchini hir luif quaitlie wi
shaved for days and hischinresembled a hedgehog with mildew
your head and over yourchinand over your nose now
kis yer nose end anchinir aboot meetin is ee
muttered uncle murray jutting hischinat the podium a cat
and a cat without achinthe cat is going in
naw ken drippin off herchinefter pause naw ken efter
d come too eyes shutchindigging into the white paint
juice tae trickle doon yerchinjist pick the aipple eve
slivers at ran doon echino aal hatton at hame
the huge statue of leninchinup greatcoat swirling inspiring the
buttercup under your friend schinif you saw a yellow
hair that hung fae herchinas lang as ony turnip
not it s fine rightchinup right are you ready
niv half steekit aside machinthough i start at wye
bed with my knees andchintogether my soul shaken my
heistit his fiddle aneth hischinduntit his fit three times
take it off up yourchinright leave it on there
of spittle webbed on hischincause that s whit we
his moustache and his bristlychintickle me and i have
rub face from brow tochinsandalwood cream removes all acne
unplanned to the left herchinhad gone numb ned from
got a crack on thechinwi the shaft o the
boat is moored on thechinhuai wattir forenent a yill

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