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choc vermicelli 1 tbsp gratechocinto basin melt over pan
ess or rum cocoa orchocvermicelli 1 tbsp grate choc
the laughing chevalier s waschoca block with beer whilst
eggs nÂș 5 30 minschoccakes 5 tablesp cocoanut 3
cocoanut 3 porage 2 dchocmelt in pan 2 ozs
top chocolate truffles 4 ozchoc2 oz sieved icing sugar
into balls roll in cocoachoccoffee truffles makes c 15
mixture when cold decorate withchocsultana cake 12 ozs s
jiggle about with 2 teaspoonschocraisin crispies 2 oz marg
fold all together freeze sinfulchoccake 8 oz butter 8
rum or grand marnier meltchocwith butter in bowl over
chill angy s cake pktchocchip cookies or ginger snaps
yolks beat slowly add meltedchocmix fold in almonds flour
whites till stiff fold intochocmix pour into glasses cover
melted chocolate 1 pk blackchocgrilled bananas 4 bananas 1
eggs separated 8 oz plainchocmelted 5 oz ground almonds
lb biscuits rolled out meltchocin hot water milk pour
oz cornflour 1 oz drinkingchoc4 oz caster sugar 1
chocolate mousse 12 oz plainchoc5 oz butter 7 egg

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