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swop but i ging forchocolatesbecause back on shore you
dae a swop cigarettes forchocolatesthat kin o thing some
pattern the sand like continentalchocolatesdead jelly fish ooze turkish
war our our sweets andchocolateswere rationed m608: right m194:
got your nylons stockings forchocolateshe s a bit full
case her grandmother loved goodchocolatesand could never admire enough
afternoon they sell the ch-chocolatesso it meant m608: right
a packet of after eightchocolateswhich were consumed with great
right you you put thechocolatesin f1118: i wanna dae
can dee great deals wichocolatesan that s how i
visit i take her somechocolatesnot that she was daft
mix that in wi thechocolatesnow remember we needed the
they re winnie the poohchocolatesf1121: ah f1122: don t
table say whaur aw thechocolatesirena soliony gorbilt thaim up

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