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puss there s plenty pickingschooseanother choose hang dog jade
when i had to choosechoosebetween a form like i
like when i had tochoosechoose between a form like
s plenty pickings choose anotherchoosehang dog jade or dreary
should have the right tochooseif people choose to continue
prattling finn choose snuffling johnchoosejenny s half wit brother
m1110: which one do youchoosemam f1109: i choose the
choose one okay right youchooseone f1122: [?]twinkle, twinkle, little star[/?] [inaudible] f1121:
fell off f1121: right youchooseone okay right you choose
jade or dreary prattling finnchoosesnuffling john choose jenny s
choose this yellow loveheart m1094: choosethat f1093: er where s
you choose mam f1109: ichoosethe tortoise m1110: yes f1109:
f1093: i m going tochoosethis yellow loveheart m1094: choose
right to choose if peoplechooseto continue working for scottish
the tenant s right tochoosea landlord i think that
right of secure tenants tochoosetheir landlord has an opportunity
right for secure tenants tochoosetheir landlord the bill removes
social landlord scottish ministers maychooseto leave things as they
of convener the committee willchoosea convener 3 deputy convener
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 abolition
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 adults
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 adults
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 draft
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 modernising
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 2 update
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 3 scottish
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 4 items
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener 4 travelling
deputy convener the committee willchoosea deputy convener business bulletin
on the agenda is tochoosethe deputy convener of the
that tenants are free tochoosethe form of renting their
will allow individual tenants whochooseto become involved in the
have f1148: mmhm f1149: tochoosefive because it s compulsory
a lot more they canchoosefrom now f1148: mmhm f1149:
f1148: mum would always likechoosesomewhere where there s loads
f1148: mmhm f1149: you canchoosethe other five so i
you want to you canchooseto do psychology f1148: uh
turn i m going tochoosea little pussycat m1094: [inaudible]
else then m1094: i llchooseerm this where where can
this ones you ve tochoosefrom m1094: i got these
m going m1094: f1093: tochoosegrapes one where s the
got another pair i llchoosem1094: that one [exhale] is
you got what have f1093: choosesomething else then m1094: i
pair one right let schoosesomething then m1094: [?]a star[/?] i
i think i ll ha-choosethe chicken m1094: [inaudible] [child noises]
f1093: there s plenty tochoosethere m1094: but i ll
that one [exhale] is youchoosethese ains f1093: tangerine m1094:
ve still to finish herechoosethese ones m1094: so i
2 convener the committee willchoosea convener 3 lines of
we suppose i would notchoosethat option the convener mr
would this f1109: choo- ayechooseain o yer books have
you want to go andchooseone m1110: mammy f1109: be
books mam f1109: would ichooseone o your books well
would you [inaudible] would youchooseof my books mam would
f1093: i m going tochoosea cow what does the
it f1093: hmm right youchooseone [censored: forename] that s all
f1093: i m going tochoosethe man reading the paper
f1111: i think i llchooseblue ones for lucy f1112:
them f1111: we ll justchoosedifferent ones f1112: yes two
asking why we didn tchoosemuch younger ones well we
m1110: does you want tochooseone to reads of my
had is unlikely one mightchooseto have some form of
f1121: i think can ichoosea jigsaw first f1122: i
jigsaw first f1122: i canchoosef1121: are you picking or
first let me see youchoosef1122: i want i want
i think i m gonnachoosef1122: mum f1121: winnie the
okay f1122: i m gonnachoosekipper f1121: kipper f1122: kipper
f1121: very good right youchooseone f1122: beauty and the
on first f1121: right youchooseone then which one f1122:
f1122: mm i m gonnachoosepink f1121: oh i love
done darling [toy says 'excellent'] right youchoosethe next one f1122: this
life to be able tochoosegood the possibility of evil
and evil and you shallchooselife to be able to
sector body be able tochooseprojects that it likes without
not usually be able tochoosethe same word as the
right i m going tochoosean apple this time i
one am i going tochoosenow i think i ll
yes i m going tochooseoh eyes what do you
f1111: what are going tochooseokay right girls what would
er i m going tochoosethis one what s this
turn i m going tochoosethis yellow triangle now i
authorities they are forced tochoosebetween being true to their
like asking the public tochoosebetween different designs of computer
is now being forced tochoosebetween that home language and
there is relatively little tochoosebetween them however i understand
that if i had tochoosebetween writing and life i
writing and life i shouldchooselife but then i couldn
parliament in the world tochooselife to shape a society
choosed one already okay ichooseanother one then i ll
gave us a lot tochoosefrom there are another six
another one then i llchoosethis cows make a pair
the tenant s right tochooseis not actually written into
you thank you right youchoosesomething else what one are
not have the right tochoosethe local authority as their
ever had the right tochooseto go back to a
dae m1092: erm let mechooseone f1091: er fitt aboot
a crossroads and has tochooseone of the routes what
what one s turquoise youchoosewhat one s turquoise f1111:
city is yours whether youchooseto check out the provocative
factors in determining whether peoplechooseto smoke in the submission
but attitude determines whether theychooseto use scots or lose
of professionals from schools whochoosewhether to do the marking
to the committee we canchoosewhether to send this petition
government legislation local authorities canchoosewhether to spend money on
ability of older people tochoosewhether to work will be
well and then you couldchoosewhether you wanted to do
two last years you couldchoosewhether you wanted to do
and then erm you couldchoosewhether you wanted to start
on the guidance where ownerschooseto use alternative methods local
addressed that point projects willchoosewhere to go for support
walking boots again time tochoosewhere to go to test
from across the uk canchoosewhere to study dance drama
t think you get tochoosewhere you go robyn [laugh]
universities providing something that peoplechoosei certainly support the view
f1037: [inhale] f1038: yes yeschoosesomething he was like can
fruit juice madam you maychooseit was cool and clean
passport agency those departments maychoosesometime in the future to
of a disabled child maychoosethe mainstream school that they
for lobbying a member maychooseto act in response to
circumstances in which parents maychooseto educate their children at
seven years countries may alsochooseto make declarations at the
the scottish parliament others maychooseto speculate during the debate
her didn t let herchoosecarolanne fear isn t choosing
your hands and you canchoosea sweetie cause you ve
can we be free tochooseaccording to james boethius was
of setting targets we canchoosefrom a range of figures
advocate canna jist pick andchoosenor can a panel wi
accept ms macdonald can wechoosethe people we meet to
maggie this way she canchooseto beth you can put
no other living thing canchooseto die but when the
inspiration cause you can justchooseto go to holland like
services from which people canchoosewe are saying that a
his tongue and i canchoosewhat to do look here
and a commissioner and tochoose10 people from throughout europe
older people are free tochoosetheir opportunities they must be
simply say that while peoplechooseto smoke tobacco products workers
deeply suspicious of people whochooseto suck polos unlike pandrops
why are the people whochooseto supply it to them
paedophiles when the people whochooseto supply us with poisons
such that most people wouldchooseto use them it is
silence zeb now contessa youchoosea label then i ll
of the class who thenchooseactions to be done in
watched which truck he dchoosethen chased ten tons o
[laugh] do you get tochooseyour subjects then for the
why do many qualified nurseschoosenot to return to nursing
why does the westminster governmentchooseto remove that benefit at
s a good idea tochooseyour f950: well well yes
be welcomed by couples whochoosea civil marriage a secondary
but who are unable orchoosenot to follow the academic
consultees and on who shouldchoosepay and set the remit
f746: who to pick andchooseto might be good representatives
back up and those whochooseto stay in the service
tae jamaica if he shouldchooseit he insists that he
examine such issues we shouldchooseoption c that said given
consultant s remit and indeedchoosethe consultant developers should still
associated with tobacco products andchooseto consume them there should
stated that the poet shouldchooseto deal only with the
an option should i everchooseto offer hospitality a sagging
understand lowland scots speech orchoosenot to use it lowland
that i would have tochoosea design subject because it
to a disk and tochoosea suitable program to manipulate
english rhymes which pronunciation tochoosea vote on it iv
the archduke would be tochooseadventure every traveller craves the
be formed in order tochooseand purchase the new computer
give patients the freedom tochooseany appropriate and cost effective
we are setting out tochooseburns material for primary purposes
on hand to help herchoosedresses etc however i shall
they were allowed to helpchooseearlier before the 1st world
standard grades you have tochooseeight subjects but really you
and 2 500 events tochoosefrom i make this pledge
specialist schools for parents tochoosefrom offering excellent routes into
a soor faced craiter glossarychoosefrom the words below to
factor in the decision tochoosegalashiels over irvine as a
discretion for signatory states tochoosehow they ratify the treaty
advertising allows the consumer tochoosein a market situation the
had provided broadband connections tochooseinstead to subscribe to telewest
must exist that freedom tochooseis perhaps as the existentialists
we as individuals have tochoosemaybe a time in our
held up if the americanschoosenot to ratify the treaty
me to suggest that wechooseoptions b and c if
incentives for inward investors tochooseother locations and assistance to
with intuitive certainty that tochoosesalvador as a travel guide
upon the scottish executive tochoosethe city of aberdeen as
states or national authorities tochoosethe means by which they
and premature ejaculation had tochoosetheir own necrotic aroma they
speak standard english if theychooseto do so m762: yeah
judged by the code wechooseto employ on a particular
the direction in which wechooseto go the background note
key stakeholders in the borderschooseto promote the public purse
the way in which theychooseto ratify the treaty the
to the bill we couldchooseto rely on the views
anywhere in england were tochooseto report the case it
percentage of smokers will nowchooseto stay at home rather
could address those or couldchooseto take an issue head
which direction the minister willchooseto take in his advice
and sectarian activity if theychooseto take up residence in
links to allow visitors tochoosetransport other than cars grant
risk assessment allowing consumers tochoosewhat precautions to take and
risk assessment allowing consumers tochoosewhat precautions to take and
relation to parents ability tochoosewhich mainstream school they wish
you know they re theychooseehm or he s choo-
the stones maybe or youchoosethe next week danny dumped
well [inaudible] m608: but youchooseyour questions carefully do you
and asked which languages theychoosefor the translation of their
appoint his own staff andchoosewhich senior scottish counsel are
motion in any language theychooseas long as they provide
hairm your reputation but ayechoosemairriet men they have as
s- the first group alwayschoosespeug they just love the
brother draw back your clawschooseanyone but him on a
justice of england would deliberatelychoosetae deliver an enigmatical opinion
o sic maitters if wechoosetae gie oorsels easement nae
fit gin this horny gollachchoosetae veesit me explore ma
fan div i get taechoosefitbaa fitbaa is the favourite
or alternatively have the pupilschoosethe best three entries and
gaen ower tae leddrach taechooseain a stoot aik kist
sam being a minning studentchoosethe spot so he asked
point in the story andchoosesubstitutions accordingly at level d

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