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red pepper 1 green pepperchopped4 oz cashew nuts chopped
chopped 4 oz cashew nutschopped6 oz button mushrooms quartered
cashew nuts 2 sticks finelychoppedcelery 1 green pepper finely
raw peanuts or walnuts roughlychopped oz bean sprouts 3oz
sliced 2 oz walnuts coarselychoppeddressing 3 tbsp olive oil
cook another 5 mins 8ozchoppedwalnuts 2 oz fresh wholemeal
oz raisins 1 oz roughlychoppedwalnuts oz natural yoghurt
spn coffee essence 2 ozchoppedwalnuts or ground hazlenuts 3
meatballs 1 large onion finelychopped1 clove garlic 1 lb
tblspn oil 1 garlic finelychopped1 ginger spring onion
sauce 1 spring onions finelychopped1 tspn ginger ½ salt
cottage cheese 1 tspn chiveschopped1 tspn onion finely chopped
chopped 1 tspn onion finelychopped½ tspn made mustard 1
softened 2 lge onions finelychopped1lb potatoes 1 large cooking
nut roast 1 med onionchopped4 celery sticks chopped finely
onion sliced 2 oz hazelnutschopped4 dessert apples finely sliced
x 8oz tin tomatoes drainedchopped4 oz mushrooms finely chopped
chopped 4 oz mushrooms finelychoppedadd fry till dry 8
celery 1 green pepper finelychoppedchill serve on bed of
sticker dumplings 1 oz finelychoppedchinese leaves 3 oz minced
cup milk ¼ cup finelychoppedcitron 1 cream butter sugar
onion chopped 4 celery stickschoppedfinely 2 tblspns oil fry
grated parmesan 2 tblspns finelychoppedfresh chives 2 oz flour
salt pepper 1 tbsp finelychoppedherbs red cabbage 1 small
oz oil 2 tblspn finelychoppedonion 1 chopped stuffed olives
tablespoonful butter 2 tablespoonful finelychoppedonion 4 rashers diced bacon
lb margarine 2 cups finelychoppedpecans cream butter and sugar
mins till w is finelychoppedreturn to saucepan add stock
tblspn finely chopped onion 1choppedstuffed olives 1 parsley 1
tblspns oil 2 large onionschopped2 cloves garlic crushed sauté
tblspns oil 1 large onionchopped2 cloves garlic crushed sauté
tblspn oil 2 med onionschopped4 cloves garlic crushed sauté
tablespoonful soy sauce 1 tablespoonfulchoppedchives boil peas quickly in
½ pt chicken stock sautéchoppedonion in chicken fat discard
s or d 2 tbspchoppedchives heat butter stir in
in blender serve garnished withchoppedchives red cabbage with hazelnuts
cup snipped chives 2 tbspnchoppedparsley 1 clove garlic crushed
garlic crushed 2 stocks celerychopped1 red pepper 1 green
made mustard 1 tbspn parsleychopped4 eggs beaten salt pepper
red pepper seeded and dicedchoppedfresh parsley to garnish dressing
breadcrumbs parsley salt etc lemonchoppedfried streaky bacon bind together
button mushroons sliced 2 tbspchoppedparsley 1 tbsp flour 6
tsp garlic salt 2 ozchoppedparsley 2 tablsp minced onion
sprigs fresh thyme 3 tblspchoppedparsley cut aubergines into fingers
oregano 1 basil 3 tbspnschoppedparsley salt pepper add cook
oz butter 1 small onionchopped8oz button mushroons sliced 2
chill at least 1 hourchoppedfresh coriander for garnish ratatouille
cool puree in blender reheatchoppedmint or parsely to garnish
chopped oz sultanas raisinschopped oz prunes oz
2 tbsp oil 2 onionschopped2 cloves garlic crushed 8
cake 3 oz dried dateschopped fl oz water 4
log 4 oz dried apricotschopped oz sultanas raisins chopped
1 hr 2 oz peanutschopped1 small red 1 small
pts chicken stock heaped tablespchoppedonion 7 oz salted peanuts
pts stock heaped tblspnchoppedonion 7oz salted peanuts 8
for 10 mins 2 ozchoppedpeanuts 2 tspns lemon juice
soft 14 oz canned tomatoeschopped2 tspn oregano 1 basil
4 lb ripe tomatoes roughlychopped3 large carrots sliced 1
tbsp oil 2 lg onionschopped4 tomatoes peeled chopped 6
onions chopped 4 tomatoes peeledchopped6 medium courgettes cut in
salt pepper 3 tomatoes peeledchoppedadd to mixture simmer 25
bacon assemble the lettuce tomatoeschoppedbacon and croutons pour over
3 oz mince 1 lgechoppedonion 2 peeled tomatoes ¼
tortillas half a tin ofchoppedtomatoes tomato paste anything you
2 tbsp oil 1 onionchopped1 red 1 green pepper
in frying pan brown 1choppedonion chopped raw potatoes add
pan brown 1 chopped onionchoppedraw potatoes add meat cooked
1 small green pepper seededchopped4 tbsp french dressing salt
sliced 1 sm green pepperchopped6 tbsp salad dr 2
2oz butter 2 3 onionschopped1 5 lb of stewing
re done and chuck inchoppedbacon and chopped spring onions
oil 4 medium onions roughlychoppedfry till onions soft 6
dollop of mayo spring onionschoppedpepper mustard garlic cook the
cream and seasoned with thinlychoppedpeppers and onions fry turning
cups stock 3 spring onionschoppedsimmer for 30 mins sieve
chuck in chopped bacon andchoppedspring onions if using add
currants raisins sultanas 2 ozchoppedalmonds 1 small chopped apple
stoned prunes 2 apples peeledchoppedscant tblsp brown sugar 6
oz seedless raisins 2 ozchoppedalmonds 2 oz glazé cherries
oz chopped almonds 1 smallchoppedapple 1 dess sp syrup
fry black beans coarselychoppedadd chicken add stir till
when hot drop in thechoppedgarlic and stir around with
cherries halved 3 blanched almondschopped1 lemon rind juice 9
frozen top with 3 tbspnschoppedalmonds lightly toasted topping whisk
for 1 hour covered addchoppedcucumber pepper mushrooms apple top
½ hr before eating addchoppedmushrooms c ½ lb beef
in a frying pan frychoppedchillis if using drain beans
you can fry it readychoppedinto small pieces drain potatoes
slice 5 oz dried apricotschopped10 fl oz water cook
sugar 4 oz dried figschopped2 tsp molasses mix in
square 8 oz dried dateschopped7 fl oz water cook
rice 3 oz butter 2choppedhard boiled eggs ¼ pt
2 oz currants 1 ozchoppedpeel pinch salt ½ teasp
turkey lasagne 2 lb cookedchoppedturkey 1 red pepper in
in the bacon and addchoppedchilli turn up the heat
enough already optional add ½choppedapple fennel boil 15 20
holding sticks while her sisterchoppedthem and her finger was
of scots got her headchoppedoff 1987 as with macdiarmid
their hair is long orchoppedoff any old way make
them and her finger waschoppedoff she died shortly afterwards
of scots got her headchoppedoff the structure of it
the farmer s wife whochoppedoff their tail with a
the farmer s wife whochoppedoff their tails with a
embellished form of shortbread withchoppedalmond and peel but most
who was the lad thatchoppedthe logs to stoke up
the felted work was shapedchoppedup and elasticated to make
history spiritual and cultural significancechoppedup for kindling metaphorically speaking
it was rabbie burns allchoppedup that we were eatin
whereas i ve i vechoppedand changed that much that
m944: because that s beenchoppedit s crap because it
more inclusive scotland i havechoppedout half of what i
the days when trees werechoppedto prop the pits smelt

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