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examined specimen texts in thechosengenre and having had the
of a text in thechosengenre children can work in
craft or of his herchosengenre it is important for
discuss several examples of thechosengenre modelling using a text
blessed we were blessed andchoseni felt god in me
structure is carefully and deliberatelychosensimilarly the narrative is subtle
her as if she dchosento ha e twa deliberately
keep the man she hadchosenshe spat into the fire
firmly believe that a carefullychosenlittle vase filled with the
occur in isolation but arechosenand combined by the writer
also what the writer haschosento do with the words
poetry thirdly the examples largelychosenfrom the works of contemporary
language development through the textschosenfor study the contexts in
each location table 1 languageschosenfor the translation of information
table 2 table 2 languageschosenfor the translation of selected
figures for example wales haschosena target of 10 per
the target that has beenchoseni am not against using
indicated agreement bristow muldoon waschosenas convener the deputy convener
agreement ms sandra white waschosenas deputy convener the convener
second that maureen macmillan waschosenas deputy convener the convener
indicated agreement margaret jamieson waschosenas deputy convener the convener
our deputy convener must bechosenfrom the labour members under
deputy convener is to bechosenfrom the labour party i
just er what words arechosenfor small children f010: mm
in a text the wordschosenmay be words that frequently
the reader e g wordschosenmay create a ghostly atmosphere
or contrasting words the wordschosenmay have specific connotations which
works of printing burns schosentune together with the words
for adoption and that ourchosenchildren deserve the opportunity of
children aged 13 children werechosento participate who had been
verse forms a are theychosenas appropriate to the subject
subject or topic can bechosenit is anticipated that this
possess as much o achosensubject as dae can fur
posses as much of achosensubject as they can for
in future venues will bechosenaccording to cost ms white
always his i was alwayschosenbut not for grace i
be the last to bechosenf965: i know but you
this game f965: oh gettingchosenoh no oh no oh
aphrodite s anklebiter cupid haschosena flower fit for a
the convention it has alsochosenas part of its current
fae the toolies has beenchosenmuriel nae dochter o mine
power to england which haschosenthe lesser option that is
indicating that the executive haschosento designate the area we
says that the executive haschosento proceed with the designation
sorry that the minister haschosento see a hidden agenda
her two faces she haschosento show the kindly one
from which the student haschosento start in preparation for
explain why the executive haschosento transfer 270 scottish natural
mysterious infinite in variety thechosenour hymns and humours are
were probably not particularly wellchosenour industry is a lot
closed and our employers havechosento take production out of
and indistinct our nation waschosenwe were the bride of
news release 1389 98 architectchosento design scottish parliament 18
follow the scots language pathchosenso committedly by blackhall and
glad that others have alsochosento use another language today
micht an sattled on thechoseneen bi that same speerit
strathkelvin and bearsden i havechosenthe same date for the
account when a man schosento be a pillar of
even after all i hadchosenhis book las baleares to
rise long after time hadchosento erase them would you
debate of 1707 i havechosena passage by lord belhaven
model of delivery that waschosenalthough we have never resiled
web sites which have beenchosenby lecturers and tutors the
thesaurus the one i havechosenis the section on gout
is consumed and you havechosenthe former you want more
lodged the motion i havechosento make this speech in
scottish poetic tradition and havechosento write in some form
judges have not yet beenchosenwhere they will come from
strange that the sculptor hadchosento melt the frozen creature
doing the assessment they werechosenas people who knew the
is made of who waschosenbut in 1934 miss crichton
ministers are msps who arechosenby the first minister surgeries
gings that s been speciallychosenfor you by the dietician
its review of cities werechosens1w 18259 elaine smith to
boat a textile journey waschosenas the theme representing a
anybody else it was notchosenbecause of the scottish population
was sure that he waschosenbut when he heard other
was expressed in the dedicationchosenfor volume xii to scots
know how the peat waschosenor how it was held
a stake it was notchosento represent a particular amount
of the experience of displacementchosenor forced in showing how
alms replete i am thechosena short leet reduced to
or she is an mspchosenand nominated by the parliament
the scottish executive and ischosenby the scottish parliament the
doctors canna they should bechosenbecause they re good liars
statute requires them to bechosenby election from among persons
day to come to theirchosenvenue in practice plans for
lame look softly at yourchosendame in hope she s
lack of jobs in hischosenprofession he definitely likes being
a high caste elephant ischosento carry and parade the
get oan better wi theirchosenmaik greig kens the leemited
me an said we vechosennames morgan and jude do

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