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tent the scriptur imperative preachchristan him crucified risen ascendit
actually he sees himself aschristcrucified the image dividing and
cd gey near feel likechristcrucified wi yer fingers dreepin
of saints and the crucifiedchristi re read alice s
alike r glorie tae youchristo healin m he wis
ages r glorie tae youchristo risin m he gaed
again r glorie tae youchristo the desert m he
d r glorie tae youchristo the timmer m for
loe for god in jesuschristae day the roy constantine
daith o jesus hecht thechristand it was tae this
faut whan oor lord jesuschristcomes he wha caas ye
is to become like jesuschristehm the bible says in
fowk are ane in jesuschristgie oor hairts the saucht
dis nae guid praying jesuschristhae peitie on this puir
become like his son jesuschristhe looks at someone an
o the kirk says jesuschristis above him and his
beleives that jesus is thechristis born of god and
remaines ane obstinat ennemye againstchristjesus and his holy evangell
ye are aa ane inchristjesus ding doon the middle
ye are aa ane inchristjesus incawin oor faither lippen
licht o god in jesuschristlippen til john wha screevit
licht o god in jesuschristlippen til john wha screevit
and everythin m818: urgh jesuschristm819: erm er no i
a retard i mean jesuschristm944: there s a lot
life o jesus hecht thechristmen want nae bield but
tae oor incawin throwe jesuschristoor lord saebeit the lord
most definitely drumchapel oh jesuschristshe said as i opened
daith o jesus hecht thechristsiccan thocht gies men the
become like his son jesuschristthat means that every one
the christian confession o jesuschristthe hainer or goel o
noo the birth o jesuschristwas efter this mainner whan
licht o god in jesuschristyon s the licht whilk
faith christ his dee dchristis risen christ wull come
dee d christ is risenchristwull come again m tull
wanna say this to becomechristlike also means that we
i wanna say in becomingchristlike that you have an
wanna say that to becomechristlike we should give thanks
wanna say in becoming likechristwe should have the attitude
falls upon her knees gunlödchristchrist forgie me the lee
upon her knees gunlöd christchristforgie me the lee ah
is the mystery o faithchristhis dee d christ is
people as well to becomechristlike another thing i want
of a learner to becomechristlike be changing our thinking
to we should also becomechristlike by bein generous hearted
by changing your thinking becomechristlike by changing your thinking
point as well is becomechristlike by changing your thinking
say that we should becomechristlike by speaking life by
but we ve said becomingchristlike or rather to become
our lives so to becomechristlike we actually need to
out first way we becomechristlike we have the attitude
first way that we becomechristlike we have the attitude
again everyone together to becomechristlike we have the attitude
like or rather to becomechristlike we should have the
that we can become likechristokay now the first thing
of god to become likechristyou know how many of
eternity in the presence ofchristyou must become a christian
who belong by faith tochristare going to be made
children by faith in thechristthat died for them or
bairn i the faith ochristthe lord wull ye love
of god by faith inchristwe read of a king
alcoholics i know [laugh] m1048: christs sake go and look
the bride s family furchrists sake marion he spluttered
screaming na na na forchrists sake na malcolm ah
at alec s wedding forchrists sake naewhere better in
well i m 44 forchrists sake why can t
t take it aff furchrists sake yir seriously disturbin
know er an [inaudible] m818: christi know he could an
know m818: [laugh] [laugh] ayechristit s funny cause the
sell m818: deep fried pineapplechristm819: er aye pineapple fritters
seriously m819: aye erm m818: christm819: er i mean erm
said who the m818: ohchristm819: fuck are you kiddin
save ye frae the whytechristgunlöd in desperation ay ay
wul ye deny the whytechristgunlöd never wul ah dae
family of god christian orchristlike one i have been
faar the twa caunles bleezechristlicht o the warld shed
remember thinking with mounting alarmchristalmighty this is it how
yon s what god inchristettles for ye dinna smoor
o god is in thischristit s a mystery nae
part of god i waschristlike this is how it
stravaig awa fae you rchristhae mercie m lord hae
dauvit a hainer wha ischristthe lord and this sall
an hatit here bi thechristmen but oor namelieheid is
s happenin malcolm na nachristthis canna be ah canna
shouted oan ma nan awchristhe said they re fu
the brither wi the hairchristoan a bike graham shouted
allowed ti play it oanchrists birthday pause shake it
the mother rather than thechristbut i want to know
saddam hussein s the antichristand stuff like that and
like the five wounds ofchristand the five joys of
afterwards became new creatures inchristnow i would like to
raxxed oot his airms likechriston calvary the swingin blade
sentence you re like ohchristwhat what what what what
in [?]lamington[/?] terrace no nochristjust five minutes from the
convinced that telling people aboutchristis not the most important
be in his presence ofchristso it is most important
face on the record coverchristmy father says that s
that saired the masses weillchristhit wis aa they kent
saying he was just anotherchristin disguise it seems obvious
maybe that was another nightchristso many nights he needed
was a true soldier ofchristand er that s all
don t not off himchristgetting under his blanket again
that held the corp ochriston communion days the three
them whaur the native ochristsuld be and quo they
weir the great sodger ochristthat d dip his whang
naebody sa i wes thoughchristthe tons o human flesh
told anyway she always knowschristsaid andy wiping his bum
for their unfailing help alsochrist[censored: surname] who produces whatever food
rejoicing in the knowledge thatchristis your saviour that your
fingers maggie oh beth sadiechristwell ye ll need fingers
was wearing a hawaiian shirtchriston a fucking bike how
we were the bride ofchristwe felt this we both
and beauty that strangers tochristdid not have all this
it wes ower mukkil forchrists faither ti ask him
i ll bring a shivchristma guts as he hopped
death ma soul is inchristwhether i live or die
he is a brither inchristbut she will be happier
he think- an i thinkchristi havenae heard that for
all changed who belong tochristfor flesh and blood can
called disciples or followers ofchristor believers or brethren but
ecclesiastes the poet swears bychristthen addresses the goddess of
startled at morag s appearancechristwhit happened tae you yir
in an i was thinkinchristabody s cawed gadgie here
horrible beast so she waschristi hope she s no
tyrant and victim in christianitychrists death and its commemoration
you moved ever closer tochrists perfection in thought and
til the halie land aichristtak the maiden s saul
wasn t for backing downchristwhat did you expect inflictin
f1054: [laugh] m1017: no [inaudible]christno no i ve i
the economics of the situationchristnaldrett i fully accept that
framed print of a sufferingchristwhich i had turned to
the virgin adoring the sleepingchristchild for the nation and
than on the altar forchristmitchel lauder observed seemed to
to kiss dark pictures ofchristin one corner a priest
the great mother holding thechristchild symbol of vulnerable humanity
assessment of the oft reportchristnaldrett scottish executive health department

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