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loose leather dust jacket fiddeschurch1910 originally camrie parish 1864
loose leather dust jacket fiddeschurch1910 originally camrie parish 1864
held in the fiddes districtchurchand the sunday school opened
services as organist in fiddeschurchfor the last two years
building of the fiddes districtchurchin 1910 the kirk session
session will close fiddes districtchurchin a month [note: photo: 'newspaper cutting describing an explosion in the church bothy.'] the
a child the fiddes districtchurch[note: photo: 'the tin kirk - 1938.'] the rev charles dunn
strachan secretary of fiddes districtchurchresigned as she was leaving
recommendation that the fiddes districtchurchshould be closed and the
building of the fiddes districtchurchthe fiddes church was eventually
fiddes district church the fiddeschurchwas eventually sold in 1937
corrugated iron construction fiddes districtchurchwas situated along the reisk
be in communion with thechurchof england and must swear
joyn in communion with thechurchof england as by law
joyn in communion with thechurchof england as by law
be in communion with thechurchof england the relevant provisions
act holding communion with thechurchof rome incapacitated as by
communion with the see orchurchof rome or shall profess
communion with the see orchurchof rome or shall professe
communion with the see orchurchof rome or should professe
from receiving communion within thechurchof scotland or indeed within
received a communion token inchurchor an elder came and
went on fire during thechurchservice [note: photo: 'easter day 1974 outside arbuthnott church. the group includes: heather and fiona adams; brenda smith; nellie riddoch; mrs adams; mrs greig; mabel keilloh.'] until 1928 communion
docherty in st maries catholicchurch14 monday start to paint
is directed at the catholicchurchad mackie has argued that
the disabilities of the catholicchurchand its members there are
included representatives from the catholicchurchand the church of scotland
the position of the catholicchurchas well mccabe came first
successor enters the roman catholicchurchat a later date the
the petition does the catholicchurchendorse the petition does the
st ignatius presbytery roman catholicchurchfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
st ignatius presbytery roman catholicchurchfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
of scotland and the catholicchurchhave asked for them to
was received into the catholicchurchin january 1994 4 at
on behalf of roman catholicchurchin scotland issued the following
john deighan parliamentary officer catholicchurchin scotland mary kearns chairman
lay member of the catholicchurchjudith o neill i quote
authority of the roman catholicchurchnor is it an accident
matter in detail but thechurchof scotland and the catholic
and on further examination thechurchof scotland and the catholic
the catholic church and thechurchof scotland back in march
camp church and nation committeechurchof scotland roman catholic justice
camp church and nation committeechurchof scotland roman catholic justice
margaret of scotland roman catholicchurchstirling led time for reflection
rite cathedral the celtic catholicchurchthe afternoon after a jackhammering
scotland and the roman catholicchurchthe evidence that we have
archdiocese of the roman catholicchurchthe jewish communities of glasgow
matter of regret to thechurchwere a roman catholic sovereign
of scotland and the catholicchurchwere fully involved in the
adams minister of trinity parishchurchas he was garaging his
was looking for hyndland parishchurchat that time of night
to get to hyndland parishchurchcan you tell me where
of st michael s parishchurchedinburgh followed by parliamentary bureau
asked the gargoyle hyndland parishchurchi think that s it
was held in the parishchurchin memory of the fallen
the charge at laurencekirk parishchurchin the absence of rev
t know where hyndland parishchurchis is that it there
grassic gibbon centre arbuthnott parishchurchlarge bible loose leather dust
grassic gibbon centre arbuthnott parishchurchlarge bible loose leather dust
minister at the old parishchurchof hamilton followed by parliamentary
quotes that the arbuthnott parishchurchpicnic was held in the
inverbervie extracts from arbuthnott parishchurchsession minutes 1889 the congregation
in front of lochryan parishchurchthe proposed layout of the
who are buried in thechurchyard of the said parish
the official positions of thechurchof scotland and the roman
such purposes connected with thechurchor church yard as the
old grave yard stands thechurchwhere as boys and girls
connected with the church orchurchyard as the trustees think
cruickshank suttie families in thechurchyard of arbuthnott and not
to uphold and maintain thechurchyard of arbuthnott in a
widow and buried in arbuthnottchurchyard on 23rd february 1935
the head stones in arbuthnottchurchyard the grassic gibbon centre
suttie lairs in the arbuthnottchurchyard this sum of money
them being removed from thechurchand hidden in arbuthnott house
was a school beside arbuthnottchurchas far back as 1694
been revised again and arbuthnottchurchbecame linked with inverbervie where
1943 [note: photo: 'rev. g moore - minister between 1951-1964.'] [note: photo: 'sam smith as a young man in the 1920s.'] [note: photo: 'long service presentation in 1978. l to r: wm eccles; nellie riddoch; ian gough; mrs jeans; alex jeans.'] arbuthnottchurchbequests 1814 kinloch trust william
of st ternan arbuthnott achurchbuilding has existed on the
arbuthnott school register and arbuthnottchurchcommunicants roll book these showed
816 63 [note: newspaper article extracts here in original] [note: photo: 'james riddoch as a young man.'] thechurchof scotland womans guild arbuthnott
proposed to erect a districtchurchon the north side of
a year later the freechurchgeneral assembly formally dismissed robertson
the general assembly of thechurchof scotland as the motion
surrendering the leases for thechurchof scotland assembly hall and
of the tribe the freechurchof scotland assembly members who
the general assembly of thechurchof scotland followed by ministerial
the general assembly of thechurchof scotland followed by parliamentary
the general assembly of thechurchof scotland he will occupy
the general assembly of thechurchof scotland led time for
only 22 of children attendedchurchand amongst that small percentage
than 25 of children attendedchurchand those who did attended
they were attended a localchurchand whether or not they
auld kirk which was thechurchnearest their house who attended
21 of urban subjects attendedchurchoccasionally compared to 20 of
attended infrequently the influence ofchurchon speech in the deeside
and grandparents may have attendedchurchregularly at a time when
pupils claimed to have attendedchurchthemselves even then such attendance
settlement is that the establishedchurchin england is the church
the legal framework of thechurchof england 1996 p9 3
being supreme governor of thechurchof england a post bestowed
inviolably the settlement of thechurchof england and the doctrine
swear to preserve the establishedchurchof england and the established
the established protestant religion thechurchof england but technically they
requires active participation in thechurchof england by the monarch
at this stage with thechurchof england came in the
a leading work on thechurchof england describes these as
most essential respects with thechurchof england doubtless it was
possibly the disestablishment of thechurchof england james douglas hamilton
church in england is thechurchof england of which the
the potential implications for thechurchof england of whom the
in ecclesiastical appointments in thechurchof england some legislation still
be a member of thechurchof england this was remedied
of england and the establishedchurchof scotland the sovereign must
what happened there was achurcha lochside church in our
trident ploughshares faslane peace campchurchand nation committee church of
trident ploughshares faslane peace campchurchand nation committee church of
between church and state orchurchand sovereign north and south
differences in the relationship betweenchurchand state or church and
was a church a lochsidechurchin our area and i
going to church th- thechurchis meant for people that
at the time when thechurchis publishing its the church
church is publishing its thechurchof scotland s publishing it
that should be going tochurchth- the church is meant
distinctions between for example englishchurchand scots kirk latin as
kingdom kintrie country kirk hantinchurchhaunting kis because kist chest
braes wynds loans and vennelschurchhill replaces kirk brae and
you [note: photo: 'mr arch greig outside the coachman's cottage, home farm.'] [note: photo: message from king george to schoolchildren] chapter 9church[note: photo: 'arbuthnott church.'] the kirk of st
features such as kirk forchurchskraich for screech ilk for
ecclesiastical divide the one establishedchurchthe other free kirk made
we say girse you saychurchwe say kirk you say
no f639: complete separation ofchurchand state f641: ah here
mmhm f639: turn up inchurchf640: well when i say
standing up in a christianchurchf641: yeah i see f639:
f639: and i went tochurchinstead i sat through the
i think f641: yeah f639: churchisn t for everyone that
nothing for the in thechurchnow f639: do something f641:
because the f641: mmhm f639: churchseemingly i mean the the
instead i sat through thechurchservice f640: mmhm f639: ehm
you used to go tochurchwhen you were little f639:
a pillar of the establishedchurch36 edinburgh courant 15 04
right and privileges of thischurchas above established by the
right and privileges of thischurchas above established by the
of the established protestant presbyterianchurchof scotland was safeguarded in
on thursday sunday 10 tochurchat st josephs sher a
to st asalph r cchurchduncan bumps car on return
saturday scouters meet st andrewschurchhall lochgelly r r 2
as an elder in thechurchalthough he f641: mm f640:
mmhm f640: married in thatchurchbut f641: mmhm f640: erm
my my parents had nochurchconnection at all f641: mmhm
my parents never went tochurcherm f641: when did you
became an elder in thechurchf641: yes f640: we never
by boat to logie buchanchurchafter sunday school we went
so she s like atchurchall day sunday practically f1049:
sunday we all went tochurchand then took a trip
sunday night she spends atchurchas well so she s
eerie experience in a ghostlychurchat smallburgh on thursday sunday
the patriarch is a hugechurchbeing sunday a service was
and father mother went tochurchevery sunday and god was
game 12 sunday to [illegible]churchin n brighton quiet day
firewood sunday 20 to dockyardchurchit is cold but father
a sunday she goes tochurchon a sunday night and
didn t go to thechurchon sunday morning would converge
out one evening from thechurchhall and demolished a large
6 csma club night episcopalchurchhall friday 10 jumble sale
meeting held in stevenson memorialchurchhall on tuesday 30th may
pensioners christmas lunch in thechurchhall peggy was feeling a
shriek reduced to a peepchurchhall walls are dingy stark
of the ascension plus achurchbuilt for the birth of
the kremlin and a fantasticchurchbuilt from ten little churches
front of the octagonal romanesquechurchbuilt like the square itself
was subsequently built beside kinneffchurchin 1974 by 1990 the
it is said that thechurchwas a converted barn built
of the incan civilisation achurchwas built on the site
the first nave of thechurchwas probably built soon after
reference to the connection ofchurchand state by it the
lyall of presbyters and kingschurchand state in the law
govern the relations between thechurchand the state we gladstone
outwith the state is thechurchof scotland board of social
castigates the state of thechurchthe state of the court
hebrew at the aberdeen freechurchcollege and seemed destined for
minister of hermitage united freechurchleith led time for reflection
monie weys tae the freechurcho scotland nae singin dauncin
who adhered to the freechurchof scotland and lived modestly
of 1843 when the freechurchof scotland came into being
is by a young freechurchprofessor we expected something more
i used to go tochurchand and eh they went
she wis invited till achurchguild picnic they went tae
prayers never went near achurchif he couldn t get
school and we went tochurchright really till i went
her parents never went tochurchshe always felt there was
grown ups had arrived forchurchthen we went back indoors
hard red shades after thechurchwe went to a department
then we went tae thechurchwi my graunparents an then
minister at the sacred heartchurchedinburgh followed by parliamentary bureau
primus of the scottish episcopalchurchfollowed by motion by mr
bishop of edinburgh scottish episcopalchurchfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
bishop of brechin scottish episcopalchurchfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
reflection reverend moira maccormick achurchof scotland minister followed by
a m followed by thechurchservice from 11 30 a
you didn t go tochurchdidn t take time to
i didn t go tochurchfor a long time i
didn t go to anychurchservices because although i i
parents didn t go tochurchso you didn t really
didn t really go tochurchwe didn t well my
walker president nfu scotland richardchurchhydrologist entec uk limited lisa
protect the position of thechurchin scotland in the face
with the moderator of thechurchof scotland and dr peter
article xxv to preserve thechurchof scotland at a meeting
benn 37 information from thechurchof scotland december 1999 38
scotland that face closure thechurchof scotland does not run
which is run by thechurchof scotland does tremendously valuable
endorse the petition does thechurchof scotland endorse the petition
redeemed and invested in thechurchof scotland income fund 1895
the proceeds invested in thechurchof scotland income fund the
the presiding officer whether thechurchof scotland is expected to
is happy and that thechurchof scotland is happy you
of may 2000 when thechurchof scotland is likely to
with the crown and thechurchof scotland is very different
the education committee of thechurchof scotland jack laidlaw has
by registered celebrants who includechurchof scotland ministers and captains
cannot speak for how thechurchof scotland or any other
in the position of denyingchurchof scotland orders and of
line 16 at end insertchurchof scotland property and in
mr mcconnell said that thechurchof scotland representatives were quite
in the wvs and thechurchof scotland s canteen eh
closure of leslie house thechurchof scotland s eventide home
before the scheduled debate thechurchof scotland s position has
sir geoffrey howe will thechurchof scotland send an envoy
out as follows 37 thechurchof scotland speaks through the
care homes run by thechurchof scotland that face closure
this humanitarian project namely thechurchof scotland the glasgow archdiocese
and the ri- and thechurchof scotland they had places
concerning the decision by thechurchof scotland to close its
present topics ranged from thechurchof scotland to kilts from
59 2 107 units ofchurchof scotland trust income fund
the sovereign alone and thechurchof scotland was incorporated with
not bear directly on thechurchof scotland we do recognise
federation president [note: photo: 'wri 21st birthday in arbuthnott hall in 1987; cutting the cake are mrs anderson and mrs bolton.'] [note: photo: 'wri christmas party'] [note: photo: 'wri christmas party']churchof scotland women s guild
of scotland or any otherchurchregards that duty if a
take them in to thechurchhouse before the service 10
evenin to go to thechurchservice f632: mmhm f646: you
guild was celebrated by achurchservice on the 8th april
in the service of thechurchwould appear to have been
and in the disputes betweenchurchand crown that punctuated the
and in the disputes betweenchurchand crown that punctuated the
somewhere between the present inchchurchand the mouth of the
saint and traditionally carried tochurchbetween the leaves of bibles
disembarked here an exquisitely simplechurchin the old quarter marks
s mission chapel an episcopalianchurchreferred to in old maps
at the back of thechurchstand another couple of old
the old a tiny dilapidatedchurchstood to the east of
the old school beside thechurchwas demolished in 1913 the
go would be maybe tochurchand f1148: mmhm f1149: it
to go along to castlewoodchurchand sing and i loved
birk 19 thursday go tochurchbut no mass apparently this
take time to go tochurcherm and i ve gone
she doesn t go tochurchevery s- every day but
types they never go tochurchf632: mmhm f646: and fact
having a go at thechurchno hallowed awe that ever
by a clergyman in achurchpeople might not go outwith
the dutch or german forchurchsome members will go home
used to go regularly tochurchthe teenagers and that they
he said every morning forchurchthey used to go out
a bridie then go tochurchto hear the bells ring
street school queen s crosschurchand the glasgow school of
school social club games andchurchpicnics and whether they were
to and from school andchurchtogether now and then when
and home here s thechurchand here s the steeple
at home like in thechurchat home but then i
hamelt lairstanes pent rins countrychurchhome made headstones paint runs
central edinburgh hit the germanchurchnear our childhood home he
work to going back tochurchagain but it s um
i m not going tochurchand having very strong beliefs
has taken to going tochurchfor no religious reason i
t see why a decentchurchgoing girl like fiona phimister
sectarian prejudices of the scottishchurchgoing public epitomised in the
m just going off tochurchnow hope to catch a
hats before going into achurchpresumably a bourgeois superstition approached
the spire at the townheadchurchin royston glasgow following the
to the subdean of thechurchof glasgow to protect and
brian monteith glasgow s townheadchurchspire that the parliament warmly
are connected with the glasgowchurchwhen they used to stay
hydrofoil deposited us at thechurchand after a look around
union and the larger englishchurchand lastly that after the
retired after 41 years aschurchofficer miss m eccles was
t shot straight from thechurchto the park after all
to the west of thechurcha slight depression in the
category membership of a localchurchalthough their parents and grandparents
from the ruins of thechurchand climb with my sleeping
galloway in the scottish episcopalchurchand director of the scottish
seven hundredth anniversary of thechurchand its consecration a centenary
within the bounds of thischurchand kingdom shall never be
the reform both of thechurchand of the nobility for
of the road to thechurchas the cortege passed mr
sister a servant of thechurchat cenchrea and a succourer
a member of a localchurchat least one local friend
said and pointed to achurchat the top of byres
and she pointed to thechurchat the top of byres
successful but condemned by thechurchbecause of their mockery of
successful but condemned by thechurchbecause of their mockery of
vestibule of kelvin stevenson memorialchurchbelmont street bicycles both children
book 1875 1967 record ofchurchburial positions 1819 1879 very
book 1875 1967 record ofchurchburial positions 1819 1879 very
was speaking not to achurchbut to a gathering of
claim the outline of thechurchcan be seen shimmering over
moir spence 1890 renovation ofchurchcash book 1886 1982 property
moir spence 1890 renovation ofchurchcash book 1886 1982 property
the fast days of thechurchcereals were always important and
incense the air as thechurchchimes the hour of the
in the rafters of thechurchcontainers were left under the
and agnew of lochnaw twochurchdignitaries with property in innermessan
of our lady of lourdeschurchdunfermline led time for reflection
living the history of thechurchetc very occasionally something fascinating
donation be made to thechurchfor the use of the
would hardly have relished thechurchhad been the centre of
of byres road no thatchurchhas been converted into a
they re part of thechurchhere father pray that you
out couple of times inchurchi almost have to make
feature accordingly is a hugechurchin the centre of town
deeside area the influence ofchurchis slight compared with that
the dim light of thechurchit seemed to shimmer and
was the language of thechurchit was the language of
lands of innermessan like otherchurchlands were annexed by the
the door of the packedchurchlistening to distant singing and
t her voice filling thechurchmellow today instead of dry
closer inspection of the rebuiltchurchof 1634 reveals a memorable
describes the plazas and thechurchof catalina tomas founded in
of the cathedral and thechurchof la compañia on its
to british gas or thechurchof latter day saints or
mediterranean style streets above thechurchof san blas from vantage
two christian sites first thechurchof san blas high above
museo archeológico qorikancha or thechurchof san domingo this was
main square and into thechurchof san francisco a dim
the stalls which surround thechurchof san francisco and wind
brown stone façade of thechurchof san francisco dominating the
simpler stone spire of thechurchof santa catalina tomas the
cheeks i swung past thechurchof santa magdalena relishing the
official plate proclaimed it thechurchof the archangel michael and
bruce and others in thechurchof the greyfriars in dumfries
the prospective attendance will consultchurchofficer etc about prospect of
a stone cross and achurchon both sides of the
kinneff linked with stonehaven southchurchoriginally the back wing of
left wall of a granitechurchpredominantly grey shot through with
from the top of thechurchroad down the brae to
symbols of the early christianchurchsails in the wind candles
corner of her mind inchurchshe was a stained glass
of eggs to miss cameronchurchsister in dundee for distribution
to the schemes of thechurchso that the envelope collection
oldest existing structure in thechurchthe first nave of the
bell tower of its whitewashedchurchthe houses are small and
the erection of the villagechurchthe minister from inch would
of thirty houses penyafort schurchthe oratorio the torre picada
it is appropriate for thechurchto comment through one of
be held thus enabling thechurchto pay its way of
and came upon a hugechurchtwo of the girls started
centres of the russian orthodoxchurchuntil recently sagorsk was the
this point that the medievalchurchwas capable of a far
of the world s largestchurchwith a congregation of roughly
called comyn to the greyfriarschurchwith the secret intention of
was not connected to achurchand i was actually ehm
was not available at thechurchand the 21st is the
was being delivered in thechurchand the very last use
mother had belonged to achurchbefore she was married but
stewart from parkside was thechurchcleaner she always wore her
returned to him if thechurchclosed 1961 mrs smith was
it was like a properchurchdo an she was you
s box was carted intochurchi ll need your help
s it was the largestchurchin moscow pulled down to
both parents had been tochurchit was an age till
the bamph brae opposite thechurchit was discontinued as a
s more people goin tochurchnow than there was for
reid he lived down thechurchroad he was found dead
high was erected from thechurchrunning through the village cutting
often quite radical about thechurchthat was on offer actually
having instrumental music in thechurchthe result was 92 for
at a time when thechurchwas a focal point in
the city centre where thechurchwas at that time and
his visit to fornalutx thischurchwas constructed by the inhabitants
most have arched entrances thechurchwas constructed in 1602 one
lettering in the sacristy thechurchwas firmly closed when i
m at that time thechurchwas lit by paraffin lamps
did nellie riddoch [note: photo: 'inscription inside fiddes district church bible.'] thechurchwas only active for around
with them her mother schurchwas resonant with them guilt
gaelic was used in crathiechurchwas said by a local
she was fine at thechurchwe ll have to take
decided to ride into thechurchwhere she was worshipping he
great importance it was inchurchwith the strong sweet smell
charge charge up to thechurchand a- get the minister
need to belong to achurcheh to have a minister
these people e g inchurchby a shop assistant etc
praise board gifted to thechurchby mrs mcdougall in memory
families were initially pinpointed bychurchor community leaders the subjects
possibly by vandals in thechurchparticularly at the front m
high pinnacle crowned by thechurchresting on a wall along
with being more regular aboutchurchon sundays and settling down
luck to be present inchurchwhen your banns were being
night you bring him intochurchfunerals should be at night
f965: come into into thechurchthat route he certainly hadn
area pick someone up forchurchand then bring them back
to cross and then thechurchepiscopalian they re pagans like
had no connection with thechurchsince then but we did
ford fiesta then sketched thechurchthe mountain landscape the road
lyin alone in the coldchurchthen ah stood and looked
in its relations with thechurch3rd ed 1839 on thursday
wednesday 5 choir thorntons childrenschurcha good concert on the
depicted myself walking towards thechurcha matchstick figure fortunately i
committee considered an invitation fromchurchaction on poverty for the
justice for further information 6churchaction on poverty the committee
llull leads up to thechurchand the main street is
tone the acoustics in thechurchare first class however there
island and why does thechurchbell ring twice it rings
in the docks or achurchbell rung i remember in
the breaking light and thechurchbell tolled an hour later
be sufficient to build thechurchbut it actually cost 125
while their eyes rove thechurchchecking to see if there
shame because actually the presbyterianchurchclose to us is i
drumlithie it is believed thechurchclosed around 1912 although nellie
be read out to thechurchcongregation for three consecutive sundays
the rocky summit where thechurchdominates the settlement in every
objets d art a curiouschurchentirely painted royal blue the
ps probably on far sidechurchentrance the secretary has ordered
to walk down to thechurchfor the funeral carson suffered
know the inside ae achurchfrae a flyin saucer well
the protestant religion and presbyterianchurchgovernment regency act 1937 s4
subscription inconsistent with the presbyterianchurchgovernment successor to swear to
a pensioners club and thechurchguild which takes me out
s wet the bed thechurchhas sprung a leak cause
remember i stood at thechurchhoping someone would come the
this will be in thechurchhouse committee will provide sandwiches
seemingly i mean the thechurchin in bethesda the local
painting to easter vigil inchurchin the evening what a
unaccompanied singing in the familychurchin the pleasance falkirk seldom
want the reception and thechurchin the same area if
exist many real disadvantages thechurchitself is situated on a
possible to make a unitedchurchjust that the excellent pipe
mmhm m952: the bible inchurch[laugh] oh god the the
dad s still running thechurchlike a well oiled machine
the wind flows round thechurchlike waves the whale in
be seen just below thechurchmeal cart mr ferrier travelled
highland pony to travel tochurchon sundays the pony and
baths in the bank atchurchon t v news 10
harmonium for use in thechurchon the condition that it
priceless as she neared thechurchonly to find a dozen
different purposes whether sweeping thechurchor the passage an the
the petition are not justchurchpeople but health professionals ordinary
events or all the samechurchpicnic in august 1907 the
year to establish the reformedchurchprovided for a coronation oath
cribs a reincarnation that thechurchs creators would hardly have
really i mean even thechurchsay up here i think
and away from the evocativechurchset high above the square
to gaze at the floodlitchurchset high on its crest
to switzerland with the localchurchshe s certainly getting around
floral decorations already in thechurchshould be sufficient for the
belong to the elim pentecostalchurchthe brethren and various others
a a sermon in achurchthey might give the sermon
standin on the chair [?]kinda[/?]churchthis mornin an we ll
he s only reading inchurchtoday giving the lord s
is a relationship which thechurchvalues it would be a
up the cliff visit beestonchurchwednesday 6 to norfolk marshes
the notebook includes a smallchurchwith living space attached several
right oh yeah mmhm f965: churchyou know on the village
do get together at thechurchyouth club discos which we
that this is ok withchurchnewsletters will need to be
subzero temperatures to a derelictchurchredbrick and turretted with small
tea 12 wednesday up tochurchevening very posh usual inarticulate
is faulty garden p mchurchat cowdenbeath dunf pilgrimage so
windows at k s mchurchj [censored: surname] noted that there
wooden boxes and a carvedchurchor castle at 3 o
shop and looked at anotherchurchwhere we met a little
or twice to this congregationalchurchand i started i must
m1055: mmhm m1008: or inchurchm1007: yeah m1008: and ehm
mother had gone to thatchurchonce or twice i think
penthland spelling can mean achurchor simply a glade or
hisses because we re inchurchdanny you re late sssssstraighten
a christian they were regularchurchgoer f632: mmhm f646: but
be held in kelvin stevensonchurchon mon 10th feb when
compared to 800 in trinitychurcha more intimate rapport can
they had it in [censored: placename]churchand they had like screens
entrance to ramon penyafort schurchdance awkwardly in winds which
in a big huge fancychurchf631: [laugh] [inhale] f689: she
hair jagging my neck inchurchfor god s sake again
whom in that dear littlechurchi have ministered here below
poetry academic texts bible inchurchit s it s choice
couple could be married inchurchtheir banns had to be
circle past another semi derelictchurchand also past a small
and she now goes tochurchand and has just had
educators policy makers elected representativeschurchand community leaders and parents
we got to this congregationalchurchand eh as i say
t have gone to achurchand stood so ehm wh-
true protestant religion and presbyterianchurchgovernment worship and disipline as
concern for good government andchurchreform became more urgent there
tracts fae aiberdeen for herchurchmeetings she would ging roon
way out towards a modernchurch[censored: forename] had told us about
had to have a specialchurchfor each event atmosphere rather
but there is no suchchurchanywhere near here there is
wilton street kelvin stevenson memorialchurchis to be commended for
tip will be given tochurchofficer bouquets are ordered for
to a little golden toppedchurchthat we d noticed on
some distance to come tochurchthis can present a serious
world war there were fewchurchweddings as most working class
early fifteenth century you findchurchcharters having scots as well
they willnae come tae oorchurchthey ll be settin claverhouse
[censored: surname] last week [censored: street name] terchurchher husband is senior lecturer

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