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abatement equipment at the bluecirclecement factory near dunbar given
cement production at the bluecirclefactory near dunbar it will
cement production at the bluecirclefactory near dunbar it will
cement production at the bluecirclefactory near dunbar it will
circle f1113: it s acircleand a f1114: a [?]boyare[/?]
circle f1113: what f1114: acirclef1113: a circle f1114: i
yes i nearly got acirclef1113: bonny circle f1114: and
made now f1114: a acirclef1113: it s a circle
circle let s make acirclef1113: making a circle f1114:
f1114: no that s acirclef1113: what f1114: a circle
got a circle f1113: bonnycirclef1114: and now and now
a circle f1113: making acirclef1114: i make his arms
f1114: a circle f1113: acirclef1114: i meant a circle
that one called f1122: acirclef1121: a circle right and
in the yeah make acirclelet s make a circle
f1122: a circle f1121: acircleright and what s this
[inaudible] that one [inaudible] acircleshape f1121: a circle shape
a circle shape f1121: acircleshape f1122: look f1121: mmhm
circle f1114: i meant acircleto cut with the scissors
production methods at the bluecirclefactory near dunbar give no
liquid fuel at the bluecirclefactory near dunbar last month
e foon o e hutcirclean doon till e pint
foon o an aal hutcirclebankit up aa roon except
in pitglassie wid the hutcirclein broonhill wid and the
the centre of the semicircleof chairs he has arranged
fishing we walked in acirclepast another semi derelict church
actors line up in semicircleround stage musicians start notes
laid out in a semicirclewith the dining tent set
fit hid been a steencirclemaist o e steens hid
been up at e steencircleon mains hill an e
e wye tae the steencircleon mains hill or something
and get right round thecircleand into the middle by
end was laid in acircleand the ball woven round
round the outside of thecircleand when it came to
we go round in acircleby dallas land back forres
we ve been round thatcirclehave we m999: aye f1053:
have we gone round thatcirclei m gonnae have tae
like pitter patter petals thatcircleround a moat eird hoose
got up to eh thecircleround about where my granny
woven round and round thiscircletill a ring about three
round and round in acirclewhen the horse died rev
was accepted into the courtcirclebecause his family were royalist
was accepted into the courtcirclebeing knighted in 1641 here
was part of the courtcirclehe was obviously appalled at
remained part of the courtcirclein england for three more
was part of the courtcirclein england for three years
not part of the courtcircle[inhale] and if you read
was writing for the courtcirclethat was then based in
f1113: i ve got acirclehere look is that bonny
this star i need acirclef1113: now f1114: make a
f1113: now f1114: make acirclef1113: that one s too
s it s like acirclef1113: uh huh f1114: it
right in the f1114: bigcirclef1113: we ll get it
go right here s yourcircle[inaudible] f1114: [scream] [scream] [sob]
ll stick it down acirclef1113: i ve got a
ll can i make acirclef1113: oh oh you dropped
confined to like a familycirclef1151: yeah would have been
is sad when the familycirclegets broken up we have
time of family gatherings ourcircleof friends is becoming smaller
intrusion into your happy familycircletakes you by surprise as
emerged into a large stonecirclebet led us in another
a well with a raisedcircleof stone nearby a large
a look at the stonecirclethat was marked on the
fish and tree roon thecircleo a flame early hunters
altar an kneel in acircleroon him on the stoory
hardie tackle went intae thecirclefor a dram ae lad
intae the skip in thecirclein pitsliga an fit did
fae shood come intae thecircleroch meg she says it
is f1122: [?]this[/?] f1121: acirclef1122: aye f1121: very good
that what can be acirclef1122: oranges f1121: mmhm and
bike wheel could be acircleisn t it f1122: mmhm
oot like a sorta halfcirclean ye pit yer tools
d broken free of thecircleand was drifting aimlessly half
the farmhouse is a halfcircleof stones about four feet
to amble around in acirclelet s walk up and
fit wis happenin in thecirclethere wis a lad cawed
i put it into acirclefor you will i put
i put it into acirclehold on what happened to
had big tents in acirclei took a lilo bed
a big tents in acircleit was like all his
tae gyang tae see ecircleo steens at aquhorthies weel
s- if you put thatcirclein again [noise from toy] f1105: oh
society we are now fullcirclethe voluntary sector values its
new girl in their teenagecirclea cinema usherette you can
a triangle a square acirclea rectangle a a rectangle
of one to form acircleand chant in order to
some 60 below the arcticcircleand was a province of
a lammie sherp thorn bussescirclearoon a wirm etten dall
thrive over as wide acircleas possible and the womenfolk
all just stand in acirclebut if you could run
hae a stall in thecircleevery setterday until the twa
a dol timcheall ann ancirclefad an t siubhail m979:
jonsar went in bye thecirclefor a dram jist tae
it wis up tae thecirclefor a stiff drink or
re goin roond in acircleif you tell me what
require a slightly larger turningcirclemany examples have been reported
ilky post wis a weecircleo bare watter same s
bit too far as acircleof 14 well oiled wanderers
girse riven posters a perfectcircleof discoloured grass torn posters
at size she makes acircleof her finger and thumb
painter hugo simberg one acircleof nude boys modelled on
sitting on one of acircleof plump cushions set on
small group united with acircleof similar groups around the
as they met in acircleof spectators one great daft
for each there was acircleof stones that served as
the players sat in acircleon the ground and sang
[exhale] [inaudible] could be acircle[?]put it in[/?] who is it f1105:
do a like a weecirclesee i think [censored: forename] s
hame war sittin in acircleslumpit ower cheers like a
i use or the fifecirclethat might provide a hostile
slack a fire extinguished fliescircletheir dry pelts like wheeling
are images seated in acirclethere are placid faces and
was played standing in acirclewith hands joined and held
wedding courtly dance form acirclewith hands raised elbows almost
worthy friends a wee closeknitcirclewith no sneckdrawing incomers to
us lying chanting in acirclewith our feet touching much
don t even have acircleyet f1112: okay okay i
broo he wis in thecircleae day an he wis
fowk started tae shun thecirclefin derek wis pie sellin
said awa back tae thecirclewe dinna want scabs in
tae celebrate fowk in thecirclewere fer pleased for him
to hear about madge ourcircleis beginning to become very
the treaty of amsterdam thecirclehas been squared by setting
in the middle of thecircleand explain itself stars and
young gentlemen of their culturalcircleand in all probability the
worth of his own poeticcircleand stimulate further work in
hankie behind someone in thecircleand that person had to
an affa steer in thecirclejonsar eck stepped oot ower
for 16 then reform startingcirclesmall steps in and out
lunch as his guests pleasecirclethat date in your diary
thoughts in the wolf packcirclethe raw poem bolder wolves
person who was in thecirclethen became the leader and
he corresponded with the praguecircleand wrote principles of phonology
last sunday with the caribbeancirclei decided to capitalise on
two young men of theircirclethe day after that july
cried love aulder than onycircleo staunin stanes shair as
an mair the auld druidcircleo tomnaverie gairded yon parks
safety implications we widened thecircleto consider areas such as
other members of the weimarcirclehecht p 56 hüttner calls
them harm to break thecircleof childhood s charm prejudice
the sense of coming fullcirclethat craigie s letter to
fixed residence wrote salvador icirclethe seas driven first of
balloons of joy lupin foxglovecirclethe wattle fence sycamores rain
it s the archetypal viciouscircleshe said but so long
vernacular circles notably the londoncircleso much derided by macdiarmid
not required mainstreaming breaks thatcirclethe religious question plays an
1926 started the prague linguisticcirclewhich met regularly to discuss

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