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the gaelic slainte mhath anclaimedtae be speakin in gaelic
the gaelic slainte mhath andclaimedto then be speaking in
comin in it so theyclaimedit m608: god m194: unsafe
a charming old rogue whoclaimedto be a friend of
not nouns as is oftenclaimedyounger primary children could use
rather suited canon macinnes whoclaimedit was originally bidean nam
playground where children almost uniformlyclaimedin the course of interviews
s interviews where they generallyclaimedto adopt the english speech
s come afore his canvasclaimedthat he wis blessed wi
chase 38 and have alsoclaimedthat the fact that they
teaching of english language 1971claimedthat grammatical terminology should be
the subjects on upper deesideclaimedto speak english in the
subjects 90 of urban subjectsclaimedto speak scots themselves compared
1 where a member hasclaimedan allowance from any other
to which reimbursement may beclaimedunder this allowance in each
and 20 of rural pupilsclaimedto have attended church themselves
of the country pupils surveyedclaimedto speak scots themselves as
spoke scots whilst only 58claimedto speak scots themselves the
was rudimentary but welcome weclaimedtwo smaller rooms on the
survey from the same villageclaimedto have no local friends
aberdeen city s kaimhill childrenclaimedto have scots speaking friends
such amounts paid to orclaimedby members in respect of
how many was compensation iclaimedfrom and ii paid by
of the pursuer it isclaimedthat the haill african fleet
claims and that the ministerclaimedin her statement yesterday i
relish and the others evenclaimedit was worth the wait
that the chairman and othersclaimedthat there had been lots
raid that nicht an sheclaimedthe window d been broken
to all men fergus ewingclaimedburns as a nationalist but
most usually the version burnsclaimedto have had taken down
was equal to most challengesclaimedthat it represents the gaelic
about market liberalisation the companyclaimedin a press release of
society 65 of rural childrenclaimedto attend clubs or societies
completed the decommissioning work andclaimedtheir grant how many have
his chronic display of gratitudeclaimedonly my pity nice one
else last week nicola sturgeonclaimedthat we were making only
found that only four trustsclaimedto have implemented the guidelines
waiting to be identified andclaimedand who s going to
each person who has notclaimedit is really entitled to
listening to pied pipers whoclaimedthey could rid their burghs
an encounter with someone whoclaimedto be a dissident with
report summarised the many benefitsclaimedfor allotment gardening including direct
in december when douglas sinclairclaimedthat the council s actions
on one issue the ministerclaimedwith some justification that she
him this night she hadclaimedto come out of sisterly
a number of linguists haveclaimedthat it is not possible
reconsider giving her details heclaimedto have information about an
micht think whan he haedclaimedhe kent hou ti mak
the titles that he hasclaimedhowever i do not think
s it is [censored: forename] sclaimedit i think m1132: mum
or so it had beenclaimedand that we would expect
savings that the executive hasclaimedwill never materialise and the
their views specifically it isclaimedthat the steading at nearby
linguistic knowledge the scce bulletinclaimedthat the teacher must be
rich and both of themclaimedto be son s of
the house now his spiritclaimedan echo of mine and
here that is if heclaimedhis freedom and acted upon
like the flooers that navaclaimedtae hae seen frae the
believe it when a manclaimedto love her always i
in this approach it isclaimedthat for certain families there
a pin as susan deaconclaimedwhy all the fuss it
scattered as the weird figuresclaimedthe plaza in a frenzy

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