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an in keper it wesclairat shae wuid inlow oniething
the drauchts wes siccar anclairduin bi a cannie auld
at the main thranes isclairtil the redar bi the
haun haudin gnashers cam hupclairlik intae thur sicht sae
a mite efter t wisclairthit yon ains didnae fit
at the concert pianie playinclairde lune music is the
the lammermuirs ye hae aclairprospect o the lowdens spreidit
wes a maipil blad kythinclairas ye lyk sae we
naitioun hes a nummer oclairstaups lik the bairn s
the byle wi thair harnsclairo the mirk cluds o
frederik the gryte gat aclairdinnil at unco pouers wes
the man bot ti makclairthe kenspekkil naitur o m
information unit and john stclairsolicitors office the scottish executive
made loch an a haeclairmyndins o rob expleinin tae
hiz nouriss hiz heid wesclairan anither day hed dawit
cam ben tho it wesclairat the lad expekkit hiz

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