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on fredday we weave ourclaithon setterday we daunce an
on fredday we weave outclaithon setterday we dird an
haurlie weave a fuit oclaithan ye expek me ti
mysie cut a swatch oclaithan stappit thaim in a
ah cut a swatch oclaithfrae ilka coat an frae
whaur is the wab oclaithno ti speak o yeir
he haed a wab oclaitho his ain in the
hersell that the wab oclaithwad luik braw on ane
face powkin ooto the tweedclaithfringe as it cooried inno
a pikkil silk an sateinclaitha gowden baw an twa
rowe it in the gowdenclaithwhan it is in yeir
n village claes n clothesclaithn cloth clash v throw
n fellow claes n clothesclaithn cloth cleuch n glen
for the washin o theclaithwhan aw wes feinisht at
spin an weive inti fyneclaithfor aw the lads an
o a merriege gweed braidclaithchittered awa in the howf
claes traivlin siller wabs oclaithan praisents early the neist
an deer craw on yerclaithcuts nae ice ower here
shuttered shops kin sell naeclaithwhiles nae tea or snuff
meen cross spars wi sailclaithhung the smuggler chief wi
tylars rinnin awroads wi brichtclaithin thair airms the war
faither for ti mak inticlaithsae aerlie neist mornin owre
ti spinnin it ithers brushinclaiththat wes wuiiven areddies an
for the makkin o guidclaithfor sae mukkil a houss
an made aff wi theclaithfrae the tree whan meg
held up the swatches oclaithsyne ah gaed doun a
it s ma mait anclaithowrancer for a ve nae
the luim the rowes oclaithan the waps o woo

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