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fyve twa castels nae skourissclamthe brae ti embro castel
will wait until the rabbleclamup will the minister confirm
fower the thesaurar andra sczkozjaclamabuird he wes freinlie bot
slapping the beach down cloudsclamup with cold the bay
that s that s aclamf1121: a clam well done
s a clam f1121: aclamwell done f1122: and that
maxter o succudrie an luxureclamin an pit the kie
yir rewaird whan shi jinclamdoun the lether an cam
his glowerin een an sheclamback intil hir mukkil bed
broun huntin naig the leddieclamon his back an stertit
shi jin their thenks anclamawa up the brae shi
lights were all shaped likeclamshells an an m959: ah
nae offense the laddie lounclamti his feet gaed for
piece net lug like aclamyer quine s nae weel
teeth out the number twaeclamti his feet an gaed
aince mair the yungest princessclamback inti hir mukkil bed
in his sedan chair heclamdoun an he bade the
f1121: have you seen aclambefore f1122: no f1121: no

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