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me to comment further schoolsclasssizes 11 michael russell south
000 extra teachers to reduceclasssizes abolish the current system
their confidence work to reduceclasssizes across the whole age
bring forward proposals to reduceclasssizes and to improve pupil
lamont has raised of courseclasssizes are important but we
m636: the- they made theclasssizes bigger m608: mmhm how
we have delivered on reducingclasssizes for the first three
not only by maintaining smallerclasssizes in primary schools but
primary schools but by reducingclasssizes in secondary schools not
manifesto pledges with regard toclasssizes in the early primary
real and meaningful reductions inclasssizes in the early primary
the particularly strong effect whichclasssizes of 18 or less
primary 1 will remain inclasssizes of fewer than 30
there were advantages in reducingclasssizes particularly for the kind
in school rolls to cutclasssizes respect teachers and improve
proposals it has to reduceclasssizes s1o 6701 the minister
police fife racial prejudice schoolsclasssizes scottish borders economy first
indicate a direct correlation betweenclasssizes substantially smaller than the
it would cost to lowerclasssizes to a maximum of
it would spend on cuttingclasssizes to help such bodies
rather than exclusively to reduceclasssizes use technology to link
the minister aware that whenclasssizes were reduced to 20
teachers in earlier years whenclasssizes were smaller such programs
eighteenth century women poets nationclassand gender albany state university
informs her critiques of genderclassand nation she deserves fuller
little the ayrshire dairywoman genderclassand scottish national identity moira
in relation to literary recognitionclassgender and national her critic
theoretical issues o language oclasso slavery o gender but
theoretical issues of language ofclassof slavery of gender but
movements overlooked because of theirclassor gender or other contingent
issues of social values andclassor gender perspectives matthew macdiarmid
out of modesty or forclassor gender reasons lady nairne
in contrast to pagan upperclasseducated women were the principal
singers there were also upperclasseducated women who had learned
feature o middle an upperclassenglish speech it kin be
he was up- an upperclassenglish twat basically and [laugh]
livestock rice rice an upperclassfood in the medieval period
both lowly born and upperclassin that her poems make
direction to the educated upperclasskupper therefore sees the scottishness
school who were seriously upperclassm608: mm f643: and they
s that kind of upperclassoxbridge f963: mm m762: erm
and that only upper middleclasspeople use them or the
she was neither an upperclasspoet such as joanna baillie
powerfully indicative of how upperclassscots of his time were
regionless accent associated with upperclassspeakers and national broadcasting written
meeting someone from an upperclassthey ll they ll they
where the educated including upperclasswomen ballad singers and song
the sense that educated upperclasswomen were still able to
about sixty five carolanne middleclassabout forty sadie working class
march 1997 characters agnes workingclassabout sixty five carolanne middle
wey which is quite middleclassan thinks itsel quite perjink
and she s quite middleclassand all the rest of
her mother had been middleclassand she really objected that
if you were erm middleclassand still at school f963:
of erm sort of middleclassarea of the east end
s middle class mid dleclassc n d and all
would all your nice middleclasschristian friends think if i
m talking about a middleclassenvironment f963: mm f965: where
the best regulated scottish middleclassfamilies not out loud anyway
insider s account of middleclassglasgow at the turn of
to the law abiding middleclassi suppose f963: mm f965:
i mean you say middleclass[inaudible] f965: i m talking
have to steal them middleclasskids aren t allowed sex
but your granny was middleclass[laugh] it made all the
was he was very middleclassm608: mm m078: ehm person
re forgetting he s middleclassmid dle class c n
on reasoning typical of middleclassmothers and the ways in
to be provided by middleclassmothers hasan r and williams
in dense multiplex networks middleclassnetworks are likely to be
s catered for the middleclassnew york citizen and s
not typical of the middleclassowner who has bought quite
in which pushy articulate middleclassparents could advantage their children
integration of the community middleclasspeople including teachers who have
and nice and rich middleclasspeople live there cause there
grant that temple of middleclasspretension to carry the second
you might call educated middleclassscottish person so it s
yes mam i m middleclassshame about the grass don
innocently by the mainly middleclasssong collectors of the last
lived modestly despite their middleclassstatus as a young woman
all her subjects were workingclassand a total of 62
the marginalization of being workingclassand scottish in his writing
quite a kind of workingclassarea like or is it
international brigades most from workingclassareas of london liverpool manchester
from a a very workingclassbackground although my father was
to write about their workingclassbackground if they ve actually
which mothers from lower workingclassbackgrounds tended to control their
macafee in glasgow where workingclasscatholics produced 70 local forms
language was that of workingclasschildren most english speakers do
that the child from workingclasscircumstances usually knew that he
up in a scottish workingclassfamily through the voices of
they re making ordinary workingclassfolk buy it i mean
church weddings as most workingclassfolk got married at home
a thing that the workingclasshad to get away fae
at dunaskin in preserving workingclasshistory believes that this and
s history trust and workingclasshistory museums lodged on 14
your ain folk the workingclassi ken aboot you political
it figures mister blaikie workingclasskids aren t allowed rides
class about forty sadie workingclassmid thirties gordon schoolboy sixteen
it certainly wasnae a workingclassnovel and i ve learned
labor religious strife as workingclassopiate he murmured ignorance too
in groups as a wholeclassor as individuals working with
mmhm right m762: from workingclassorigins who are kind of
buy operated against ordinary workingclasspeople linda fabiani accepted that
meeting 20 present another 1stclassquest 7 saturday working today
and it was a workingclassscots novel and you d
i would have thought workingclassscots you know i mean
child included patronised the workingclasssingers from whom they collected
was a s- skilled workingclass[sniff] m608: mmhm f643: but
cases be spoken by workingclassspeakers from those areas standard
dialect they speak young workingclassspeakers may be inarticulate because
at nearly every turn workingclassspeech is constantly seen as
scottish non standard english workingclassthis definition begs many questions
winds through the city workingclassusually ethnic truck drivers labourers
signals after my teacher sclassa discussion of task based
the pictures as captions andclassand teacher can then compare
genre of reports together theclassand teacher then completed the
two roles the ensuing wholeclassdiscussion involved the teacher in
cohesion next the teacher andclassfocused together on information reports
at d primary schuil wirclassheid a teacher dat hid
room wis teem teacher anclasshid geen aff an i
it will appoint a practisingclassroom teacher to the committee
her fin she wauked taeclasssae big noo the teacher
her fin she wauked taeclasssae big noo the teacher
will be accompanied by theirclassteacher marie mclean and jean
in book form and oneclassteacher produced a booklet of
they were expensive [note: photo: 'intermediate certificate for rebecca middleton, 1918.'] theclassteacher taught all subjects with
teacher should discuss with theclassthe different features of language
teacher co operating with aclassto create a text on
for any primary teacher aclassvisit to alloway the tam
teacher give you scots inclassyes mrs g understands scots
indicator of social class withclass1 drawn from the professional
s got class spikkin oclassa freen o mine wis
a continuation class dress cuttingclassagriculture and geometric drawing class
m762: driven though by byclassand class expectations and people
the boys in class byclassandy swings his arms very
he marches the boys inclassby class andy swings his
and one member of theclasschooses nine letters the class
further information include a continuationclassdress cutting class agriculture and
though by by class andclassexpectations and people when you
class chooses nine letters theclassis then given 30 seconds
class agriculture and geometric drawingclassquoiting club social club around
bit the man s gotclassspikkin o class a freen
and they were great forclassthe class was the thing
were great for class theclasswas the thing f1054: is
as the indicator of socialclasswith class 1 drawn from
with individuals groups or wholeclassan awareness of how grammatical
and discussed by the wholeclassand a final best order
people in the whole entireclassand so the tutorials were
suddenly turned to address theclassas a whole why don
the funniest by the wholeclasscould be displayed as a
expressed in group or wholeclassdiscussion a more reasoned or
all of that the socialclassdivision the whole thing and
oh aye your whole [inaudible]classf637: aye uh huh m608:
and practised in the wholeclassformat the main purpose of
got a chri- the wholeclassgot a christmas present it
for groups or the wholeclassin which aspects of language
be occasions when the wholeclassmight receive specific instruction in
a tomboy because the wholeclassof boys could come home
a text with the wholeclassor group help the students
way the whole modern languageclasswas taken in english a
achievement this would involve wholeclasswork developing from what the
f963: the whole sort ofclasswould just get together and
accents should teachers use inclassand encourage in cla- in
was 10 minutes late forclassi met the teachers coming
work of pupils in theclassmodern languages teachers might usefully
papers readable for candidates parentsclassteachers and lawyers some trust
might have to check withclassteachers on the exact status
mean very soon every readinclassthe teachers would get that
with teachers shifting from oneclassto another there was also
the best pupils in eachclassalas for some older scots
each child was out ofclassand the pupils found it
s english department along withclassc pupils published a deeside
lothian which provides a firstclasseducation to its pupils notes
move on to the nextclassin september 1914 pupils from
schools to create a worldclasslearning environment give pupils the
the school consisted of oneclassof 15 pupils extracts from
best three entries from eachclassor alternatively have the pupils
pupils designing and distributing aclasssurvey entitled how healthy are
number of pupils in theclasswhich they supervised to indicate
goin to be in yourclass[censored: forename] s nae goin to
goin to be in myclassf1117: there s goin to
goin to be in yourclassf1118: [censored: forename] s goin to
goin to be in yourclassthen [censored: forename] s goin to
goin to be in yourclassthough [censored: forename] s goin to
all laughed somebody in myclasswas goin oh we ll
goes to a primary schoolclassand examines the difference between
well strangely enough on myclasser when we entered primary
came across a primary fiveclassin er mid calder who
those of wealtgh and socialclassaboyne is a wealthy village
g d 1977 language socialclassand education a glasgow study
social and philosophical ideas aboutclassand privilege richts and responsibilities
is systematically related to socialclassand sex and the pattern
their home background or socialclassand the language demands of
order speakers arranged by socialclassas defined by the registrar
these coding orientations with socialclassdifferences halliday s careful formulation
to having scots promoted inclassequating scots speech with social
talking of a similar socialclassf963: mm mm mm m762:
speakers of a certain socialclassfrom a certain region for
in terms of the socialclasshierarchy right generally speaking erm
where speakers hae thiir socialclassidentified through thiir speech this
social network score where socialclassis difficult to establish in
social network score where socialclassis difficult to establish in
could be divided along socialclasslines wells g 1985 language
differentiate glaswegian speech by socialclasssex and age the method
people o a higher socialclassthis dichotaemy also serves as
cathy peattie gave a firstclassanalysis of lyndsay mcintosh s
again and obtained his firstclassand of course as we
he was nicking was firstclassbut he always argued m818:
two halts first and thirdclasscoaches were provided and the
essential to ensuring a firstclasshealth service in the 21st
fur ten year takk firstclasshonours in history an politics
in the church are firstclasshowever there exist many real
envelopes have been franked firstclassi know said deirdre proudly
you had quite a bigclassin first year f745: no
s money sails off firstclassinto a bright new future
or bar he travelled firstclassinto war korean and malayan
were attracted to this firstclasslocation and in numbers cropmarks
up wee a clinkin firstclassmaster of arts degree an
gaining of a superb firstclassmaster of arts degree in
as british but i dclassmesel as shetland first m865:
that the delivery of firstclasspublic services also requires support
that the delivery of firstclasspublic services also requires support
thus providing resources for firstclasspublic services and a more
thus providing resources for firstclasspublic services and a more
older people by building firstclasspublic services and developing initiatives
older people by building firstclasspublic services and developing initiatives
older people by building firstclasspublic services and developing initiatives
mike wallace passes his 1stclassquest test first in troop
yard deservedly enjoys a firstclassreputation as a builder of
financial constraints it delivers firstclassservices through trained and highly
to have first and secondclassso they have hard and
travel steerage others are firstclasssome halloo from the deck
don t think a firstclassstamp will quite cover that
rightly set to enjoy firstclassstatus while scotland will not
enchanted they re transported firstclassto samarkand one brief hour
s hat crows dine firstclassunhindered off fat pickings unhassled
out to be a firstclasswife for sam and i
the action group did firstclasswork in putting together the
f965: and i had aclassof forty five and i
and you would have aclassof forty five you know
that was the one goodclassout of five the other
but [censored: forename] s got aclasstill four or five f1154:
that i ve got aclasswho well five five classes
the back of the roomclass304 i have to hand
room awkward yet excited theclassmembers had made perfunctory introductions
around the room with aclassnovel a p7 or s1
he reminiscences on tait sclassroom cupola and all and
as everyone else at theclassroom door andy breaks into
nick that jotter frae theclassroom it s a good
firmly disapproved of in theclassroom no doubt as a
mmhm f637: in the theclassroom they d all these
comer of the drab prisonclassroom with the prison officer
and is looking round theclassher long face seems quite
i ve only had oneclasstoday it was quite good
know f745: quite a smallclassyeah i think [?]what is[/?] f746:
english language takes a lowclassflower seller and turns her
fyew wikks in ilka englishclassi saa her in ma
you were in my englishclassmy job would have been
english a good modern languageclassshould be taught for the
to speak in english theclassswitched for the next hour
via language d divisions inclassbaised society ir upheld d
language the divisions in aclassbased society are upheld the
we were missin the sameclassand he wouldn t uh
f814: totally go off inclassand people were like ducking
around the girls in herclassat school were children by
the past ten years aclasscould consider whether there were
and encourage in cla- inclassf948: well we were aw
if you were in myclassi d wash your mouth
within the family in oneclassin tarland there were six
people were there in aclassironing f637: oh aboot maybe
although we were travelling hardclassit is undemocratic to have
we were in the sameclasslilian and you ve built
prisoners who were the officerclassm608: mm m636: cause i
were the evacuees in yourclassm636: there were there there
were you in the sameclassm636: we were in the
classes children were allocated theclassof whichever one of their
under study were in herclassshe had taught scots poems
her hands and told theclassthey were going to do
argument with his mother theclasswere asked to prepare in
being left alone in theclasswhen we ourselves were afflicted
there were people in myclasswho absolutely loved it but
were some people in myclasswho were four but that
we were in the sameclassyou were called billy weren
girls and bairnies in yourclass[censored: forename] f1118: yes f1117: is
she was probably in yourclassdo you know [censored: forename] [censored: surname]
efficient soviet pedagogical programme afterclassi met [censored: forename] and ksenia
that s in [censored: forename] sclassm1096: fa s [censored: forename] f1095:
else that s in yourclassnames f1142: [censored: forename] f1141: mmhm
school and 10 at bibleclass1950 mr james mutch retired
aulder sister in peggy sclassat the school an there
school m608: there was aclassfor laundry f637: uh huh
whether she meant out theclassor out the school [laugh]
m608: aye f638: that wasclassf637: but i went away
green raleigh bicycle that wasclassm608: aye f638: that was
the best scones in theclassm608: oh right f637: aye
had some in in theirclasssome evacuees m608: mmhm m635:
the privilege of supervising yourclassespecially since you don t
go for of course yourclassis waiting inside but i
if i might join yourclassmyself for these autumnal scenes
t flannel or swank yourclassor rank add not one
desk and peeped into yourclassor thought i would peep
wasn t she in yourclasspeggy peggy alice gladys i
dear mrs robb and yourclassseemed to be the focus
i said about joining yourclassthough if you ever run
most useful for your presentclasswhy is that select one
own use of tenses theclasscan be reminded that the
and most pertinently for thisclasshis very occasional use of
if i use it inclassmy friends find it annoying
if i use it inclassmy friends find it annoying
the institute to give myclasstalked about the use of
and given to a specificclassunder the fair use for
reciting scots poems his currentclasshad studied some of j
graduated m a with 1stclasshons in july 1981 scots
the scots it was aclassof er of bairns that
the bairns screive their ainclasssang in scots tae a
who have tested positive forclassa drugs and who refuse
folk who had joined theclassand had also copied out
scotland in 1881 as aclassof respectable beggars who wandered
for my 8 o clockclassthe guy who takes my
of the chaps in herclassthe prison officer who supervises
the rise of a merchantclasswho don t have the
imaginative woman from the wrongclasswho has literary ambition and
chaps in her art therapyclasswho have been defined logically
novel a p7 or s1classwho have been exploring noun
french speaking canadians in theclasswho have difficulty with the
to the front of theclasswho then choose actions to
had to waken her inclassand he would ask what
maister was busy with anotherclassand then they had to
sausage and potatoes then intoclassat one i had to
have a nice acronym likeclass[audience laugh] we had ace but
no one in jennifer sclasshad a boyfriend no one
a selection of music theclasshad enjoyed the stuff i
singing and bible sometimes oneclasshad to come to the
the second year that theclasshave had miss wood and
lived locally with his previousclasshe had watched the video
west coast burrs after theclassi had a quick look
huh f638: ye had aclassin loi- laundry and ye
young went to a singingclassin mintlaw that somebody had
had a i had oneclasslike that so far this
like if i had aclasson teaching alasdair gray i
moved on to the higherclassremember that so you had
had to look after theclassto keep them occupied he
latter occurred with a p7classwhere after they had read
mr malcolm had told theclasswith some relish that at
that the people are secondclassa common argument against the
was all people of hisclassdidn t steal they might
some people are in theclasserm yeah i think the
classes we do a supportclassfor people studying the c├╣rsa
f746: other people in myclassjust found it fascinating so
thursday i ve got oneclassand friday i ve got
them out of the oneclassat the one time you
the only one in theclassf637: but eh f638: at
formal approach which identified theclassfactor as one of the
you only have the oneclassin that a week f1149:
one group we held theclassin the buffet and with
one day i took aclassm964: [cough] f965: to another
be an extract from theclassnovel converted into mainly one
for parents further believes thatclasssize is only one aspect
friday i ve got oneclasssometimes thursday i have two
when you move from oneclassto another you usually move
normally have a one hourclasswhere the principles and uses
and got me out myclassand told me to go
ve got a rock climbingclassin kitchen m1048: [laugh] f1049:
we got seats in businessclassit was [?]embarrassing[/?] f1149: oh
scrutiny of my hands inclassno wonder she got herself
if he s got aclassto go to he won
got a f902: mmhm f826: classwhere half the kids don
going in to give myclassafterwards i popped in to
and i can have myclassagain next week i insisted
i went into town beforeclassand found my way to
o the ithers in myclassdidna like the veesit tae
boy a boy in myclassf638: and that s what
for my 8am lesson afterclassi went into the embassy
an airm at my balletclasslove jude but nooadays you
o clock i gave myclasson grammar teaching as consciousness
kids are baith in myclassthey enrolled last week actually
out in the field myclasswas out in the field
ostaig along with fergus inclass3 i am still finding
of cases involving dealing inclassa drugs did not result
discussion begun on methodology inclassabout a week ago we
been present in the greekclassabove a dozen times professor
all worked in somehow toclassactivities we should not then
6 30 and was inclassagain by 8am we played
investigation of issues relating toclassand especially national representation in
miss [censored: surname] turned round inclassand she turned round and
anyone would talk in theclassand you d be like
of us in the limousineclassare we and how is
she d ging roon theclassaskin us a in turn
mmhm f643: she taught aclassat aberdeen university in erm
the girls in the engclassat glasgow telling me all
particular genres being taught inclassat that time 4 the
number of girls in theclassat the suggestion of dr
dt is inherent in aclassbaised and dairfur unequal society
that is inherent in aclassbased and therefore unequal society
i was in the latinclassbecause in those days you
of that name in theclassbut it suddenly occurred to
in not in elaine sclassbut she took part in
the stockmarket than in teachingclassbut there s enough going
being nearest the road inclasschildren wrote on a slate
romanticism this interaction includes aclassdimension in the sense that
body in front of aclassehm because ict sometimes can
that i was in herclassevery day f638: whether ye
was it like in businessclassf1148: it was really nice
was the top in theclassf637: oh aye [laugh] f640:
we re learning them inclassfrom mrs g i don
listen everyone else in theclasshas their finger at the
the faistest rinner in theclasshe s missin sports the
we read king lear inclasshonest an you re a
tae bide in e highclasshotel as distinguished guests an
wine in new bottles afterclassi was approached by someone
was not in the frenchclassi was in the latin
as head of the lifeclassin 1906 greiffenhagen however was
beside any boy in herclassin case he brushed against
a german professor and hisclassin freiburg while waiting for
and stem are established theclassin pairs are given a
was followed by an informalclassin the buffet with a
into history and history ofclassin this country which is
that tae abody in theclassit s a [?]peerie[/?] special
same idea in terms ofclassleonard writes with reference to
in their standard grade historyclasslet s listen to this
s a kid in theclassmaybe they re hummin a
holiday feeling is creeping inclassnumbers are down but we
in our courses in aclassof approximately 100 students i
in an existing building orclassof buildings where there is
in the world in itsclassof the ferguson built research
asked to speak french inclassonce wh- when a visiting
deid wasp in the artclasspickin it up naw that
actually doing a creative writingclassrecently in musselburgh a woman
welcome we have a worldclassreputation for excellence in nursing
play in turning the worldclassresearch and innovation they nurture
adopt other public roles inclassrole play or to take
some o the kids inclasssay oh you re pronounce
put her in her ownclassshe ll no be long
big books being used inclasssimilarly questions statements commands and
the main word in thisclasssince all it seems to
the tap three in theclasssometimes she beat me an
an interesting turning of theclasstables in her dedicatory poem
allowed to participate in aclasstaking such an educational route
outstanding achievement an outsider inclassterms like herself and to
ye ken sittin in theclassthat ye ken are really
to sit at in theclassthe best eens sat in
stereotyped but even in thisclassthe character of the writer
was an atmosphere in theclassthe kind nobody mentions because
several of us in theclassthink the professor was simply
guided focus on texts inclassthose of authors and also
speciality in fiona s artclassthough is tiny professional quality
texts or we allow theclassto meet them in texts
saam idea in terms oclasstom writes wee reference tae
buses and dodge about inclassup early today to prepare
right f1038: everyone in theclasswas looking at each other
flee or bottler in esclasswe werena makin eese o
slimmest and prettiest in theclasswith fair hair in long
among a number of lowerclasswomen writers in a history
of life awakened in theclassyours etc name with held
to ask where the lifeclasswas to be held that
are falling into less aclassand more a chat topics
ll be going into aclassat the age of twenty
professionals are brought into aclassdorothy grace elder so there
into work today s cultureclasswas a slide show of
the linguistic composition of herclass18 3 99 replied that
at the back o theclassisie wis scrattin oot her
and so explained to herclassthat prince charles devoted a
tae dae wi her theclasstittered nervously dutifully acknowledging their
alice misses her country dancingclasswhich folded up still we
intermediate non manual category andclass3 drawn from the ranks
comedies are usually from highclassbackgrounds they are often portrayed
originate from lower socio economicclassbackgrounds yet this certainly does
no youngster from a lowerclassdespite his enthusiasm or potential
variety of teaching techniques fromclassexposition to open ended group
younger children attending a nurseryclassextracts from mini interviews conducted
noel came from a betterclassof folk than we did
clear results from programmes ofclassreduction that show the particularly
from say miss a sclassto miss b s but
region if not yet byclassurquhart was released from prison
the three entries from eachclasswill be given a certificate
of this term s 1013classon their last essay it
paragraphs of their story theclassthen gives suggestions about what
prelim scripts to their ownclasswhen they need to explain
the unfavourable comparison of theirclasswith previous years i feel
sadie oh ho a betterclassae thug carolanne or an
of test passing a 2ndclassdown camp or most of
or persuasive writing crinson sclassexplored three types of text
of any such arrangements orclassof arrangements including the circumstances
descriptions providing information about aclassof creatures or objects they
cannae greet fir the workinclassor fir solidarity fir they
to be top of theclassor thereabout so if you
different m762: hidebound by theclassthat they have assumed or
christmas i saw the 1013classagain yesterday they d told
d get readin aroon theclassm865: mmhm mmhm mmhm okay
it i wis at aclassyince an d ye ken
we we ascertain someone sclassf963: mm m762: by the
work very well with aclassthat size f963: mm yeah
they re the only workinclassfolk left wi jobs except
alarm i made it toclasson time only two students
pains today but otherwise 1stclass28 monday to work i
of inert gases and theclassfinds the work absorbing although
the subject and instructed theclassto begin work for the
followed him with his secondclasscertificate but not being content
friendly with and the craftclassi go to gave me
context as and with otherclassmembers but with a range
with bible and when theclassshowed its abysmal ignorance the
built and maintained to worldclassstandards and with sufficient books
can be discussed with theclassthey can then make drawings
conservation means conserve the rulingclassto hell with soft idyllic
show it to the cultureclasswith an introduction and transcript
and the meal was 1stclass11 friday re union bev
party not what i wouldclassas a party it was
the the average size ofclassat that time was maybe
the other was a conventionalclassdiscussion on building an ideal
a session on diet afterclassi was hijacked by a
groups saks was a highclassstore macy s catered for
been taken out of aclassthat she was really enjoying
uh huh it was aclassthing aye m1021: er there
prize was for all hisclassto go to aberdeen have
that last day and theclasswas free to chatter until
m605: i was at aclassyesterday on gaelic phonetics actually
actually do a creative writingclassand they want to write
hmm no bad for saicontclassbut idle thochts will they
them before they teach theclassit is up to the
ensure that they get toclasson time this year i
what they present to theclassthat is a good reason
going away to a dancingclasswhat they going away to
like the normal like travelclasswhatever they re called erm
they wis catch t thairclasswid hae steek t ranks
strap now she marches theclassout and follows them fiona
is slow about letting theclassout andy thinks he is
to go along to aclassto find out more and
can then be surveyed forclassfavourites reasons for choices discussed
information report on dinosaurs theclassthen moved on to a
6 30 for an 8amclasswhich i then found has
you re not having thatclassagain if i can help
aye but you re betterclassthan patsy and that s
it s british airways executiveclassan a daimler wi a
the college for a botanyclassat 9am whiles bit that
pleading to be granted aclassattendance certificate despite his reckless
at the front of theclassbe half a dozen guitars
m1021: er there s aclasscon- connotation here because if
for pour quoi similarly aclasscould be asked to take
record web discussion groups aclassdebate a radio interview and
already been introduced to theclassduring a series of health
if you ever run aclasselsewhere i would be the
er going to monitor aclasser i m just going
ye tae gree wi aclassformation an ideology that s
girl as she left theclassgiving me a sharp sensation
s on benefit the lifeclassis free have a little
wearing a woolly gravat theclassknew there would be trouble
of categories for themselves aclassmight be asked to collect
jist mak oot at aclasso aaler quines hid come
niver wantit by a certainclasso chiel wha niver buys
confer new functions on aclassof bodies known as cross
confer new functions on aclassof bodies known as cross
of houses to a newclassof infants do any of
[audience laugh] give that to aclassof you know twelve year
on friday i gave aclasson education to the students
intention to earn a worldclassreputation for the scottish education
intention to earn a worldclassreputation for the scottish education
near the back of theclasssilently learning a for apple
ferguson hopefully coming to aclasssometime soon but we ve
love mum some really highclassstores visited a museum of
operated a bit like aclassticket the mark that a
just advertised a a aclasswe ll see what the
a typical week for aclasswould consist of a lecture
to have such a smallclassyou know it meant you
morag and i led theclassthrough an exercise about alliteration
ve to give for thatclassit went well despite the
for the rest of theclass4 such an atmosphere of
how both poets subvert theclassand british national hegemonies of
at the head of theclassand notice poor little me
i see them outside ofclassand stuff like that and
astonished when members of theclassangrily objected to it fortunately
[cough] [sniff] m816: so everyclassat the front of the
mind the audience stage ofclassetc mode is this to
of the newly formed infantclassfit hymn did ye sing
and sayin of course betterclassfolk f1018: i know oh
know sort of the poorerclasslookin at you know the
generation among [laugh] whom iclassmyself of course ehm you
agony to teach an 8amclassof 4th years which went
that meritorious and ill rewardedclassof men 4 burns for
b unscheduled tasks for eachclassof resource within the holyrood
on schedule tasks for eachclassof resource within the holyrood
raised the issue of relaxationsclassrelaxations and relaxations that are
the wee tale of wirclasss new chiel as we
at the front of theclassso andy finishes his line
and perpetuation of an unequalclassstructure leonard writes the university
of the competitive status consciousclassstructure of the society of
of the competitive status consciousclassstructure of the society of
quality of scotland s worldclassuniversities lodged on 9 june
elements of sentences the p7classwill meet prince charles tomorrow
m865: so m952: i wouldclassmesel as british but i
t know i would probablyclassthem as paths as well
she would go roon theclassye know and just f640:
f812: [inaudible] f814: [laugh] f813: classand like you know effed
the exercises back to theclassmyself and i ll discuss
johnston black yes sir theclasssits and the two boys
tak the hinmost nae workinclasssolidarity and sense o justice
and perpetuation o an unequalclassstructure tom writes the university
and forks tomorrow the p7classwill meet prince charles last
charles tomorrow tomorrow the p7classwill meet prince charles but
she said to to theclassnow i want you to
tutor to the junior hebrewclassat new college rls meantime
i arranged to meet anotherclassinformally on thursday at 2
at nearly iviry turn workinclassspeech is constantly seen as
i know mrs robb sclassis waiting there is no
[censored: surname] has suggested inviting theclasscaptains to the service the
proceeded to search round theclassfor further elucidation an anglo
side to the other theclassis beginning to be restless
is used to teach thatclassis suitable rev iain murdoch
to give this morning sclasson education again this time
speech on 29 september regardingclassto be relevant to its
him tae his sleeper furstclassas we wunner wha ll
i m shair the rulinclasswad exploit them tae gie
matheson that the provisions onclassc drugs are too severe
that the parliament deplores theclassdistinction on scotland s rivers
o feelin that the rulinclassexploits an that s whit
saw this term s 1013classfor the last time today
deconstructionism it s pure anorakclassobsessiveness aw the theorisin goes
hinna noticed onybody fae oorclassplaying golf on the moon
tae the realities o theclassstructure an exploitation an de
i met the eng 1015classwhose essays i mark for
t aff noo that sclassan ye cwid o heard
1883 tommy sheridan glasgow sspclassdistinction on scotland s rivers

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