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the language that the merchantclassescan read [click] [inhale] the
place [inhale] as the merchantclassesin scotland become more powerful
[click] [inhale] as the merchantclassesrise h- there is an
the rise of the merchantclassesvarious social changes take place
amongst the eh aristoca- aristocraticclassesamongst the literate classes as
aristocratic classes amongst the literateclassesas a medium for literature
an they have eh otherclasseseh like sewing classes or
got fiddle classes going chanterclasseseh the pipe band meets
on that we do communityclassesevening classes we do a
f1067: we ve got fiddleclassesgoing chanter classes eh the
other classes eh like sewingclassesor eh it s tae
we do community classes eveningclasseswe do a support class
oh right yeah f978: eveningclassesand ehm an i think
other an there s eveningclassesfor e- ye know other
during last winter at eveningclassesi found it very interesting
er teachers taking er parentclassesin the evening er so
the evening writing postcards preparingclasseslistening to the world service
m762: encounter all different socialclassesand all kinds of extreme
within and between different socialclassesastonishingly the word ken was
made to the different socialclasseshe found evidence that the
days for different authorities orclassesof authority but the day
for different authorities or differentclassesof authority section 18 mr
for different cases or differentclassesof case after section 25i
for different cases or differentclassesof case including different provision
for different cases or differentclassesof case including for different
levy differential charges on differentclassesof motor vehicles section 47
by mothers from different socialclassessocialise the children in different
a as to cases orclassesof case as respects which
teaching and on the otherclassesthat you taught how did
materials are provided during theclasseswhilst the teaching also incorporates
between both sites to attendclasseswith a loss of teaching
teaching at mti 3 discussionclasseswith fifth year students their
the the little story storyclassesin the library there was
wis storytellin tae the aulderclassesthey likit the story though
there was little story tellingclasseswhere you could primaries one
of the third year scienceclasseshas been going around measuring
in third year i hadclasseslike quite early so i
had my first third yearclassestheir exuberance overcame the stuffiness
takes place in all socialclassesand becomes much more widespread
in coding orientations to socialclassesas the former approach to
religion sexual mores the socialclassesfestivals music language agriculture the
macaulay had split the socialclassesinto four but after some
a a variety of socialclassesyou know i wasn t
anne stevenson during creative writingclassesat dundee university and is
previous pupil writing from otherclassesfor consideration of say weaknesses
case i m writing betweenclassesin the library having just
was observed in early stagesclassesof the time martin j
in these early study skillsclassesone learns how to form
year i didn t haveclassesvery early f746: mmhm f745:
the provision of deaf awarenessclassesin workplaces and in the
expanded provision of after schoolclassesor informal networks concern was
the provision of deaf awarenessclassesto people in local communities
walks of life across allclassesof society and in all
society ir upheld d workinclasseswee dir coorse barbaric speech
society are upheld the workingclasseswith their course barbaric speech
applications in history of englishclassesagain searching in particular forms
has to raise multiple yearclasseson a particular site and
mor ostaig in particular gaelicclassess1w 9160 fergus ewing to
there are people from allclassesall ages and both genders
the chaps in both myclassesare stuck they might as
had a busy weekend havingclasseson both mondays and tuesdays
of high quality physical educationclassesa week you cannot negotiate
to a ten week courseclassesare held at a time
to prepare the week sclassesthursday dec 1st again we
the russian for 304 theclasseswent well this week i
level of english of theclassesall girls six or seven
and active learning most s1classesin english are now taught
on her return she tookclassesin english literature at the
sometimes thursday i have twoclassesit depends on english but
of the of the englishclassesjust sort of sitting there
within such mixed ability englishclassesthe teacher s role in
education more teachers and smallerclassesa transition year between nursery
sites to maintain single yearclasseshowever such an approach requires
this year kilwinning academy offersclassesin four languages french german
the two new fourth yearclasseswere friendly and lively the
and subdivided into socio economicclasseschildren were allocated the class
[tut] we do children sclassesehm f606: mmhm f1067: we
53 children in the nurseryclassesthe catchment area encompasses sundayswells
68 pupils divided into 3classeswith 18 younger children attending
be extended to language learningclassesif a student is unsure
the spoken language of allclassesin the lowlands well into
their support for community languageclassesis one way of ensuring
through their involvement in languageclassesor recreational activities and through
council currently supports community languageclasseswhich are held at weekends
sign language and lip readingclasseswith qualified tutors and at
eh they had the drummingclassesan they had them up
ah eh they were bigclassesm635: there would probably be
mmhm how big were theclassesm636: ah eh they were
class who well five fiveclassesall of whom have already
was a good mix ofclassesall that kind of thing
to readers of all agesclassesand nationalities for example although
fashioned best of all ourclassesare together for art on
them come citizens of allclassesas many as the room
were standard fare for allclassesbut they leave little trace
in all three of myclassesf1155: i was like i
to do all of theclasseslike f1149: yeah f1148: like
lochalsh trunk road prescribes allclassesof traffic for the purposes
f1149: mmhm f1148: like allclasseswent on a school trip
or after school hours theclassescurrently supported are in chinese
well to the exercises afterclassesi d arranged to meet
can be so appreciated afterclassesi met [censored: forename] at the
yeah there aren t communityclassescause i know there are
500 learners involved in theseclasses103 the education department of
education and accents to myclassesof students and showed them
out and barely struggled throughclassesi went to bed at
went as well in theclassesyou know that they had
and erm and then startedclasseser and and then i
yeah m1174: there are actuallyclasseserm that take place er
at them so what otherclassesyou doin m815: er i
i ve i ve inheritedclassesfrom other people m741: right
has earlier asked two otherclassesto write down their favourite
i was going to potteryclassesbut i missed a lot
s enough going on outsideclassesto keep me interested the
these resources are used inclassesfor undergraduates and in postgraduate
notion of academic objectivity theseclassesset up a relationship of
to last long first aidclassesthese were held at a
it was like the middleclassesan there were things like
were eaten by the upperclassesand occasionally the country folk
a war work guild variousclassesof work were given out
study area were attending elocutionclassesto assist them in speaking
unit assessments would be burdensomeclasseswere large and we were
or its uk base theclasseswere naturally interested in the
them in s3 4 intoclassesaimed broadly at foundation general
getting you into your danceclasseswill we f1118: yes that
people that i knew fromclassesand saying hello to them
and handing them back toclassesexplaining and discussing mistakes i
but even in the betterclasseshow are things with them
your planning f1150: yeah f1151: classeson erm lesson planning and
your erm sort of practicalclasseson top of that your
had used with their respectiveclassesin the form of video
worthwhile additional resource for primaryclassesprovided they prepare for their
than expected i gave myclasseson travel and then had
replied that she had taughtclasseswhere not one child could
a good time the threeclassesare certainly enthusiastic and articulate
agricultural legislation the following animalclassesare classified as working animals
the schools with the biggestclassesare often those that are
ask the presiding officer whatclassesof resources there are within
university course there are usuallyclassesoffered to new students to
s actually used in thoseclassesas a as kind of
trying to save his voiceclassesii to vi would work
completed work presented to severalclassesperhaps with the head teacher
to miss two weeks ofclassesso i called carole on
on april 2nd 22nd myclassesfinish around the 6th and
to my first saturday morningclassesthree new groups whose standard
boy in one o myclasseswas like that and it
for my 8 o clockclasseswe played call my bluff
is bored with fce likeclasseshe spoke in glowing terms
kinda strange although he missesclasseslike he doesn t not
they ve got e- esolclassesf606: what s that f1039:
embarrassed quickly she s gotclassespause he feels he d
ye got oot o yerclassessyne aff on e five
the germ attacked the youngerclassesfirst and as its taste
myndit that in his cultureclassesat the skweel he d
with the ah mm professionalclassesdefinitely c n d territory
orderin buiks fur eese wiclasseswhyles i ve gaen intae
born and raised there entireclassesof pupils in some upper
he doesn t not missclassesbut f1049: right m1048: do
glowing terms of the mathematicsclasseshe teaches at mgu one
objectivity lookin back at disclassesnoo twartree years laetir i
the lasses awa at nichtclassesshe laes him baby sittin
gardens competition sunday 13th augustclassesas previous years newsletter june
cairry on in e youngclassese loons wore lang stockins
side be side wi mixedclassesin ilky een e fleers
for the flight back omeclasseshave started with methods which
fortunate to have some nurseryclassesin spanish in st luke
quiet studious day i preparedclassesrevised some russian worked on
feltmaking to 200 pupils inclassesfrom primaries 1 to 7
know if the college ranclassesin acupuncture it didn t
started to go to norwegianclassesin winter f746: oh right
the council has stopped theclassesbecause of money trouble it
discussed and compared middle primaryclassescan collect examples of adjectives
acknowledge that the size ofclassesis not the sole factor
that many of the primaryclasseswho have already visited it
quantities even for the upperclasseswe really only get glimpses
myself organised and preparing forclasseswhich start tomorrow i ll
its customers from the lowerclassesthe data thus generated led
weekend on friday i gaveclasseson dbs and predicted that
stealin affy us the workinclasseshe cries us though he
i m also working awayclassesshould be just about over
draft valuation and rating exemptedclassesscotland order 2002 19 april
draft valuation and rating exemptedclassesscotland order 2002 and the

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