See this word as a collocate cloud

forward let us be absolutelyclearabout the time scale in
we need to be absolutelyclearabout what you are saying
me make one thing absolutelyclearit is not the case
recommendations its conclusion was absolutelyclearit is wrong to charge
things i m not absolutelyclearon what the boys did
feminist i make it absolutelyclearthat partnership does not mean
is that we are absolutelyclearthat scotland s future lies
tenancy secondly it is absolutelyclearthat the right to buy
s education it is absolutelyclearthat the scottish executive has
simply to make it absolutelyclearthat the standing orders permit
different structure we are absolutelyclearthat there will be no
let me make it absolutelyclearthat we are not in
welsh i made it absolutelyclearthat we do not need
to make its position absolutelyclearthere was yesterday s statement
and as will now beclearto everyone i have absolutely
he has made it absolutelyclearto his department that he
weeks made our position absolutelyclearto the european commission if
be implemented that is absolutelycleartricia marwick absolutely the convener
7 of the bill makesclearcovert human intelligence sources are
advice as its response makesclearit will closely examine the
human rights which makes itclearnot only that judges must
provision that makes up aclearsocialist principle she must be
stone your submission makes noclearsuggestion about the sqa what
assistant his letter makes itclearthat a previous application made
infringed that movement makes itclearthat an enlarged europe with
some improvement it makes itclearthat as with other hospital
out last year makes itclearthat drugs such as ritalin
the minister referred makes itclearthat it is becoming more
the impending legislation makes itclearthat such a case would
bill amendment 70 makes itclearthat the bill does not
tribunal amendment 62 makes itclearthat the bill does not
affairs that record makes itclearthat the executive either chooses
87 my letter makes itclearthat the executive is aware
macintosh your submission makes itclearthat the key problem was
attributed to burns makes itclearthat the pagan version is
to the dti makes itclearthat they will in no
motion tomorrow that makes itclearthat we expect the scottish
the group s report makesclearthe provision of free personal
very different things it becameclearfrom casual conversations with ministers
to tiger it all becameclearit must be a good
hospital and when it becameclearthat he was goin to
time went on it becameclearthat ministers were getting conflicting
of its remit it becameclearthat more markers would be
in december7 once it becameclearthat scottish and newcastle plc
for that provision it becameclearthat the best way to
through the session it becameclearthat the blips were not
then one day it becameclearthat the time for prevarication
of the exercise it becameclearthat we were in serious
unclear ones it soon becameclearto everyone that the lack
of the school it becameclearvery early on that the
is needed now is aclearcommitment from the executive to
is needed now is aclearcommitment from the executive to
the executive there is aclearcommitment in the bill to
than 2005 there is aclearcommitment to take account of
the executive to make aclearfirm and unequivocal commitment in
executive to make a similarclearfirm and unequivocal commitment together
executive is now giving aclearfirm unequivocal commitment to free
our promise our commitment isclearfor all to see ben
the lord advocate has madeclearhis commitment to ensure that
already this executive has madeclearour commitment to scotland s
matters kenny made it quiteclearthat the snp s commitment
including scots literature it isclearthat there is a commitment
this law make the positionclearand we do not think
drafting to make the positionclearas the meaning is slightly
and having made my positionclearat stage 2 i have
need to make that positionclearat the outset the evidence
general position and make itclearfrom the beginning that we
decline there is therefore aclearneed to review the position
this year took a fairlyclearposition on scots an aw
executive should come to aclearposition on what the national
opportunities committee made its positionclearthere were jitters all round
opportunity to make its positionclearto the chamber the deputy
made my position on thatclearto uk agriculture ministers i
which the position is lessclearunder the proposed legislation a
me make our position abundantlyclearwe have said that fuel
of doubt i will makeclearagain what the bill is
we sought to make thatclearat the outset our primary
would like to make itclearat this point that having
will he not make acleardecision in principle now and
us the details are notclearenough for us to make
simpson will you make itclearfor the official report that
mcaveety our views will becleari intend to make them
s conclusions will make thatclearif the petitioner is not
words which make the timingclearil est arrivé hier commands
the rescue attempt also makeclearits modest success the first
as to make its limitsclearsection 10 dr sylvia jackson
challenge we should make itclearso that the committee understands
the executive must make aclearstatement that funding will be
36 i should make itclearstraight away that before reaching
amendment 9 would make itclearthat a fixed penalty would
for justice to make itclearthat he would not support
i also want to makeclearthat i appreciate and understand
i want to make itclearthat i believe in the
arrangements however i make itclearthat i expect the panel
survival let me make itclearthat i welcome the movement
all parties and make itclearthat i will be forever
the guidance to make itclearthat if pressure is applied
in them they make itclearthat in a moral framework
let me make it equallyclearthat it is nothing short
i want to make itclearthat members have an obligation
of investigation make it abundantlyclearthat members should be named
make my moral yet moreclearthat might be teasing geese
amendment 13 would make itclearthat no amount whatsoever would
amendment and would make itclearthat no sum would be
make them happen it isclearthat other targets relate to
convener we should make itclearthat people can submit petitions
that point to make itclearthat performance targets must be
i want to make itclearthat racist attacks have no
at higher level make itclearthat students must operate at
and i should make itclearthat that is not a
matter we should make itclearthat the committee expects to
scottish ministers i make itclearthat the executive is perfectly
issue i want to makeclearthat the executive opposes christine
i want to make itclearthat the executive s intention
basis we must make itclearthat the fight against terrorism
s officials i make itclearthat the oft report generated
is important to make itclearthat the scottish ministers will
a way as to makeclearthat they anticipate that the
moment local authorities make itclearthat they want more feedback
i want to make itclearthat this expansionary budget results
i want to make itclearthat those who carry out
we seek to make itclearthat we are not seeking
timetable i should make itclearthat we strongly emphasised that
want to make it perfectlyclearthat we support the change
let me make it abundantlyclearthe government will never be
strands at each level makeclearthe progression expected in terms
future and to make itclearto her majesty s government
morning does not make itclearto me whether the petition
jackson i should make itclearto michael matheson that i
that local authorities make thatclearto purchasers beverly francis the
the executive to make itclearto the parliament that it
open i make it abundantlyclearto the parliament that that
head on and make itclearto young people that those
f1093: right this one m1094: clearups [child noise] f1093: [inaudible] make
nairn tomorrow i will makeclearwhat we are doing which
in order that these makeclearwhether funding announced is additional
announcing spending plans to makeclearwhether provision has already been
will the minister make itclearwhether the executive will introduce
will the inability to makeclearwho is doing the action
be made if it isclearand it certainly is that
entitlement card would be madeclearand that there will be
tender prices it was madeclearat pre tender and quality
1950 i have made itclearbefore in this chamber that
an executive we have madeclearconsistently our determination to ensure
thought that i made thisclearearlier and i apologise if
to poach has made itclearhe intends to stay at
law review commission has madeclearher frustration that a year
committee on 12 june madeclearhis view and that view
points however must be madeclearin explanation of these proposals
on hospitality are made veryclearin guidance to members i
tourism should have this madeclearin his or her job
ron tuck as i madeclearin my submission and in
into practice i made thatclearin the committee and i
the commissioners that is madeclearin the detail of the
but that should be madeclearin the paper will that
mr beaumont made it perfectlyclearlast year that he would
minister i have made thatclearmr salmond will appreciate the
a close i made thatclearon 2 december 1999 and
but not others we madeclearour determination to adopt an
tosh as the minister madeclearour laws of competitive tendering
discussed i have made itclearparticularly in the evidence that
how should they be madeclearpeter wood the answer to
it however we made aclearrecommendation although we understand that
industry we have made thatclearrepeatedly and more important we
made at westminster it isclearthat a company cannot get
however it has been madeclearthat any extension beyond those
should it not be madeclearthat any powers not assigned
a registrar made it quiteclearthat he or she thought
minister i have made itclearthat i do not want
the convener i made itclearthat i will go back
in which she made itclearthat in the opinion of
dti has made it quiteclearthat it could end up
of scottish ballet made itclearthat it does not agree
although the committee made itclearthat it does not doubt
scottish local authorities made itclearthat it estimates that well
scottish university courts made itclearthat it would be unlikely
even though it was madeclearthat it would be used
that the court made itclearthat its judgment was time
made so far it isclearthat nurses undertake an incredible
were made earlier it isclearthat ours is not the
in practice he made itclearthat references to cases of
22nd july 1999 made itclearthat scots tory msps will
the minister has made itclearthat should stock transfer not
reassurance ministers have made itclearthat the agenda is about
the high court made itclearthat the conviction or acquittal
for finance has made itclearthat there are aspects of
record it should be madeclearthat there was never any
we have already made itclearthat those on the executive
interruption i have made itclearthat under the legislation i
wants it to be madeclearthat we are not being
and we have made itclearthat we are willing to
was listening i made itclearthat we cannot include anything
the executive has made itclearthat we expect far more
said because i made itclearthat we have been involved
labour led coalition made itclearthat we have begun a
our work has made itclearthat we must also take
i have always made itclearthat we will use the
committee we have made itclearthat we would value closer
that i had made itclearthat what i am concerned
lord steyn s comments madeclearthe potentially draconian effects of
and i have made itclearto angus mackay and jim
undone and this he madeclearto both her and to
some reason not yet madeclearto him he had been
legislation committee it was madeclearto me that it was
going i ve made thisclearto my supervisor dr [censored: surname]
the conclusions i made itclearto the committee that that
those representatives have made itclearto the education minister that
might not have made ourselvesclearto the executive because it
college of general practitioners madeclearto the health and community
funding and services was madeclearto the members of the
bsl it was also madeclearto us that there was
committee as annabel goldie madeclearwe need to examine the
that it can be madeclearwhether a report is from
action and is based onclearcompelling and published evidence and
too much there is acleardiscrepancy in the evidence and
the persuasiveness or availability ofclearempirical evidence as to the
useful cross referencing there wasclearevidence from tests carried out
do this yes we canclearevidence has been given about
food trust survey also notedclearevidence of an excess of
qhuite meile weill schillit withclearevidence of the lack of
in scotland we have noclearevidence of the use of
promoted even when there wasclearevidence on the ground that
more urgent there is noclearevidence that lyndsay himself was
residential patterns would have providedclearevidence that roman catholic enclaves
pleased that the report identifiesclearevidence that the actions and
those projects there is noclearevidence that the supporting people
that however it is notclearfrom your evidence what your
out the main problem thatclearscientific evidence must be provided
scotland told us in itsclearvoice in giving evidence particularly
glasgow con let us beclearabout one thing this morning
of subpostmasters let s beclearabout this today s postcomm
deacon let me first beclearabout what has been achieved
sarah boyack let me beclearabout why we have announced
i did not receive aclearanswer either let us return
out there let us beclearif there were an emergency
court case let us beclearit is the executive s
the convener let us beclearthat other committee members including
in october let us beclearthe minister gave a very
no sorry let me beclearthe reference to horses and
let me hae this thingclearye mean we fish naewhere
iain smith we must beclearabout that because members might
work themselves we must beclearabout that no matter how
springburn lab we must beclearabout what action we can
legislation that changes existing lawclearand certain arrangements must be
existing law there must beclearand comprehensive arrangements for those
industrial fishing we must beclearand explicit about what we
job there must be aclearstatement that the timing of
authorities iain gray it isclearthat policies must be turned
into trouble we must beclearthat sanctions may be appropriate
be on thursday we areclearthat we must now talk
standards committee it must beclearthat we will treat all
the wheel we must beclearthe importance of innovation is
that affects their ability toclearup and the dog must
people switch brands that isclearand can be agreed however
is trying to achieve isclearand transparent however what about
a particular policy it isclearhowever that a massive majority
that would be i amclearhowever that it would be
in general shops however theclearintention is that there should
however the bill contains aclearrequirement to increase the level
committed offences however it isclearthat if plea negotiation were
in london however it isclearthat the voluntary sector has
the courts however it isclearto me that if anyone
powers however our intention isclearwe wish to hold a
for teachers however it isclearwhen one reads through the
and i am still notclearabout the circumstances in which
extremely welcome i am notclearabout the extent to which
i think that i amclearabout the matter but i
would change i am notclearabout the purpose of the
wild salmonids i am notclearabout the risks that arise
but i am just notclearabout the situation around arresting
six years i am notclearabout the situation in the
be affected i am notclearabout the way in which
because i am not totallyclearabout your response you said
i have not been entirelycleari am comfortable with the
guidance is certainly not crystalcleari am grateful for the
are just a hurdle tocleari am still unclear about
that i am making myselfclearlee cousins we are already
took that opportunity to beclearms macdonald i am glad
taken place but i amclearon the fact that the
i am comfortable with anyclearstatement that committees of the
the environmental risks i amclearthat there is a severe
final point because i amclearthat we are trying not
the ban i am notclearthat we know enough about
here i am a moralclearthis tale spells oot men
those products i am notclearto what extent advertising within
private landlords i am notclearwhat the best vehicle for
ignorance but i am notclearwhat the great advantage of
presiding officer i am notclearwhether malcolm chisholm was replying
either circumstance i am notclearwhich circumstance you were talking
brian philp i am notclearwhy you would wish to
be penalised it is quiteclearfrom the contributions to today
is ambiguous it is quitecleari hope that my response
collectors all poets is quiteclearin drama even home s
ry mele this is quiteclearin some citations xxxij bollis
fife the report is quiteclearit speaks of wholly irregular
him the penicillin seems toclearit up quite quickly but
be repeated it is quiteclearthat everyone knew what was
the issue it is quiteclearthat the convener will go
one episode it is quiteclearthat there was a political
aberdeen last tuesday were quiteclearthat they did not need
the committee s views quiteclearto everyone at the conveners
dr murray you are notclearabout the level of toxicity
those discussions we are notclearabout what drugs might be
is not 100 per centclearall we are trying to
if the question is notclearand people do not understand
and garlic and fry tillclearat a medium heat not
parents this statistic is notclearbecause we take it as
usual the matter is notclearcut although my constituent has
petition is reserved is notclearcut it cannot be said
i do not have acleardefinition as to whether a
entries do not exemplify theclearencyclopaedic approach which has become
trespass and that is notcleareven in the most recent
kitchen is not at allcleareventually mother comes into the
question first it is notclearfrom the executive s response
not known what is prettyclearis that mitchell used a
acid what is not yetclearis the potential for different
clumsy and is not veryclearit might have been better
surveillance a suspicion will notclearit the tribunal is a
in 1306 the answer isclearit was not murder it
location or is that notclearjames smith i cannot answer
fitzpatrick perhaps i was notclearmaureen moore we are very
touched on it is becomingclearnot only to me but
30 27 31 29 aclearnote is not overtly didactic
its extent is not yetclearone of the major factors
as drafted does not provideclearor comprehensive saving or transitional
we do not have aclearpicture of the relationship between
glad are fild with earthclearsprings can not bee had
what is needed is aclearstatement of political will not
it does not contain aclearstatement on baseline spending in
not decided and it wasclearthat a further intergovernmental conference
not be underestimated it isclearthat for european union citizens
down then when it wasclearthat snp members could not
him that it had becomeclearthat the dictionary could not
out because their parents areclearthat the materials are not
yet been finalised it isclearthat the tribunal will not
yet been finalised it isclearthat the tribunal will not
the bill is not sufficientlyclearthat the withdrawal of a
local authorities some officers wereclearthat they could not access
procedure and it is notclearthat we could hold the
parliament being stated loud andclearthe issue is not one
sorry if that is notclearto all members of the
agreed on it was notclearto me whether that could
31 5 may not beclearto people who read the
of the scottish executive isclearwe do not accept the
the matter you are notclearwhere the financing is coming
does not appear to beclearwhether that is where we
london but it is notclearwhether the commissioner here in
a hearing it is notclearwhether the local authority or
kelly said we are notclearwhether the problem was due
complex and it is notclearwho takes responsibility cathy peattie
those shortcomings we should beclearabout what divides responsible politicians
such contact we should beclearabout what we mean by
to higher should be relativelyclearand i think in modern
s house should be asclearas glass aye open to
my heid had been asclearas it should hae been
that there should be oneclearday in the week free
standards the standards should beclearenough for the courts to
mr russell it should beclearin future in exceptional circumstances
in mind is intention aclearintention to use scots should
we should be looking forclearlines of responsibility we want
the executive should send aclearmessage the executive seems to
hmos there should be aclearrelationship between the standards and
that is the kind ofclearstatement that should have been
we should consider making itclearthat the standards committee takes
year the task force wasclearthat there should be contractual
petitioner s address should beclearthose are normal rules of
yer shank it isn tclearwhy knitting should be called
will be implemented who willcleara road that is covered
is vital that we beclearabout language given the fact
that people will feel reasonablyclearabout what the direction is
is important that we areclearabout what we mean when
a debtor who is sequestratedclearand comprehensive saving and transitional
be ineffective there is aclearand recognised dose response effect
reveals that there is noclearand standard definition of what
one point that comes outclearand strong is that the
accept that the legislation isclearand that the guidelines provided
out the sky is crystalclearand the stars are beautiful
we need guidance that iscleararticulate accessible and written in
and the pattern is lessclearat the age of ten
of achievement there is aclearattempt in the proposals issued
7 that there is noclearboundary of responsibility where do
safeguard the convener that isclearbut how does it apply
and how necessary is aclearcomprehension of the principles which
apply equally in scotland theclearconsequence is then that every
of content this is aclearcontext for using linguistic terminology
is difficult to give aclearcut definition we have just
statutory agencies and councils lessclearcut there is concern about
edinburgh and elsewhere are experiencingcleardifficulties so there is a
but it sood be meydcleardt dis is joost waan
a thickness the wither discleardull grey an weet is
essay though there is aclearecho of his words to
drink a glass of hiscleareffluent there is rehabilitation for
o march is bonny anclearen the win dis rise
of me the message isclearenough andrew old man to
around with sacking is aclearenough sign of how hard
ower weel so it isclearenough that this ale was
bans reduce tobacco consumption isclearespecially where additional tobacco control
william wallace there is aclearfocus upon relevant features of
the scheme and it isclearfrom his research that the
various farinaceous products as isclearfrom some of its citations
deaths in scotland it isclearfrom the paperwork relating to
accurate lindsay manson it isclearfrom the responses that you
mcletchie lothians con it isclearfrom the speeches in the
future and past time isclearfrom the verb form and
a landmark occasion it isclearfrom various reports that income
scotland and to edinburgh isclearhe worked tirelessly using all
rambling except that she isclearheaded and sensible in what
weeks in before she isclearheater ok 10 tuesday caroline
over lobbying companies that iscleari believe that if we
would be wanting is someclearidea of the outcomes at
sighthill the situation is veryclearif scotland s economy is
life the condition has aclearimpact clearly there is an
a right to expect aclearindication of what it is
be addressed there is aclearintent to cover the point
is because it is ourclearintention to do that and
it is my party sclearintention to produce a situation
difference again the choice isclearlabour s london government has
is from the executive isclearlanguage matters scottish schoolchildren need
fourteenth century on is aclearlanguage shift you re moving
important that a kind ofclearline is drawn there erm
are highest there is noclearlink between fox predation and
previous guidance and gives aclearlist of resources it is
was viewed as essential aclearmarket failure in aberdeen is
publish gillian baxendine to beclearmy understanding is that if
interesting debate there is aclearneed for a census to
clear sentences and excludes theclearnon sentences this is a
saidil law the ben isclearo clouds an ah can
is for learning approach ofclearobjectives meaningful activities becoming better
european court of justice isclearon the issue it would
of and some which isclearonly with hindsight ronald jack
middleton and it is nowclearpartly from the figure of
is difficult to get aclearpicture of what is funded
the scottish parliament have seenclearpinpointing of what is wrong
university education there is aclearpower dynamic in operation a
supporting document there is aclearprima facie case for saying
appears that there is noclearprocedural answer to this difficulty
important nonetheless so that aclearprocedure is set out in
buildings where there is aclearpublic health and safety interest
is the establishment of aclearrole for regions with legislative
braith the meadow puil isclears a windae pane the
criminal activity is having aclearset of implementing provisions across
any later that is aclearsignal to the pensioners of
for this with plenty ofclearspace jim is in the
send its submission loud andclearstraight to the dti is
whether a copy of itsclearstrategy on sustainable development is
to organic farming it isclearthat a co ordinated action
91 per cent it isclearthat a question on income
it is worth making itclearthat although certain matters may
is important that we areclearthat different bodies are accountable
of other sections it isclearthat for very good reasons
from our observations it isclearthat he is making every
development group by making itclearthat it is her view
housing for rsls it isclearthat many rsls are concerned
power involvement glasgow it isclearthat many young people feel
european court of justice isclearthat member states can only
verbs in scots it isclearthat modal verbs ar pairt
in the matter it isclearthat mr mcleish has been
on the euro it isclearthat people can support being
that policy objective it isclearthat producing more organic food
the chamber because it isclearthat she knows little about
she set up it isclearthat she responded in that
case of rls it isclearthat sidney colvin recommended him
will be ignored it isclearthat substantial numbers of people
the 1426 boll it isclearthat the administration ultimately failed
number of deaths it isclearthat the ban will have
state administrations but it isclearthat the committee will continue
unpalatable for some it isclearthat the debate provided an
about ben wallace it isclearthat the euro is a
westminster as well it isclearthat the implementation of sutherland
have never smoked it isclearthat the intention behind banning
is reserved but it isclearthat the legislation allows scottish
no premeditation it is surelyclearthat the murder was unpremeditated
chaud melle the chronicle isclearthat the slaughter of douglas
one looks to it isclearthat the social economy plays
an brichter an it sclearthat the tyme is no
the education system it isclearthat the ways in which
the education system it isclearthat the weys that language
gradient for ramps it isclearthat there are issues that
highlighted is important it isclearthat there are people in
i do but it isclearthat there are specific difficulties
more effectively but it isclearthat there is some way
of comparable size it isclearthat they get a better
particular post 2006 it isclearthat this level of funding
be included and it isclearthat this might affect metrological
of older people it isclearthat those policies have massive
s answer it is abundantlyclearthat until last week it
in previous debates it isclearthat we have been incredibly
we have taken it isclearthat your subject panels have
steps it is taking toclearthe backlog of animals waiting
fite mounth frae sna beclearthe day o doom is
the preparation for that isclearthe farmers or other participants
where where it is fairlyclearthe picture but then other
and the marketable product isclearthe proof of concept fund
for plant species are fairlyclearthere is a risk of
deputy first minister it isclearto me and indeed a
where confidentiality is required areclearto members the convener the
understanding is light as whenclearunderstanding is described as beorht
lead partner there is aclearunderstanding michael russell the executive
europe for there was aclearunderstanding that the eu is
is that of failing toclearup after a dog of
to direction i want toclearup what is often a
is obliged to gain aclearview of the costs that
amendment we need to beclearabout that the convener i
work we need to beclearabout what we want from
jack no need it sclearenough to me the business
i ll need to getclearin my ain mind afore
twa words to mak thingsclearjack no need it s
we also need to beclearthat the scheme cannot be
vibration we need to beclearthat time scales need to
message came out loud andclearthat we need to address
but we ought to beclearabout procedures in terms of
mr mcmahon you are veryclearabout that i have a
to ensure that we wereclearabout the elements that we
macdonald i want to beclearabout the time scale mabel
black we have to beclearabout what scientific uncertainty we
essentially we are looking forclearannual information about the comparable
extreme anguish and with noclearidea about the continuing care
we send out a veryclearmessage about the power of
support andrew wilson to beclearwe are talking about an
two eh so it sclearwho you re talkin about
bubblin an girnin maks itcleara m nae forgotten fit
hong comes it s fellcleara m ti apen it
so that where it becomesclearafter authorisation has been given
oh we re in theclearagain it s nice when
the sky by day wisclearan blue it rained at
crystal puil it wimpled quatelyclearan cuil will grained alood
wes doun but bricht anclearan the sicht o it
for nou it s shuirlieclearaneuch ti me the neist
ma it s a asclearas day tae ye isn
interim complaints procedure it wasclearat our previous meeting that
dull wi haar swear taeclearcooler day it cood rain
it had to be keptclearfor regular replacements but the
local authority practitioners it wasclearfrom the outset that we
teaching materials 49 it wasclearfrom the submissions that there
enraptured to birdsong when aclearhuman voice blended with it
s mother it s asclearin my mind as if
oot yowl o the allclearinside geordie wis gled it
convener i wish to beclearit seems that you are
report that he couldn tclearit the saga goes on
you did it you canclearit up sadie well done
on then sadie what carolanneclearit up to further annoy
watter tae keep the wallieclearit wisna like minnie s
the stroup she tries toclearit with her finger hyuh
2001 circular it contains aclearlist of resources that are
though it was a beautifulclearnight and the cities sparkled
it matters that in aclearnote agatha s brutish husband
it and also to keepclearof the shallow water where
priesties ken it s scartitclearon the stoup at it
shetland this summer demonstrated aclearpassion for sport it humbles
very few parties with aclearpolicy on it then maybe
comes at ye wi naeclearrhyme ir reason bit it
so that it includes theclearsentences and excludes the clear
day it wis bricht anclearshi jin gart his cottars
or three members it wasclearthat all the committee members
bad faith it will beclearthat certain people over the
was threatening when it wasclearthat his father s refusal
threatening and when it wasclearthat his father s refusal
free they are making itclearthat if the demands on
of joseph and it wasclearthat on these visits to
here in prague it wisclearthat oppressors wir in an
favoured neither option it wasclearthat respondents felt that the
with the children it wasclearthat some of them associated
those points but it wasclearthat the minister had a
more populated areas it wasclearthat the people who had
it has only recently becomeclearthat the surviving texts incorporate
picture but it s fairlyclearthat there are a lot
very important it has becomeclearthat there are real doubts
the bill by making itclearthat there could be no
situation in which it becomesclearthat there might be valuable
report was published it wasclearthat there was going to
lugs it s fine anclearthat things gae wrang we
with the sqa it wasclearthat we were raising the
that way it will beclearthat when people register complaints
it we really have toclearthe report by the end
has a hole in itclearthrough the middle and two
et al 1994 it wasclearto the editorial team that
join me in making itclearto the parliament that asylum
voluntary sector and by theirclearunderstanding of it those members
t it f1126: aye f1125: clearup the mess that mam
so that it will beclearwhat we are hoping to
the hairsters prayed wad bideclearye cudna girn if it
look like this had acleareffect on those writing at
his paradise the night wasclearone of those january nights
of regulation but we areclearthat none of those whether
likewise initially there was acleartrend to dismiss those concerns
how to write in aclearacademic tone one learns that
back to me so crystalclearand urgent that i have
question that has been theclearanswer and there has been
so that all parties areclearat the outset the system
we would say that thecleardifference between previous years when
today s debate has providedclearexamples of that older people
separate bundles i have beenclearfrom day one that we
that case the clerks haveclearguidance lord james douglas hamilton
skies sae bonny an anclearhard tae think that winter
so that we have aclearidea of income distribution in
important that young people getclearinformation and a framework on
important that we have someclearmeasurement of the success or
that i have given aclearmessage but i will state
allows me to give theclearmessage that the qualifications that
days ago we send aclearmessage that the work that
all the key stakeholders theclearmessage to come from that
holy bible mair sharp anclearmind pause noh jist that
in a half nightmare aclearmusical trumpet like note that
this ones f1109: that sclearones okay [opening packet of crisps] now m1110:
p101 8 there was aclearrisk in scottish policy that
that s obvious oh thisclearroad s giein him the
that offers continuity coherence andclearroutes of progression for sufferers
an ee that s trueclearsicht o muir an heather
to consider keeping that dateclearso that we could invite
said the submissions wis geyclearthat awnin o scots an
said the submissions were veryclearthat recognition of scots and
which the stars are soclearthat they seem almost within
s learning young people wereclearthat they wanted feedback from
a bear pit i willclearthe court if that occurs
that s gey near asclearthe day as they war
the stated objective of makingclearto readers that burns was
that affects their ability toclearup after a dog trained
experiences i have tried toclearup the grey area that
ensure that we have aclearview of the possibilities we
attitude bp and shell hadclearviews on that imagination enthusiasm
yer very cack hole rinsclearas a cellar a saat
this opportunity to be veryclearin your response len higson
lewis have written a veryclearintroduction for teachers on the
hitting 20ºc the night wasclearthe snow very smooth and
convener thank you for yourclearand comprehensive presentation we will
and we will be settingclearand measurable objectives and going
an we mak sure ticlearaway aw obstructions ti allow
all we re in theclearcaird but mr beaumont surely
and we have had nocleardirection from the eu member
they are implemented within aclearframework to achieve this we
we will have a prettyclearidea of what timetable we
implemented until we have aclearindication of how they will
i have given you myclearjudgment based on what we
one another and without anyclearlines of responsibility we are
wi translations eence we wisclearo offeecials an we wis
in sufficient detail we welcomeclearperformance targets but if we
procedure because we have aclearprocess for the northern isles
islands snp could we pleaseclearup a mis statement of
mackay i want to beclearon the matter the franchise
there s plackets bleizont outclearan clear the nou an
size c there was noclearcut difference between traditional and
an eye there calm andclearfocusing steadily ahead into the
and environmental issues there areclearimplications for the growing complexity
the bill because there areclearinadequacies in the existing building
sessions with groups there areclearlesson plans and a scheme
there here big snowploughs alsoclearmain streets but pavements are
arise there would be aclearobligation on the individuals to
powers act 2000 there areclearoperational advantages in having similar
to decide whether there areclearpublic health benefits for key
in which there was aclearsexual element for example a
on the car deck toclearthe water which accumulated there
firm s books to makclearthere was naething stolen but
and help to provide aclearanswer on whether the reopening
us an war bumbaized twesclearaneuch nae man s lyfe
when the staff come toclearaway the table and us
explication a certain number ofclearcases then will provide us
out below us in theclearmorning sunshine while the ruins
allow us to get aclearpicture of income distribution on
the path ye wauk beclearas larksang ower the muir
be as minimalist straightforward andclearas possible whereas the executive
the day be cool andclearfreeze any surplus words for
be seen tae hae aclearlinguistic claim o er speakers
do shopping nice to beclearof visitors for a few
d tae be ready taeclearoot fin e fit sodgers
legal opinion seems to beclearthe two processes are separate
and would be required toclearup after the dog amendments
will now be able toclearup some of the problems
he will be asked toclearup the matter when he
sleepers stirring our floats pearlingclearglass with sticky strands set
in our schools receive appropriateclearinformation and are equipped to
fredericton today the skies areclearblue breakfast was fine too
consultation procedures are conducted underclearrules of openness and transparency
record number of police officersclearup rates in scotland are
where measurement terms are assignedclearvalues at the start of
high school the executive isnaeclearaboot the role o the
the scottish executive has aclearintention to take a financial
saying the executive has aclearintention to take a stake
scottish executive to produce aclearmodel of modern and integrated
scottish executive to set outcleartargets and timetabled objectives to
the scottish executive what theclearup rate of recorded crimes
taks a fer fyle taeclearawa day turns oot affa
in e win o aclearday at a frosty time
maybe a settlin day aclearday awa again for another
tu fu 712 770 18cleareftir rain do 19 day
monday doc gives me allcleari spend the day clearing
haar nae mist bonny anclearon this day i see
on the market bustle aclearwarm day in the middle
taks a lang time taeclearcomes oot fine as nicht
tae tak oot some dieselclearfae the tank on jonsar
the fever goes the caunlesclearfrae oot my nose an
oot backlins eence i wiscleari stoppit in e run
oot a walk ll maybeclearma heid dinnae git up
up noo an again anclearoot a lokk o hit
else i tellt her toclearoot the lot but she
aboot eight o clock theyclearthe pub oot and then
an spakk oot load anclearthe sodjers drave the crowds
place will s fate wasclearamang lost sowls tae spend
out its work within aclearpolicy framework why will he
the parliament will have aclearrole during the consultation period
the sign guidelines will giveclearunambiguous guidance because i found
sensitive but responsive to theclearwill of members of the
european parliament as has beenclearfrom earlier discussions a number
least if someone can tclearhis feet if he has
her leader who has givenclearsignals in support of full
because you were wanting toclearsome ground you wanted to
since they have their ownclearand consistent grammatical rules which
and the green parties haveclearpolicies on scots ehm could
all perhaps the minister canclearup the confusion for the
accompanies me wi sang asclearas ony flute in scale
ye read me loud ancleardelta bravo twae an so
tae wait till the windaesclearfor me to drive canna
t marry me unless youclearme of all blame beaumont
awthing in the warld becamclearti me an ah kent
airts the soun o thisclearfluit a hear its wheipil
worry ayr s pointed outclearand loud i ve been
sang out loud loud andclearenter berna berna fine ah
though the boys had toclearout all the branches first
plackets bleizont out clear anclearthe nou an they re
out anfisa and a maidclearthe table and put out
thocht he would try taeclearthe lum he didnae bother
would stay behind after breakfastclearthe site load up outpace
russell i would like toclearup one or two untidy
sturgeon i would like toclearup the rather bizarre point
up tidy up redd toclearreed red reek smoke reest
redd up aa their trammelsclearthe rent dues an pey
12pm sunday 1st may gowclearup 2pm 4pm further dates
haud on till this windaesclearup a bittie f1102: mum
travel home alone while iclearup camp for patrol 27
on comes the rain disclearup en back tae rain
yeah m734: [laugh] [laugh] f718: clearup the hard disk space
two more cups m1094: twoclearones f1093: what s this
at hid been brunt wisclearagainst e nicht sky an
an the reflection wis saeclearan spectacular swoopin aboot the
gaun a bonnie leverock warbledclearbrither yer sowl wis in
derth o teachin maitter 49clearfae the submissions wis concern
her hit wis ta steerclearo vets dey re fine
places for wis ta steerclearo whaar cables wis lyin
time i wis sharp anclearprickin ma lugs like a
drain rods so i canclearthe lum ronald wis stannin
athing wis sae bonny anclearthe print in the paper
slounge aboot an enjey theclearback end from the chinese
designed to encourage open andcleardebate without interference from party
hours to get thro customsclearmy baggage and go from
of attainment recognises also theclearresults from programmes of class
from scottish romanticism the firstclearstatement of the antisyzygy as
the pedals and keep themclearsome bicycles were called back
even though the sky wasclearand beautiful for a few
two separate was nice andclearbut the indications were at
was built still on aclearfrosty evening when the moon
was given a grant toclearhis whole garden of these
at but the reason wasclearthis was a worn one
care services if anything wasclearto the committee at the
use of pronouns which buildclearchains of reference throughout the
defence a case which becomesclearin examining the timetable of
on english which set forthclearprinciples on which effective teaching
today setting a defined andcleartime scale during which the
for attending and for theclearway in which you supported
accidentally the bill gives aclearand explicit defence in more
inca trail this morning dawnedclearand bright thankfully and after
s why i hae aclearconscience in this maitter only
ti follow his commands orclearoff this land della tess
[child noises] f1093: here look m1094: clearups f1093: right this one
11 attempts to provide theclearand comprehensive saving and transitional
the parliament to exercise aclearand transparent system of control
like to see such acleardistinction here in canada a
evil smelling glass of theclearfluid and to date he
waitin she said coughing toclearher throat hesitating at the
policy memorandum to get themclearin my mind paragraph 2
the right to buy receivesclearinformation on their responsibilities but
year of leaving in largeclearlettering aal to obtain labels
to continue and send aclearmessage to scotland s pharmacists
i d handed in toclearmy unaccompanied luggage at the
i told her to steerclearof him he admitted he
a local level to produceclearplans to improve patient care
flanders and catalonia to establishclearrights and responsibilities for regions
s government to issue aclearstatement of opposition to involvement
peanuts till smooth add toclearstock stir in cream seasoning
mothers she goes off toclearthe coffee things into the
to prune the trees toclearthe earth of weeds sorrel
they used their pay toclearthe last debts and needed
duty when you had toclearthe tables and you had
to seacombe 6 sunday allcleartill tomorrow 7 monday jim
to full implementation within acleartime scale nothing less than
the swishy fronds overhanging theclearwater listened to the slow
house lights fade the allclearsounds and the stage lights
mair an haud ma consciencecleara m open til yeir
had washed them clean andcleara sunbeam came through the
earned frae further wark aclearabstention time nou tae bool
hoo t write in aclearacademic tone doo lairns dt
heavenly view a crystal riverclearan cuil an at his
present their thoughts in aclearand structured manner grammar grid
left e e wi asclearas a bell fin jonsar
fowk doon the grate taeclearawa a generation s clutter
gutter daith isnae blate taeclearawa a generation s clutter
himself ai gin war aclearawa frae here nae gowd
help o a freen taeclearawa winter s remains an
712 770 desert view aclearback end ah goave intil
in baith situations dir acleardynamic o pooer in operation
skills and role of grammarclearexpectations and a sense of
the flees frae a glessclearglide wi the spots like
range of expertise gives aclearindication of the amount of
woman writing woman theme aclearnote tells the story of
away like the mist risinclearo the paps as a
war bun bi haun stookitclearo the staunin crap a
in his own mind aclearpicture of how far and
fardel l above conclusion aclearpicture of the enormous importance
but a combination of aclearpolicy framework and comprehensive management
ministerial colleagues and without aclearproposal being put before the
when ye kin see aclearroad in front fir a
majority of respondents saw aclearrole for the european union
satisfactory outcome based on aclearsense of purpose context and
children throughout scotland on aclearset of agreed clinical criteria
last week and got aclearsteer on the committee s
doot a m like taeclearthe mune bit noo a
cohesive linkers she creates acleartime sequence for the story
for a better bow eclearwater brook e slow darkness
vivid in my memory theclearair scented with pine rock
enough i approached the subjectclearin my own mind i
playin f1141: aye f1142: ayeclearmy mess [inaudible] f1141: clean
ah finnd oniething ither asclearan pure anelie at the
vyce o him soundit asclearan sweet as his fairie
image yi kin see umclearas anything dimps how the
s his name wrote hereclearas ye can see and
headed off on the smoothclearwater of lake titicaca as
stake in puk without theclearagreement of ministerial colleagues and
o the yird sweet anclearan bonnie the mathiesons hid
heal the burn rin kirstalclearan the bairns ll play
verges and kept the ditchesclearand shovelled snow in the
s efter the haar disclearawa thursday 21st temp 15
piece of butter on theclearbase of the pan and
of tu fu 712 770cleareftir the rain the faw
he hud heard the wurdsclearenough an unerstood thaim bit
new deer the win blawsclearfar the sky boos doon
hours of freezing rain littleclearhailstones really yesterday and the
rackon ah m in theclearhir white washin pooder s
prepositions dans devant derrière verbsclearindication of the person involved
with one group following theclearinstructions and another group following
wytin fur the rain taeclearjawsgaun back an forrir back
the tarn sattles peace growsclearkidney bean child stars stare
said by way of greetingclearmah heid the light filtered
actors follow the narrators withclearmime work with the musicians
myle at dawin i theclearmornin air the fermers ir
blaws clear the win blawsclearnew deer new deer the
order wi winda sills nooclearo seed trays an the
i can do statements theclearobjectives the meaningful experiences the
ensuring the pupils understand theclearobjectives they re working towards
health inequalities and supports theclearpriority given by the scottish
mid eftemeen the wither disclearricht fine nicht gies abody
lugs fur they heard himclears ye like repeat the
growne ower deep for ticlearthaim awa in the wund
or less beaumont i maunclearthe air whaur s jack
alasdair ross raikin leaves taeclearthe graves bi the auld
tae feed the birds theyclearthe lot ma roses och
wid set their men taeclearthe roads wi shovels or
blaws clear the win blawsclearthe win blaws clear new
new deer the win blawsclearthe win blaws clear the
cottar s houss asyde theclearwattir the rustic yett gies
the thiefs go in andclearyour f814: [inaudible] f812: stuff
john geddes needit something taeclearhis throat i wish mattha
thi same time thae retainclearlinguistic divisions in mony features
in connection with amendment 11clearand comprehensive saving and transitional
reid wyne wes chyngit inticlearcauld burn wattir he hystit
come thus thare ar monycleardifferentiations atween main verbs an
an gied him thae instructionscleargod thae twa may try
her three sentences in herclearnice almost english voice she
centuries an nae haein gotclearo t in spite o
with other policy domains settingclearobjectives and specific targets for
surprise he shook his headclearof dark thoughts friday night
your happiest hunting ground steerclearof purple sports jackets though
strategy or action plan containingclearpolicy commitments and descriptions of
at lisbon by setting downclearpriorities for action and proposals
and sheltered valleys fish inclearrunning streams garden vegetables and
back ivry sae aften aafaclearyet in ma heid sae

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