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gift from uncle sam theyclearedmine fields for ayatollah and
ower the brigs she sclearedthe woods o pheasants and
total of debris that wasclearedby the gow volunteers amounted
among the debris that wereclearedfrom the staircase and basement
the backcourt has now beenclearedaway if you are being
westbank quadrant whilst another reallyclearedup the backcourt another team
is tae tell jonsar eckclearedhis throat an said i
front door the second officerclearedhis throat and flicked open
tae hear aboot somebody lauderclearedhis throat i would like
lord arniston checked his papersclearedhis throat twa points afore
his pants trousers rather andclearedhis throat what s the
westbank that is now beingclearedand prepared for restoration and
braid legs eence e dclearede tap girsy layer will
main streets but pavements areclearedby workers often women weilding
snowstorms trucks full of snowclearedfrom the streets drove onto
day the snow had completelyclearedi think our traffic department
the health centre that sclearedup completely now but at
feed was ower plits wirclearedawey the door opened and
like this the feed menclearedthe road sae the milk
lowp the dyke an sheclearedit like a swallow wi
you eat off they wereclearedback visitors came in into
sped towards palma the fogclearedbut the countryside looked alien
fed the dug i veclearedma lego frae aff the
gather fallen almonds from thisclearedground i set forth with
the orchard ground had beenclearedof tree limbs and hollow
and sat until the skyclearedand the rain slackened then
and the morning sky hadclearedwe were given an enormous
glorious spring day one teamclearedall the rubbish which had
rain started to fall itclearedlong enough for [censored: forename] and
much better her face hasclearedup rain on off friday
your spell of rain hasclearedup too by now julia
threids throu the nicht itclearedawa syne it grew caulder
the work table has beenclearedaway it is a gloomy
you were the one whoclearedthe table or something or
said as the little wifieclearedthe table she said yon
health department which had previouslyclearedsilicone was reporting for a
of those documents will beclearedby the minister before monday
the time the documents areclearedby the minister members will
many points require to beclearedup and considered according to
main road wis a thinclearedpath atween waas o glimmerin
phone thus the misunderstanding wasclearedup however we stayed in
peat bogs that were beingclearedand it was said that
the missus an i veclearedout so he said well
him sae his froun hadclearedweel faither said ane as
set of ruins was beingclearedthe distant terraces had the
heading off to foreign airtsclearedtheir 30 kilos of unaccompanied
anyway i d better getclearedup and ready to go
it do you want itclearedokay now we re going
first having had their activitiesclearedby british authorities that provision
topped up before it wasclearedthe tick system was what
my stomach hasn t quiteclearedup yet but it s
a sanitary towel but weclearedit wi oot a man
as desks an drawers areclearedoot an books an letters
d made a deepenin anclearedoot e water weeds bit
the years that has beenclearedand many of the buildings
f1111: cause you haven tclearedit do you want it
was done the area wasclearedand swept perfectly clean as
use when a hill wasclearedof old broom bushes using
answer was that this wasclearedon l3th sept but a
their evenin meal an kateclearedthe ashets inno the sink
proceedings would have to beclearedby a pre trial chamber
michael matheson the toilets areclearedout twice a week and
in leith and when theyclearedthe slums i moved over
dose of fresh air outsideclearedit fine there wasn t
it is expected to becleareds1o 380 4 dennis canavan
and at last the skiesclearedand the sun broke through
auld pair till the weatherclearedeneuch fur the bruce s

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