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means throwing yourself over acliffdu bellay had used the
the sound of seagulls nestingcliffface sounds ravens and seagulls
nat benches sound like acliffof seagulls which does not
mountain road with its sheercliffdrop and witness the vast
the bus and the sheercliffdrop below the question they
beyond the lighthouse on thecliffcharacteristic of this coast with
hunkers ower a stammygaster ocliffan cloud the michty sun
compass they slip stream aircliffskimmers cloud swimmers screechers waddlers
and goes out climbing aclifflooking through binoculars shooting a
went you know to thecliffedge f746: mmhm f978: eh
will not go over acliffedge or anything like that
[?]pipprie[/?] lour this was thecliffedge so we thought this
the very edge of thecliffsaint peter he called on
steps hewn from the seacliffskirts the cove of the
in scotland for a spectacularclifftop house on the mountain
yersel ye cd see ecliffwi e queer lirks an
a haill company aff acliffbut a soldier is naturally
said ahead was the greatcliffheadland west of the port
him doon a great heichclifffin the wee rary birdie
suddenly peter appeared on thecliffhis hair long and straggly
day walking morning to ourcliffeyrie afternoon with beer cider
aboot e face o ecliffan hyne below e rollers
pick black face o acliffat niver cam till an
face ___ da the clettcliffrock crag stack column of
weary way home doon ehcliffan across eh river whit
deevils seek for thrills whamcliffnor corrie cannae please at
pushes the guy off theclifferm [tut] f963: right oh
resort good walks up thecliffvisit beeston church wednesday 6
above the sea there arecliffplaces strewn with debris as
robert redford lowpt aff thecliffwi the sheriff efter them
singin livin doll jist likecliffan the shaddies roon and
a watter fawin ower acliffan ther wis a cave
bi the north at thecliffs foun quo she like
the view that the onlycliffhanger was the debate on
back her ain on jaggiecliffheids rived like warrior s
jet blaik shags on thecliffaneth rankled their tarry feathers
human feet frae larach taeclifftae the beach fowk sharin

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