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o clock f1136: one oclock[blow] [blow] f1135: two o
f1135: three f1136: three oclock[blow] [blow] i want to
o clock f1136: two oclock[blow] f1135: what s after
o clock f1136: four oclock[blow] f1135: what s that
the time is one oclock[blow] f1136: one o clock
a dandelion clock f1136: dandelionclock[blow] i ll go on
o clock f1136: six oclockf1135: big blow f1136: [blow]
o clock f1136: ten oclockf1135: one more f1136: [blow]
clock [blow] f1136: one oclockf1135: right you do it
n- nine f1135: nine oclockf1136: [blow] f1135: ten o
one again f1135: a dandelionclockf1136: dandelion clock [blow] i
[inhale] [blow] f1135: eight oclockf1136: eight o clock [inhale]
f1136: [blow] f1135: eleven oclockf1136: eleven o clock let
f1136: [blow] f1135: four oclockf1136: four o clock [blow]
here [blow] f1135: one oclockf1136: one o clock [blow]
f1136: [blow] f1135: one oclockf1136: one o clock f1135:
f1136: [blow] f1135: ten oclockf1136: ten o clock f1135:
f1136: [blow] f1135: three oclockf1136: three o clock f1135:
[blow] [blow] f1135: two oclockf1136: two o clock [blow]
o clock f1136: eight oclock[inhale] [blow] f1135: what comes
f1135: five f1136: five oclock[inhale] [blow] then what f1135:
whee do you hear aclocka clock ticking mmhm f1114:
and spurns the strand theclockis ticking in its case
the grave worm calls theclockis ticking in its case
sandpaper handshakes move remove theclockis ticking in its case
straw are slashed apart theclockis ticking in its case
reels from its spool theclockis ticking in its case
drips in the sink theclockis ticking in its case
o yer deid feet tickingclockthis poem is written in
you hear a clock aclockticking mmhm f1114: no that
o clock until 6 oclockand his entry had still
it s about ten oclockat night eleven o clock
clock at night eleven oclockat night where are we
ran up the clock m1090: clockf1089: the clock struck m1090:
there s the clock m1092: clockf1091: there s a mouse
fitt time m1098: eight oclockf1097: eight o clock m1098:
a clock it s aclockf1103: mmhm [inaudible] weren t
f1121: mmhm f1122: and aclockf1121: a clock f1122: a
and a clock f1121: aclockf1122: a tape and [?]pens[/?]
o clock f1136: one oclockf1135: blow again then f1136:
o clock f1136: three oclockf1135: blow big blow f1136:
o clock f1136: seven oclockf1135: right blow again f1136:
oh aye f1135: seven oclockf1136: seven o clock f1135:
then what f1135: six oclockf1136: six o clock f1135:
have i at two oclockf1154: [tut] twelve o clock
f1104: [?]spin[/?] that s aclockit s a clock f1103:
clock f1154: [tut] twelve oclock[laugh] f1155: i m o-
o clock f1136: eleven oclocklet me take that bit
the mouse ran up theclockm1090: clock f1089: the clock
okay right there s theclockm1092: clock f1091: there s
o clock f1097: eight oclockm1098: aye sunday f1097: on
one o clock two oclock[motorbike] f1136: that motorbike go
dad it s eight oclockon that clock past bedtime
eight o clock on thatclockpast bedtime m1098: uh huh
[inaudible] santa hey hey aclocksanta f1089: a clock santa
a clock santa f1089: aclocksanta m1090: yeah look we-
bonnie sae ye ir aclockstrikes twelve the clock struck
clock m1090: clock f1089: theclockstruck m1090: [?]it struck[/?] wa- f1089:
ran up the clock theclockstruck one ding f1121: [laugh]
a clock strikes twelve theclockstruck twal than anaw a
the mouse ran up theclockthe clock struck one ding
clock till about three oclockthe next mornin m815: yeah
was from about seven oclocktill about three o clock
huh m1174: from twelve oclockto two o clock when
ve to count one oclocktwo o clock [motorbike] f1136:
been waiting from 1 oclockuntil 6 o clock and
o clock to two oclockwhen most women were at
m939: what s this alarmclockcause it said toss against
m942: yes m939: an alarmclockm941: it s actually it
nine to switch the alarmclockoff there was a text
got a 2nd hand alarmclockradio did i tell you
eyes and shivered the alarmclocksaid six thirty aye you
by my dixons travelling alarmclocktom waits low on the
lunch and siesta the alarmclockwent off at eight o
up m1048: erm ma alarmclockwent off at nine so
night was aboot eleven oclockback tae cairnryan m608: mmhm
there s a ten oclockgroup and an eleven thirty
kids there at eleven oclockin the mornin peggy oh
its territories until eleven oclockin the morning who better
the room for eleven oclockit wis [laugh] f631: mmhm
there [laugh] about eleven oclockor something m816: mm m815:
old quarter around eight oclockan early tramcar clunks into
get in for eight oclockan then it went at
oot just afore eight oclockand you werena up then
he say m1098: eight oclockf1097: fitt time m1098: eight
past eight erm eight oclockf1105: that was the postie
f1116: mm f1115: eight oclockf1116: ah there s time
i started at eight oclockf641: mmhm m608: mm f643:
was up for eight oclockgettin ready an stuff then
his tea and eight oclockhe s away oot m608:
i it is eight oclockin the evening the faint
was something like eight oclockin the morning till half
yer work for eight oclockken f1011: every mill whistle
s nae really eight oclockm1098: no f1097: it s
phone goes by eight oclockon christmas day hi mary
went off at eight oclocksurfacing into consciousness i fumbled
whistle went at eight oclocktae wairn ye tae get
m816: ni- eight nine oclockthere how re you doin
do is aboot eight oclockthey clear the pub oot
come at eight the kitchenclockwas saying 4 30 so
fine breakfast at eight oclockwould allow me to meet
s next f1136: two oclockf1135: uh huh blow again
s that f1135: a dandelionclockright you ve to blow
this one f1121: mmhm theclockstruck one f1122: the mouse
[?]it struck[/?] wa- f1089: wan theclockstruck one the mouse ran
the morning atween aucht oclockan nine is as fresh
half past nine ten oclockat night m815: yeah m816:
prayers about nine ten oclockbecause we thought maybe that
be home by nine oclockf640: because ye d yer
at work for nine oclocki can lend you a
margaret f637: for nine oclocki m not f638: bread
morag undresses for bed aclockin the courtyard strikes nine
it wis noo nine oclockin the mornin jonsar eck
a pound at nine oclockin the mornin nae chance
hunner pound at nine oclockit wid be spent lang
war three at nine oclockjonsar wis asked in for
it s onlie nine oclockmasha lat s gang ootby
things like the nine oclocknews an the the chap
come back about nine oclocknine half past nine ten
be home by nine oclockon a sunday and that
oot and then nine oclockthey open the doors again
if it was twelve oclockand not half twelve [laugh]
bottom m1110: twelve at theclockand then the other hand
scot lit tutorial twelve oclockevery friday so f1155: every
himsel good lord ten oclockan nae a dish washed
upset saturday morning ten oclockand i m trussed like
the m6 at ten oclockat night an it was
all finished about ten oclockat night and you got
hauds the road fin theclockchimes ten by fower fur
first thing at ten oclockf1144: yeah oh are you
on duty at ten oclocki suppose when the other
day so at ten oclockjonsar eck wis sittin in
gettin awa or ten oclockjonsar eck wisnae in a
come back at ten oclockneest day so at ten
night man at ten oclocknot five past he unlocked
go to the ten oclockright m818: aye m819: and
wis started aboot ten oclockronald an tam were haein
nae body an fin theclocksaid ten jonsar held awa
he s got ten oclockshadow the too grief stricken
gone just after ten oclockthat morning to assist vessels
the broch at ten oclockwi a load o firewid
next mornin aboot 6 oclockfair stiff a cauld an
tae blaw at seeven oclockilka mornin gittin up on
uneasy rhythm at sax oclockilkie mornin the cairts wid
set aff at acht oclockin e mornin for e
their washin at four oclockin the mornin an be
he disappeared about seven oclockin the mornin and he
be up at five oclockin the mornin but before
[laugh] m816: aboot six oclockin the mornin but eh
was sittin about two oclockin the mornin freezing cold
on till aboot two oclockin the mornin have er
half past four five oclockin the mornin missus never
be up at 3 oclockin the mornin tae dee
off by that two oclockin the mornin that happened
mornin but before five oclockin the mornin the we
arrived hame at six oclockon sunday mornin as hazel
where it was three oclockone mornin paid us a
get up at six oclocka ll no get up
it wis aboot six oclockae nicht as jonsar eck
be in for six oclockan they were there the
a show at six oclockand then a c- a
the morning to seven oclockat night five six days
half past nae seven oclockbit six on the dot
yeah f640: at six oclockbut i was there last
this morning f1104: six oclockf1103: no you didna get
get up at six oclockf1104: what time did i
passed oot about six oclocki passed oot m815: [laugh]
walking home at six oclockin the morning someone would
ken damned fine six oclockis fan we hae oor
for supper at six oclockit wis back tae the
broadcast of a six oclocknational and international television news
to hear the six oclocknews and was invariably sound
s1m 918 scottish six oclocknews lodged on 30 may
michael russell scottish six oclocknews that the parliament notes
sort of six seven oclockonce everybody s home and
at the the six oclockone he s like erm
six is there on theclockright at the bottom a
off just before six oclockthat wild winter evening between
coming up for six oclockwhen archie got off the
the morning at five oclockand returned home at 6
morning sometimes at seven oclockfor the ships coming in
never varied at 6 oclockin the morning a boiled
left between 9 10 oclockin the morning and came
absolutely plastered at three oclockin the morning and he
the backie aboot four oclockin the morning chappin wood
would arrive at two oclockin the morning f963: [laugh]
people round till four oclockin the morning f963: mm
her milk by echt oclockin the morning lang afore
it is past two oclockin the morning off stage
to agreement at 3 oclockin the morning on 16
got up at 5 oclockin the morning to get
lookin to work seven oclockin the morning to seven
restaurant it is one oclockin the morning we drink
1955 it was four oclockon a cold november morning
visits till after five oclockon saturday morning last night
and out at 2 oclockthis morning painting green paul
we are up against theclockthis morning the meeting has
we caught the 8 oclocktrain on saturday morning in
your bed at seven oclockan i ll put you
wis noo aboot seven oclockat nicht an jonsar eck
goes awa at seven oclockhe s awa to get
the chalet at seven oclockit wis a auld ferm
eck in at een oclockan oot at fower the
ah read or fower oclockan syne gaed ti bed
fower is gane five oclockis comin still a m
ye telt us fower oclockthe bus would arrive at
a relief aboot fower oclockthe note is soor thunner
rector s at fower oclockthis eftirnuin a bit dander
of us about four oclockand thereafter for all the
where is four on theclockf1109: there that s four
and eh at four oclocki got to sit in
that s four on theclockm1110: that s four f1109:
even afternoon about four oclockm818: jeez oh cause m819:
half past three four oclockor that so m608: right
earth by four of theclockthat efternoon and by five
four f1109: four on theclockthere it is number four
arrive just before four oclockwas the portpatrick lifeboat which
of four or five oclockyabbering m608: aye mmhm f643:
s nae near four oclockyet want to go and
i mean from five oclockf1054: i know i know
every day at five oclockf1150: yeah the fire alarms
the back o five oclockfowk of coorse were in
the back o five oclockin case in case their
mm until probably five oclockor half past five and
for work about five oclockso it s not really
where s five on theclockthere it is five now
the mouse ran up theclockcan you do this one
wis weel past three oclockjonsar eck wis fer fed
leavin sherp at yin oclocka pause an ah l
fluency exercises at one oclocka stentorian russian voice boomed
wrocht up till eleivin oclockan ah felt tyred lyke
catter batterin at seivin oclockan at nyne ah juist
walked till efter twa oclockan had juist rendevoused tae
denner wis at 11 oclockan he d be ready
got up at 5 oclockan helpit wi the milkin
woulda been aboot seeven oclockan i mean there a
me me first sax oclockan my supper that s
oors fair heedless o theclockan niver think o writer
sunday forenuin at eleeven oclockan sae on this parteeclar
at di- at three oclockand get a cup of
i sleepet through 12 oclockand got up at breakfast
that it is 1 oclockand i have not written
that but at seeven oclockand no earlier aye and
school it was 4 oclockand time to go home
a cuppie efter 11 oclockat nicht nae wonder you
wun up the auld granfaitherclockat the fit o the
off at the 11 oclockbreak one student for whom
be taken at 5 oclockbusiness motion the presiding officer
50 for my 8 oclockclass the guy who takes
up for my 8 oclockclasses we played call my
up and sideways 2 oclockdrag as the kitchen extractor
throu the back o theclockface sae it wis stickin
wis lang past echt oclockfin a young lad came
colleague valeria at 6 oclockhe d promised to get
to work at 10 oclockhe looked at his watch
lest nicht aboot twal oclockhere did ah no happen
morn as the sax oclockhorn steirs day shift men
the debate until 6 oclocki expect the debate to
advertising and at one oclocki gave my class on
be here at 10 oclocki have an important meeting
we finish by 12 oclocki will take the full
minister has until 5 oclockif he so wishes alex
bed just after 1 oclockif you would like to
rider fearie fleg o tickinclockin a roon o wab
have dinner about three oclockin the afternoon eh f641:
their tea by three oclockin the efterneen an awa
the house by 9 oclockin the evening but whether
hypnotic buzz o the alairmclockin the mornins mair sootherin
between 7 and 8 oclockit was always porridge as
effect and by 10 oclockmost of us drifted off
to bed about 9 oclocknot just to save light
it s eftir echt oclocknou ferapont that s richt
this was about 6 oclockon sunday night oatcakes an
executive statement after 5 oclockon the long term care
haar the tickin o theclockon the mantle near smored
bit the tick o theclockon the mantlepiece an the
works till like one oclockor half one [inaudible] i
lot earlier than 5 oclocksecondly i am sure that
be ere at echt oclocksharp stanley growled dinna be
came back around 3 oclocksome farmers were known to
an watter at eleyven oclocksune efter minnie s mither
a break at echt oclocktae sup tay frae their
the hill at 11 oclockthank god i m not
[laugh] it s three oclockthe big hand s at
the votes at 5 oclockthe deputy presiding officer i
about 5 to 6 oclockthe horses were cleaned before
wis juist gone twal oclockthe nicht wis young an
the lights at 11 oclockthe only distraction was the
coastguard just after one oclockthe whole situation changed dramatically
about 12 to 1 oclockthere wis broth files or
in office at 5 oclockthis afternoon the first minister
we wait until 5 oclockto see what decision is
2001 02 until 1 oclocktoday despite the fact that
in shame come 5 oclocktonight their founding fathers will
as the hauns o theclocktrailed roon tae bell time
the easy going 12 oclockupward drift of ralph s
or castle at 3 oclockwe trooped outside with a
the lobby at three oclockwe watched as the main
wis weel efter twae oclockwhan big mick woke furst
ae fareweel praisentation o aeclockwhan shei left tae git
time but at 6 oclockwhen they came in they
on steid it 6 oclockwhit ae glorious sense o
cam roond tae seeven oclockwhit soondit like a parisian
being late for the kitchenclockwis kept a quarter o
last year by echt oclockyou d passed oot in
s past two a theclocka still don t feel
wyte till we hear theclockstrick hauf eleyven syne we
at three on the stationclockoh how many people how
gaun ti bed whan aclockhingin on the waw chappit
a little bit behind theclock11 57 robert brown glasgow
he said glancing at theclockand pulling her none too
the antrin luik at theclockon the mantle fin it
forgot tae wind up theclockstanley wisnae pleased at s
fair forfochen looks at theclockthen at his watch yeir
his pipe ticktickticktick went theclocksupper s reidee cum yoo
s last an a chappinclockthat went ower fast a
went the hands on theclocktime flies when yer aw
if her mother s mentalclockwent tickety tick as long
tickin awa ere like aclockan willie up on e
awa anaw chebutykin drops theclockand breaks it smashed ti
wine wis late mebbe theclockwis slaw wis it a
landin ower frae the granfaitherclockwis uncle dougal s room
one hundred thousand on theclockm1108: aye f1107: aye but
chebutykin picks up a chinaclockand examines it vershinin ma
the pendulum on the granfaitherclockhauf wye up the stairs
up the lum an theclockon the mantlepiece gaed clunkety
fugit i he was aclockwatcher it wound folk up
new farrant kinna radio alairmclockcam oot on the mercat
nooadays we canna turn theclockback an wi that lat
ye irna nae fears theclocknever rins back gowd tree
back tae meeve the digitalclockthat oor forrit damnt modern
crime she s ate aclockand cannae pass the time
s the time watch theclockfa s comin snochry jock
a tick tock person aclockwatcher a time clutcher i
time is a plain oakclockwith a westminster chime nocturne
sae broon langsyne langsyne theclocklet faa its wechts au
s a dinosaur with aclockf1121: mmhm f1122: a frog
my c- winnie the poohclockmum mmhm f1103: aye it
a skeleton go to theclockm804: i don t know
the skeleton go to theclockm805: cause he wanted a
but bloodied scuil library thoseclockhands draggin a hand tae
was getting merrit tae thonclockmender wullie jackeson a gey
carefully mendin anither watch orclocktae jine the tickin clangin
his bluidie stage bi theclockit s day an yit
me a gutcher aye theclockrins on aweill mebbe ah
a hunner feet frae theclocktower dome an crashed right
it wes ma mither sclockchebutykin aweill supposin it wes
on on thomas s clo-clockf1109: how many eh people
gave them the ship sclockon the wall to ensure
the compass cracked the townclocks hands stood still now
geordie s braw new alairmclocksaired him weel for the
centre and a ship sclockthe guild s gifts to
the need for conversation theclockticktickticked billy s wife bustled
s nose was gobbled theclockwore tinsel and sulked a
07pm by my dixons travellingclockwhich sits on top of
pollo there was a grandfatherclockin the large airy dining
antique china silverware sofa grandfatherclockand an allan ramsay portrait
fit seemt an eternity theclockchimed hauf eleyven an the
1922 she received an inscribedclockfrom the congregation when she
when the chorus arrived theclocklet him know he had
the main feature of theclocka huge brass cock flapped
doun a haena heard theclockbanquo the muin gaes doun
with a cheery roman numeralclockface the climate is sunny
we f1104: this is aclockfor the game mum why
a shroud the wee mantleclockgaed rickety tick rickety tick
red dots in a squareclocki hum quietly little fridgy
pooch missus kangaroo a cuckooclockor a pirate crew or
the sun shone softly theclockticked in the hall a
and rampant plants a grandfatherclockticked loudly and the entire
main lobby and a grotesqueclockwhich stands over a fountain
by like arthritic tortoises theclockabove the calendar ticked like
the horrible china the catalogueclockand the cobwebby vagina you
might be spelt oar andclockas cloak the word land
aunt joan here is theclockas promised i hope you
here i am racing theclockas usual hope you like
i thought it was theclockf1114: silly mum f1113: [laugh]
i cwidna turn the damntclockforrit last wikkeyn wi simmer
gettin those numbers from theclockis that where you re
out that she failed toclockjimmy wearing his football gear

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