See this word as a collocate cloud

existing districts vary the weeklyclosetime and make annual close
act 1951 30 the weeklyclosetime for all salmon nets
on monday morning the weeklyclosetime for rod and line
1976 and the salmon weeklyclosetime scotland regulations 1988 si
close times outwith the annualclosetime weekly close times were
1124 53 who introduced weeklyclosetimes 23 the basis for
changing daily weekly or annualclosetimes changing the permitted methods
in the district 23 weeklyclosetimes outwith the annual close
by changing annual and weeklyclosetimes restricting the range of
the annual close time weeklyclosetimes were established under the
per cent we want toclosethat gap to give older
standards in education aiming toclosethe attainment gap between boys
of poverty and exclusion andclosethe opportunity gap 2 business
further notes its inability toclosethe opportunity gap agrees that
of poverty and exclusion andclosethe opportunity gap bill aitken
how we have begun toclosethe opportunity gap for older
whistling in the wind toclosethe opportunity gap for older
scottish executive s commitment toclosethe opportunity gap for scotland
scottish executive s commitment toclosethe opportunity gap for scotland
scottish executive s commitment toclosethe opportunity gap for scotland
that the best way toclosethe opportunity gap is to
provided so that we canclosethe opportunity gap many schools
has shown its determination toclosethe opportunity gap often as
have shown our determination toclosethe opportunity gap so that
important as is working toclosethe opportunity gap that exists
the car bein in theclosean the close m999: aye
ken ye got the roondclosean the croon close and
ve got fishmarket close fleshmarketcloseand all o them m1021:
f1114: [laugh] f1113: close f1114: closeand i p- f1113: oh
roond close an the crooncloseand we ve a lot
yeah a vennel or aclosebut a close f1026: to
f1001: aye m1002: a bittycloseclose [inaudible] just a mmhm
not a public thoroughfare acloseeven a common close isnae
a war on everybody wascloseeverybody was close ye didnae
or a close but aclosef1026: to me i think
f1114: no close the doorclosef1113: eh f1114: woops [inhale]
turn whoa f1114: [laugh] f1113: closef1114: close and i p-
can we just go notclosef1121: no not too close
know they ve got fishmarketclosefleshmarket close and all o
mmhm mmhm f1001: or aclosefreen could be a close
close freen could be aclosefriend or a close relation
close we talk about aclosehere if it s in
aye m1002: a bitty closeclose[inaudible] just a mmhm m999:
a close even a commoncloseisnae a public thoroughfare [laugh]
in the close an theclosem999: aye m1000: aye that
a close friend or acloserelation m1000: mmhm that s
your clasp okay f1114: noclosethe door close f1113: eh
close time and make annualclosetime orders control the construction
well i ve got aclosewe talk about a close
everybody was close everybody wascloseye didnae hae that because
close f1121: no not toocloseyou ll get [inaudible] f1122:
and times of the annualclosetime and the periods within
salmon act 1986 the annualclosetime for a river is
fishing is permitted an annualclosetime order may only be
in relation to an annualclosetime order under section 6
regulations on e g annualclosetimes and permitted baits and
permitted times for fishing annualclosetimes salmon have historically been
introduce new regulations on annualclosetimes to define salmon district
the exact dates of annualclosetimes vary between salmon fishery
so remember and keep yourclosedoor locked at all times
or gender limits or dailyclosetimes could be set for
not to wake him iclosethe door gently on him
garden path before she canclosethe door he is out
you dressing [inaudible] couch f1093: closethe door m1094: why why
note although snh does notclosethe door on derogation it
easy to just you knowclosethe door on that but
it didn t work outclosethe door on your way
going to i ll iclosethe door the heat will
back into the studio andclosethe door this does not
go out if you dinnaclosethe door well the heat
to do m1094: have toclosethe door where s it
go out if we dinnaclosethe door won t it
that m1098: no f1097: rightclosethe fridge door then and
dissipates carolanne has gone toclosethe livingroom door and has
young blackbirds at door verycloseto kdy evening sunday 25
begin to work together incloseconjunction with the fans and
years robin and i wereclosefriends we would get together
and they were all soclosetogether an f606: mmhm f828:
are only two chairs quiteclosetogether and some of the
the pages inside are reallyclosetogether he will write like
salmon farming should not occurclosetogether in my view there
what we were doing soclosetogether in the tiny scullery
in the csd as sittingclosetogether side by side we
the route vernacular and constructedclosetogether some grand some modest
she s a bit tooclosef1103: oh okay then [inaudible]
she s a bit tooclosef1104: but she needs to
maybe they had come tooclosef746: oh that s true
t let herself get toocloseholding herself away at the
used it sat not tooclosein to the fire and
the cooker f1121: not toocloseno i ll go and
right they re just toocloseput them a wee bittie
bad day rheumy leaning tooclosereeking of peanuts and bacardi
sure i was far toocloseto moss ivy was growing
that is a bit toocloseto mr pesky in my
to be not co- toocloseto the cooker f1121: not
stand f1121: no nae toocloseto the edge [censored: forename] f1122:
f1121: oh dinna go toocloseto the edge f1122: mum
the sub post office willclosetoo it is then important
see it dinna go tooclosewhat do you think o
we planted them far toocloseyou see because you never
steen an haad throwe eclosedoon e slope till e
tae haad back till eclosee glint o something catchet
in writing till towards thecloseof the seventeenth century when
wi a screw or hannleclosetill ae eyn at ye
an aim as we comeclosetill anither hut we passed
oot ere wis a holeclosetill e blunt eyn an
amon girse ma heid raleclosetill e grun an seein
partickler e tows wis cutclosetill e knot gin ye
some widden hooses abeen sclosetill em wis twa bonny
stracht on onywye i gotclosetill t made a pounce
therefore essential that there iscloseco operation between eu countries
was marvellous and demonstrated thecloseco operation that exists between
the schools knitting instructors theclosecollaboration in school between artist
in ayrshire this enabled acloseliaison to develop between the
results between schools and generallycloselinks between schools and their
usually does helena displays acloserelationship between love and imagination
and his demonstration of thecloserelationship between these folk traditions
into what seemed like acloseset between the shops but
between the shops but thisclosesported a long steep escalator
varieties were and are veryclosethe relationship between english and
the motion states there arecloseworking links between the eu
craftie ye cam intill ecloseaff e main road passin
o birds some comin geycloseas ey hung on e
intill e mou o ecloseat e fairm i winna
father widda been aboot ecloseaye says he jock mckay
wi barrows rowin ower ecloseby emsels an neeps fleein
e fedders fin ye teetitclosei took it ben e
aside e moo o eclosein e nyeuk o e
geed ben e lang nairracloseme minin on e dark
see im cockerin aboot eclosethese stones were big ones
e g introducing a dailyclosetime might cause them to
reach but e er soclosewhat wi the winds huvin
roon e nyeuk o eclosewheelin eez byke weel fairmer
fye in t ower eclosewis e dwallin hoose its
the public session to aclose11 50 meeting continued in
form official photograph following thecloseof the meeting an official
tea was served at thecloseof the meeting plans of
concludes decision time i nowclosethe final meeting of the
positive and polite before youclosethe meeting convener i wish
private the convener before iclosethe meeting i advise members
agreement the convener before iclosethe meeting i remind members
members the convener before iclosethe meeting i would like
job bill aitken before weclosethe meeting it would be
photograph is taken i nowclosethis meeting applause meeting closed
now concluded however before iclosethis meeting i remind members
of the meeting to aclosewe will have a short
wing which must be verycloseby worst of all yesterday
have received have been veryclosedes mcnulty as far as
baxter who had a verycloseencounter with a friesian heifer
i think it s veryclosehere in scotland still i
made us very much acloseknit family i think f1054:
and which suggests a verycloselink also the variation in
f947: that it was veryclosem1161: i would have thought
that s a very specialclosematch f1009: that s where
carried it home into theclosethis is a very old
coverage of their operation verycloseto residential property and a
set down as camquhyle verycloseto the gaelic cam choille
the poem which is verycloseto the rhythms of natural
lend a hand i willclosewishing you all the very
erm before i wrote fleshmarketclosebut her book was set
it f1112: [exhale] er f1111: closeit first darling before you
to speak proper is aclosesecond like jamie before him
before okay we need toclosethe plug well done right
ploys o yesteryear doon oorclosean up oor stair so
f809: [laugh] they live socloseand they ve all got
days where we all socloseand we called all the
so we went out thecloseand we got along to
lies you know just quiteclosebut adjacent so th- all
and cairns they look soclosebut they re like f807:
you shouldn t get soclosebut when they went off
who had been stevenson sclosefriend for so many years
above them so it sclosem1014: they re always caed
f1107: [censored: forename] dinna clap soclosem1108: is dad staying home
so that was in theclosem1146: we might have called
the supper so i willclosenow and tidy up things
wall garlanded so surely acloserelation the car in the
regretfully but you re soclosesaid alba ah huv noted
the water it s socloseso far the ice on
ve got put it upcloseso that you can speak
d to run out thecloseso they wouldnae hear us
m1108: b f1107: no butclosethat s a d so
behind me and passing soclosethe wind and spray nearly
then frightened to sleep socloseto an open grave robby
of joy surged up socloseto grief so sharp and
up and holds his facecloseto her shoulder so that
the home language is socloseto his own identity and
child s own dialect socloseto his own identity with
so they would always becloseto one another pensioners on
you know we were socloseto people and f746: mm
and runnin either but thiscloseto ready so so almost
information again that is socloseto the end of my
oh right so nice andcloseto the uni then [laugh]
re going to be socloseto their age are you
american would know what aclosewas ehm so i mean
drinks from the nile socloseyou count the whiskers on
manages to walk by ourclosebut we figured out and
street and got near ourclosei d be saying pa-
if she stops at ourclosei ll kill her f632:
she was walkin towards ourclosei prayed and i d
politics and we should notcloseour eyes to that the
us to link hands andcloseour eyes which we did
one will draw to aclosesome time in december our
which allows for intensive andclosesupport for some of our
sits down on the bedcloseto me our eyes lose
activists in our constituencies arecloseto or over retirement age
doon our in the nextcloseto us there was our
the back eh in ourcloseyou know fo-fo- for the
aye f1026: aye yeah f1023: closeand they lived upstairs that
5 10 affa dull ancloseaye an heavy tee my
mmhm m999: aye a bittycloseaye f1001: aye a heavy
a lane i wo- acloseaye m1012: vennel or a
shines again affa het ancloseaye sultry tee taewards nicht
be greater danger greater poisoncloseby tess ah aye feel
stuff eh rather than sayincloseeh [laugh] aye that s
give it a shake nocloseit first aye m1106 : we
we we spik aboot theclosem1000: aye aye m999: meanin
the steadin that was theclosem999: aye an wee m1000:
aye m1012: vennel or acloseor a pend m1010: ca
ye re pleyin yer cerdsclosetae yer chest aye ye
aw aye wid aw gitclosethigithir in the hide stew
m1010: aye aye the roondcloseuh huh f1011: well the
m1014: they re always caedcloseyeah m1017: aye m1016: mm
daddy long legs hugs himcloseand turns his back father
knows a fearful fiend dothclosebehind him tread the ancient
a desire to hold herclosebut she elbowed him off
doon the saw something brushedcloseby him fin jonsar looked
wid a second fox camecloseby him he could hae
him tee is hold himcloselimmer is a slut glaums
she s studied him atclosequarters has she neil she
wi damp an rodent kichcloseroon aboot him yince mair
he stops she comes upcloseto him she smells as
oxter him up the nearestcloseto the high street they
boy his mother kept himcloseto the house like a
lay him on the futoncloseup against his mother in
looked at the fan thiscloseup view giving him a
time was drawing to aclosewhen his friend called him
winter cauld we ken creepscloseahint auld faither time hing
a time fan aabody wasclosebecause wi us it was
kissed her and held herclosebuying time her sigh was
february the extensions into theclosetime for rod and line
the river tweed where theclosetime is 153 days 30
and the periods within theclosetime when rod and line
used lightly because of itscloseassociation with hell once it
twelve strategy that nursery mightclosebecause of the the new
would never have called fleshmarketclosefleshmarket alley just because the
that was because we couldcloseit quietly she couldn t
severe learning difficulties had tocloseits doors because it could
should not be forced toclosesimply because a funding stream
told her just not toclosethe bag completely because the
because actually the presbyterian churchcloseto us is i i
you would talk about aclosebut down in leith we
catch a post things alwaysclosedown for a few days
of the german government toclosedown nuclear power stations believing
yeah f965: and they wouldclosedown the programme in that
lie down stew can tcloseeyes that s fine need
the cairngorms had begun toclosein and were pressing down
just saw her hair atclosequarters down at the new
she wid rin intae herclosea refuge fae bullets o
from the bottom of thecloseand dancing her way up
service and her long andcloseassociation with scotland and the
chrissie hurries to georgie ronnieclosebehind her jim keeps his
leg her mother muriel isclosebehind her she is sour
up thereby drawing to acloseher first day as an
joe sangster bein her anelycloserelative ayont brian the blythe
her waist and holding herclosethe blonde softness of her
luggage nervously and holding hercloseto avoid facing her one
the crib in beside hercloseto the fire where she
on her beam end andcloseto turning turtle ferguson had
in the middle o theclosewi her black frock lifted
no but ma was affaclosewi her ma an bel
rainfall 6 16 warm anclosean gey damp as weel
of the occupants of thecloseare as tolerant as the
f1054: an are you quitecloseas a community in torry
than tae his da ascloseas brian duguid iver got
father the two were ascloseas ever as thick as
of the discussion to acloseas i am aware of
of speech which were ascloseas possible to standard english
should be disposed of ascloseas possible to the sites
decisions should be taken ascloseas possible to those affected
and age i held itcloseas skin a final gleaning
when they see it upcloseas they have not done
however we are getting ascloseas we can to that
for us to get ascloseas we could to sustaining
dull an grey an affacloseas weel spit o rain
f1026: i ve always saidcloseas well f1025: mmhm f1026:
jed anderson wis aboot ascloseas ye cud get fur
is that this is ascloseas you can get now
27 temp 10 10 haarclosein as the day starts
creaks and squeaks as icloseit behind me and walk
but rejects any advice toclosescotland s mixed fishery as
bromelias as well as increasinglyclosesnowy peaks towards the end
fine at s aboot asclosetae bein immortal as a
ye how this was asclosetae them as ye were
welcome des mcnulty who willclosethe debate as a former
topic for discussion as weclosethe first historic four year
as well or pavements m1017: closethere s loads in the
like me whom he feltcloseto as a child she
1700 were to be ascloseto exhaustive as might be
re trying to get ascloseto it as they can
should be dealt with ascloseto its source as can
want to s- get ascloseto see the remnants o
which must have come ascloseto upsetting the balance of
says well that s aclosean i said no a
and wynd and weir sclosef1018: wynd and well in
about asylum seekers for fleshmarketclosei thought well rebus himself
or anything m1004: well acloseisnae a lane a cl-
evenchulated well it s prettyclosem1108: evenchulated f1107: did you
re not wynds or acloseor anything m1004: well a
the vennel yes [inaudible] f1018: closewell clo- they have closes
well i suppose a tenementclosewould hae been but again
huh f1011: well the [inaudible]closeye ken ye got the
notice of its intention toclosea facility to allow all
unilaterally announcing its intention toclosebinny house we are calling
terrible darkness no one gotcloseenough to clean its wounds
will lose its curator andclosein due course it is
the church of scotland tocloseits care home at leslie
not want the executive tocloseits mind to the concerns
reasons low german and itscloserelative dutch are spoken just
although the st john wascloseto bursting its banks here
companion the two women wereclosein age and blood and
upper deeside area there werecloseknit social networks but in
an it wis sic aclosenicht that we were gey
there were isobars packit saeclosethat the spaces atween juist
lauched the beds were thatclosethegither you didna ken if
in the mirror were thatclosethey looked like one eye
smiling you put your mouthcloseto my ear you were
people were under pressure andcloseto panic and it would
speakers in belfast were lesscloseto the vernacular there were
think that we were prettycloseto what we budgeted for
smelt right when i gotclosedon t be silly i
the word we use aclosem1016: i ve just got
is now coming to aclosei made that clear on
that s it if youcloseit that s it now
know all the details willclosenow hoping you are keeping
you are indeed you mustclosenow malcolm chisholm okay 12
of old friends i willclosenow wishing you better health
looking now at drawing acloseto phase one by the
and now i m gettingcloseto retirement ehm but i
britain from unilaterally deciding toclosea facility that affects people
funding periods draw to acloseand redundancy notices have to
life of communities and iscloseand sensitive to marginalised groups
to go in a darkcloseand there s this m1078:
the scottish executive is payingcloseattention to the development of
the scottish executive is payingcloseattention to the development of
grahame will want to paycloseattention to the matter the
read the english sentences payingcloseattention to the underlined word
care took the decision toclosebinny house when extra money
officer please move to aclosebrian adam i am just
reading tolerant sadie to carolanneclosebut to beth i ve
i i had thought ofclosebut to me a a
draw the matter to aclosecathy jamieson carrick cumnock and
do people in shetland feelclosecloser to norse or closer
s response and agreed tocloseconsideration of the petition in
used above ground and underclosecontrol to hunt a rabbit
of a single dog underclosecontrol to hunt a rabbit
to use a dog underclosecontrol to stalk a wild
to use a dog underclosecontrol what is the material
curtains shut afore about toclosecurtains beth stands shouts sadie
day three drew to acloseday four was excessively hot
care homes are having toclosedue to a funding crisis
ago it was forced tocloseeight care homes and other
to see a volcano upcloseever since she was a
you begin to realise howcloseeverything in europe is to
shall have to keep acloseeye on margaret i was
i call george lyon toclosefor the liberal democrats 16
minutes in reply to myclosefriend roddy s verses on
permission will be given toclosegibson st from 12 noon
scotland on sunday plan toclosehalf of all post offices
closed or are likely toclosehas a budget of 2million
to sit neighbourhood watch howclosehe s watching it salute
year session draw to aclosei am delighted to have
draw my remarks to aclosei look forward to other
is slowly drawing to aclosei ve given the [censored: surname]
the lobbying process to aclosei welcome kenneth macintosh who
disability that are still toclosein considering the care development
head for ireland they staycloseinshore to reduce the distance
f1111: no you have tocloseit darling you re opening
scottish parliament draws to acloseit is difficult to imagine
dumfries and galloway council tocloselaurieston primary school in kirkcudbrightshire
general assembly of 2002 tocloseleslie house and urges the
led to the proposal toclosemacmillan house which caters for
west lothian which is tocloseon 28 february 2002 s1w
kinlochleven aluminium smelter is tocloseon june 15 after almost
tight with the sense ofcloseor snug fin is to
cry pause silence the curtainscloseor the lights fade to
out of sight the tabscloseor the lights fade to
societies will need to developclosepartnerships and shared goals if
with the bereavement of aclosepersonal friend i want to
of the area situated incloseproximity to key landmarks in
mobile telephone masts grouped incloseproximity to one another and
be possible to extend thecloseseason to cover the whole
protection in the form ofcloseseasons to allow them to
by sue ryder care toclosethe binny house care centre
attention must be paid toclosethe circulating cock at tank
it to move swiftly toclosethe dome and have a
indicating that it intended toclosethe home since then lothian
inquiries the committee agreed toclosethe inquiry on popular music
decision by judicial factors toclosethe offices of facilitate scotland
earlier and unwise decision toclosethe plant and further believes
national library of scotland toclosethe scottish science library and
clyde valley tourist board toclosethe tourist information office in
to use emergency powers toclosethe whitefish fisheries in the
government on their decision toclosetheir nuclear power stations notes
second officer was sent toclosethem but the doors had
although the sailors managed toclosethem they would not stay
one of these stories camecloseto answering a riddle why
strength ahint us jack comescloseto beaumont jack beaumont you
in hand the house wascloseto being derelict the gardens
are legal interests and professionalscloseto but not currently directly
east hillhead of seggat iscloseto chapel of seggat where
the scots language was sufficientlycloseto elizabethan english for this
new fish species with orcloseto existing species is one
production h designated rare breedscloseto extinction and i dogs
that the language is perilouslycloseto extinction the question that
the situation gaelic is perilouslycloseto extinction therefore i must
if i if i wascloseto hitting a wall i
education fe colleges which arecloseto insolvency and detail any
with arms where evie relaxescloseto it there lies a
where s jilly pat standscloseto lee pat like bein
you sit where you arecloseto loretta loretta i ken
and they went in thecloseto me it s like
a vennel that s acloseto me or a narrow
leans over me lips thatcloseto my ear that for
interests of communities that arecloseto proposed opencast sites but
nervous i was sort ofcloseto tears at one point
official report excerpt get preciouscloseto that in that excerpt
the scottish executive and remaincloseto that level notes with
occurs on low pasture landcloseto the a77 more convincing
a few miles of deesidecloseto the aberdeen falls the
weight of evidence putting achrochircloseto the balyetts is added
perfect bit nae then beingcloseto the broch they often
the next one i wascloseto the campsite and beginning
was put on the flagstonecloseto the cup and if
continued would probably have beencloseto the doomed ferry when
for personal reading while remainingcloseto the dramatic and poetic
happen to you is itcloseto the end or m642:
are in it you recloseto the front f958: mm
subject of flagellation a subjectcloseto the heart of davidson
of other locations that arecloseto the hearts of all
in a north east dialectcloseto the language i used
apostle saunt paul she arguescloseto the letter o what
years until it is fairlycloseto the productivity that can
be disposed of on orcloseto the site from which
trailed in laughed lily uncomfortablycloseto the truth on the
recognise that we are movingcloseto the winding up speeches
and improved it would takecloseto twenty years to match
concentrations in the marine environmentcloseto zero by the year
home maclaurin started frantically tocloseup against draughts and boswell
bring this item to aclosewe have had a good
the pass of drumochter toclosewith a lifeboat and take
jaeger clothing factory is toclosewith the loss of up
but to me a aclosewould be covered and i
no i would say aclosef1026: i ve always said
no i ve always saidclosef1027: no i would say
f958: like my kind ofclosefamily i ve only been
ve niver seen a hedgehogclosetee bring it ower fur
scottish terms while the burgessclosereminds us of a standard
subpostmasters retire resign or branchescloseanother important consideration relating especially
yaise scots quhen speaking wiclosefreends or faimily an yaise
at the end o thatclose[laugh] or whatever f1054: [inaudible]
lanie f1054: what about acloseor a m1042: a closie
eh lane f1025: lane acloseor a vennel i would
[laugh] no i would saycloseor vennel f1054: [laugh] yeah
or whatever f1054: [inaudible] f1023: closesometimes is associated with like
minnie niver tae get owerclosetae a loon or something
a poem caed doon oorclosean up oor stair a
the foreland it is awfuclosein here valgerd gae up
but eh i mean acloseis something you go up
it jean faley up oorclosememories of domestic life in
chase up the contractor theclosereps should be approached and
fitsteps echo unseen up aclosesouns like spirits tappin no
creep under the duvet againcloseup against wee andy i
and clothes and have acloseup of that eye she
the constable walked forward cautiouslycloseup the front of the
tae the east throu thecloseup the ootside stair an
ll meet you at thecloseyou know goin up the
it would probably be aclosebut i always thought that
i would have said aclosei d have said f1027:
f1145: we would say thecloselike when ye went in
rejects any advice that wouldclosescotland s mixed fishery believes
after which the fishery wouldclosespecifications could also be made
you ll get [inaudible] f1122: close[inhale] [exhale] f1121: wow f1122:
an aifter half a dizzenclosemisses ye d fairly get
line is that it willcloseand remaining students will be
they must ha been geycloseangelica will i mak some
will the minister keep acloseeye on that will she
that members will keep acloseeye on the voluntary code
not improving the session willclosefiddes district church in a
dundee forfar and stirling willclosefollowing the transfer of work
how many community pharmacies willclosein rural and suburban areas
fish processing industry will effectivelyclosemany of the three hundred
fish processing industry will effectivelyclosemany of the three hundred
will be aware at thecloseof today s business an
eddie egan binny house willcloseon 28 february john farquhar
studied and the techniques ofclosereading taught which will include
use of unsuitable resources generallyclosescrutiny will confirm that those
rather than des mcnulty willclosethe debate for the minister
delivered we will keep aclosewatch on that dr sylvia
who then will hold youclosewhose dreams will run like
the duvet and holds meclosebut she rumbles me she
although she remained detached fromclosefriendships and involvements she was
twa bairns war far owerclosefur yon she hid vrocht
in she has taken aclosepersonal interest in the issues
of the flat open andcloseshe s back in a
doesnae go there you reclosef1122: [inaudible] here f1121: if
mither o god that wiscloseoh we re in the
eh rather than eh theclosecould be open but a
pronunciations it seemed likely thatcloseinterpersonal links could ensure that
[inaudible] see cinderella f1111: okayclosethe blinds then for me
i still spik aboot theclosethe [inaudible] the fairm m999:
i ll tell you howclosea community torry is when
the whole year and effectivelyclosea fishery but in practice
ere wis a big backclosean jonsar cood drive richt
a hollow invisible except fromcloseat hand in a manner
bundle of letters lori sitscloseby a small heap of
60 s red transistor radiocloseby sits a stool nearby
standing on a brick foundationcloseby the coaling stage is
history society bill had acloseconnection with innermessan not only
of the higher nobility aclosecousin of the king being
quite a bit better thancloseencounters dear mum and dad
s lĂșjar is a siskincloseenough bleed is blood jo
continue we have kept acloseeye on sqa developments and
farmer once who kept acloseeye on what his family
mclennan a young edinburgh advocateclosefriend of robertson smith and
depressing one of carole sclosefriends in germany is a
smite a passage through theclosegrained world the suicides in
auld oor twae families wurclosei friendship n an a
yeir fae an binnd yeclosein ma affection a m
sae wi a lown whisperclosein ti his lug zhu
and spend their whole livescloseinshore there is a group
stone i have taken acloseinterest in the reporting control
the ither name for acloseis a vennel m1014: that
an i said no acloseis inside the buildin it
called a machine and thencloseit again a rare wee
the farm that was theclosejust cause it was a
belfast milroy concluded that acloseknit social network preserved dialect
approximately 15m in diameter incloseproximity it and a neighbouring
of st bean reputedly acloserelative of st columba and
ma love ma joy saeclosesae dear a cannae tell
established catch limits and acloseseason 12 however from 1991
period is specified for acloseseason in the salmon act
of u r a ccloseshould you have any messages
ma frozen hert a faussclosespell turns ti cauld again
which may be acquired byclosestudy of a popular daily
mapstone who has made aclosestudy of hay s work
a weel kent puil anclosetae the village forbye it
ben the banks that areclosetae ye s a wife
the last two bowls sitclosethe sixth is deep a
p 51 it is aclosething in the novella isabel
a drive nowadays nae aclosethings are movin on m1002:
whispert in a lown voicecloseti this lug you at
at that wirds words closclosetilfer floor plank in a
f1111: let s go andcloseall the blinds then f1112:
here you go and ehmcloseit and ah f1125: oh
blinds f1109: tickle tickle blindsclosethem one way and then
them one way and thenclosethem the other way m1110:
even when the breath comesclosebut patience with yourself patience
the days staun still fraeclosetae stert o season but
areas the scheme benefits fromclosework among different departments but
did you did you usecloseat all f1009: i i
s bed he d stayedclosebeside the calf all that
should burn and rave atcloseof day rage rage against
change should be kept underclosereview followed by enterprise and
the interested departments we haveclosecontacts with and are members
fur we war aa geyclosein bluid in oor faimly
the hoosin estate it wiscloseon twal whan we heard
thane o cawdor we follaedcloseupon his heels jocularly twes
willie brown in the nextclosewhen we stayed in wee
steen fur gin ye luikitcloseeneuch ye cud jist makk
awa ye see everybody wascloseknit ye ken like your
ye awricht jimmie despite thecloserelationship with english sentences written
thanes aw ye that bydesclosetil ma hert maun ken
sizers fin ye saa emclosewi terror in eir hairts
earth hoosie first wi minniecloseahin they crept in backwyse
fin they cam intae theclosehe said if he d
book that i wrote fleshmarketclosethey changed that in american
the the falls and fleshmarketclosethey immediately erm green lighted
brian an jenny war thatclosethey maun bi jyned at
and community groups are inclosetouch with marginalised groups they
tell you you are incloseand friendly contact with them
of the compounds appear incloseassociation with the simplex and
hard on economic modelling inclosecollaboration with my colleague iain
scottish executive is working inclosecollaboration with the scottish fishing
scottish executive is working inclosecollaboration with the scottish fishing
the club and working incloseconjunction with the fans and
i am of course inclosecontact with my westminster colleagues
community involvement vds already hascloselinks with volunteers and with
further acknowledge the council sclosepartnership with the teaching profession
break from the waking worldclosetheir eyes with the slow
and community groups are inclosetouch with many parts of
achieved by strengthening the existingcloseworking relationship with management and
cold i pull my jacketcloseand shiver back street on
weel wuvven coracle rhythmic andclosebob bobbin life s oceans
seldom met anybody outwith hisclosefamily and was warned not
yeah f689: it s onlyclosefamily sort o and friends
of glenconner neighbouring farmer andclosefriend of the burns family
deputy presiding officer answer andclosemr sheridan tommy sheridan it
external examinations in writing andclosereading and the internal assessment
differentiated questioning and assessment inclosereading in english there is
at the beginning of thecloseseason and last until the
shoothers and pulls my faceclosetae his fit the thump
jump f1111: come on andclosethe blinds darling f1112: do
the green wheelie bins andclosethe lids help keep the
black maws of alley andclosethe warrens of tenements grey
from smash and plunder daisiesclosetheir doors invisible clocks wind
eck drove intae the backcloseeenie that bade in the
the individual fences for eachcloseremoved on the back of
there are two idder hjolandscloseby baith in burra isle
the case of changing thecloseseason when the whole river
tae come an haud meclosean mak me feel safe
end it was in advocatescloseacross the road from st
thought about immediately there wasclosedid you did you did
oh jump [laugh] that wasclosef1122: jump [laugh] [shriek] f1121:
last novel it was fleshmarketclosef606: i wondered if maybe
in the middle of theclosewas not free of vermin
dangerous toxin that fisheries mustcloseif it is found in
beaumont yes it is ratherclosein here lilian don t
on your handout stupidity isclosetexture in propositional terms this
echo chamber formed by theclosethe banister is perilously near
poor o rain dull ancloseagainst the grain saturday 21st
dampnes in the air affaclosean dull ana monday 17th
community in the parish intocloseassociation hopefully most people benefited
jonsar eck drew intae thecloseat leeches burn the bobbies
he come intae the kitchiecloseat minnie s heels humphin
an he went throu thecloseat the tap o the
carries farthest in tae theclosebade eenie an on the
holds the iron stew sitscloseby ed sits on the
in the land oor soulscloseby it wae it s
of thick peat flavoured teacloseby the other anna began
an hind ay inben theclosehou s the burn dragons
meanin tae the auld spikkclosein bluid keepin aathin in
the deputy presiding officer pleaseclosems macdonald ms macdonald right
spoken in birse at thecloseof the 18th century although
malign both men at thecloseof their short lives certainly
pit the reader intae thecloseproximitie o the central characters
fishing during part of thecloseseason on many rivers the
tackety buits clattered ben theclosesyne stoppit at the barn
the wildness an the wetclosetae the stanes huv the
the sea here wis byordnarclosetae the the granite quaich
dorothy grace elder s1m 2374closethe cattle incinerator at carntyne
context the presiding officer iclosethe last members business debate
feenishes oor debate ah nooclosethis meetin o the pairliament
withoot ony rain it affaclosewipe the broo noo an
shair i dinnae git owerclosehe s skinnier than i
sae i kent masel affaclosein wi disraeli ma hairt
years an nou s iclosethis lang epistle afore my
wis aboot 5ft 10 wiclosecropped dark hair an kinna
something you realise actually howclosef963: mm mm m762: it
variety of language which certaincloseknit groups prisoners raf pilots
10 it s mild affaclosebeyond belief throw aff some
sae bonny an bricht affaclosefae mornin tae nicht wednesday
wrong although he made noclosefriends outside bill s family
an aeroplane it s aafacloseisn t it m1090: [?]do it do it again![/?]
row neist an burnett sclosenamed efter robert burnett o
sheridan colin campbell s1m 1821closepaterson s dump glasgow lodged

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