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young person in cheap trendyclothesan jewellery did i no
young person in cheap trendyclothesan jewellery f1053: we ve
young person in cheap trendyclothesan jewellery [laugh] f1145: i
young person in cheap trendyclothesan jewellery m1013: a ted
well trendy clothes [inaudible] trendyclothesan jewellery m1015: but then
young person in cheap trendyclothesan jewellery really f1143: aye
m1016: there s expensive trendyclothesan there s cheap trendy
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery cheap trendy clothes
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery f1023: common as
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery m1004: a wee
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery m1004: [note: on phone] eh
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery m1015: i found
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery m999: [laugh] what
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery particularly a female
young person in cheap trendyclothesand jewellery this word we
clothes and jewellery cheap trendyclothesf1009: i hadn t a
an there s cheap trendyclothesf1054: what were you thinkin
but that m1014: well trendyclothes[inaudible] trendy clothes an jewellery
s sayin cheap an trendyclothesm1014: yeah yeah m1016: there
i never wore cheap trendyclothesor jewellery [laugh] [inhale] i
walkin alang wi cheap trendyclothesthe day what would ye
young person in cheap trendyclotheswi jewellery f1018: oh m1021:
but they wear expensive trendyclothesye know f1144: [laugh] f1143:
would be claes yer goodclothesan yer workin clothes what
fancy clothes you say theirclothesare flea bitten and ra-
which word f1054: clothes m1020: clothesclaes m1019: gear m1021: i
one i ve just gotclothesclothes f1027: mmhm f1024: i
you what would you callclothesclothes what would what would
[laugh] ehm clothes in generalclothesf1009: ooh clothes i i
i ve just got clothesclothesf1027: mmhm f1024: i think
ehm clothes m1013: mmhm m1012: clothesf1054: words for that clothes
mmhm f1024: but for forclothesgoin out clothes it would
look like a mis shapenclotheshanger in an old clothes
the bag open to meclotheshe said take my clothes
in general clothes f1009: oohclothesi i didn t really
m1008: [inaudible] m1055: [laugh] ehmclothesin general clothes f1009: ooh
for for clothes goin outclothesit would be clothes or
use as well m1008: yeahclothesm1007: yeah clothes was m1055:
clothes f1054: words for thatclothesm1010: for what claes m1013:
re makin good progress ehmclothesm1013: mmhm m1012: clothes f1054:
claes m1020: which word f1054: clothesm1020: clothes claes m1019: gear
clothes he said take myclothesoff was this part of
unless they ve got noclotheson f1025: clothes on f1054:
got no clothes on f1025: clotheson f1054: [inaudible] f1023: you
out clothes it would beclothesor gear i would say
clothes hanger in an oldclothesshop you were stripping down
what they wear start withclothesthis time m1015: clothes we
m1008: yeah clothes m1007: yeahclotheswas m1055: ehm pleased m1008:
with clothes this time m1015: clotheswe ca them claes c
good clothes an yer workinclotheswhat would f1001: aye wo-wo-
what would you call clothesclotheswhat would what would you
instead of sayin their fancyclothesyou say their clothes are
never got any decent clo-clothesclaes i suppose we would
chowks cheeks chynge change claesclothesclag choke cless class clokbees
clachan n village claes nclothesclaith n cloth clash v
cheil n fellow claes nclothesclaith n cloth cleuch n
clachan n village claes nclothesclash n blow claucht v
words would you use forclothesf1040: claes claes m1042: mm
cause she s got [inaudible]clothesf1117: [inaudible] nae claes on
one your glad rags ehmclothesgenerally f1145: just your claes
that one f1018: claes f1054: clothesm1022: claes m1020: which word
would all yer all yerclotheswould be claes yer good
plenty of towels and yourclothescan all be washed and
a lot of luggage becauseclothescan be washed and dried
some food blessed bath washedclotheshair and slept more truth
s toys together with theclothesshe d washed for him
never seen without a hatclotheswere not washed as often
otherwise you used the fireclotheswere not washed as often
i got up washed someclotheswrote a letter home and
time you had to wearclothesafter you had outgrown them
next one what they wearclothesfirst of all f1023: i
prisoners may wear their ownclothesin prison subject to certain
designer jeeps wear boutique countryclothesthese palmesanos have bought or
few to wear their ownclotheswhile others had to wear
the c i d plainclothesyou had to wear a
[inaudible] i ve just gotclothesf1023: of one i ve
house you needed everything fromclothespegs to dusters f1023: that
stuff again ehm m1016: justclothesan troosers but for f1054:
was very poor taste inclothesand everything f1054: so that
bit there f1054: what abootclothesm1004: a lot o language
corduroy troosers f1054: great m1016: clothestroosers eh are you on
to show off one sclothesbut rather inappropriate now after
you start taking off yourclothesfor me i ll [inaudible]
nicks the blessed things offclotheslines and warms them in
ah d hardly got maclothesoff a difficult kind o
do artists models take theirclothesoff for heaven s sake
seen but only with yourclothesoff i don t know
he went crazy tore herclothesoff in the livingroom said
come on and get yourclothesoff you stand over there
up and takes off herclothesthe moonlight changes her gold
you for i have noclothesto put on so off
did was we wore vintageclothesehm f641: mmhm f643: and
s more interestin maybe ehmclotheswhat just a second my
scratched your navel straightened yourclothesand squinted at me blankly
has fallen down and yourclothesare on the ground [laugh]
play while mum gets yourclothescoming up to play f1114:
go and try on yourclothesf1112: i don t [inaudible]
ll hae to change yourclothesf1122: i m doing the
on jumpers f1089: aye yourclothesm1090: yeah this fit on
you get out your cleanclothesoot the drawer f1114: [panting]
it now it meant yourclothespole has fallen down and
nose and watching your preciousclothesrotating in the tumble drier
but often for hanging yourclothesthere was just some pegs
no time to change yourclothesthough you look like a
f1139: will we take yourclothesthrough the hoose f1140: mmhm
one by one when yourclotheswere ready you insisted on
ha- i had your goodclothesyour glad rags [laugh] f1143:
weddings f1043: yer sunday bestclothesye were only allowed them
m1014: well i just putclothesi put garb that s
tub and then put theclothesinto clean water in the
washing out put all theclothesinto the washing machine m1094:
i haven t got onclothesnow eh put this on
from you blundered to myclothesput them on and ran
got we ve got thatclothesto put upstairs and put
lot of money on theirclothesbut they certainly had their
beattie bought a lot ofclothesfrom a company in london
take an awful lot ofclotheson holidays one time i
prison on her hair andclothesand have a close up
out of her twentieth centuryclothesand into the cool pelos
the detail of her fineclothesand jewels by the miller
though she is by theclothesand points at her ring
seeping through her flimsy workclothesand she urgently needed to
looking down dubiously at herclothesbut ah m no buskit
look she s packed herclothesf1114: it s a little
i did hear about herclothesfor daily work she wore
at a spot on herclothesgladys oh look fit i
pass and re pass herclotheshanging on the wall i
hello peggy enter peggy herclotheshardly acknowledge the weather perhaps
now greying hair and ethnicclothesher views were interesting intelligent
she s got all herclothesin a case f1114: what
up like frightened hedgehog herclotheslooked us if she d
her ravishing figure and herclothesthat always fit oh i
with the scent of herclothesthere s even less comfort
her best down the townclothesthough not at first in
she is in her workingclothesthough still heavily made up
mauled and vulgar with herclothesup round her head and
heal themselves she folded herclothesvery neatly and set them
her neighbours many of theclotheswere originally from watt and
wi stour she brushes herclotheswith her hands puddok mercie
f1112: i have got someclotheshere f1111: you ve got
although they ve got fancyclotheson it s s- sayin
you have different words forclothesyou know like breeks an
you know for dryin theclothesf640: [inaudible] [inaudible] f637: so
[inaudible] and then [inaudible] f640: clothesrope when you went through
[inaudible] [inaudible] f1113: careful whatclothesyou putting on today trousers
and managed to wash someclothesi struggled down to belyaevo
nawwwwwww silence dimps puts hisclotheson lies down steve drags
go to take all thatclothesand that upstairs f1124: cleo
as a place to takeclothesfurniture or other items no
help me take all thisclothesup the stairs and we
want to help me pickclothesfor you f1114: i want
shopping malls he never wearsclothesfor more than a week
notes and some very oldclothesi had never liked much
i ve started buying winterclothesthere s a snell wind
too has changed into workclothesyou ve to get to
when i m going forclothesand things it would be
have nowhere to keep myclotheswould i m1090: [?]will i be locked[/?] i
sometimes coloured over their schoolclothesclothing was mostly homemade with
neatly coiffed and permed theirclothessubdued the older men invariably
f1122: [?]can[/?] we need theirclotheswe need their jumpers f1121:
had their f963: mm f965: clotheswere very central f963: but
the shabbiness of the peopleclothesall look as if they
sake go and look atclothesor dvds or something for
just so to soak theclothesbundled underneath it jimmy s
it was just really theclothesi was interested in if
if ye just talk abootclothesin general it s pit
oh my lord these charityclothesstink to high heaven just
a black hat and blackclothesand good boots and such
place [note: photo: 'advert for tobacco and cigarettes for prisoners of war.'] [note: newspaper article from mearns leader, 1941.] rationing foodclothesand furniture were all rationed
pots were used for boilingclotheskettles were made out of
also plainly dressed but hisclotheswere clearly of a better
open fires supplied heating wetclotheswere dried on the fireguard
went towards buying new winterclotheswhich they were allowed to
tink like with very untidyclothesmight hear some such shout
ll have to get someclotheson these poor girls because
unbearable have you some decentclothesto change into i asked
and damascened attire this intenseclothesimagery seems entirely out of
window f639: i had moreclothesin bed than out of
particularly make me hang theclothesout on the line to
we dried out and changedclothesthen around three the vans
do with all these dirtyclothesare you going to leave
and blankets and all theclothesthey could fling on top
[noise from toy] f1105: now all thatclotheswill need the wash m1106 :
up my room and washingclothesemma had to lead a
nice and soft for washingclothesmabel s grandfather had a
cars they had had plainclothesofficers in the area recently
f826: what about things likeclothesdo have f606: [cough] f826:
really mod haircut and modclothesf963: what was that like
was still in my dampclothesand lying on my back
made a bundle of myclothesand threw them on to
on my bus rides plainclothesinspectors have come aboard checking
almost tripped over my bloodstainedclotheslying in a forgotten heap
gave me my still dampclothesone by one wearily ticking
garments and scraps from makingclothesand then padded with an
s drawers then there sclothesin the drawers then then
an this tae throws theclothesinto anfisa s arms the
on names for toys orclothesor getting it wrong one
cam cammy starts putting hisclothesback on silence stew wi
on farms needed fewer warmclothesbecause of cabs on tractors
back on with the winterclothesbit of snow in may
room with andy s outdoorclothescome on we re going
bills on time buy decentclothesfor the children and stock
in a puzzled gesture hisclotheshung on him like a
and you need loads oclotheson an you could see
dusting baking changing nappies scrubbingclotheson corrugated washboards and cranking
on names for toys orclothesor something else that the
and loads of nice summerclothesdidn t she do you
you with skinned knuckles ifclothesneeded to be bleached they
i ll stick to theclothesyou like when i m
she made me like aclothespeg bag filled it with
top of normal bright summeryclothesshe carries a plastic carrier
kitchen where we boiled theclothesa gas boiler f641: mmhm
it s easier with theclothesan everything if they re
with metal for lacing upclothesin our scots dialects it
peg bag filled it withclothespegs and things like that
aged balding male in shabbyclotheswith a monotonous voice and
came across a collection ofclothesand coaches from the time
necessary woollies and darned ourclotheswell past the time when
days past packed up hisclothesand threatened to absent himself
mother flighty and manipulative likesclothesmake up and especially men
well cut hair and smartclothesis cleaning the windows and
house and place for dryingclothesand beating carpets overlooked by
armchair evie enters in outdoorclothesand carrying the same bottle
veterinary and farrier services saddleryclothesand entertainment which gives rise
the hotels trying to buyclothesand foreign currency which they
large pink sacks and ourclothesfor the next two days
dressed dot and julia inclothesfrom the charity shops dot
distance apart and tied theclothesrope f641: oh f640: from
practice american experts in civilianclothesvisited the sites and a
household goods and the characteristicclotheswide pleated skirts and bowler
the universitskaja to get cleanclothesfor the morrow smiling at
d bin doin pulled maclothesegither an popped ma heid
gets the wrinkles oot theclothessadie bangs away ironing they
a pair of stilts aclotheshorse a floor brush i
somewhat frayed suit of greyclotheshis feet in cracked but
hawkers didn t only sellclothespegs but also wee heather
lizzie has an armful ofclothesangelica it ll be jist
could be seen of hisclothesunder his too large acquascutum
otherwise there was this ancientclotheshorse it was right round
dress to the pile ofclothesin lizzie s arms come
market a loud exuberant vegetableclothespizza etc market in the
in quaint animal shapes coachesclothesworn by catherine the great
is food is drink isclothesa visit to a genuine
dreel drill dubby muddy dudsclothesdusty miller type of primula
props rubbish bins bicycles pramsclothespoles stretchers abandoned items of

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