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muntit his crane sclimmed thecloudsan awa ti the eastren
his crane an sclimmed thecloudsback ti dragon tiger brae
his crane an sclimmed thecloudsti the capital afore me
steam clouds f1091: mmhm steamcloudsand what s wrong with
f1091: that s the steamcloudscause he s going away
s the steam m1092: steamcloudsf1091: mmhm steam clouds and
one f1091: mmhm m1092: therecloudsf1091: that s the steam
hasn t got any morecloudsof steam coming out cause
f1091: that s him scloudsthat s the steam m1092:
clouds waucht heich an cauldcloudswaucht heich an cauld birks
caller sky braid sun callercloudswaucht heich an cauld clouds
and wake up where thecloudsare far behind me where
and wake up where thecloudsare far behind me where
and wake up where thecloudsare far behind me where
nation s holy grail trailingcloudsof ripples in their wake
clouds goes on to thatcloudsdoes it m1096: aye f1095:
it goes right maybe thatcloudsgoes on to that clouds
tall clouds the irrelevant tallcloudsone of which was obscuring
and look at the tallcloudsthe irrelevant tall clouds one
tea rising up into thecloudsflanked by tall palms with
had been darkening with stormcloudsand untypically for this time
solitude of spires here stormcloudsscud the heavens like sunbeams
shines cold and certain stormcloudsshatter against it white and
caul an snell the gurlycloudswi storm the bens are
rade heich as the rowincloudsan ma nameliheid wes kent
wee peesies link ben lichtsomecloudstheir journey s heich an
sky is braider and thecloudsflee higher than they dae
a straying ewe bleats weaklycloudsfloat overhead the sky is
as climbing trees to watchcloudsmuster in the sky i
gilt sky trains cross thecloudson heavenly rails sunsets wear
you get rain from thecloudsup in the sky mm
okay i m gonna drawcloudsup in the sky what
back end wund blaws whytecloudsaboot the lift the gress
wi heather an peat thecloudscrood aroon me the lift
sayin ae day the sindertcloudslet keek the lift acause
east winter an the derkcloudsscudded ben the lift like
een luikin up at thecloudsscuddin alang the lift on
1101 wrutten whyle fou blekcloudsspreid ower the lift ink
nests o shiny raindraps arecloudsbaith grey an roon wytin
s view obscured by greycloudsbreakfast was a quick pancake
leash away day gigglers greycloudscrawl slowly over racing trees
an bluid train journey greycloudscrawl slowly over racing trees
dark patches spaces where greycloudshid the sunshine pause shall
the majestic panorama of heathercloudsand trees could be enjoyed
on a slop o watterycloudsauld crocs birk trees raxx
stones thick trees like mushroomcloudsloomed over parties of japanese
[inaudible] no f1113: count thecloudsf1114: no i want to
you going to count thecloudsf1114: no [inaudible] no f1113:
spears of rain pierced thecloudsand then shattered into a
this m1094: a cloud f1093: cloudsm1094: with the rain f1093:
rain beat down and thecloudsobscure the view it was
of the pissing rain thecloudsof midges the moronic football
with the rain f1093: mmcloudswith the rain now i
the birches linnets happily flitcloudsbehind the hill birlin doon
is hiding himself behind thecloudsi begin to think about
m1092: no james got anycloudsf1091: no he hasn t
that that s him scloudsf1091: that s him s
aye m1092: uh huh therecloudsf1091: that s that s
train twis the sabbath wicloudsahin a wattery sun that
made of air sun andcloudsare papering the horizon shards
sun ay faes like fleeincloudsforgaither arras faa in ilka
the ben is clear ocloudsan ah can see baith
s adopted hero ben mushroomcloudsan efter chez nous i
happened m1092: the the therecloudsthat that s him s
cross the wet grass likecloudshere flowers of hurt and
ca- f1095: orange m1096: orangecloudsf1095: no that s a
if there s any maircloudsm1096: mm aye f1095: right
above sea level in thecloudsof nuwara eliya strathdon and
plane gathered momentum beyond thecloudsperhaps he was flying above
as eident swallaes lowp thecloudsfar wyvers hing lace wabs
it s no f1089: thecloudsare white aren t they
white spaces of a pagecloudsdo not rest on the
flying high up in thecloudsm1106: yeah up up mum
for over a week bringingcloudsto glower over the high
speirit flees see inben thecloudshe owreleuks the nor east
tonight mop up that staincloudsin the east yes it
stour ae day the sindertcloudsance mair let keek the
you can see any mairclouds[cough] nearly na that doesnae
is slapping the beach downcloudsclam up with cold the
scent xxiv luv luv thecloudsgaed up the touer o
you re up in thecloudsnext minute you re suicidal
mountains rose up taewards thecloudsther wis a big loch
wi thair heids in thecloudsup kelvingrove just a mile
with the seals the furrowedcloudswould yield up crops of
the baby look at thesecloudsf1113: ah lots are you
be a suitcase full ofcloudsa loaded question enters should
question marks and guesses robescloudsi d like to borrow
ah wad fain kiss thecloudsfrae yeir brou ah wantit
in the steid whaur thecloudsir born ah stap ma
as a muin atwein thecloudsnou ah hear tell yeir
there s po- there scloudson this [inaudible] mummy look
stalactites that creep into thecloudsrazor wire protects religious glass
cantie twa lord inben thecloudsdoukit wi spykarie ay locks
muckle shooer o sperks ancloudso gray reek mingin wi
wyme aye gaps fur maetcloudsstappit wi yule writhe like
hing afore her in fitecloudson sic a day her
gull sails grimly through thecloudslike a cargo boat from
speirits see monie as thecloudsa ll birl ma ring
f1104: on this there scloudson this [inaudible] dad mummy
here s the rack ocloudsan the pairk s cried
ti howk deep doun sumcloudsforgether the culor o dry
an the whyteness o thecloudshappin the taps o the
in the laptop o thecloudsincomers ootcomers shoppie doors heid
stop it sets the coppercloudso larick prancin it gars
fur shady neuks snaadrifts ocloudsslide saft thegither in archetypal
the mists an sclim thecloudsan gae a dout he
the mists an sclim thecloudsan there ll be fient
an rowan saftly showd thecloudsflit ghaistly ower the muckle
fun an fin ootbye thecloudswar gray and teemin inbye
f1104: no mum there scloudson top of this f1103:
hmm [laugh] the cou- thecloudsare funny [laugh] uh huh
quills are at a premiumcloudstherefore may seem weightier now
valleys the low drift ofcloudsand the coral rubble beaches
awthing a mirk nicht thecloudsblek as the causie juist
break from parting continents ofcloudsbreeze blears the slow queer
shaft of light lets trappedcloudsdance in the den the
in the cray glaur redcloudsglowing at sunrise reflected in
t my happiest morning thecloudshad disappeared and the morning
diamond tiara sparkles in thecloudsher visit radically changes the
the waters and maketh thecloudsof his chariot and walketh
lasso a sooty chimney stackcloudssmoulder in the ash tray
by the scattered shadows ofcloudsthe ocean was a patchwork
by the incas began thecloudswere clearing in the late
the gret wattir ablo laichcloudswhaur the wyld geese yammert
by wedding cakes ablaze withcloudsand candles dressed in ivory
ll miss yon puffy gosamercloudsor seek yon stars bear
flights of glasses floated oncloudsof trays following van gogh
mighty devil folded in blackcloudswilliam blake part 4 winter
tap glassing black against itscloudsi listen rapt to tales

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