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mmhm tae wouf smeck orcloutf1054: i havenae heard wouf
f1018: mm clout m1020: acloutan aw aye and thump
that was pagger f1018: mmcloutm1020: a clout an aw
follae him aboot wi acloutmorag moans she can dicht
got in on britain scloutfor scotland i disagree fishing
mentioned one earlier on f1018: cloutm1022: oh yeah that that
pikkil het wattir an acloutin a bowle eilidh leaves
or twyce wi this hetcloutmeg bathes his foot gently
represents scottish interests has thecloutof the united kingdom at
of the population has enormouscloutin our country s economic
little boy who needed aclouton the ear to teach
the parliament gains the fiscalcloutthat is needed to eliminate
berna gave it a fairclouttae still he managed ti
of the uk gives uscloutin fact we have the
we have the opposite ofcloutlook at fishing look at
[laugh] f1054: [laugh] mmhm f1026: cloutf1024: fair skelp something if
about the coort wi acloutqueen if he s no
upon the grun hear theclouto aixe on wid an
the ombudsman a little morecloutin scotland the ombudsmen s
aye hae ti keep acloutowre hir een binna she
which would give the icccloutat the same time as
stappt or streamin my snottercloutwi germs is teemin i

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