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2 tbspn chopped parsley 1clovegarlic crushed ½ tspn prepared
sliced 2 medium potatoes 1clovegarlic crushed 1 pt chicken
1 tbsp cider vinegar 1clovegarlic crushed 1 tsp soy
rice 1 onion sliced 1clovegarlic crushed 2 stocks celery
fl oz sour cream smallclovegarlic crushed 2 tspns vinegar
red pepper thinly sliced 1clovegarlic crushed fry 2 3
onion 2 3 spring onionsclovegarlic 1 hot red seeded
large onion finely chopped 1clovegarlic 1 lb minced beef
onion 1 bay leaf 1clovegarlic in about 1 ½
the dressing by crushing acloveof garlic and mixing in
person half an onion 1cloveof garlic olive oil 1

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