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convivial evening at the savilecluband that rls had at
meet again at the savileclubas seems very probable how
his mother from the savileclubin july 1879 rls adds
elected members of the savileclubin london and we know
entitled diogenes at the savileclubrls gives a whimsical but
to correspondents from the savileclubstevenson from 1875 and smith
jimmy m1020: in the puddinclubaye it s no pudding
members as hosts c aerobicsclubdr [censored: surname] regretfully told us
club pregnant in the puddinclubf1054: good good jimmy m1020:
the duff in the puddinclubf1054: good good ones m1016:
had puddin in the puddingclubfae fae jimmy m1020: in
puddin f1054: e- puddin puddinclubm1020: [laugh] f1054: any- anything
m1020: pregnant in the puddinclubpregnant in the puddin club
with regard to the aerobicsclubthe merchant maiden 1993 is
the guild room e aerobicsclubthe secretary has written to
on our calendar an aerobicsclubwas introduced in the summer
it is hoped that aerobicsclubwould get under way at
mean that either the aerobicsclubwould have to run at
developments at greenock morton footballclubacknowledges that to lose a
developments at greenock morton footballclubexpresses concern that the welfare
s1m 949 greenock morton footballclublodged on 2 june 2000
s1m 894 greenock morton footballclublodged on 23 may 2000
s1m 894 greenock morton footballclublodged on 23 may 2000
brian monteith greenock morton footballclubthat the parliament notes recent
brian monteith greenock morton footballclubthat the parliament recognises that
duncan mcneil greenock morton footballclubwednesday 21 june 2000 2
to day running of theclubwelcomes the decision of morton
lunch wednesday 22 agm bowlingclubam late because of choir
to the drumtochty tavern bowlingclubauchenblae for 185 [note: photo: 'an early picnic, possibly before 1920.'] [note: photo: 'this picture of a pre 1920s picnic shows nellie riddoch sitting on the left hand side in the front.']
phem jims monday 14 bowlingclubclosed choir practises stopped cssa
carpet bowling when the socialclubeventually folded deirdre rattray was
at the overtoun park bowlingclubin rutherglen until fairly recently
arrangements monday 24 to bowlingclubtuesday 25 to edinburgh portobello
patricia ferguson partick thistle footballclub2001 year of achievement that
s1m 2725 ayr united footballcluband a new stadium lodged
maryhill by partick thistle footballcluband congratulates the players staff
of scottish football at bothcluband international levels calls on
wishes continuing success to thecluband to junior football generally
mcgugan s1m 2216 rangers footballcluband uefa lodged on 13
shares in glasgow celtic footballclubbut i do not know
derogatory remarks about kilmarnock footballclubby a labour strategist in
hosting football s 2005 worldclubchampionship lodged on 14 march
hosting football s 2005 worldclubchampionship lodged on 14 march
the inclusion of gretna footballclubcontinues the trend of the
developed and wishes livingston footballclubevery success in the spl
available specifically to dumbarton footballclubfrom the football trust from
notes that partick thistle footballclubhas completed a memorable season
godman s1m 1761 peterhead footballclublodged on 15 march 2001
fabiani s1m 1545 celtic footballclublodged on 16 january 2001
white s1m 2334 airdrieonians footballclublodged on 19 october 2001
wilson s1m 571 airdrieonians footballclublodged on 21 february 2000
robison s1m 571 airdrieonians footballclublodged on 21 february 2000
2059 heart of midlothian footballclublodged on 28 june 2001
harding s1m 1426 arbroath footballclublodged on 5 december 2000
mcgrigor s1m 1426 arbroath footballclublodged on 5 december 2000
s1m 2713 ayr united footballclublodged on 7 february 2002
s1m 2720 ayr united footballclublodged on 7 february 2002
s1m 2722 ayr united footballclublodged on 7 february 2002
s1m 2854 ayr united footballclublodged on 7 march 2002
the parliament congratulates livingston footballclubon its achievement in securing
the parliament congratulates gretna footballclubon its election to the
parliament congratulates whitburn junior footballclubon its excellent victory in
muldoon livingston lab livingston footballclubpromotion to the spl that
tie rather like hibernian footballclubs second colours further to
mundell congratulations to gretna footballclubthat the parliament congratulates gretna
mary mulligan whitburn junior footballclubthat the parliament congratulates whitburn
mr adam ingram kilmarnock footballclubthat the parliament deplores the
and shotts lab airdrieonians footballclubthat the parliament recognises the
the fans of airdrieonians footballclubwhich is currently under the
stadium for ayr united footballclubwith associated development following the
ve got met at rugbyclubagain one of norry s
field back to the rugbycluband one night peter and
another lap round the rugbyclubgrounds which was about f643:
marwick s1m 1907 lenzie rugbyclublodged on 3 may 2001
high road to the rugbyclubm608: hm m642: and if
we changed at the rugbyclubran out past alloway primary
we changed at the rugbyclubright m608: aye m642: y-y-y-
just go into the rugbyclubwe went along long hill
even evidence of the greenockclubarguably the oldest in the
the hoses nope rabbits rabbitsclubclub where s club where
rabbits club club where sclubwhere s club traffic club
hoses nope rabbits rabbits clubclubwhere s club where s
club where s club trafficclubwhere s [exhale] rabbits rabbits
in the hall men scluba club for men only
[note: photo: 'social club trip in 1951.'] [note: photo: 'social club outing in 1952.'] [note: photo: 'social outing.'] girls socialcluba girls social club started
meals on wheels a lunchcluba volunteer run health club
his club he rests hisclubagainst the wall broun ogre
drawing class quoiting club socialclubaround 1929 30 a social
the club f1005: in theclubaye m1004: that was it
club now mmhm m1078: aclubbut it was you know
club minutes unofficial the anglingclubcommittee meeting was over but
supper school burns club writersclubetc the scottish examination board
s in the in theclubf1005: in the club aye
hall men s club aclubfor men only is vaguely
club a volunteer run healthclubfor the residents and it
the broun ogre carrying hisclubhe rests his club against
or is it like aclubnow mmhm m1078: a club
and geometric drawing class quoitingclubsocial club around 1929 30
social club a girls socialclubstarted in arbuthnott sometime around
where s club where sclubtraffic club where s [exhale]
perhaps burns supper school burnsclubwriters club etc the scottish
a member of the golfcluband in the masons you
at st meddan s golfclubannual dinner monreith we thenk
whole summer in the golfclubdoon the golf course and
mmhm there s the golfclubhave you been in there
the hospitality of the golfclubthe smfpc the tayside and
fae ayr wi the swimmingcluband i went away doon
up the ayr classic motorcyclecluband then m608: oh right
member of ayr bay sailingclubconsidering i sail jenny wren
interested parties at the swimmingcluband it is hoped that
kim [censored: surname] of the swimmingclubbut so far has had
7th october 1994 the swimmingclubhas to have a life
secretary will contact the swimmingclubsecretary and miss [censored: surname] with
who is willing the swimmingclubtimes have been changed and
expecting yeah m1020: in theclubaye f1054: john have you
pregnant [inaudible] m1019: in theclubjust expecting yeah m1020: in
anniversary dinner of alloway burnsclub23rd january 1986 ye men
a member of a burnscluband am not engaged in
dunlop of the kilwinning burnsclubbut pleasures are like poppies
so that the peeblesshire burnsclubfolded afterwards and never had
[note: photo: 'girls social club outing.'] burns supper the socialclubheld an annual burns supper
glasgow where the albany burnsclubminutes its thanks to the
generously sponsored by one burnsclubwith the intention of putting
paid for by the socialcluband used for storing equipment
secretary in 1980 all socialclubassets were transferred to the
the afternoon in the socialclubconsuming g t s with
of how long the socialclubcontinued for at that time
around 1940 a later socialclubfor those over the age
about school sunday school socialclubgames and church picnics and
concert held by the socialclubin the early 60s included
his 18th mission the socialclubunder the chairmanship of mr
around 1929 30 a socialclubwas run by david maclean
borders and the waterside fitnessclubjedburgh lodged on 28 february
s1m 1075 the jeely piececlubsilver jubilee lodged on 30
b committee men o mclubi dinnae tak it as
there was old men sclubon the wednesday an just
type groups working men scluboutings etc feeling rather guilty
stress went on the wordclubthe men wid smoke their
abstract of meeting of 300clubheld on 10 5 94
abstract of meeting of 300clubheld on 18 4 94
held school concerts and dramaclubproductions also took place the
then there was the dancecluband the musical society mrs
of at least one localclubor society 65 of rural
of at least one localclubor society a member of
of at least one localclubor society if they were
a member of one localclubsociety yet one scored 2
of any other society orclubthe convener we should ask
committee member o the fishincluban a regular in oor
a founder member of theclubfrom 1868 writing to his
you a member of theclubsir asked the barmaid o
with a member of theclubyou can use our facilities
it was like the nightcluband m1048: that s right
holden in ernie s nightclubif he s been let
in evening monday 6 csmaclubnight episcopal church hall friday
s arguably the best alternativeclubnight in town why you
we re in the nightclubthe the empty bottles that
to the blue bird jazzclubtickets right where a girl
streets where each pub andclubwas decanting its voluble hordes
to play bowls at theclubwhere he still regularly wins
the steel alloys institute englishclubwhere we were supervising the
m1146: polite f1144: in theclubf1054: [inaudible] f1145: bun in
wednesday 7 45 town liberalclubc d very good nice
f1114: oh away in theclubf1113: mmhm away to play
[censored: forename] f1113: away to herclubf1114: oh away in the
oor school had a folkclubat the time and er
street and the former pupilsclubin copeland road school with
a glaswegian used more toclub18 30 holidays this was
a party at the facultyclubfor graduate english students and
gathering of the мгиия englishclublargely attended by the 19
see him smile former englishclubmentioned in war and peace
uni s for the englishclubshortly afterwards i got up
to go to the englishclubwe waited in the lobby
be deid he brandishes hisclubah coud sweir ah heard
ah dout lays down hisclubah hae juist been ti
o his chummies fae thecluban a thing but the
heid wi his mukkil drollcluban felled him deid til
thaim tae wi his ferliecluban thay cam back ti
back he leans on hiscluband absent mindedly sticks the
broun ogre enters carrying hiscluband approaching the witch s
under the table with hiscluband assists him to his
fell him wi his mukkilclubas he haed felled his
good amateur golfer won hisclubchampionship and he sort of
tour he cried inbye hisclubefter deliverin the bairn miss
richt deid he taen hisclubfrae his haund an airmed
mair needles he brandishes hisclubhe l be stane deid
the ogre carries a largeclubin his other hand and
his left hand and theclubin his right with a
goes and picks up hisclubis that him a say
blouter him wi his gretclubpompitie ai mercie tea wyfe
wednesday 3 rbc v townhillclub6 40 pm good game
people across britain participate asclubmembers or spectators in addition
no organise mair o yerclubmembers tae gae up thegither
spoken wi ane o theclubmembers wha d juist come
code for dinner the hillclubstill retains reciprocal members ties
now known as a stampclubthey had gained three members
supper at the british embassyclub8 a ticket profits to
shakespeare an voltaire at theclubah haedna read aither o
an ambassadorial role at thecluband calls upon an individual
remember we were at thecluband i was f643: aye
could meet you in theclubat 2 for a pre
be dancing at the ukukuclubat 9 00pm this turned
suspect rather than the hillclubat nuwara elyia gradually fading
meet at 2 in theclubbest jim original message from
scottish country dancing town liberalclubclaughton rd left at methodist
eatin oot at the gowfclubdenner times wis yin o
together at the church youthclubdiscos which we organise for
that both stayed at theclubduring their visits to london
frying chips at a lunchclubin kilmarnock that makes three
committee at the maine valleyclubon wirkin sae hard an
rita gardner at the whistclubshe was telling us her
blending in at a preclubvenue will always be a
quizzes at the the lunchclubyou know m608: aye how
mike watson the jeely piececlubsilver jubilee that the parliament
took helen down to theclubcosmopolitan the local dive cum
of national regional and localclubexhibitions stamps covers cards cancellations
off by the local cricketclubwhen he intends setting up
i get to a pensionerscluband the church guild which
2001 which has seen theclubcelebrate the 125th anniversary of
if there is an anglingclubcommittee which does not number
temporary membership of the collegeclubwhich has a bar and
the community programme of theclubwhich has encouraged many young
about forming a small dramaclubwhich i christened the british
west lothian s only seniorclubwhich moved to livingston in
in scotland has a youthclubwhich provides a valuable resource
have just joined the ukclubwhich sounds quite reasonable mr
of scent such as jockeyclubwhich they thought was somebody
being some kind of secretiveclubwhich we know is not
hear mutterings of a supportersclubwhich would be a new
ago or to sell thecluband all its assets including
of its health awareness advertisementclubsmoking in eastern europe s1w
scottish executive to allow theclubto complete construction of its
ended up in the ukukucluba dark dive lit by
boy s in the tarclubagain my old dear ll
carolanne you sang in aclubagnes clubs pubs concerts oh
he s in the capecluband runciman the painter tellt
to step forward purchase thecluband working in close conjunction
that was it in theclubaye [laugh] f1005: that s
to develop a stronger sportsclubculture in scotland no longer
all in joe s fanclubespecially morag the little clype
are also in a whistclubfor o a p s
an went intae the poshclubhoose a body in the
crack aboot it in theclubhoose efter thair roond o
based project the jeely piececlubin castlemilk glasgow in celebrating
meeting of the makkar sclubin edinburgh in 1947 chaired
is only one formal coursingclubin scotland this meets twice
on a motorbike f122: motorcycleclubin the in the glenelg
or is there still aclubin the same building mmhm
wis fair heavin the mondayclubit wis in full swing
[laugh] f1018: in the puddingclub[laugh] [laugh] i thought of
the the last erm lunchclubm608: uh huh m1163: in
xvi in the deeside fieldclubmagazine 1925 58 grant observes
of deeside in deeside fieldclubmagazine vol 2 graham c
clubs operates in scotland thisclubmeets over two days twice
the ither fishers in theclubo aa the seatroot an
yeah f1009: also in theclubor bun in the oven
gang bang in the garrickclubor something you don t
re heading for your preclubpina coladas in city centre
irna permitted intae d academicclubso t git on in
not permitted into the academicclubso to get on in
in the sunday times wineclubso we keep getting like
membership of a small fishingclubsomewhere in south ayrshire j
everybody else associated with theclubwell in their endeavours in
that the welfare of theclubhas deteriorated to such an
secretary o the works anglingclubthat has a mile streitch
howe s visit to theclubthis man he has invited
1902 report of the bridgetonclubbut the practice had started
had a f963: oh f965: clubf963: mmhm [laugh] f965: that
nobody f643: fitness and liarclub[laugh] m642: nobody nobody had
the arrangements for the annualclubouting had been completed and
sort o bedlam the gothicclub[laugh] f631: mmhm f689: i
[laugh] f806: yeah or labourclub[laugh] f807: working [laugh] f806:
we goin noo lap dancinclubright [inhale] m815: [laugh] m816:
er trainin wi ma ownclubf1049: mmhm m1048: erm i
scots dictionary edinburgh chambers makkarsclub1947 the scots style sheet
on the target areas ofcluband coach development the time
the kids intae the youthcluband keep them oot o
and the god kens whitcluband the fuckin gentlemen winna
s a kind of religiouscluband their newspaper the budget
these introductory verses by theclubbard prefaced the delivery of
behind the ex servicemen sclubbilly proceeded to extract from
played fur the deanburnhaugh boolinclubdances an sic lik tom
tell uz aboot the boolinclubdances shei gaed til thar
work development unfortunately the variedclubevents lost some of their
a wee daunder to theclubfor my constitutional it was
used tae sing doon theclubfore i goat mairrit agnes
you take this into theclubfur me f1049: i was
were the marine corps fitnessclubguys and they took us
whaur the deanburnhaugh carpet boolinclubhed thair meetings on ae
but revealing description of theclubhere gather daily those young
o a bit kick theclubhere s the rack o
mrs beaumont and the dramaticclubi mind that well mrs
then awa doon to theclubi used to say you
the fabric of a communityclubis driven by and built
of colombo and the hillclubitself uncannily resembles an ageing
from the blue bird jazzclublast weekend every day is
the doctor gaed til theclublest nicht an they lost
cannae pass the time rotaryclubma lassie s hamster s
golfer the ladies of theclubmade me very welcome and
playing round back of theclubon a vacant lot this
inviting us to a jazzclubon chekhov ulitsa the blue
the immortal memory by theclubpresident i mr ian capperauld
from the defunct arbuthnott dramaticclubr n l i lady
young people to support theclubrecognises the far sighted youth
branch clubs brief summaries ofclubreports were presented by the
joyboy along with the cricketclubs money sails off first
guidebooks like the scottish mountaineeringclubs the corbetts often now
the ruif o the curlinclubshed frae the main road
he looked after the folkclubso of course you ll
twa lads fae the fitbaclubstannin there we are fer
sir precentor o the capeclubthat he was a guid
ae tig wi the uncoclubthay cam back ti lyfe
past commodore the solway yachtclubthe committee will hear closing
d been avoiding the embassyclubtill then thinking it probably
service and calls upon theclubto reinstate her and replace
so as representative of theclubwe re going to go
dinghy association and lerwick boatingclubwho made the event happen
out to the bluebird jazzclubwith jo and i added
ferm ay the greenbanks boolinclubyaised tae haud thair meetins
we fuck we re aclubye see said the giant
ashore syne skelpit wi aclubthen hidden weel aneath a
it s just like aclubcompetition so erm f1049: right
sheet was approved makkar sclub1947 this consisted of a
was that what was thatclubor disco like what was
there was this big harleyclubthere was about thirty bikes
know whether there s anyclubmeetings [?]at the moment[/?] f806: for for
hae found their niche healthclubs arrived a bigsie biggit
he cairrit a mukkil drollclubhe never mismade himsell whan
visiting team from largs stampclubled by [censored: forename] [censored: surname] who
bus drivers farm workers orclubcomedians perhaps such a comment
national trust for scotland bairnscluband een a singin group
erm sorta comin out acluband you know how that
as a whole and urgesclubchairman hugh scott either to
more to do tuesday 16clubchampionship v a birrell i
is why clubs are importantclublinks can provide a bridge
is there is still aclubthere i m sure it
fairly smartly dressed kind ofclubtype sort of wine bar
maine valley accordion and fiddlecluban they took colin dewar
i e flouer show boolincluban nae doot ithers is
bairnies awa to her fridayclubf1114: i m goin to
m1048: you are f1049: ourclubm1048: what for f1049: i
send for concert hall recordclubmembership 13 saturday repair door
witch trials 1596 1597 spaldingclubvol i p 49 given

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