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to university visit pubs andclubsand even throw themselves out
ban on smoking in pubsclubsand restaurants i have nowhere
the outside of our pubsclubsand restaurants if it is
illegal to smoke in pubsclubsand restaurants it is illegal
ventilated smoking areas in pubsclubsand restaurants so that those
forced into bankruptcy those pubsclubsand restaurants that do have
endangering their health those pubsclubsand restaurants that don t
than endure non smoking pubsclubsand restaurants the majority of
in most pubs in manyclubsat school gates which really
it intae like pubs anclubsf631: [laugh] no f689: with
smoke in in pubs andclubsin the centres of glasgow
proportion of licensed pubs andclubsoutside london notes the disproportionate
sang in a club agnesclubspubs concerts oh aye ah
in common the same nightclubsthe same restaurants they had
18 october 2000 the gamingclubshours scotland regulations 2000 ssi
18 october 2000 the gamingclubshours scotland regulations 2000 ssi
the following instrument the gamingclubshours scotland regulations 2000 ssi
clubs scheme 12 fox destructionclubsalso operate on foot and
estimate that scottish fox destructionclubscull approximately 3 600 adult
west of scotland fox destructionclubsgenerally use less dogs than
are currently 28 fox destructionclubsoperating mainly in the north
executive through the fox destructionclubsscheme 12 fox destruction clubs
are the mainstay of manyclubsand societies that enhance our
credit the burns societies andclubshave carried on that good
rural children claimed to attendclubsor societies however incomers to
old firm scottish premier leagueclubsfollowing the decision by rangers
attacks on non old firmclubsin the scottish premier league
for scottish premier league footballclubss1w 34880 cathy peattie to
breakfast clubs sporting and culturalclubsand informal education through youth
public houses and bars nightclubslicensed clubs sic 554 travel
burns clubs or football supportersclubsno women s guilds and
parent teacher associations no burnsclubsor football supporters clubs no
and bars night clubs licensedclubssic 554 travel agencies tour
recognise after school and breakfastclubssporting and cultural clubs and
clubs to share facilities encourageclubsto provide coaching facilities for
local authorities schools and sportsclubsto share facilities encourage clubs
chair scottish federation of supportersclubsmr david thomson assistant secretary
chair scottish federation of supportersclubsmr david thomson assistant secretary
i question whether football supportersclubsshould be viewed as either
to promote nairn s golfclubsas part of this strategy
out there wi their golfclubsat the weekend or during
borrowed a set of golfclubshowever and i m hoping
an a set o golfclubstae practice wi in case
accidentally knocked his hat offclubsand associations mutual improvement association
alcoholics anonymous no after schoolclubsor parent teacher associations no
effective alternatives such as breakfastclubsa huge expansion of the
across scotland support school breakfastclubsand the supply of free
fruit for children and breakfastclubsin schools in 1999 liberal
of the number of breakfastclubsin scotland and to provide
burns world federation individual burnsclubsand the many other organisations
in more than 300 affiliatedclubsi congratulate the federation on
the financial future of footballclubsthat the parliament regrets the
are committed to their footballclubsthose people are the best
contribution made by local footballclubsto the communities in which
local community unlike most footballclubswith gretna it s not
that partnership working with sportsclubsand others will make them
discussed the funding of sportsclubsin response to irene mcgugan
review of all the sportsclubsin scotland revealed that many
facilities more accessible however theclubshave to be seen to
s welfare association which runsclubsresidential homes and other facilities
educational work conducted by burnsclubsamong school children ten years
the outrage of the burnsclubsand the female readers of
setting up of school burnsclubsand with the sponsorship of
hear her organisation supports burnsclubsaround the world with no
and of the individual burnsclubsin keeping alive the works
coming battle with the burnsclubswhere she would be the
school and that is whyclubsare important club links can
help individual girls 9 branchclubsbrief summaries of club reports
the 23 british hare coursingclubsoperates in scotland this club
reciprocal members ties to londonclubsthe enterprising victorian artist c
london go to the jazzclubsthere maybe in the spring
dated 1938 [note: photo: 'the rules for the bervie and arbuthnott reading society.'] other earlyclubsand groups mentioned in news
primary schools improve support forclubsand groups that provide coaching
compared with that of localclubsor leisure groups 85 of
birth or membership of leisureclubsor local groups table of
saying about the relationship betweenclubsand schools i am interested
analysis of establishing after schoolclubsin primary schools and b
consulted some of their localclubsand organisations perhaps there was
national organisations local authorities andclubsget together at a scale
local and national organisations andclubsin order to build partnerships
give preliminary hints to anyclubsbeginning school competitions in seconding
every school cluster support entrepreneursclubsin universities and extend them
she s got after schoolclubssometimes she s got rainbows
yin o the local boolinclubsan yin nicht efter the
of co operation between localclubsand local authorities 14 15
receive standstill grants many localclubsreceive no grant at all
attracted to the under 18sclubsnotes that there are approximately
tv notes that the 10clubswhose revenue risks being adversely
together for social reasons inclubsthat are established to improve
set criteria that discriminate againstclubsof modest means and therefore
set criteria that discriminate againstclubsof modest means and therefore
it is future members theclubsneed to be encouraged to
and it is great theclubsand things f1037: absolutely amazing
things f1037: absolutely amazing theclubsand things in newca- i
now no fewer than 42clubswere engaged in this work
group for scotland s youthclubsand whose representatives i met
the s- of all theclubsin scotland hibs probably have
the west of scotland sixclubspromoted competitions on the songs
should intervene so that theclubscan look forward to a
thing should be kept forclubsin private rooms maclaurin said
should relax its rules onclubssharing grounds s1m 2060 alex
the watsonian and stewarts melvilleclubsand their wives guests might
organised by 23 british coursingclubsand about 1 500 people
the stewarts melville and watsonianclubsand mrs margaret [censored: surname] the
wider geographic spread of memberclubsand wishes the team its
the tayside and the bordersclubsdespite being what i would
councils and organisers of socialclubsher sample group were carefully
know to guilds and rotaryclubsround tables and often if
s aw these gentlemen sclubsthe this and the that
the siller like some itherclubsan tho it wid be
willing to lend me someclubswhich she s supposed to
there are blocks to voluntaryclubsgetting access to new buildings
elderly people who run lunchclubsfor example that breaks down
ever growing number of activeclubsit was only in 1911
the licensing of lap dancingclubss1w 26921 mr gil paterson
wis sprung the clash oclubsan cutless the shot o
selling the cards for theclubsthey em f810: the [?]k-cards[/?]

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