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was fill the scoal cuttlecoalcoal scuttle [laugh] scoal cuttle
coal scuttle [laugh] scoal cuttlecoalscuttle f631: [laugh] f634: and
fill the scoal cuttle coalcoalscuttle [laugh] scoal cuttle coal
the table tings an pokercoalscuttle an a hantle ither
coal scuttles there was acoalscuttle for each office [inhale]
much easier no no thecoalscuttle was filled to overflowing
behalf of confederation of ukcoalproducers calling for the scottish
from the confederation of ukcoalproducers members have been provided
by the confederation of ukcoalproducers outlining possible next steps
by the confederation of ukcoalproducers pe 422 pe 430
request the confederation of ukcoalproducers to give evidence to
from the confederation of ukcoalproducers which calls for a
made by coal mining andcoalminers to the economic social
work and from there tocoalmining and and and different
acknowledges the contribution made bycoalmining and coal miners to
cumulative effects of open castcoalmining and landfill on communities
on board opencast and deepcoalmining i hope that any
the adverse effects of opencastcoalmining in scotland petition pe369
on the impact of opencastcoalmining on public health we
at the local s- ehcoalmining survey the f- the
coal producers wishing to movecoalby rail and what action
any difficulties faced by scottishcoalproducers wishing to move coal
b which recommends that opencastcoaldevelopment is considered within the
steps in relation to opencastcoaldevelopment justice 2 committee 12
members who have had opencastcoaldevelopments in their constituencies will
areas of search for opencastcoalwhich could be blighted for
coal came from auchenblae robertscoalalso from auchenblae and still
bert cowie coal farmers boughtcoalby the wagonload from the
by horse and cart edwardscoalcame from auchenblae roberts coal
the stair m1098: bag ofcoalf1097: a bag of coal
occasionally sold venison bert cowiecoalfarmers bought coal by the
coal f1097: a bag ofcoalm1098: aye f1097: oh no
yer coal ran out yercoalm608: mmhm f638: ran out
works f638: fire because yercoalran out yer coal m608:
the basement and fill thecoalscuttles there was a coal
are you bringing up thecoaland i said well that
i m bringing up thecoalfor the fires and he
longer be bringing up thecoal[inhale] and i was so
they were bringing up theircoalthey had a blazing fire
the gairden neist tae thecoalshed an the wash hoose
and locks me in thecoalshed does he still love
sclim and sills to creepcoalshed roofs to climb and
it be lovely lots ofcoalmakin lots of heat lots
of me pause lots ofcoalmaking lots of heat lots
up in front o thecoalfire an used tae smell
mmhm m636: aye m635: [inaudible]coalfire cause because we were
central heating you had onecoalfire ehm and this this
to this hoose wi naecoalfire in t he sulket
and lounges and a realcoalfire in winter i hope
lyin in front o thecoalfire mind it dad pause
put the fire out thecoalfire right put the fire
jist is it s mycoalfire the idea wis brocht
that he could put drycoalinto his fire m1092: now
tae shovel in a supcoalthe fire hoastit oot a
at black bag likely forcoalan fin i wis up
gotten e corp intill ecoalbag an cairriet it ower
i got a bag ocoaltae tak hame i cam
be carrying a piece ofcoalf641: mm f639: so it
midnight brought a piece ofcoalfor good luck you returned
f965: and a piece ofcoalin fact our piece of
would carry a piece ofcoalin their hand that was
in fact our piece ofcoals probably still in that
their pay some farmers suppliedcoaland tatties as well and
pro- you know have enoughcoalto to heat the house
pit to produce lady hacoaland be a help to
kenneths wee pit for supplyingcoaland clay for the brick
to work in a smallcoaland limestone pit situated about
sow an reap hack thecoalfrae the pit heid waa
he s got some drycoalto pit in the engine
get front bedroom finished getcoala lot 15 wednesday electric
the underworld the dark dangerouscoalworld pause cause see when
of me bringin up thecoal[inhale] but one of the
describe it [inhale] and thecoalwas kept in the cellar
worst possible combination [laugh] nocoal[laugh] f965: oh with no
kept as high as possiblecoalof course was rationed and
unlock childhood s door butcoalis hard and black its
picks yon rich black diamondscoalthey maun only hope as
that would open up allcoalbearing areas in scotland to
whaur there s nou acoalree for the open cast
said secks was what ercoalcame in that s right
men came back from thecoalmines that was before margaret
offers o mair neeps ancoalbit it wis tae the
a tin an mak winnincoalmair o a loasin gemm
he howks nae mair knockshinnochcoalnae mair breathes stour in
haw tree i fand twacoalsecks left ready for neist
a been stappit intill twacoalshovels in perfeck condeetion as
wi twa three lumps ocoalwis t thrift that draye
still taking the lump ofcoalthe whisky and things like
on while we still havecoalwednesday 16 choir cancelled friday
run on steam you putcoalin the engine m1110: no
an sticks nae badderin wicoalan shortly get a gweed
the barrae and get thecoaland aw them f643: on
to hurry and get thecoaland then on a sunday
out ye didnae get enoughcoaldurin the war f637: it
some kinnlin and lumpies ocoalthen i d get up
john and they cairted thecoalf643: and they flung aw
and they flung aw thecoaloff in the garden john
sunday and pick aw thecoalup ye wanted m642: aye
question that m636: spewin thecoalout m608: boys would go
it thought like a smoulderingcoalout out with words away
the reek of peat andcoalwhich they puffed out hung
job to bring up thecoaland he said nonsense what
it brunt awa tae stoorcoalthat wis bankit up wi
day to bring up thecoalyou will no longer be
the boy that [inaudible] thecoalbig lumps is rollin oot
oot and there was hugecoaloh [laugh] m642: and they
o the road by thecoalree twae men cam oot
know the fires run oncoal[laugh] he said no no
[laugh] f965: oh with nocoal[laugh] you always had to
the chap o hemmers brekkincoalan the scrape o shuils
aye a whole lot ocoaland that f643: it was
caur for anither raik ocoalcontinued jock an they were
an a fyow orrals ocoaleence fin i lookit in
a load o hard wrochtcoalfor smeekit glesca dugs bark
gie t a shofelfae ocoali aye likit e smell
the fence an dumped thecoalin the buit o the
the ree humphin secks ocoalsclimmt the fence an dumped
ower a backie fu ocoalsheds an fooshtit trock the
was aye a difference atweencoalthat wisna lit or wis
burned mabel thinks that somecoalcould be added to the
to include some provision forcoalsuch a policy is not
road lads in aboot forcoaltee aye an faar s
man who wrocht at acoalwork a year and a
naebodie locks me in thecoalhouss an ah m no
from the horles to thecoalface and one day he
cleaned it an stockit thecoalpail wi pail an the
an poker stood in thecoalskuttle alive wi shaddas an
the farmer as well ascoaland peats this was very
it was before the nationalcoalboard baird and dalmellington was
a draught under it ascoaldoes there was a bar
is the same word ascoalin the dialect there was
this severely affects the scottishcoalindustry by placing increased demands
the increased transportation of importedcoaland is concerned that this
were about 20 miners producingcoaland my father he wrought
say that first the europeancoaland steel community then the
that advocated the regulation ofcoaland steel the raw materials
originally a part of acoalcellar and it had just
us he knew more aboutcoalcutting machines and pan runs
chain f1023: a- and thecoalit would be originally a
it means glowing embers ofcoalpeat wood etc and it
and of course s- thecoalscuttles were very heavy so
an illnes lee lee thecoalboard didnae see it that
left after they burned thecoalat the gas works f638:
for a guarantee that exploitablecoaldeposits are accorded positive policies
side each other producing muchcoalfor the furnaces but i
two or three lumps ofcoalseemingly huddled together for warmth
depressing news going about thiscoalstrike has been dreadful where
large lump or two ofcoalback to the house mr
taken away ben into thecoalface to draw of his
of sufficient capacity to transportcoalon the national rail network
326 scott barrie transportation ofcoalthat the parliament notes that
to your rememberance the oldcoalcarters i will begin with
aff maggie you scrubbed thecoalcellar with bleach carolanne it
geed heelster gowdie doon acoalhole reid the farmer always
ti lock ye in thecoalhouss in here ye r
one ship uses 14 cutscoalin a journey how many
shown dem them piltocks saithecoalfish dem them bere barley

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