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a coin not a largecoina very small coin at
large coin a very smallcoinat the bottom of the
a small orange and acoinnot a large coin a
i canna vanse plucked thecoinand took him by the
her surely mitchel held acoinout for vanse weir s
reached a dead end tocoina metaphor but at the
the floor for her lostcointhen come the finding and
be his aim can hecoinsome original phrase on the
she hands over the finalcoinand peggy passes it to
weekend he hands over acoinreluctantly ye fairlie ken hou
one had to turn thecoinin this balancing exercise and
for i have found thecoinwhich i had lost each
opposite side of the economiccoinfurther to that will the
other side of the anglingcoinj a b envisage the
the other side o thecoinyou re paying all that
and a woman s preciouscoinperhaps it was a piece
her mind again takes acoinfrom her bag smooths the
coins if she loses onecoindoes not light a lamp
the like o ye sillercoinnur braw o b e
ashore and hammer a silvercoinedge first into the old
old men with one coldcoinsuns may sink and sally
see both sides of thecoinwe are often preoccupied with
put the money into thecoinslot now having dealt with
cryit called cuil cool cuinyiecoincuisin cousin cuiver cover dae
in his pouch for acoinwutch ye l finnd it
or whoever toss of thecoinof course decided who would
had to put in anothercoinwondering if there was a
will you give me acoinwill ye woah f1089: right
and who will dare tocoina smile at those who
mummy gie you a acoinand ye can rub it
wee quine faain like acoingaun plop screich gings the
is a wobbly up tossedcointhe crunch on sand is

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