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places i lived in freezingcoldf641: mm f639: we re
the bus in the freezingcoldf813: but you now know
forced to endure life incoldfreezing homes westminster has played
f1018: i still use freezingcoldm1019: freezin f1018: aye m1019:
in helsinki on time freezingcoldwandered round and came upon
even when it s freezingcoldwe ambled past the big
time standing in the freezingcoldwi millions of people m816:
clock in the mornin freezingcoldwoke up wi the police
cold [censored: forename] s got thecoldand you ve got the
put bakin m1015: mmhm f1054: coldanybody else wi cold m1015:
we ve all got thecold[censored: forename] s got the cold
ve done the same wicoldcold f1054: cool probably just
f1054: good m1022: cold f1054: coldcold m1022: nithered nithered f1054:
sold as a as acoldcold meat f1054: i ve
or glad f1054: good m1022: coldf1054: cold cold m1022: nithered
done the same wi coldcoldf1054: cool probably just no
somewey cold m1110: granda [censored: surname]coldf1109: granda [censored: surname] s cold
bide m1110: it s socoldf1109: somewey somewey cold m1110:
some cold put on somecoldf1111: i didn t hear
it s getting a bitcoldf1112: we are cold [inaudible]
cold f1109: granda [censored: surname] scoldfarr gra- m1110: can i
and cold i was socoldhe whoever he was removed
i tremble with fear andcoldi was so cold he
bit cold f1112: we arecold[inaudible] you want your hair
f1054: cold anybody else wicoldm1015: cauld m1016: cauld m1014:
good m1022: cold f1054: coldcoldm1022: nithered nithered f1054: never
so cold f1109: somewey someweycoldm1110: granda [censored: surname] cold f1109:
as a as a coldcoldmeat f1054: i ve never
s cold progress through thecoldnight sky my mouth feels
m cold very very verycoldpause are you ed drops
nor is the moon scoldprogress through the cold night
it is put on somecoldput on some cold f1111:
knee silence doll i mcoldvery very very cold pause
am i tired weather verycold19 saturday a very busy
dumpling if the weather wascoldand every day there were
thursday 12 fine weather justcoldenough to make it lively
to 3 service good weathercoldi cut my finger nail
our rink 24 10 verycoldnot bowling weather sunday 14
at ingleston the weather iscoldrainy but we enjoy the
the weather s been verycoldso i thought i d
sidings the weather was verycoldvery wet and very windy
if you re getting thecoldweather and i m not
to meet up when thecoldweather is over you may
very welcome in the increasinglycoldweather later in the evening
joke well i hope thiscoldweather means we ll get
awful rosy cheeks in thecoldweather there would be this
t getting worse in thiscoldweather you will have to
fine morning but weather turnscoldwet afternoon 11 saturday scouters
meant tae be hot iscoldan the stuff that s
s pleased tired unwell hotcoldand annoyed we ve covered
theresa are full of thecoldand i am getting hot
that pleased tired unweel hotcoldannoyed this is the last
being hot yes m1055: andcoldf1009: well funnily enough i
that s right hot andcoldf1114: [inaudible] see what s
could eat it hot orcoldfit else did ma mither
that s meant tae becoldis hot an the trays
at 350 serve hot orcoldold fashioned tomato soup serves
35 mins serve hot orcoldor with melted cheese on
together boswell blew hot andcoldover the man who was
the use of electricity hotcoldrunning water and automobiles unmarried
of fish in a hotcoldshower a spider on hairy
loft insulation draughtproofing hot andcoldtank and pipe insulation and
hot cal f1054: what abootcoldthe opposite o that f1040:
s see pleased annoyed hotcoldtired good to throw something
so we ve done hotcoldunwell m1010: no weel aye
ve got everything there hotcoldunwell tired pleased annoyed throw
at 375 serve hot orcoldwith salad cabbage nut loaf
wood baroque ice runnels sculptcoldcurlicues sky s ebineezer gray
and he s eating acoldf1114: what's- ice cream cone
visit to the bountiful icecoldmother provider of a fridge
added the cuffs were icecoldon his wrists and alba
our feet in the icecoldstream i the mirknin paurk
is that better tha- icecoldthat m1106: ow mum mum
a merciless sun drinking icecoldwater on the way so
remarks given that it iscoldand dark in here my
summer it s dark andcoldand miserable too but i
sometimes leave people stranded atcolddark bus stops are not
edinburgh in january short darkcolddays and a house which
away away into the darkcoldearth cammy jist tell us
dark eclipse it was toocoldfor keening his pillow smelt
scotland dark grey wet andcoldin mid november he had
four o clock on acoldnovember morning and a dark
wake in the dark feelingcoldthe moon and the northern
winter it s dark andcoldwell admittedly in summer it
mmhm f689: it s toocoldat winter [laugh] f631: [laugh]
admitted in the fornoon acoldday wt winter s grip
but i mean it wascoldin the winter only lit
level as a summer placecoldin winter with frosts and
winter advances but the intensecoldis still not with us
the loam cruickshank gardens wintercoldpond s a puckered mouth
the bacteria that was incoldstorage all winter for i
about this forecast of acoldwinter dave doesn t think
[laugh] it will be acoldwinter this year yeah f965:
noo your water s gettingcoldand it s time you
reached it the water wascoldand the floor was flooded
water especially water in acolddeep scottish loch but this
water noo is it f1122: coldf1121: is it too caul
is melting then that releasescoldfresh water into the sea
large handfuls of lentils undercoldrunning water put in a
salted boiling water cover withcoldwater 1 tblspn oil 2
few mins then plunge incoldwater 2 tblspn oil 1
30 mins bitkis ¼ pintcoldwater 2 thick slices bread
tsp salt 4 tablespns suetcoldwater 6 tablespns sauce piquante
a a big dish withcoldwater and sit it in
the pan top up withcoldwater bring to the boil
a pan and cover withcoldwater bring to the boil
years for one complete cyclecoldwater coming into it could
soft ball in cup ofcoldwater cool slightly add vanilla
f1121: eh f1122: i needcoldwater for me f1121: that
the pan then add freshcoldwater for the desired amount
in a wee drop ofcoldwater go and put down
4 oz butter 6 tspcoldwater mix rub in add
for me f1121: that scoldwater noo is it f1122:
work a bathroom but onlycoldwater of a dubious yellow
and showered themselves in thecoldwater of the natural spring
a girl you wanting somecoldwater right can you mix
d have been comfortable thatcoldwater s made me hungry
a erm sink wi acoldwater tap and that s
water she d only likecoldwater tap f1027: was it
in the churn with goodcoldwater this was drained off
having a bucket of emotionalcoldwater thrown over you bringing
out then worked it incoldwater till all the buttermilk
water yeah i remember f640: coldwater to ke- keep it
in to keep f641: withcoldwater yeah i remember f640:
think if it s acoldbut dry saturday morning you
the early morning aroma ofcolddeep fat from the cheapest
30 in the morning withcoldfeet she leaves for work
there was sleet and verycoldin the morning the wheeper
a monday morning in thecoldlight of day somebody somewhere
empties its screech into acoldmorning here fjords are doors
am suffering from a badcoldthis morning although i thought
eight the night had beencoldand there was a film
get sunday 20th nov anothercoldnight 11ºc and falling as
somewhere far away from thecoldnight air with one enormous
somewhere far away from thecoldnight air with one enormous
somewhere far away from thecoldnight air with one enormous
s choir at leslie acoldnight we shiver in the
good night but hall iscoldtuesday 21 dr mc 5
just a snack maybe acoldturkey sandwich later at night
monday 24 hat night verycoldwe lose is it experience
different isn t it ehmcoldf1006: shiverin ehm f1054: you
mmhm mmhm f1054: whit abootcoldf1023: frozen f1027: aye freezin
and if it s verycoldi m shiverin f1054: yeah
m815: it s when thecoldair hits you and you
you go outside in thecoldair m816: [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]
co2 emissions by infiltration ofcoldair reduction in building fabric
us through allowing lots ofcoldair to pass through the
the fresh air just plaincoldand raw and feeling as
castel n castle cauld acoldcausie n road caw v
canna v cannot cauld acoldcaw v call drive ceitie
cannilie adv gently cauld acoldcaw v call drive ceitie
snaw n snow snell acoldsnuive v glide socht v
snaw n snow snell acoldsnuive v glide souch n
afternoon that it is verycoldand that it is getting
started coming down with thecoldgetting developing a really f1150:
amalgamated st basil s verycoldand sad inside as restoration
remember going out on verycoldfebruary days with the keeper
back in f1093: still verycoldisn t it [inaudible] m1094:
cath mary with very heavycoldmary has touch of bronchitis
ooh that s a bitcoldokay i m very clean
of yoghourt very good breadcoldsoft boiled eggs and coffee
but it was never verycoldthursday managed to change some
the light they are verycoldwith each other chrissie fit
snaw n snow snell acoldsojer n soldier souch n
f1121: mmhm it is reallycoldand there s s- lots
[laugh] [shriek] f1121: is itcoldf1122: aye f1121: is it
touch touch f1121: is itcoldf1122: aye i m going
lapland that s a reallycoldplace f1121: mmhm it is
wouldn t have been toocoldbut i think you just
f1112: i was co- toocoldf1111: it wouldn t have
minutes before i got toocoldi had to go back
skies sunny and not toocoldi heard it was about
my fingers were actually toocoldto pull the trigger lord
way sometimes ye get acoldafter ye ve had a
when you ve got acoldf1112: uh huh f1111: what
nose have you got thecoldf1114: yes f1113: you ve
[laugh] m1000: [laugh] f1053: ehmcoldm1000: well i ve nothing
s another one m1021: nocoldm1022: i ve got two
and you ve got thecoldmmhm f1114: that s a
you ve still got thecoldthen cause you re kinda
i ve put on thecoldwe touch any food unless
what ve we got forcoldwe ve got eh freezin
the opposite o that f1144: coldwhat ve we got for
one bottle beer add beercoldbeef stroganoff 2 lbs good
still bad rain heavy cloudcoldgood rehearsal thursday 22 to
3rd birkenhead camp good welcomecoldovernight 22 saturday backwoodsman bdge
good day but a littlecoldwe vice pres side win
number i got a terriblecoldat the moment i guess
cause it s all gotcoldin the horseriding f1099: [censored: forename]
got a touch of thecold[laugh] [laugh] m1007: you ll
ill he s got thecoldm1098: oh sick he nae
fact monboddo is no bettercoldand broken down and grim
is coming down with thecoldand i went home early
t write anything down forcoldand you would think there
flirtatious bustles a trickle ofcoldbeer runs down a glass
downstairs but i ll becolddown here f1093: no you
they were down in thecoldmornings down on standin on
down clouds clam up withcoldthe bay is damp white
hardy for i never catchcoldbut i m feeling the
call eh it it nevercoldit was call f1040: mm
heated the milk and addedcoldoatcakes but i never could
never in contact with thecoldon the spot shoe mending
a big fat blister andcoldsore it s never bloody
in a household that iscoldenough to put residents at
yes she will get thecoldif we don t put
here the living room scoldcause the radiator isna up
up cause they might becoldf1111: yes we ll have
no cause it will becoldon the bike f1136: it
scarf cause it might becoldoutside [laugh] f940: [laugh] well
mostly trousers cause it wascoldyou know and if you
11 monday to lathalmond stillcold12 tuesday in house at
goes in 28 saturday stillcoldwe have a spending spree
her voice was not unlikecoldtea being strained through gravel
his knees the metal leakingcoldthrough his pants trousers rather
and self respect the intensecoldwas seeping through her flimsy
them so much as thecoldafter an hour s rest
our feet were always socoldan f746: mm f978: walking
used to feel it socoldan we just had you
yeah i do have thecoldbut yeah f834: so eh
and that his touch socoldcan wither in a day
wander again there s acolddraught from the windows so
m1108: aye so he scoldf1107: that s right it
the bedroom it was socoldf641: [laugh] icicles in the
there when its not socoldi m going to have
get so used to thecoldit s the dryness i
white thoughts so empty acoldmind you wouldn t believe
so your feet dinna getcoldright one foot up f1114:
his favourite they are almostcoldso he can eat them
almost see the hurricane scoldspray so calm he seems
ye re nithered ye recoldtae the bone so ye
glaciers the arctic is socoldthat 3 or 4 c
f978: oh it s socoldthe snow i don t
has been fighting off acoldthis week so we have
the day was spent patrollingcoldand damp bonded warehouses where
sleet showers all day bittercoldapril 3 thursday anniversary day
top on a bright butcoldday we had a great
turned out to be acoldwet day and instead of
snawing ootside and it wascoldand and then she would
its usual magic i wascoldand sort of shrunken and
was that he had acoldand was just trying to
it was soft stuff eatencoldas a pudding another dish
i was exposed to thecoldat its worst i don
yes last week it wascoldaunt mary s sweater came
blaikie the store was infernallycoldbut i had to stand
wrapped themselves together against thecoldbut joseph was not here
[censored: forename] has her second russiancoldbut was in at the
don t you feel thecoldca na maria was an
wholly wrong he must learncolddetachment intimacy was a messy
separately to keep the creamcolddinner time was often the
in the gutter it scoldenough in fact it was
for dinner and later oncoldfor tea if there was
it was maybe a bitcoldfor you you just liked
bed oh yeah it wascoldin some of those places
was really sunny in acoldkind of wintry way an
was on like see thecoldmeat aisle i thought it
woman asked me where thecoldmeat was and i m1048:
it was chickenpox or acoldmmhm m1008: mmhm yeah m1055:
there he says it wascoldmost of the time and
millicent s mother was acoldold trout gave her a
fact it was not especiallycoldonly a sharp contrast to
early start it was oftencoldsilverside of beef spread with
to set this was eatencoldslice by slice during the
sange froid my blood rancoldthere was evidence and no
of surfaces it was acolduncertain isolate existence lived besides
anyone stepping in from thecoldwet flagstones outside was the
it was more commonly eatencoldye couldna keep the jars
home if it was reallycoldye know that s aaright
an if it was reallycoldye used tae either buff
associated wi bein in thecoldf1043: well i just had
england [inaudible] ehm what abootcoldm1010: just just just cauld
just say i m feelingcoldor and if it s
summer but it wasn tcoldwe just had no sunshine
short of paralysed with thecoldbut i must have nodded
sympathise with her having acoldbut i suspect that in
strict old men with onecoldcoin suns may sink and
appeared with dishes of stonecoldcongealed fried eggs this unhelpfulness
fold cream into mixture whencolddecorate with choc sultana cake
up dirty closes and incoldempty houses with girls i
with them it is mostcoldi doubt if they will
hare s ears quiver withcoldin spider shrouds the moist
laid new fires knelt oncoldlinoleum lobbies with tins of
with clenched buttocks and acoldshe may well be a
food cheese again roast beefcoldvarious salads along with champagne
prey to my second sovietcoldand then around 4am on
daddy lyin alone in thecoldchurch then ah stood and
layer of jam and thencoldcustard on f718: [inaudible] m1078:
could o been cheese orcoldmeat and then f637: tomat-
then sometimes you would getcoldmeat for dinner i ll
then placing it on thecoldstone floor to cool for
worried but forget in workcold22 saturday wake early coll
a knife like that incoldblood sadie sensible but nae
f807: [cough] mmhm no f806: coldbut apparently they have two
everyone remembers it not exactlycoldbut cloudy and damp it
to dockyard church it iscoldbut father cuts out the
word but it s notcoldeh we used tae speak
f1104: nae fann it scoldf1103: no but we ll
but fresh wind a littlecoldfor bathing 7 wednesday to
but i m feeling thecoldnow and my nose is
now has a streaming headcoldand is feeling low we
i fumbled for the nowcoldcup of tea deposited some
dad has been nursing acoldfor a few days now
now the bizarre fuar thollcoldhollow while the munro now
now jet black in thecoldlight before i can say
gawn stane alane cweel forcoldnow appears to be obsolete
m suffering from a summercoldthere s a lot of
people were living in dampcoldhouses and could not afford
not going back to thecoldnorth when you could stay
at some station and thecoldone removed you could heat
freezin or it s bittercoldoutside or you could say
we were led into thecoldfor an audio visual show
tumbled back out into thecoldsunlight of the main street
chaperoned by flotsam into acoldwedding coastlines were abattoirs passports
mmhm m1096: [laugh] like reallycoldf1095: are they m1096: aye
is a dish best servedcoldf606: [audience laugh] [laugh] yeah well
scotland it s quite oftencold[inaudible] [laugh] m941: [inaudible] it
in there [laugh] what abootcoldthe opposite o that f1144:
no [inaudible] no this feelscoldf1105: hmm m1106: mum change
about the beaches [inaudible] kindacoldf1136: [note: nearly a minute's silence] f1135: oh [censored: forename]
remember a summer like itcoldand wet in may a
it you micht catch acoldbeaumont comes in looking for
it would be done incoldblood as as a rule
f1135: it s a bitcoldfor that today oh there
and cake first they hadcoldfowl and it took a
this urban waste it scoldi pull my jacket close
here f1093: no it scoldin here m1094: [whimper] f1093:
death it postpones death thecoldis biting me in my
on record and while notcoldit has certainly been lacking
up in the blankets thecoldof the year for it
m1094: [whimper] f1093: it scoldoutside tonight isn t it
to gordys well for acoldrefreshing drink i might say
feel defenceless as well ascoldthe rest of the operation
sleep if you exact thiscolddrawn cruelty this monstrous callous
of the place catches acoldif not the flu bp
gladstone said if you arecoldtea will warm you if
front wall in afternoon getcoldin gums have to retire
let alone get a bitcoldmeat weel aabody kens fit
neighbour a bit of acoldfish stiff and unbending as
its own had turned bloodycoldand bold bad experienced fiona
and warmed milk others hadcoldor warmed milk or milk
inside from the c ccoldand unpeel all the layers
is offering him half acoldchip from the pocket in
shoulder i come from acoldcountry even our rose is
a cow shredded and eatencoldin a jelly made from
hook i hung from thecoldreceiver heavy news dripped grief
a boulder give him thecoldshoulder i come from a
mistletoe spots bo halitosis andcoldsores save us from lotharios
from pen to typewriter helpedcoldsteel seemed to place a
sliver of light from acoldsunset and watched you fall
took you in from thecoldwind shall not rot you
in a herb sauce servedcoldand bananas flambéd in vodka
for lunch at mti acoldbrown breadcrumbed sausage and potatoes
implants a thrush enjoying acoldcollation of red thai chicken
offered her a handful ofcolddead fish the planter james
patrick spens is pacing acolddeserted shore my own favourite
seat f1126: need a seatcoldf1125: are we tired after
prints left behind by acoldhare after the frost has
is a turnip caal iscoldhaun is hand quine is
that i have a heavycoldi will try to plough
a thundering lorry hit mecoldin the crutch and the
worship your ancestors in thecoldlight of your poems a
all runnin roon in thecoldm642: have a listen tae
bric a brac of bonescoldoperating tables dripping red bruises
is a twin caal iscoldor unfeeling bogle is a
squirt to soothe a streamingcoldorange is a tease not
scuds along on sturdy wingscoldpond s a puckered mouth
neo nazi i concluded acoldqueried sandra the fisherman s
the mother s response acoldrefusal even to question existing
that as this is acoldroom ladies and gentlemen can
as this is a rathercoldroom we will have a
ghost the death rattle acoldspring the buds in the
tied round your neck acoldsteeping your feet in a
before midday at a smallcoldtown called riihimäki sitting on
in a wee drop morecold[water running] are these ducks going
can be kind in itscoldway like a social worker
20 monday east wind notcoldcloudy 25 saturday to meet
the place not going anywherecoldcrows and stone grey skies
not make progress because ofcoldwar tensions however atrocities and
are not built for thecoldwhich comes draughts find passages
scots rose lay stiff andcoldbe t foul or fair
month ago i went totalcoldturkey haven t even bought
an jean s aye peeincoldcomfort yon wee sandy at
foot as though he scolddespite the sun his smoking
s kames s and thecoldhard stares of others such
stipe there s nothing evasivecoldor difficult about him today
the shelter in the growingcoldand darkness watching the rain
lies like ash in twocoldarms two deaths on the
captured comrades were shot incoldblood five were sentenced to
lamb in the field itscoldcaw spelt out needs that
mark in squares before quitecoldcheap tablet 2 lbs sugar
coughing men shuffling in thecoldcollars turned up to their
butter in pan chop upcoldcooked potatoes and sauté for
in the centre of thecoldcurrent the sky is grey
scottish households of living incolddamp homes versus warm dry
my cupped ear five hourscoldin his bed my father
lass happily strolling in thecoldkilted lad girl in trousers
fat flame shivers in thecoldlike cherry sprays of ink
the neighbours in the recentcoldspell over in the hostal
can take to assist alpinecoldstores ltd in upgrading the
sixties probably when in thecoldwar years when there weren
to run about in thecoldyou know first thing in
you are giving me thecoldstare presiding officer i will
own likes and stuck tocoldmilk pudding when available they
sun dappled sea terrace growscoldand fiddle is restless to
she is undemonstrative and appearscoldhearted georgie sister of chrissie
where i am immobile thecoldis reaching me i should
yur auld brother blue wicoldwhite wi starvation grey wi
only one blanket and feelingcolddespite the stifling heat i
predatory cat i imagined thecoldemptiness of the house itself
chilly i would have forcoldm1008: aye nippy m1007: nippy
time came to brave thecoldand assault the kremlin we
crisp new minted moon shinescoldand certain storm clouds shatter
jostle where tide rushes forwardcoldand coffin grey seagulls and
of trodden clay damp andcoldat this time of year
the hills cast against thecoldface of the moon and
as measles and the commoncoldoilman apocalyptic asses rear and
and braced himself against thecoldsteel rail of the escape
painted or carved snow rathercoldgreat treat our free theatre
cast her mother as thecoldone the inferior half of
tonight 7 thursday have badcoldto bed early rain all
found history as exciting ascoldporridge trudging round lichen encrusted
oot to drive out caalcoldcaap wooden bowl caddled of
1971 he gives caul forcoldfa wha for who fat
breaking furnishings an additional hazardcoldviolent seasickness among many passengers

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