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newspapers which have to datecollected20 000 signatures on their
something like 500 signatures werecollectedin 48 hours there is
see 1 888 signatures werecollectedin less than a week
become associated with corpus linguisticscollecteda corpus of data and
care malcolm chisholm prescription datacollectedcentrally are not patient specific
in which existing data arecollectedi have raised a number
english and gaelic the datacollectedindicates that most widely spoken
required data can often becollectedmore cost effectively by means
2002 why no data iscollectedon literacy rates in prisons
the useful data that werecollectedto inform policy on osteoporosis
the basic data to becollectedwe have said how we
united kingdom statistics that arecollectedabout fires in all types
to ensure that those statisticscollectedand published are relevant transparent
the scottish executive whether statisticscollectedon the participation in and
songs that he wrote hecollectedhundreds more he never charged
of the hundreds that hecollectedi will not sing although
these songs have also beencollectedelsewhere and the extent of
for the songs that hecollectedhe said that they were
number and quality of songscollectedin scotland have earned us
new water tax would becollectedby the inland revenue in
for the distribution of revenuecollectedin respect of business rates
system which allows the revenuecollectedwithin the area of a
6 liz lochhead dreaming frankensteincollectedpoems edinburgh polygon 1984 p
72 3 3 sylvia plathcollectedpoems london 1981 pp 210
further comparison with pagan scollectedpoems which does not include
shetland dialect and english werecollectedin 1994 and 1997 her
aboyne 1994 when the pupilscollectedthe remaining dialect from friends
like to get answers arecollectedand then categorised into those
like to get answers arecollectedand then categorised into those
publish the memories and photographscollectedover the years as with
publish the memories and photographscollectedover the years as with
of 14 september 1840 thecollectedletters of thomas and jane
significant portion of lawrence scollectedletters tell us much about
on the way back shecollectedmore milk and delivered it
time mrs strachan from craighillcollectedthe farmers milk from the
used a converted car andcollectedthe milk from whiteriggs on
the information has not beencollectedby those methods in the
scottish executive how information wascollectedfor indicators of sustainable development
research and information group hascollectedfrom scottish local authorities information
information that we have wascollectedin august craig russell will
and use all the informationcollectedin the census census information
s research and information groupcollectedinformation from scottish local authorities
the works of those whocollectedthem or tried to draw
herder s version in hiscollectedworks still under the title
mti for a few hourscollectedmy passport my visa has
wallace says that the cbicollectedsome views but that should
its implications and without havingcollectedviews from the various participants
money is expected to becollectedin water and sewerage charges
the owners of the propertycollectedinsurance money they failed to
take money for them hecollectedwith the greatest assiduity he
her husband osiris after havingcollectedhis shattered body she buried
what percentage of the numbercollectednationally each of these figures
in the document which wascollectedin september mr johnston can
as she and [censored: forename] hadcollectedmusic together over many years
that subscriptions continued to becollecteduntil five years ago when
steps to ensure that moniescollectedin fines for road traffic
to the lawfulness of evidencecollectedin accordance with the provisions
the evidence that has beencollectedthrough homelessness and local housing
over 23 million has beencollectedby the scottish courts in
to farms by lorry andcollectedat night these included italians
class singers from whom theycollectedand carefully selected areas of
let him on and hecollectedcoins from the passengers our
was interesting the sap scollectedfrom the trees and then
drips and lots of honeycollected[note: photo: 'presentation to rev. barron on the occasion of his retirement in 1933. l to r: lady arbuthnott; mr carson, headmaster; mrs barron; rev barron.'] parish ministers from 1850
skins in the 1930s hecollectedrabbit skins he came from
er agnes owen s ercollectedshort stories and er one
many discarded hypodermic needles werecollectedin public places in each
hae yer kist would becollectedan taken tae yer new
van at new year hecollectedeverybody s enamel pie dishes
thought for a moment thencollectedher coat but what about
eggs tae the miller ancollectedher pyock o meal then
stationary and gets the postcollectedand sent out he has
my passport my visa hascollectedanother stamp hooray chatted to
in la paz after darkcollectedthe two large pink sacks
caught in scotland have beencollectedby the secretary of state
had been changed the firstcollectededition of the parliamentary acts
soaking into his socks itcollectedin a neat puddle on
in plastic bags which alicecollectedin her jeep later when
folk tale and nursery rhymescollectedby norah and william montgomerie
have that it will becollectedin the future we give
condition is not routinely centrallycollectedand believes that an independent
rendering process of bse materialcollectedand disposed of and who
the ballads began to becollectedand written down in the
signed bits of paper andcollectedpasses i felt the handle
their desks the older girlscollectedthe empty dishes and helped
tatties that had to becollectedyou shared a scull with
auld claes sayin to becollectedi picked up the suitcase
executive what the council taxcollectedwas as a percentage of
50 per cent of rentcollectedserviced existing debt the total
to assess that is beingcollectedat present the 2001 act
the universitetskaya hotel so wecollectedthat before travelling on to
to the cove where wecollectedsea weed to fertilise ca
fair ravenous for meat ahvcollectedenough wid tae keep this

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