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glug glug glug mollie thecolliechaws an auld coo s
stoop there wis hot dogscolliedogs an daschunds weirin spots
o each sappy moo thecolliehoggin the seat ower in
hair as ruggy s acollies tail shot frae the
fired a puckle squibs acolliedug got sic a fleg
congested noisy streets like acollieemerging jubilantly from a dip
the lik i carlyle eftircolliefoxin wi twa reteired almerals
junipere an inglis an macollies cryed staun kiz he
park flee aff at galluscollies bark a beech tree
petition by fred and maureencolliecalling for the scottish parliament
neist bairns efter thon thecolliedug benjy last ava that
airt mysel an like acolliedug gaun awa bye tae
cases such as chhokar andcolliefailing this might sound melodramatic
an the blaik an fitecollies lugs gaed doon at

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