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sho writes for people ofcolorhave always theorized but in
she writes for people ofcolorhave always theorized but in
pikkil mair they l pitcolorin yeir chowks queen doubtfully
yin 813 859 32 thecoloro lyfe ssu k ung
it wes a brounie graycolorit looks lyke the burd
a kynd o brounie graycolorit wesna richt it suid
a kynd o brounie graycolormaistlie she haes kynd o
an ah dinna lyke thiscolorin hir chowks she s
the muin an shaw thecoloro ma peilie chowks faucher
sichts an keep the naitralcoloro yeir chowks whan mynes
success in america words likecolorhonor and center being in
the mair she tint hircolorawthegither an grew fauch an
his murderers droukit in thecoloro thair trade thair dirks
s a kynd o dullcolorfollows olga to the ballroom
blankets juist look at thecoloro t it seems ti
o ma dochters is affcoloran whan the bairns ir
t u 834 908 thecoloro lyfe wad that we
richt aneuch an frae thecoloro ye yeir grace yeir

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