See this word as a collocate cloud

once did the old boycomeafter me calling me back
put it back on f1113: comeand i ll make your
is this that ye cancomeand tak a man back
for deeint bit it aycomeback a determined breet e
craiters in t fin yecomeback a month ir twa
the mornin and he dcomeback about nine o clock
quite cheap maybe i willcomeback again f1112: how f1111:
lowsit daniel will he nocomeback again lat the müne
the jacobite will ye nocomeback again wp50 51 as
literature and language was tocomeback alive it would come
huts and equipment they didcomeback and again reseeded the
who should be retired cancomeback and and ehm what
deana with him beaumont nevercomeback and deana awa wi
and eh i was gonnaecomeback and do an arts
first and then we llcomeback and do the trolley
m608: aye m194: and thencomeback and do their normal
uh huh m642: so icomeback and forrit fae kennaway
ve asked those people tocomeback and give us feedback
tat- eh tatties and wecomeback and my mother gave
yeah f1105: aye she cancomeback and play another time
so they would need tocomeback and review this in
few years time we cancomeback and say that a
first and then we llcomeback and see the horsies
with her children i llcomeback and sleep here i
immediately i think i llcomeback as a cat next
your breakfast ready fin youcomeback as alexander holmes an
us over an we dcomeback at five or six
surgery he wis telt taecomeback at ten o clock
e birds i couldna bitcomeback ay till e mirror
berna mah laddie uh llcomeback aye he ll come
left the profession and hadcomeback because of the war
is why i have notcomeback before now with a
me a wrack when icomeback but spare me as
were damaged and would nevercomeback but that doesn t
is when the the guyscomeback cause they quite often
and i decided i wouldcomeback down to ayr my
i had to kind ofcomeback eh eh for m608:
bother f1187: hi [third speaker apologises] f66: comeback erm at four for
look after this i willcomeback f1089: mmhm m1090: yeah
colours are they m1110: mamcomeback f1109: mum s nae
s finished an the laddiescomeback fae bein sodgers then
ye a hoose fur mecomeback fin yer ninety ye
them they re not realcomeback fiona come clumping along
[laugh] [inaudible] f1111: people winnacomeback for a haircut if
mr elliot especially for havingcomeback for a second week
back for [censored: forename] i llcomeback for [censored: forename] bye bye
just we ll i llcomeback for [censored: forename] i ll
ta ta [censored: forename] we llcomeback for [censored: forename] will we
it maybe the owner llcomeback for it said sandra
f1089: aye m1090: will youcomeback for me f1089: i
m1096: [child noise] [noise from electronic toy] [child noise] [inaudible]comeback for me f1095: where
go up for christmas andcomeback for new year an
grannie would you like tocomeback for tea she asked
hame for their tea ancomeback for the dance in
for me f1089: i llcomeback for ye aye and
before revived like a mancomeback from drowning oh i
we were all there peoplecomeback from holiday specifically for
the family for and hecomeback from the first world
and in the wintertime youcomeback from the school it
mr burns the results havecomeback from your hiv test
come back aye he llcomeback fur his laddie aye
it chrissie an she nivercomeback georgie no chrissie did
i tell you aince shecomeback hame wi haunds aa
luver s haunds aince shecomeback hame wi lips aa
luver s lips then shecomeback hame wi peelie chafts
far as the exit angelicacomeback he comes back grinning
back lilian jack will nevercomeback he s gone for
f1100: okay [inaudible] f1099: [censored: forename]comeback here a minute carry
likes o thaim an dinnaecomeback here agane or ye
no no you don tcomeback here audrey you have
year and m608: mmhm m1163: comeback here but you know
away f1103: [inaudible] f1104: heycomeback here [inaudible] beddy beddy
f1113: whee f1114: kick co-comeback here [inhale] kick [inhale]
ain back why did youcomeback here lilian friendship never
school wi ken when theycomeback here maybe been in
the downstairs outsides when wecomeback here weather permitting he
m608: aye m194: so icomeback home again m608: uh
door and don t evercomeback i told him and
we will sign now andcomeback in 1996 to consider
draps in his lugs ancomeback in a weeks time
mmhm m1132: mm he llcomeback in after fa s
but eh anyway the haircomeback in again thank god
that and eh they dcomeback in and as they
golf course now don tcomeback in here again sir
clean so s ah kincomeback in here want it
speak do you wish tocomeback in scott 10 45
preliminary report ready when wecomeback in september government resources
fill in this thing andcomeback in two seconds [laugh]
it for me will youcomeback in two weeks time
i d like you tocomeback in two weeks to
as reid s a rosecomeback inbye twelve hooses stood
wait for da sail tacomeback inta sight your
forgotten they may have tocomeback into fashion if local
that it s never reallycomeback into favour but er
down the road at himcomeback joseph knight and the
an very few of themcomeback knowin what the words
if she disnae want ticomeback lee jilly needs me
but he s ettling tocomeback lilian jack will never
then jack wisny ettling tocomeback lilian who was harmed
tae ma muse come backcomeback ma errant muse ye
lang jack for me tocomeback martha aye jack what
made you think i wouldcomeback martha to mak up
e ledder wid e teachercomeback maybe better if e
by watching fiona she llcomeback mummy come back mummy
she ll come back mummycomeback mummy come back mummy
back mummy come back mummycomeback mummy come back this
announced his departure will youcomeback next weekend i asked
back beaumont after this whycomeback now jack to get
the cushion m1108: aye f1107: comeback off the cushion and
it maybe you ll nevercomeback on duty nobody ever
the executive the opportunity tocomeback on it that does
45 minutes for my salarycomeback on october 18th i
question stewart stevenson i willcomeback on the finance point
wee holiday f606: yeah f209: comeback on the sunday so
other things so it mightcomeback out of the blue
go to the mainland andcomeback out the only island
followed on an if yecomeback ower we ll drap
meantime enjoy the break andcomeback refreshed i look forward
the beginning look see yecomeback round this wey nae
of the house and nevercomeback she hoped that would
no promise me deana nevercomeback she takes deana s
blackness into blackness and nevercomeback she wished that of
virmished sair at he widcomeback shön i d promised
loudly make shair it disnaecomeback silence zeb and the
oot carryin da seed llcomeback singin for joy is
i would like it tocomeback sit in the middle
better move in case theycomeback so i i moved
didn t trust me tocomeback so i pick him
manage to stick together andcomeback soon i just wish
wishing fervently that jimmy wouldcomeback soon i ve lost
it there and we llcomeback tae auntie [censored: forename] s
she wis eez mither taecomeback tae ma pint i
instructions cath not well socomeback take children out children
wull you gang hame ancomeback the morn jonsar jonsar
an that but then theycomeback they speak the wey
back mummy come back mummycomeback this does not have
yeah okay can we justcomeback this to this eh
wished that of him nevercomeback thomas weir may ye
deid bell there s maircomeback ti murn here nor
long silence pat naw youcomeback ti us jilly it
hur heid wi wi jillycomeback ti us pat long
ti dae pat jilly bjcomeback ti us silence pat
was cheered up more tocomeback to al s letter
it i would like tocomeback to an early meeting
would allow a committee tocomeback to an instrument there
i will be happy tocomeback to any that i
get erm ken stott tocomeback to edinburgh and do
if necessary however we willcomeback to him in writing
other point perhaps i willcomeback to it later the
in stone and we willcomeback to it on a
of the chain we shouldcomeback to it the convener
torry and eh i vecomeback to live in torry
yes [laugh] his name willcomeback to me er i
the meenit but it llcomeback to me georgie micht
on follow through and tocomeback to members to indicate
will the minister have tocomeback to parliament if the
joint group i undertook tocomeback to parliament to report
gorrie suggested that we shouldcomeback to reconsider the bill
thae three words mitchel hadcomeback to scotland when he
census questions and i shallcomeback to specific points made
m608: mmhm m194: then icomeback to stranraer and i
finished and i had tocomeback to stranraer m608: mmhm
or two changes we willcomeback to that does any
first song now we llcomeback to that in a
new system perhaps we couldcomeback to that issue karen
stewardship the convener i mightcomeback to that later rhoda
on the convener we willcomeback to that matter do
convener we will have tocomeback to that point because
am happy for us tocomeback to that the parliament
the executive officials i willcomeback to that the second
location the convener we willcomeback to that we must
issue the convener we shallcomeback to that when we
idea that a draft willcomeback to the committee and
i hope that he willcomeback to the committee and
of sale that matter willcomeback to the committee as
our archive we can certainlycomeback to the committee but
could think about that andcomeback to the committee the
the bill the issue willcomeback to the committee when
situation on the ground andcomeback to the committee with
agreed that karen whitefield wouldcomeback to the committee with
its merits yet you consistentlycomeback to the international aspect
period any new committee shouldcomeback to the issue to
officer patricia ferguson i willcomeback to the member on
have sought to do tocomeback to the point about
mary scanlon i want tocomeback to the point about
least lewis macdonald i willcomeback to the point that
and social inclusion agenda tocomeback to the point that
again p 32 i llcomeback to the power of
complete draft code when wecomeback to the subject at
it has not offered tocomeback to the table but
encourage sue ryder care tocomeback to the table i
pressure on the organisation tocomeback to the table the
ryder care urging it tocomeback to the table when
as a matter of urgencycomeback to the table with
feel now i d certainlycomeback to the u k
really don t want tocomeback to the uk and
and then before you vecomeback to them somebody else
time we will need tocomeback to this legislation perhaps
things but i want tocomeback to this she says
the homelessness provisions we mightcomeback to those issues in
and i ve be- li-comeback to torry to live
events should the case evercomeback to trial but why
f1154: oh f1155: has [censored: forename]comeback to uni f1154: [censored: forename]
was gonnae m815: yeah m816: comeback to university and get
be helpful if you couldcomeback to us on that
be useful if you couldcomeback to us on that
the funding council agreed tocomeback to us with further
diagram o- mm m1022: tocomeback to what millie was
not been entirely easy icomeback to what was said
you wish bruce i willcomeback to you and the
search of the literature andcomeback to you brian fitzpatrick
minister the convener i willcomeback to you margaret jamieson
be happy to check andcomeback to you on that
yes [laugh] i ll maybecomeback to you then [laugh]
we would be happy tocomeback to you with those
be scared of cause youcomeback up and you go
voice doon or he llcomeback up here again i
s m608: mm f637: andcomeback up russell street and
tae be sent i michtnacomeback we ll wyte or
would probably like you tocomeback we want to get
very queer i go icomeback well stoorie i m
fae trystin wi her jocomeback wi haunds aa reid
fae trystin wi her jocomeback wi lips aa reid
aye f1107: [censored: forename] [inaudible] didnacomeback wi my rolling pin
think to see ye nocomeback wi the lawin sae
jilly jilly jilly jilly patcomeback wi us jilly reaches
worth encouraging the executive tocomeback with a fuller answer
taking evidence will the executivecomeback with a new memorandum
still a youngster she wouldcomeback with a parcel of
carry out the investigation andcomeback with a report for
will expect susan deacon tocomeback with a timetable for
if opportunity allows i willcomeback with more questions the
is the eu likely tocomeback with new directives under
not helpful i want tocomeback with specific changes to
not guarantee that i willcomeback with the right type
you re right you mustcomeback with us deana no
jack then for any favourcomeback with us deana oh
you go out hoping tocomeback with your party having
not real come back fionacomeclumping along the lobby and
heid richt doon his backcomeedward on a dinnae doot
mind as a wean yecomefae nowhere ye gang back
come back alive it wouldcomefirst on a cock horse
ll sweer sic memories willcomefloodin back tae lots o
[inaudible] mind your eyes thencomeforward head back head m1098:
then it s cauld seecomeforward head back keep your
back at where you vecomefrom a pattern seems to
a whole sometimes the wordscomefrom away back in a
week back when he hudcomefurst fir the test a
decision made back then ticomehere a safe place place
back gairden walk come incomein afore wir tea a
a get back gairden walkcomein come in afore wir
awye in case ey mithcomein handy aathing pintit back
soiled but where does societycomein i m bemused back
whatever brings you back herecomein my dear come away
as if someone s gonnaecomein the back o the
a the wye back tocomein the rush hoor wi
an chrissie mak nae mistakecomejanuar 2nd it wis back
out the f1109: has thatcomeoff again put it back
f1113: busy busy busy busycomeon back here a minute
there stay back now [censored: forename]comeon get oot o there
back of the bus shoutingcomeon then i ll take
she d have gone backcomeon you did the right
a blue flame stertit taecomeoot the end back fae
and this roarin noise wouldcomeoot the hangman cam back
as swiftly as they hadcomeout of nowhere back to
my back the water willcomeout pumping out like splashes
[child noises] f1125: back a bitcomeover a bit aside mum
the boards over come herecomeover here a bit back
the street singers they wouldcomeroon the back courts singin
prig ye tae help themcomeset us free haud back
a week then he llcomesniveling back jilly best wae
go back up the staircomethrough with mummy to see
wayside no matter what backcomewe get boyter we stand
here to stay it hascomeacross the atlantic like many
swung and here the ropecomeaff and that s i
say aw [inaudible - name of horse] here yecomeagain used tae come in
o quality makker o freedomcomeall ye fareweel here comes
i was here is tacomeamongst idder places tae shetland
big they re shuir ticomean distrouble the clachan here
martha arranged for her tocomeand bide here but she
get going with the jellycomeand dry your hands here
said tae her here lasscomeand hae a bite and
m1128: aye f1127: oh rightcomeand see this thing here
bedroom what all in herecomeand show me f1122: mummy
awa mum s here [cough]comeand tell me aa the
here come in my dearcomeaway in we ll hae
i didny ask them tocomebeaumont oh here we go
behind us watch out mumcomecome on here f1121: okay
a fine lik cat flapcomedee wis in here mind
lad a cud juist haecomedoun here an bocht it
no sen ti bid himcomedoun here an read the
f1103: oh i see f1104: comef1103: [inaudible] next up here
[inaudible] m608: mmhm m642: wecomef643: thirty t- m642: here
either f- their parents didnaecomefae here ye see [inaudible]
folk at in auchenblae herecomefae up north to work
worked here in the librarycomefae whalsay they have a
comin here what s hecomefur auntie berna berna cause
the mulberry bush here wecomegathering nuts in may the
quines ronnie an here theycomegeorgie enters strutting on in
be here she can aycomehame wikkeyens wi the dairy
they wouldn t let himcomehere a boy that age
f1103: well done oh rightcomehere a minute f1104: that
oh that s nae nicecomehere a minute i can
hey [censored: forename] m1132: fitt f1131: comehere a minute m1132: i
i m going [inaudible] f1095: comehere a minute till i
moo m1096: [snort] no f1095: comehere an i ll check
dinna want microphone f1089: rightcomehere an i ll sort
at home and then youcomehere an [inhale] f947: you
he rairs that ye daurcomehere an mak a mock
fendin we niver thocht ticomehere an meet sic tentie
businessmen to musicians gypsies allcomehere and can be sure
[censored: forename] will you leave itcomehere and get this tidied
would write had i nevercomehere and having grown m608:
bit f1135: come on thencomehere and i ll hold
aye you shake it alrightcomehere and i ll put
right we ll get you-comehere and i ll tuck
refreshing that the member hascomehere and said what he
mm mm mm mm f1113: comehere and see this a
other hand you know peoplecomehere and start doing law
still s- sore f1113: awcomehere and we ll see
s unlikely that she scomehere by herself so the
okay dinna go too farcomehere cause i need you
here till i check youcomehere come here come here
mm f1091: hey come herecomehere come here come here
m1092: okay mm f1091: heycomehere come here come here
hey come here come herecomehere come here fitt s
here here here f1097: rightcomehere come here hurry up
no m1106 : [throat] [throat] f1105: comehere come here m1106 : [noise from toy]
i check you come herecomehere come here [velcro?] just
do the same course butcomehere come home to do
f1115: no watch your heidcomehere come on watch your
give me the boards overcomehere come over here a
do most of the kidscomehere do they have gaelic
floor does he m1092: ermcomehere f1091: come with you
[blowing] f1103: oh boy rightcomehere f1104: it s aa
bubbles f1118: yes look lookcomehere f1117: aye i see
on your troosers the daycomehere f1126: no no no
time i mean your dadcomehere f826: mm f902: well
their mind so when theycomehere f963: mm mm m762:
here come here come herecomehere fitt s in the
fitt s this hey heycomehere fitt s this bits
day [laugh] f1115: ow heycomehere gie me your hands
strong possibility that she llcomehere however she has a
here f1097: right come herecomehere hurry up m1098: i
refugees and asylum seekers whocomehere i know that jackie
mmhm f1097: oh right shampoocomehere i ll wash your
the same time that wecomehere i would think pauline
why did you decide tocomehere if at first i
bite m1096: [laugh] f1095: rightcomehere [inaudible] sort ye that
all over your nose nowcomehere it s all over
but she seems keen tocomehere it s been snowing
you doing wi ma bootscomehere it s stopped f1104:
whereas i thought if icomehere just to study something
mm that s the yellowcomehere look at the yellow
wanting a stool f1141: [censored: forename]comehere look [censored: forename] lift it
m1092: [child noises] f1091: tongs rightcomehere look i ll show
this it s yer e-comehere m1092: eeks eeks f1091:
bought pudsey bear today f1093: comehere m1094: look they have
to sort it f1095: ehcomehere m1096: look no i
want that f1097: no lookcomehere m1098: please no no
[throat] [throat] f1105: come herecomehere m1106 : [noise from toy] f1105: now
seat bring the seat overcomehere m1108: and then i
f1127: spiders can you seecomehere m1128: fitt f1127: how
spoke had my ancestors notcomehere m608: yeah one of
to maggie is he gaunnaecomehere maggie eventually what were
egg [laugh] f1114: mm f1113: comehere mum s got wipes
yit i maun leave ancomehere nevermair but i can
were dressing me up tocomehere nobody s ever told
on social occasions do youcomehere often has been replaced
ortiga knows me well wecomehere often she s a
no that s nae enoughcomehere over here look m1092:
you both would like tocomehere please feel free just
you ve pulled it ootcomehere quick it ll nae
well you turn round rightcomehere right just wait a
maitter gordon but he mightcomehere sadie that s whey
it s f1127: sit ohcomehere sit doon on mummy
she shouts to olive youcomehere so of course she
kitchen gordon agnes agnes ochcomehere son gordon she got
fowk i jalouse ye dinnacomehere tae lear yer geography
you just think why [?]does everyone[/?]comehere that happened to me
fowk ah jalouse ye didnacomehere the day tae the
o horsemasonry fa bad yecomehere the divil fit wye
him gae sae we vecomehere the nou ti dee
lace is open [sucks air through teeth] f1095: comehere then and i ll
f1105: will ye fine rightcomehere then and i ll
you wantin that ain ayecomehere then f1102: can you
f1122: this is f1121: rightcomehere then f1122: we can
no ken f1101: right [cough]comehere then fitt songs was
thingies keep comin off f1141: comehere then [inaudible] f1142: my
it by him that yecomehere they dinna let folk
fock understands me if theycomehere they ve tae learn
pause no david can tcomehere they won t let
the floor before the bedcomehere this meinit ringan approaches
monsignor who was unable tocomehere this morning is there
welcome irene mcgugan who hascomehere this morning to speak
[inaudible] over this way [censored: forename]comehere this way look f1122:
lauch an said ye haenacomehere ti tak a len
the clachan safe suppose theycomehere ti the mains tho
help to get down f1089: comehere till i check you
down and if if f1089: comehere till i pull up
yes grandma f1113: and grandacomehere till i see your
to open the car doorcomehere till i show you
procession lilian i didn tcomehere to give you away
senior queen s counsel shouldcomehere today and admit in
an davie aften used taecomehere tryin tae bag aff
goin to trip ower f1141: comehere turn roond f1142: can
you come here come herecomehere [velcro?] just dandy are
long silence lee ah dcomehere watch the boxers see
t suppose thae tinks daecomehere we ll need ti
that say well you nevercomehere what are you comin
committed sexual offences abroad andcomehere what would be the
feart frae him but dinnacomehere when he s awa
ones and get between themcomehere when i m talkin
heard the cooncil planners willcomehere wi rules an spanners
here tae civilize aye taecomehere wis a blunder it
have a ring side seatcomehere you and there he
pat goes to jilly jillycomehere you jilly and pat
gang in then you haecomehere you tell me if
watch your feet careful carefulcomehere you write it in
same course but come herecomehome to do it or
of the schools here icomein handy for looking after
not complain they ll nocomein here but we cannae
too happy if somebody anybodycomein here frightenin a survivor
in the hall he sayscomein here he had a
t you f1130: mmhm f1129: comein here i ll make
a wheen ither daft birkiescomein here sportin feathers ahint
was cairrying something fan icomein here the first time
walking doon the street f1101: comein here wi mummy f1102:
f1097: no no come oncomein here with me look
here ur set dimps youcomein under the influence yi
tent wull the day mauncomeit s mebbe no here
o serious here cammy ayecomeoan dimps let s be
all right agnes naw herecomeoan get the polis maggie
oh look [censored: forename] here theycomeokay look at their mouths
i know m- no f1111: comeon and use soap here
that s better right herecomeon another big bite oh
come on cable i saidcomeon cable get down here
drawin a total blank herecomeon charlie fuck s sake
the stairs f1097: no nocomeon come in here with
no canna go there f1122: comeon f1121: here s a
us watch out mum comecomeon here f1121: okay now
o here ye heard mecomeon moosh but still it
aye ye d a phonecomeon over here a bittie
come on f1126: [exhale] f1125: comeon sit ower here be
[inaudible] here s a golfercomeon stay in to the
gone on that bit f1135: comeon then come here and
here we go f1113: rightcomeon then f1114: and this
here m1096: um [inaudible] f1095: comeon then here will i
it wi black paint rightcomeon then here you go
a design on here okaycomeon then jump up let
the teletubbies ains f1113: rightcomeon then sit round here
m1090: [television noise] [inhale] [exhale] f1089: comeon through here and dae
my hair now f1111: yescomeon up here [laugh] f1112:
watch your heid come herecomeon watch your heid f1116:
of birdies over here f1122: comeon we have to go
m1092: here f1091: aye thiscomeon we ll dae teletubbies
up here f1121: it iscomeon we ll go [inaudible]
somebody out there sadie heycomeon we re safe here
here one o them scomeoot aafa sma right this
nae long now till theycomeoot f1126: er here we
like this and it llcomeout here you are see
here please f1103: it doesnacomeout just pretend it s
to norway an vice versacomeover here an of course
says eh gordon she sayscomeover here an see this
your boots first [laugh] nocomeover here look m1094: can
gonna pull that out nowcomeover here now you ve
bridge does she want tocomeover here she looks tess
is it [censored: forename] here tocomeover to my house and
right f1126: [exhale] f1125: nowcomeower here a bit i
s i mean they theycomeower here and work but
come oot o that bitcomeower here look in the
a forbidden deed here adamcomeower here she cried noo
what the bairn s dimpscomeower here steve ah m
noo here is the doctorcomeroon bit he has nae
re silly you could havecomeroon here and potted something
you the neest time youcomeroon here s my order
even e hens didna afterncomeroon here tae scrape ere
an the wee burds regairdlesscomeroostin here still tae a
nort boat aberdeen here wecomesaid freya meanwhile ingrid an
twae here s owrancer lucomeseekin ye sae auld jin
tries to hide tears thatcomesuddenly carolanne oh here what
hame here if he dcometa ninian s isle on
aa johnny look look herecomethe horses and animals and
ask him yoursel here theycomethe pair o them keep
i think so if youcomethrough here and just wait
dalmatian f1103: well you cancomethrough here wi it then
and every northerner who hascometo live here graves s
headland here truths long buriedcometo mind like shimmering streamers
up to go here icometo the really bad bit
state of affairs lets mecometo you and say here
the shrine and monks havecomeunder terrorist attack here to
herring fishing they used taecomeup here an affa lot
affa lot o scots ainscomeup here an that wis
the ball f1113: [inaudible] okaycomeup here and put on
ye ll jist need tocomeup here aside me and
now you ve got tocomeup here beside mummy hide
kent an of course theycomeup here for the marriage
[inaudible] m1042: glaswegians used taecomeup here for their fair
winnie doing she used tocomeup here so often one
on hang on up youcomeup here this is this
f823: an does this mancomeup here to do this
here a wadna daur nocomewhan the marischal cries wang
here wi yer granddad orcomewi us ye kin hae
m1092: erm come here f1091: comewith you okay dinna go
son says the auld maistercomeye here nou an pey
is it wi you howcomeye re stuck up here
studies an old favourite iscomea riddle come a riddle
favourite is come a riddlecomea riddle come a rot
a riddle come a riddlecomea rot ot ot a
husnae done oneythin wrang howcomeagnes how come they ve
f1112: her come granda [censored: surname]comeall the way from his
her to come oot ancomean get ye she never
they ll come he llcomean pick it up on
i decided to come [laugh]comeand do like study english
governments i have seen themcomeand go come and go
seen them come and gocomeand go during my years
no come on then youcomeand shut the blinds for
it was sort of somethincomeaw- nymphs and shepherds come
come aw- nymphs and shepherdscomeaway i canna mind the
come closer in about mecomebetty johnny my laddy and
f1135: come on then comecomebump f1136: bump f1135: right
a strong young loon againcomecloser in about me come
[inaudible] f1135: come on thencomecome bump f1136: bump f1135:
where s fiona i screechcomecome mr robb you re
come on then oot youcomecome on m1098: no want
m1090: [crunching noise] [laugh] f1089: alrightcomecome on with me and
trying to convince him tocomecome to uni at the
it come on up youcomef1102: [child noises] f1101: right walk
come on then up youcomef1112: no [inaudible] f1111: last
f1114: yes ah come oncomef1113: and what else listen
letter come on in youcomef1142: my troosers keep fallin
come flip who d yacomeflip m1008: oh right f1009:
one f1009: who d yacomeflip who d ya come
they come in case theycomefor ma blood that was
who come in to mecomefrom homes where no gaelic
do you come from youcomefrom perth f1026: [cough] f1054:
perth f1023: where do youcomefrom you come from perth
f1111: granda [censored: surname] f1112: hercomegranda [censored: surname] come all the
in hospital an fan hecomehame he come hame tae
come hame why noh jistcomehame pat openein the door
fan he come hame hecomehame tae me an i
lee if she wants ticomehame why noh jist come
yeah m822: so they llcomehe ll come an pick
come on then oot youcomei ve got the m1106:
course was in case theycomein case they come for
in andrew my dear chapcomein come in marvellous to
any other ehm words thatcomein come in to highland
ye come again used taecomein doon that road and
my dear chap come incomein marvellous to see you
ehm words that come incomein to highland english island
percent of the children whocomein to me come from
then let us pray thatcomeit may as come it
that come it may ascomeit will for a that
s when i decided tocome[laugh] come and do like
s fiona i screech comecomemr robb you re not
s a hunner o uscomeoan come oan door is
hunner o us come oancomeoan door is knocked louder
good f1126: mmhm the sprinklescomeoff f1125: the sprinkles come
come off f1125: the sprinklescomeoff no you dinna put
it stops you have tocomeoff okay right come on
and one o the wheelscomeoff the pin come oot
come on fitt you daeincomeon a quick wash and
each other at the pumpcomeon and watch come on
f1091: come on then okaycomeon and we ll fin-
[censored: forename] right come on rightcomeon and we ll get
you ll get to [inaudible]comeon baby [inaudible] come on
wi me then f1118: okaycomeon bag f1117: aye come
come on bag too seecomeon bag f1117: right we
aye come on [censored: forename] f1118: comeon bag too see come
cable please f1118: i c-comeon cable i said come
come on bag f1117: ayecomeon [censored: forename] f1118: come on
[sob] [sob] [inaudible] [sob] f1141: comeon [censored: forename] stop it come
with soup f1114: yes ahcomeon come f1113: and what
beep [inaudible] [inaudible] bag m865: comeon come on my lap
that come on hamish [inaudible]comeon come on oot hamish
nae work f1126: [exhale] f1125: comeon f1126: [exhale] f1125: come
on there [inaudible] [child noises] f1099: comeon fitt you daein come
and hamish [inaudible] daein thatcomeon hamish [inaudible] come on
fitt probably posting a lettercomeon in you come f1142:
[inaudible] come on baby [inaudible]comeon [inaudible] [inaudible] will i
water look i see f1097: comeon [inaudible] right come on
pump come on and watchcomeon janie don t be
everybody shouting come on jimmycomeon jimmy and i m
f641: [laugh] m642: everybody shoutingcomeon jimmy come on jimmy
living room f1093: mm m1094: comeon [?]let's go through there[/?] f1093: come on
tenderness come on noo macomeon loretta brings her a
on then oot you comecomeon m1098: no want to
[blows raspberry] [singing] come on milliecomeon millie come on millie
s ready f1100: [blows raspberry] [singing]comeon millie come on millie
on millie come on milliecomeon millie we re nae
[inaudible] bag m865: come oncomeon my lap f951: yeah
but speaks with immense tendernesscomeon noo ma come on
on hamish [inaudible] come oncomeon oot hamish [inaudible] hamie
go and make the teacomeon right come on then
on scruffy come on scruffycomeon scruffy [child noises] [blowing] [inhale]
bye bye [blowing] [snort] [exhale]comeon scruffy come on scruffy
[snort] [exhale] come on scruffycomeon scruffy come on scruffy
on scruffy come on scruffycomeon scruffy come on scruffy
got a baby [inaudible] f1135: comeon then come come bump
the tea come on rightcomeon then go doon the
m1094: come on [?]let's go through there[/?] f1093: comeon then m1094: are you
to come off okay rightcomeon then mmhm uh huh
look who do that f1091: comeon then okay come on
f1097: come on [inaudible] rightcomeon then oot you come
[yawn] oh mum s tiredcomeon then oot you come
m a silly tattie f1111: comeon then up you come
s testing testing f1111: nocomeon then you come and
f1102: [cough] f1101: stop itcomeon up you come f1102:
come on [censored: forename] stop itcomeon we ll wash your
[crunching noise] [laugh] f1089: alright comecomeon with me and we
him every week i sayscomeon you come up wi
and wait for her tocomeoot an come an get
as he bawls an shoutscomeoot come oot wherever ye
all okay m1110: yes f1109: comeoot o that bit come
buttercup come oot tae playcomeoot tae play bit first
day ahin a gowden buttercupcomeoot tae play come oot
wheels come off the pincomeoot the wheel m608: oof
bawls an shouts come ootcomeoot wherever ye are ya
on er see as youcomeout central you come out
you come out central youcomeout the downstairs entran- f1049:
these uglies so that theycomeright as kenny said come
come right as kenny saidcomeright over their front kept
f718: mm so did itcomero- sorry did it come
come ro- sorry did itcomeround in a van the
come when will the raincomethe wooden doorknob creaks in
them come to me andcomethey do in dozens they
wrang how come agnes howcomethey ve never done oneythin
man come ti haunt uscometi cairri oan where the
ghost o the auld mancometi haunt us come ti
pause you still lovin hercometi mamma baby come ti
her come ti mamma babycometi mamma silence stew ah
littlie children and let themcometo me and come they
come to that we llcometo that in a minute
m865: okay okay we llcometo that we ll come
to convince him to comecometo uni at the same
harder noo f1100: [singing] andcomeup and come up and
[singing] and come up andcomeup and come up and
up and come up andcomeup and i do [inaudible]
come up to you knowcomeup to the library and
that s why i saycomeup to you know come
i says come on youcomeup wi him walk the
aside when will the raincomewhen will the rain come
wir ain music we haecomea lang wye fae the
ye fisher lassies it scomeawa wi me fae gamrie
an for that tocher taecomedirect fae the scots executive
s a lot o folkcomedoon fae doon fae the
to the bin fan icomedoon fae mrs swanson s
mmhm m642: fife noo wecomedoon fae perth when we
fae her loon fan hecomef902: john m903: doon he
trooped doon and folks hadcomefae a ower the place
okay [laugh] well his parentscomefae aberdeen maybe no maybe
mmhm mmhm f1041: did theycomefae aberdeen sheila or did
ask your name whaur yecomefae an hoo lang ye
dinnae ken far that expressioncomefae but that was said
for sure [inaudible] your [?]father[/?]comefae cause i think he
way he used tae coughcomefae deeper inside him somehow
e fleer it wid acomefae e fireplace ere wis
[inaudible] an they say hecomefae f826: ah m903: balmoral
now of course they aacomefae f826: poland an places
duncans an stuff they acomefae f826: yeah yeah f902:
past its grace an grandeurcomefae far the history towrists
lot o people that havecomefae fife m865: yeah f951:
o words in doric thatcomefae from the scots origin
eh the cleanin and ehcomefae glasgow erm f1054: and
them agnes whaur did theycomefae gordon to agnes her
forkies are awye faar eycomefae gweed kens an faar
eh dave dave [censored: surname] icomefae hawick i ve lived
aboot whaar her granny hedcomefae hit wis nairrow an
life an so we vecomefae hyne awa or near
this john gonn far thatcomefae i ve nae idea
then we well my folkcomefae [inaudible] area ye see
mooth ye kent far theycomefae [inaudible] [laugh] f826: [laugh]
think where the two wordscomefae jersey an guernsey m1016:
a number o them havecomefae like the sooth o
an it must have originallycomefae m1042: [laugh] f1041: aye
sorry now whaur s thiscomefae m865: no problem [laugh]
aye f1001: far dae yecomefae m999: far are ye
isnae true whaur did wecomefae me an you an
the knittin m1017: if theycomefae montrose or anythin they
did a a yon piescomefae noo twa or three
road up north they aacomefae north an coaties was
dinnae ken far her teachercomefae or fitever [exhale] eh
was sayin that m642: wecomefae orkney f643: tae john
style you kent whaur theycomefae soon as ye heard
from the scots origin thatcomefae that m842: aye f831:
the internet internet yeah itcomefae the channel isles f826:
that the gutties thing actuallycomefae the chemical the material
as mony an farivver yecomefae the hale jing bang
to influence you because theycomefae there ken there s
o their progeny had eithercomefae there or or something
that this stuff ll haecomefae three wells or somethin
their jags aince mair shecomefae trystin wi her jo
little boy next tae hercomefae turriff well they ve
folk at cairnton fairm hadcomefae up north the duncans
oor hinmaist chaumer we haecomefaur fae exile throu the
three days since your mothercomehame fae hospital he s
are comin in because theycomein fae d- eh in
fae inside oot when ahcomein fae school ah go
no f1109: is that [censored: forename]comein fae the school m1110:
say fit happened fae shoodcomeintae the circle roch meg
backin awa fae me dinnaecomeony nearer ma een ll
t fowk wis startin taecomeoot fae t in twas
fae govrenment sae nou acometae ma pirlicue an a
mind billy reid used taecomeup in eh in fae
for someen fae lerook tacomewi a scanner an mark
all for him there llcomea time when society will
ll no be sweirt taecomealang tae a festival o
me so mad i llcomealive start up tick hum
f1109: okay oops i llcomean aa m1110: [?]come with[/?] my
we ll no daur nocomean ance they d thenkit
we ll no let johnsmascomean geng ithoot a bonfire
gress on me i llcomean get ye an i
s unlikely they ll evercomean look f606: [laugh] yes
know m1048: maybe she llcomeand cook me breakfast though
said to them i willcomeand er i ll do
reading call me i llcomeand fetch you anytime please
sussed beth moans he llcomeand get me agnes it
hear m1092: [inaudible] on f1091: comeand i ll show you
car or the bobbies llcomeand mum ll get a
blocks f1113: right i llcomeand play blocks with you
airm f1141: oh i llcomeand sort it out for
on m1128: mm f1127: nocomeand tell right we ll
the stationary order he llcomeand tell you all about
into the hallway you justcomeat eight and you ll
wee sleep first i llcomeat eight the kitchen clock
an efter that we llcomeat gloresheddae toun owre an
a bit oh i llcomebut i don t know
yes i want summer tocomecause it ll be so
ladder ll f632: [laugh] f646: comecrashin ontae the pavement you
sit ootside someone ll maybecomedae ye want folk to
but he ll he llcomedis next simmer i f961:
meenit an said i llcomedoon at the weekend an
ll shift em afore youcomedoon at the weekend fin
to mak room he llcomedoon wi a great big
ye that ye ll nocomedoun aff o yir hie
[censored: forename] f1095: aye m1096: shecomedown and i ll haud
s broken m1048: i llcomedown then for a shot
ll get a parachute tocomedown will he yes f1114:
me shooders an he sayscomedu in lass we ll
us silence pat she llcomeefter mi she ll huv
oh yeah yeah i llcomef1049: i ll just have
them we ll need tocomefor a day in autumn
are an the polis llcomefor ye juist the same
irish irish m1012: it llcomefrae wee one will it
s missing where did itcomefrom f1089: oh you ll
afford pork chops wherever theycomefrom gladys ye ll need
o the housing scheme theycomefrom [laugh] f1018: they ll
stack a ll winter finecomehairst maybe a ll pey
chances are he ll nocomehe s no gaunnae want
in clingfilm right [censored: forename] llcomehome and get changed quick
them alone and they llcomehome bringing their tails behind
leave them alone they llcomehome their tails behind them
t mind sadie mind ochcomeif ye like it ll
a m feart it llcomeill but wad the marischal
f1026: mmhm f1023: i icomein and i ll say
see think granny [censored: forename] llcomein for you on the
you me an andra llcomein frae the tap side
ken whin a thing llcomein haandy weel a m
the window sill it llcomein handy for bakin dod
clothing thanks dod it llcomein handy hoo did ye
bed and er i llcomein in the evening once
chae bit i ll naecomein the peer vratch shairly
no f1089: if they llcome[inaudible] m1090: okay i ll
smoke agnes need ll nocomeintae it calling you aw
f1095: nan and granda llcomem1096: no f1095: aye m1096:
alone no problem i llcomemore often perhaps you d
idea bit i ll naecomenae farther than the door
palfrey surveys the field brucecomenaggie we ll jist dauner
ane o us ll cancomenear him sae we ve
ane o ye ll cancomenear him tak ye tent
time ye see a mancomenear me you ll be
arrived yet they ll probablycomenext week i hope i
band music so when theycomenext year we ll hae
said no you can tcomenow but i ll send
he ll be richt vextcomeoan noo eve it s
or mebbe a ll burstcomeoan wi yer secret or
will mummy help ye rightcomeon an we ll go
ll dae it [water running for bath] rightcomeon and get your clothes
lace is open f1141: wellcomeon and i ll fasten
on then we ll gocomeon and i ll take
right we ll go co-comeon and we ll check
aye leave it though rightcomeon and we ll get
re not f1091: [laugh] listencomeon and we ll go
off f1114: yes fall f1113: comeon and we ll sort
at this disney f1109: ayecomeon ben we ll go
primary source and [censored: forename] llcomeon goin [inaudible] f940: [laugh]
it s easier f1122: easiercomeon i ll be careful
mam f1109: and fix thiscomeon i ll click it
jumping up i will thatcomeon loon i ll meet
i ll get you washedcomeon m1098: [splashing noises] i dae
day i put it f1109: comeon mam ll help you
what s this for rightcomeon now we ll shut
f1104: magic all his- f1103: comeon right we ll go
at me like that ladycomeon right you ll nae
f1117: eh f1118: me f1117: comeon then and i ll
m1092: your dinner f1091: wellcomeon then and i ll
to play the parisian wellcomeon then and i ll
to play the parisian wellcomeon then and i ll
innit right m1090: yeah f1089: comeon then and we ll
of m1094: yeah f1093: rightcomeon then i ll make
down the stair for mamcomeon then right we ll
i havena have i f1103: comeon then we ll dae
beach f1124: mmhm f1123: rightcomeon then we ll get
story m1092: uh huh f1091: comeon then we ll get
and see it f1131: [inaudible]comeon then we ll go
feet your shoes [laugh] rightcomeon then we ll have
that s it f1097: rightcomeon then we ll leave
it it s okay rightcomeon then we ll read
s lots out today f1135: comeon then we ll take
i ll get your jacketcomeon then you no want
like eggs f1114: yes f1113: comeon we ll boil an
football f1113: in the bedroomcomeon we ll check oot
to school away to schoolcomeon we ll do your
re being a silly billycomeon we ll find another
aye it is mic rightcomeon we ll get a
your tea f1114: [child noises] f1113: comeon we ll get a
now on your jammies andcomeon we ll get changed
crisps then f1140: mmhm f1139: comeon we ll get our
his m1096: [inaudible] f1095: rightcomeon we ll get some
leave the cars till aftercomeon we ll go and
s found this one nowcomeon we ll go downstairs
ve got sore legs f1101: comeon we ll go into
your jacket f1136: mm f1135: comeon we ll go outside
bit f1114: yeah f1113: mmcomeon we ll go upstairs
that s a girl rightcomeon we ll hae a
still in your jama topcomeon we ll have to
along sort of about lunchtimecomeon we ll need to
jigsaw first f1089: no okaycomeon we ll put dad
ma room [inhale] [exhale] f1089: comeon we ll see if
the beach f1116: [singing] f1115: comeon we ll see them
go [inaudible] right cheerio rightcomeon we ll see your
sauce is that good rightcomeon we ll take this
and eventually she said ohcomeon we ll walk up
stop [censored: forename] listen stop cryingcomeon we ll wash your
i ll tell you itcomeon we ll we ll
we ll do it ayecomeon you coward m1106: mum
i ll nae dae [inaudible]comeon you goin to your
ll soon be time tocomeoot cause your water will
didnae agnes it ll awcomeoot in the waash sadie
the dirt mibi ah llcomeoot wi the truth stop
my jaiket an ah llcomeoot wi ye neil they
mmhm f1104: and they llcomeout and wash theirself and
shake and maybe it llcomeout eh m1090: uh huh
pull the plug out andcomeout now and we ll
t know if they llcomeout this time yesterday was
but yeah an he llcomeout wi f835: see i
language and they ll stillcomeout with english it s
at my supper i llcomeover as seen as i
[inaudible] whit time will icomeover i ll just put
wi us cammy he llcomeower if he feels like
my hair i ll justcomeower the night i ll
in peyin you i llcomeower wi your siller sometime
f809: [laugh] f810: you llcomeround to the the house
it for anything i llcomestraight to the point these
o hand maybe he llcometae his senses noo it
it though gilbert they willnaecometae oor church they ll
the lad says i llcometae ye on one condition
ye ll feel better ancomethe mornin ye ll forget
god did they hae tocomethis very hour they ll
poop f1105: aye i llcomethrough with ye m1106 : i
through you go i llcomethrough with you m1106 : i
and if the increase hascomethrough yet i ll be
anidder page an we llcometill e hinmist een or
affair and they ll onlycometo a political agreement after
f639: year maybe you llcometo america [laugh] f641: [laugh]
the docks again he llcometo grief afore all s
richt chrissie grimly she llcometo hersel in a minute
european version which we llcometo in a minute believed
mum f1117: [inaudible] i llcometo the rescue that s
o whistle and i llcometo ye my lad duncan
in whistle and i llcometo you my lad write
like oh i- i llcometo yours f1155: have they
bother goin and we llcomeup an spend the time
accompli it ll have tocomeup before the sheriff i
course she says we llcomeup for the you know
t know if they llcomeup in your corpus i
s away they ll maybecomeup past after school tomorrow
one minute that they llcomeup to see me buried
have ideas and they llcomeup why don t we
ll yaise onything ye cancomeup wi newsletter autumn 2001
ll [pages turning] you would havecomeup with m1008: well again
offhand eh no if icomeup with something i ll
by september i ll probablycomevia boston my u s
ll i ll let thatcomewhen it comes erm and
for a minutie i llcomewi ye georgie d you
puckle siller an a llcomewi ye then says li
i ll tell you whatcomewith me on an adventure
outside you ll need tocomewith us jack we re
m1090: [inhale] okay i llcomewith ye yeah f1089: you
okay okay f1121: i llcomewith you though f1122: okay
no you ll need tocomeyoursel naebody would daur to
aboot silence tess then hoocomeah mind layin oan the
er so then when higherscomealong and er you should
route an then they theycomealong one o the wider
so shove aff chrissie youcomeana then georgie look if
the farmer would then saycomeboys and get your winter
eh hooses were hard taecomeby then but f606: aye
wash necks next up youcomedarling and then after necks
[inhale] so did you allcomedown for uni then or
daft then children do originallycomefrae an ovum observed jim
sears my eyelids then icomefully awake and discover there
to wait for [censored: forename] tocomehame [inaudible] and then we
then a lorry used tocomein after tea time eh
then some of them didcomein and they would stay
and then we co- wecomein one day f638: mother
seventies early seventies then oilcomeintil it an it grew
five but then when wecomeinto primary six we also
and then two tugs wouldcomem608: mmhm m194: and take
still feelin a bit weakcomenew year and then all
then m1092: erm this thiscomenext f1091: that comes next
findin vaccines for the viruscomeoan then lads that wad
sting ye is it saircomeoan then noo the bees
gittin selt fur sex dimpscomeoan then taggart cammy you
and then th- they wouldcomeoff and the tugs would
then f1102: oh [inaudible] f1101: comeon f1102: that s wasn
f1154: and then er likecomeon now i m not
since then the scheme hascomeon quite a lot further
ve got do you rightcomeon then a big bite
f1091: you got one okaycomeon then and you can
m1106 : i have f1105: rightcomeon then breakfast you res
o [inaudible] f1095: [inaudible] [electric toothbrush]comeon then brush your teeth
to be there angelica excitedcomeon then but dod enters
this bridge is hard f1121: comeon then [censored: forename] f1122: i
[inaudible] [electronic toy] [electronic toy] f1095: rightcomeon then [censored: forename] get your
[dad responds 'is that me'] daddy [inaudible] [dad responds] f1091: comeon then did you show
f1104: [?]it'll get stolen[/?] f1103: mmhm rightcomeon then doon off o
that way that way f1135: comeon then down to see
marry marry me [humming] rightcomeon then dry your hair
on then mm [exhale] rightcomeon then f1102: oh [inaudible]
say aboot climbing oh rightcomeon then f1104: mummy will
to play spotty dog gamecomeon then f1104: spotty dog
hair f1104: mmhm f1103: wellcomeon then f1104: who is
lovely that s really nicecomeon then f1112: i- [inaudible]
[exhale] [exhale] [squeal] [panting] f1113: comeon then f1114: eh eh
washing coming to help mecomeon then f1114: er no
up there a plates f1125: comeon then f1126: get upstairs
f1135: what on this onecomeon then f1136: no that
cars no did you lookcomeon then f1136: this [inaudible]
lick your t shirt rightcomeon then find another bit
do it after f1093: rightcomeon then finish this game
are you yawning then rightcomeon then get your jammy
s a girl brush brushcomeon then give them a
who was that mum f1135: comeon then go and see
never be done in timecomeon then hurry up and
scared oop [sucks air through teeth] [inaudible] f1103: comeon then i thought you
of song s that todaycomeon then [inaudible] f1136: dandelion
i locked the door f1113: comeon then [inaudible] lock the
m making it cauld rightcomeon then it s cauld
you daein in there rightcomeon then let s go
yes testing testing s oncomeon then let s go
m1098: [hiccup] [cough] f1097: rightcomeon then lie m1098: [yawn]
you hear that f1095: ayecomeon then look you ve
manage right m1092: [inaudible] f1091: comeon then m1092: [inaudible] me
on m1092: [inaudible] [inaudible] f1091: comeon then m1092: [inaudible] that
pit it on you rightcomeon then m1098: put on
the pony ain noo f1103: comeon then mak it on
can you see it rightcomeon then make a jigsaw
[exhale] f1101: gee whizz rightcomeon then mm [exhale] right
play [child noises] [inaudible] the doorcomeon then mum f1101: [cough]
f1105: you want to poopcomeon then poop in the
anything in there will itcomeon then quick i thought
focus on the bottom rightcomeon then remember m1098: down
t like it [sob] f1141: comeon then so tell me
fell oot [inaudible] what f1091: comeon then take them across
aye m1096: [child noise] [child noise] f1095: comeon then that s nae
m1098: aye [humming] f1097: rightcomeon then the water s
go do this one thencomeon then there you go
ton this one is f1111: comeon then through we go
i ve not f1111: wellcomeon then up you get
cannae get oot uh f1101: comeon then well f1102: can
f1114: yes i canna f1113: comeon then you do it
[inaudible] m1098: aye f1097: rightcomeon then you find them
just like snow white rightcomeon then you gonna mak
take that f1133: take thatcomeon then you re nae
do that later okay rightcomeon then you re nae
lorry m1098: aye f1097: wellcomeon then you ve got
claes and then it winnacomeoot f1142: mummy f1141: won
oot like that look theycomeoot like that and then
m1108: and then the lambscomeout f1107: i see that
then all my experiences wouldcomeout in gritty muscular american
that m608: mmhm m642: theycomeout like that and then
right is it time tocomeout then f1112: yeah that
spring like day then bitcomesetterday wi yon snell win
ehm primaries an then theycometae our secondary ye know
for her lost coin thencomethe finding and the rejoicing
out your microphone up youcomethen f1114: i m i
the car for them tocomethen we were ignominiously towed
london tomorrow so if youcomethen you will both be
will then be able tocometo a conclusion about whether
to take we could thencometo a conclusion on whether
that why you decided tocometo glasgow then because it
mainland jura people have tocometo islay and then go
are thinking about could thencometo the fore the convener
poem and then he dcometoo eyes shut chin digging
demand the appropriate proportions thencomeunder the heading of cap
just six months will icomeup an then i hears
it an it was numberscomeup and then ye could
it then f1124: you tocomeup beside me [inaudible] jam
aye and then she wouldcomeup with some other cruel
room f1118: yes f1117: rightcomewi me then f1118: okay

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