See this word as a collocate cloud

down moon comes up mooncomesdown f807: [laugh] very respectable
day sun comes up suncomesdown moon comes up moon
disturbs green leaves the mooncomesout and with it no
moon f1093: at night whatcomesout at night the moon
your turn f1093: what elsecomesout with the moon i
and then when the mooncomesup it goes dark doesn
waitin fur mcandrew the mooncomesup it isnae warum but
up sun comes down mooncomesup moon comes down f807:
get a normal day suncomesup sun comes down moon
shore sit till the mooncomesup to fill the room
o sleet later on ootcomesa gey weak sin maks
midges on the spree sincomesoot a better day it
o a sudden the sincomesoot a richt braw day
an fyte like sna sincomesoot an shines sae braw
affa dull an grey sincomesoot brichtens the day friday
tae rain en the sincomesoot brichtens up again thursday
dull an grey sin encomesoot fine day i say
7 temp 0 3 daycomesoot fine sin in a
the day tae be sincomesoot fit wull it dee
an affa bare sin encomesoot fne day eence mair
frosty weel mebbe ney sincomesoot for a fine day
cood be a breet sincomesoot het an affa sultry
a richt fine change sincomesoot in the affa warm
ken en be midday sincomesoot sae braw bit it
tae be en the sincomesoot sae fine tae see
aye throo tae nicht sincomesoot shines sae bricht saturday
s jist aboot dry sincomesoot tae a bonny blue
the nicht bit the sincomessae bonny an bricht friday
bit neen ower bricht ootcomesthe sin a welcome sicht
oot throo the nicht ootcomesthe sin affa bonny an
nae time ata en ootcomesthe sin afore the day
tae gang awa en ootcomesthe sin an shines sae
s a thick haar ootcomesthe sin best day be
spit in the air ootcomesthe sin bides bonny an
a midge or twa ootcomesthe sin bonny an braw
sky gey dooncast en ootcomesthe sin bonny an braw
day an taewards nicht ootcomesthe sin bonny an bricht
wi a icy blast ootcomesthe sin ere s nae
ata wid you believe ootcomesthe sin fowk div feel
30 temp 9 20 ootcomesthe sin in a a
i dinna ken en ootcomesthe sin in a a
dew in the mornin ootcomesthe sin it maks abody
flaw en be efterneen ootcomesthe sin maks a body
the day starts awa ootcomesthe sin sae bonny an
in o the air ootcomesthe sin sae fine an
seen burned awa en ootcomesthe sin sae het an
en wid you believe ootcomesthe sin saturday 2nd temp
win an later on ootcomesthe sin thursday 23 temp
ere s rain en ootcomesthe sin thursday 24th temp
it dis bide dry ootcomesthe sin wi a gweed
o aa corners ti whilkcomesme e en smaaer nor
dreep en be midday itcomesoot dry it s fine
it s mist en oncomesthe rain dis clear up
frost dis loup an oncomesthe rain en dry a
oot tae be en oncomesthe rain nae gweed tae
en efter a fyle oncomesthe rain wi a fule
en parties and if santacomeswhat are you going to
section 3 of this actcomesinto force a for the
be saved when the billcomesinto force are specified in
body made before that sectioncomesinto force as respects the
date on which this sectioncomesinto force by a local
offence committed before the ordercomesinto force do members accept
offenders amendment act 2000 whichcomesinto force in england wales
day on which this sectioncomesinto force it shall be
day on which this actcomesinto force lay before the
this section and section 20comesinto force on such day
day on which this subsectioncomesinto force section 27a mr
scotland act 2003 asp 00comesinto force subsection 5 applies
12 c of that actcomesinto force subsection 5 applies
the human rights act 1998comesinto force the bill has
act 2002 2 this actcomesinto force the day after
deliver the bill as itcomesinto force the executive is
amendments on when the billcomesinto force the status quo
takes place before the billcomesinto force there could be
this section regarding when itcomesinto force will be subject
exasperation comes in so therecomesa a multitude of eh
whisky drinker m816: yeah m815: comescomes with age being a
that comes to the sspcacomesfrom members of the public
or that it s exasperationcomesin so there comes a
right off m816: the spraycomesoff aye comes off the
it comes out or itcomesoff f1126: mmhm f1125: it
the spray comes off ayecomesoff the aye i know
suppose right enoff f961: datcomesoot it comes oot when
f961: dat comes oot itcomesoot when de time comes
past fiona s gate shecomesout he stops she comes
whatever comes out whenever itcomesout i think you have
s in case you itcomesout or it comes off
ready to engage because whatevercomesout whenever it comes out
concerning animal welfare legislation thatcomesto the sspca comes from
comes out he stops shecomesup close to him she
drinker m816: yeah m815: comescomeswith age being a whisky
comes oot when de timecomesyeah saving scheme uh huh
wind blows high the raincomesdashing from the sky girl
wind blows high the raincomeslashing from the sky girl
playground delighted with caroline raincomeson so home with catherine
o rain brichtens up ancomesoot braw again friday 18
an damp as weel oncomesthe rain ices fate it
the day dis change oncomesthe rain in the heavy
fer bit o change dooncomesthe rain in the heavy
28th temp 6 10 oncomesthe rain jist for a
it dings on sna oncomesthe rain melts sna awa
16 be mid foreneen oncomesthe rain oot o the
richt doon rain of coorsecomestumlin doon monday 14th temp
got oot o here herecomesa knight in shinin steel
oot ma shurt an thencomesalang this young thing ye
the time we were therecomesfleein oot on twa wheels
intill e watter fite andcomesoot black weel it s
right f1104: so this aincomesoot f1103: aye [inaudible] oh
temp 3 15 cauld mornincomesoot fine an bricht plenty
s a surprise taewards nichtcomesoot fine an bricht wi
a lang time tae clearcomesoot fine as nicht wears
turns dull i div groancomesoot fine aye later on
a warm pir o wincomesoot fine ere s nae
fin we div rise daycomesoot fine gran surprise wednesday
doon it s gey lichtcomesoot fine noo at s
hill is covered in snacomesoot fine north win dis
fin we div rise daycomesoot gran at s a
you go the more smokecomesoot m1098: aye f1097: right
it s a gran mornincomesoot mild nae sign o
putten in a nicht hecomesoot o e barn ae
that s where his milkcomesoot of the milk that
at s a surprise daycomesoot richt bricht an bonny
an lichtnin sae bricht daycomesoot sae affa sinny an
strong north win dis blawcomesoot sae fine wi some
ur prodissants if thon weancomesoot while the nun s
upon the floor his spousecomesoot wi a snide remark
fat some o fit grandacomesoot wi is gey queer
t it m1128: [?]i'm taking[/?] spidermancomesover sorts oot aabody f1127:
bit o an echo atcomesback at ye fae e
aa in agreement when herecomesda fellow fae toon wi
see hen the word asbestoscomesfae a greek word that
cup o tea whither itcomesfae a pyramid a wee
so the no no hecomesfae aberdeen so that s
i dinnae ken whaur itcomesfae but i ken contermacious
know where where eh contermaciouscomesfae contermacious f1040: [laugh] [inaudible]
no lesser european languages fundincomesfae da culture 2000 programme
god knows da watter atcomesfae da heevens is mair
uh huh ah f951: shecomesfae enster i d never
and there s certain wordscomesfae every parish here ehm
that s that s thatcomesfae f1005: kegs are shoes
don t know where itcomesfae i just think it
really aware o where itcomesfae it s it s
i ve tell t yecomesfae ma note book an
whorls o e caddis atcomesfae makin e bed an
o livin while da weftcomesfae places ootbye da sooth
dinna ken whaur this itchcomesfae sae sair sometimes i
an that s where itcomesfae stupid fu f1054: good
at the the jokes thatcomesfae the ga- the glasgow
i say i think thatcomesfae the north m1042: mm
in there eh the personcomesfae the princess royal trust
tidder an some peerie boycomesflyin every fit fae da
huh f646: you know thatcomesright through fae the way
athing fae the touchline owercomesthe referee tae jake monie
fae douglas tait o lonmaycomestwa examples o the frustration
da green heicht o fedalandcomesnear foo fine hit wis
regime is fine the difficultycomeswith implementing it and ensuring
whitewash frae new faaen snawcomesa chap at the door
the door and the headmastercomesalong you get into trouble
been standing by the doorcomesforward and takes a battle
the door when his timecomesi say to cathie craigie
or or the end gunnarcomesin and stops by door
forgetting provost that we marthacomesin by the house door
the door opens and cairdcomesin caird ah he s
is better ti leeve ormcomesin wounded stops at door
opens the door and incomesjek carrying a pair of
awthegither natasha carrying a candlecomesout of the door on
aboot aw naebody visits naebodycomestae the door there s
to ma door [laugh] [laugh]comesto ma door f1049: [laugh]
jehovah s witness and hecomesto ma door [laugh] [laugh]
door opens and she shecomesto the door and she
yer face till e timecomesfin it s warsled its
the maid fin the mistresscomesower frae the byre neither
some muck an fin springcomesroon i saa some fresh
the 1930s fin roon againcomesshaavin sowin time wi grubber
ken emsels fin e meenitcomestae dive throwe e hard
wull gang wrang fin itcomestae judgin time jonsar eck
a littlin fin the dragoncomestae play fin the big
got nae sense fin itcomestae road safety ye d
the crib fin a bairncomesunwinted wi sorra its sib
deid and when ma casecomesagain i want thae twa
study this delusion when itcomesanatomise my visionary dead compel
the new lady in waitingcomesand comforts mary when the
established when the next censuscomesaround i am encouraged by
year notes that this decisioncomesat a time when frontline
like that when the billcomesback homelessness etc scotland bill
to stomach water when shecomesback i resolve to say
cathy jamieson when this administrationcomesback in may we will
doubt that when this billcomesback to us at a
me that when the redraftcomesback to us in january
echr but when the mattercomesbefore the rural affairs committee
in skye when the ministercomesbefore us item 3 also
s mah motto tomorrow nevercomesbj when yi gonnae tell
distance even when the breathcomesclose but patience with yourself
when a wee broun caurcomesdoun the road an speerits
when in fact the decisioncomesdown to the judgment of
let that come when itcomeserm and erm you know
all folk music wherever itcomesfrom when we ask what
m1128: [child noise] f1127: when daddycomeshame the morn we ll
ll maybe go when dadcomeshame the week o christmas
whe- when when the wolfcomeshe s gaun to eat
a violation when that lawcomeshe was referring to the
dae the dishes when hecomeshome f1122: aye f1121: i
shoulder rejoicing and when hecomeshome he calls together his
forgot to come when daddycomeshome next time we re
these for dad when hecomeshome will we f1122: mm
just about over when carolecomesi m hoping to have
plan b when the morracomesi m ready fur him
all provision especially when itcomesin a negative rather than
course when the forestry commissioncomesin and just b- buys
hame some time when hecomesin and throws his toolbag
lie when the new committeecomesin it can decide what
be saved when the billcomesinto effect and there may
brush handle when my partycomesoff i think i ll
it on dvd when itcomesout and just sit in
to catch one when itcomesout of the mist on
a little latent cynicism whichcomesout when i am at
thing when mac donald duckcomesquacking beak eyes feathers legs
f1102: when f1101: when hecomesroond wi his sweetie van
will bring that when itcomessadie it s like we
that do but when itcomestae a funeral or a
be here when the guvcomestae see me where would
aboot stuff an when itcomestae the bit whit ye
ensure that when that timecomesthe necessary services are available
well said pantagruel when allcomesto all thou art a
well said pantagruel when allcomesto all thou art a
obviously i am when itcomesto computers [laugh] but ken
date anyone else when itcomesto dating or get drunk
good boy then when itcomesto dinner m805: [inaudible] m804:
passive or inactive when itcomesto encouraging local authorities and
was being infringed when itcomesto europe who is serious
wakes up when the keepercomesto feed him b the
out f1089: when the mancomesto fit it m1090: okay
grand with names when itcomesto folk their faces are
those are euphemisms when itcomesto getting around the law
case for exemptions when itcomesto particular co operatives or
a nancy when he firstcomesto school wi his la
women s sons when flaviuscomesto serve his master in
convention is suspended when itcomesto sex offences hugh henry
you absolutely particularly when itcomesto something like poetry f1038:
it s naething when itcomesto the bit a patchwork
hae in mind when itcomesto the bit i ll
about adventure and when itcomesto the bit it s
than on inputs when itcomesto the budget are the
guilt or innocence when itcomesto the icc trial in
stay in it when itcomesto the word of god
to return when the budgetcomesunder renewed scrutiny i know
progress a measure when itcomesunder that directive we want
m1007: and when the windcomesup it starts saying [laugh]
item in private when itcomesup on the agenda and
ll eat it when shecomesup will she f1122: mm
no delay when the timecomeswe will respond lord james
is almost forgotten a daycomeswhen the sun is so
erm there s a therecomesa point i think where
what it will do therecomesa point where the clg
living at home actually therecomesa point where where it
s yeah i think therecomesa point where you do
the part where where zillacomesand sort of attacks him
situation where a significant proportioncomesannually from local authorities 28
faint horizon where no mancomesback each man travels lightly
gonnae tell us where hecomesfi stew stew will you
of the where the languagecomesfrae m1021: well i think
f1009: is that where itcomesfrom boiling mm yes m1007:
that s just where itcomesfrom but if you take
don t know where itcomesfrom but in any case
t know whe- where itcomesfrom but ploatin is where
think that s where itcomesfrom f746: mmhm f745: erm
m1042: but where the wordcomesfrom i don t know
wonder where all the positivitycomesfrom ian jenkins i will
our work where that moneycomesfrom is less important than
although unfortunately given where itcomesfrom it has all the
to hear where that figurecomesfrom it is a hard
regardless of where the moneycomesfrom it seems that over
don t know where thatcomesfrom [laugh] but there s
language that is where itcomesfrom pauline mcneill glasgow kelvin
that is where he shecomesfrom regionally or socially in
have no idea where thatcomesfrom scaff m1055: wo-wo- is
pot regardless of where itcomesfrom that is a scandal
ve no idea where itcomesfrom ye know m1146: mmhm
an tell you where itcomesfrom yeah that s a
out where exactly your buscomesin and i can get
where the issue of resourcescomesin professor richards i agree
stew this is where dollcomesin silence ed holds doll
know where in bolton itcomesin you see there is
well this is where itcomesout at can you remember
where he dropped it hecomesout from under the bed
huh that s where itcomesover look it s going
re confined to quarters johnnycomesa little way into the
come- you know kind ofcomesback into her life and
be in private the mattercomesback into the public domain
hert inside his heid bethcomesback into the room carrying
go into the office rowlandcomesin through the garden rowland
the new year s budgetcomesinto being but we must
and that proportionately little moneycomesinto deprived areas furthermore would
of days before the billcomesinto effect and for ministers
by the public body andcomesinto effect once it is
which the compulsory treatment ordercomesinto effect section 66 mr
the date the said schemecomesinto effect until 31 march
take place after the courtcomesinto existence on the basis
and light mmmmmm yes lightcomesinto it and well i
or four times as legislationcomesinto place in scotland and
the landscape more military imagerycomesinto play anyone who can
tired listenin til ye hecomesinto the drawing room ah
m gaun ti wurk chebutykincomesinto the drawing room with
becomes directed and in effectcomesinto the employ of an
links the minute that religioncomesinto the equation f606: mmhm
other for a moment hecomesinto the room he pretends
at all clear eventually mothercomesinto the room with andy
to check every magazine thatcomesinto their shop the bill
of speech and scots oftencomesinto this category f718: mmhm
i will not say whocomesinto which category it is
like it or not itcomesinto your characters you know
runs into her house andcomesout in minute with a
into it long pause georgiecomesup behind her georgie if
every year the information thatcomesback from the sqa must
are responding to advice thatcomesdirect from the committees steve
interesting talking to [censored: forename] hecomesfrom a background of russian
court experience although someone whocomesfrom a chambers legal environment
child s pet if itcomesfrom a family or whether
to me m1022: person whocomesfrom a housing scheme it
have been growing crops itcomesfrom a latin word granarium
for private prisons by pricewaterhousecooperscomesfrom a lower staff wage
garden debris the richest compostcomesfrom a mixture of soggy
publication the annals of arbuthnottcomesfrom a newspaper article printed
publication the annals of arbuthnottcomesfrom a newspaper article printed
isabel to her destruction isabelcomesfrom a normal family background
johann lamont as somebody whocomesfrom a profession in which
i hope as someone whocomesfrom a rural area that
further confirmation of that viewcomesfrom a senior committee of
ironic and humorous literary subtextcomesfrom an awareness that for
sea evidence for this losscomesfrom an old charter which
spent which budget the moneycomesfrom and any potential impact
me whaur s olga olgacomesfrom behind the screen ah
of course is it ehcomesfrom ceàrr m1008: yes m1007:
of your members advertising revenuecomesfrom cigarette advertising you said
occasional sense of humanity thatcomesfrom encountering someone else emerging
there s one character whocomesfrom er aberdeen f718: mmhm
organic food consumed in scotlandcomesfrom europe one of the
proportion of that organic foodcomesfrom europe we import crops
to withdraw children that rightcomesfrom european legislation and is
that christine grahame referred tocomesfrom existing international law instruments
an i think it scomesfrom foundered ye know ye
have been suggested that itcomesfrom gaelic and means the
with buttermilk stirred in whichcomesfrom gaelic fuarag a mixture
an vitamins an that ironcomesfrom green leafy vegetables m939:
mothering with the insight whichcomesfrom having experienced both valerie
speaker is confident that shecomesfrom here these parts ol
round her lilian martha baumontcomesfrom his room speaking to
i thought well rebus himselfcomesfrom immigrant stock so that
the voluntary sector s potentialcomesfrom its distinct characteristics and
with an added value thatcomesfrom its workers beliefs however
wife and i my wifecomesfrom johnstone out f606: mmhm
will lose the security thatcomesfrom knowing that the container
about latin f1006: well sinistercomesfrom latin m1004: sinistro f1006:
the north east the wordcomesfrom latin spatula the same
know that leonard has hascomesfrom like you know a
for repair and improvement grantscomesfrom local authorities and was
core funding for the atbscomesfrom local authorities typically 30
other areas of the citycomesfrom mainstream funding whereas the
poem he mentions my incomecomesfrom my book by hook
that probably me husband thatcomesfrom orphir doesn t use
at least 30 of electricitycomesfrom renewable energy sources by
debated by the scottish parliamentcomesfrom robert brown msp glasgow
mair laek slang every wordcomesfrom somewhere most shetlan words
be lies and top brasscomesfrom st andrews house and
the mouth of the lochcomesfrom the account of the
a point at which fundingcomesfrom the community fund the
keep an eye on whatcomesfrom the consequentials the convener
little fingers are pinkies whichcomesfrom the dutch pink and
does in england if anythingcomesfrom the english experience that
to ensure that something positivecomesfrom the events could we
very drunk i suppose itcomesfrom the fact that if
the materials the other partcomesfrom the fact that in
s yes yes f1009: itcomesfrom the fre- yes from
says [?]fiann[/?] which i thinkcomesfrom the gaelic fann for
as a dialect word thatcomesfrom the gaelic pronn meaning
funding for the gnp workcomesfrom the gnp s budget
area s relative wealth whichcomesfrom the oil and gas
kaiser caesar emperor king itcomesfrom the roman caesar it
it all well it allcomesfrom the same source doesn
drinkin so i suppose itcomesfrom the same thing f1054:
petitions the convener petition pe194comesfrom the scottish campaign for
recently in musselburgh a womancomesfrom the slums of leith
can deduce on the mattercomesfrom the surviving correspondence stevenson
memory the poem s powercomesfrom the vitality of its
the uk the continuity thatcomesfrom the work of the
the advertising revenue for newspaperscomesfrom tobacco advertising there are
union s gross domestic productcomesfrom trade between member states
community s gross domestic productcomesfrom within its own boundaries
60 of scottish tourism revenuecomesfrom within the uk between
a lot of my stuffcomesi think from reading epics
follows jack beaumont sink andycomesin from outside andy excuse
the foreman from the shipyardcomesin from outside mrs beaumont
from her again hm sandersoncomesin from outside sanderson good
for our just deserts andycomesin from the garden with
ah here he is jackcomesin from the house he
wrapped in a big shawlcomesin from the verandah mrs
the money from this fundcomesmostly from dues paid to
to say something augustine itcomesout primly from the depths
fig and orange a womancomesout to buy fish from
from gourdon his son stillcomesround today sandy duncan wednesday
political traditions from which hecomesshould simply ignore that and
circulated it is accurate andcomesstraight from the teaching resources
or restrain and from thiscomesthe name bacan a tethering
area from which the petitionercomesto make a contribution to
canvas tears the breakneck tidecomestumbling out from the frame
s a huge current whichcomesup from the caribbean and
hands agnes sheepish och itcomesan goes maggie at the
that dunt the singing notecomesand goes too so there
out goes mary and margaretcomesin f638: out goes mary
a file containing candidate entriescomesin it goes through validation
out goes mary and margaretcomesin m608: [laugh] f640: [laugh]
the bell goes the janniecomesout in his shiny peaked
kitchen doing some stitching incomesthe bogeyman and out goes
an early grave the crisiscomesthe fever goes the caunles
decision on the testing regimecomesthrough paragraph 8 goes on
some of the jobs hecomesback i every summer and
other guy came and hecomesin like every day for
m1174: er stroke newspaper thatcomesout every friday so that
lie there till mrs lindsaycomesshe s every day noo
every single morning till itcomesthe doctor said that my
why every trust in scotlandcomesto us day after day
for every one child whocomesto us we probably have
out why and how thatcomesabout considering that it might
have a a friend whocomesand helps out a nice
out till another nice fellacomesby but i still kinda
slit at the end itcomesdown out of the sky
them and it sort ofcomesin and out m762: it
out with her sewing andycomesin andy morning sir beaumont
got a chimney and whatcomesout a chimney m1132: smoke
two weeks before a songcomesout by the time m811:
worlds the one point thatcomesout clear and strong is
boats m1106: no the oilcomesout f1105: and because oil
then i hope that whatcomesout [laugh] i m quite
be able to influence whatcomesout of committee at that
one accepts that everything thatcomesout of europe is right
fit s the word shecomesout of her internal monologue
minister assure us that whatevercomesout of her negotiations with
day apparently if the groundhogcomesout of its hole today
front of thomas who thencomesout of role and joins
the m1106: yeah f1105: oilcomesout of the boats m1106:
it more likely that whatcomesout of the other end
work develops the work thatcomesout of the research will
oh yeah m1090: here itcomesout of this bit and
it s the first thingcomesout say you re goin
i m meaning if itcomesout that you ve beaumont
gonna hatch f1113: and whatcomesout the eggs f1114: the
mmhm m017: and er shecomesout with characteristically north east
to knock on it cairdcomesout with papers and his
i think you know itcomesout you know in the
it m1090: yeah a skeletoncomesout you ll find it
time m811: yeah f812: itcomesout you re like i
up for the social dodcomesracing in even more out
stops rushing and his peecomesspouting out and splashes over
of humour indeed but itcomesstraight out of the realities
greetin stupit so out itcomesthe glory that was my
eh yeah a word thatcomestae my mind eh oo
word blog in google itcomesup with 2 170 000
under the water here shecomesagain f1112: no ha- [inaudible]
that coffee peggy here itcomesfor neil is entering with
o her see here shecomesgarrin the young lads boo
chute f1116: mm here itcomesgo on go on f1115:
oh here he here hecomeshame oh you re talkin
to face him if hecomeshere carolanne i should never
a reason why nobody evercomeshere f606: mmhm f1067: and
the time here and johncomeshere for about 3 weeks
bj exit pat bj hecomeshere the night he kens
no this time if hecomeshere wi the polis an
reading the paper as hecomesin here a recipe for
be here apen whan hongcomesit s fell clear a
ahint the dyke cos herecomesjoan on her wee green
trokin the flesh whan herecomeslu da strecht up ti
mrs laing wheesht here shecomesmrs boyter yes deana s
[laugh] f813: [laugh] f814: herecomesmy road trip through the
drawing back the curtains herecomesthe boat granma mainland will
car i think because herecomesthe cars oh oh oh
ma state o health herecomesthe doctor at last he
sangster in scotia fareweel herecomesthe ferryman weel ye ll
come all ye fareweel herecomesthe ferryman weel ye ll
his two companions and herecomesthe kick gentlemen but the
but oh go run herecomesthe mowdy you know f632:
is that right f1144: herecomesthe rabbie [laugh] we never
he isnae there father herecomesthe soo wifie speir if
this last year here itcomesthocht geordie but sayin how
now as we know everythingcomesto an end down here
now crash bang smash herecomestoffee back inside the house
a wunner fur here hecomeswi noise o thunner god
the back of the stagecomesa shout hey ho irena
in the bin afore maggiecomesback and funds it we
is unthinkable supposing she nevercomesback and there s no
[inaudible] f806: said like hecomesback and tries to rescue
for a while then hecomesback down that feels better
exit angelica come back hecomesback grinning expecting a reward
plants shews cooks haimmers screivescomesback or hae ye left
progresses a key ward thatcomesback time an again is
parliament the next part thencomesback to general conduct again
the other milestone area whichcomesback to kenny gibson s
thick leather belts it allcomesback to me so crystal
any other means it allcomesback to the same issue
mean the- the- it allcomesback to this whole urban
should wait to see whatcomesback to us ian jenkins
mmhm yes yeah maybe thatcomesback to what you were
s trystin wi her jocomesback wi peelie chafts her
rail fare then back shecomesdo you really want me
regrets that this latest crisiscomeson the back of the
regrets that this latest crisiscomeson the back of the
it s gaen it aycomesroarin back buddha wood a
web eh just as itcomesup my back but eh
s this wee guy thatcomesin three times a day
again m tull that daycomeswe dee this we tak
hour or so before someonecomesalong then the caller may
to illustrate the proverb pridecomesbefore a fall as dryest
ms white if a petitioncomesbefore the committee and we
should get it before shecomeshome f1049: right m1048: erm
and before very long alongcomespepper the g nome pompitie
clean up before the cleanercomesround i know my mum
water cycle before the watercomesto our homes it has
in skis before an somebodycomesup an says fit fit
the bou staur ay saecomesma doungang cleikin the pleuch
hour until his big brothercomeshome and he s going
to 9 at night andcomeshome at half past 2
a decent breakfast if jimmycomeshome tell him i ll
to vic 6 30 stewartcomeshome very weak and tired
see if ma son evercomeshome with pen on them
next month once my raisecomesthrough and mixes things up
eh funding for good projectscomesthrough but it it is
there a visceral power whichcomesthrough erm f963: it s
that be greater job satisfactioncomesthrough greater responsibility we need
the same way that powercomesthrough in homer f963: mmhm
stage of independent assessment thatcomesthrough in the report i
in england the first warningcomesthrough nhs direct which will
department whereas funding for scotscomesthrough the scottish arts council
it was welcome my mailcomesthrough very regular i had
i very much hope itcomesthrough whatever i do next
to be a coffin solacecomeswith the stars shining through
wild tumbling brown the burncomesdown and roars frae brae
if there s a levercomesdown and the lever says
fate and free will shecomesdown heavily on the side
the wisdom of everything thatcomesdown the methodology should be
till she leaves uist andcomesdown to the big cities
it and then it alwayscomesdown you know they say
[inaudible] smell it f1130: itcomesoff f1129: that s good
broken oops f1130: oh thiscomesoff itself f1129: och that
wipe it clean a bookcomesoff the peg i took
right there so the spraycomesright off m816: the spray
tucked up with mumsy incomesdaddikins sand an cement crackin
me f1041: i think itcomes[inaudible] f1043: equivalent further up
after a few moments shecomesinside and picks up her
beamin for ilka man whacomesintae the warld heeze up
beamin for ilka man whacomesintae the warld heeze up
m1106 : whoosh f1105: up hecomesm1106 : square three blind mice
be ower guid whan itcomestae biggin up the prosperity
the bus ok up hecomestop deck me and yin
andriusha s in luiv chebutykincomesup behind andrey and puts
your thing com- your carcomesup dinna press buttons yet
matter for the council bandingcomesup in other contexts as
an old scottish one thatcomesup in w d cocker
a debate on the nhscomesup instead we believe that
the the ain that ayewayscomesup is h- haivers ken
me and my nephew garycomesup quiet a bit i
they come up ye whatcomesup the questions that come
i m touring abroad someonecomesup to me in a
late the nicht a maidcomesup to natasha and whispers
have to wait till grannycomesup will we f1122: mmhm
review and that if someonecomesup with a way of
it records your voice andcomesup with an automated response
and that s what urquhartcomesup with [inhale] as craick
yes f1009: [laugh] [laugh] m1007: comesup with this message [laugh]
just m815: yeah the windcomesup yeah m816: blew the
clock [inhale] [blow] f1135: whatcomesafter eight f1136: don t
five five six f1097: sixcomesafter five we only need
oops that one f1091: whatcomesafter nine m1092: ten f1091:
one two three f1091: whatcomesafter three m1092: four f1091:
is thursday today so whatcomesafter thursday f1122: i don
ten eleven twelve f1121: whatcomesafter twelve thirteen f1122: i
sink after a few minutescomesthe noise of the loo
that after autumn s applescomesthe snow parkin lot nummer
ken the wee curtain thatcomeschuggin roon the coffin at
got tae ken at aacomesegither in a richt birn
f1127: [censored: forename] ken [censored: forename] thatcomesroon [censored: forename] [censored: forename] had pumpkin
yince mair an the wintercomesagain so de say you
again and disband then franciscomesforward alone showing grief at
again m1015: eh m1014: itcomeswi age i think gordon
may wish for it therecomesa point at which one
it needs to do therecomesa point at which the
m017: i mean it evencomesa-a- across in er a
rains heavily a ticker tapecomesacross the bottom it s
it s almost like shecomesand sort of steals his
awareness campaigning and that itcomesat an appropriate time coinciding
f1142: they re fall- itcomesat my belly f1141: that
bones o a kipper itcomesawa as easy as pie
it whan the auld maistercomesby an rairs at him
natural sense of community thatcomesf965: it has its [sniff]
ed welfare of the survivorcomesfirst dimps aw fuck it
it s the egg thatcomesfirst eh has has been
it s it s itcomesfrae f1054: a yoke of
hawick is a teri itcomesfrae the the town motto
start ironin dara oan itcomesgotta a beaut the noo
weemin the curse an itcomesilkie month till auld an
to it shortly afterwards natashacomesin and begins to fuss
tutorial m741: uh huh m605: comesin but it s not
good ain m1128: aye whocomesin it f1127: look fitt
school in it and hecomesin sayin i i m
know it s just whatcomesnatural tae me i just
too polite now [laugh] itcomesnaturally f1018: [laugh] m1020: i
doin words backwards [laugh] f010: comesnaturally it does [laugh] f122:
radio ramadhan i mean itcomeson during ramadan as well
it s jist winnerfae fitcomeson ye at at time
feel the water if itcomesover f1121: can you see
t know yet until itcomesright i think that s
everything right or it allcomesright m954: yeah oh i
an a dout whan hecomesseekin it we ll hae
shook her heid weel itcomestae aa weemin the curse
bog for me if itcomestae the crunch a couldnae
mechanism by which the committeecomesto conclusions on it the
to revisit it anybody whocomesto give us oral evidence
right said pantagruel what itcomesto is that you re
right said pantagruel what itcomesto is this that you
the parliament s committees andcomesto the chamber it is
the time the government airmycomeswe ll can brazen it
owre it apen whan hongcomesweill the marischal wis fair
place in history but itcomeswith the territory and is
owe her that much itcomeswith the wedding vows for
covers it kwen de timecomesyeah ah dat s a
ye know sometimes he hecomesat night an there he
right and er like hecomesin and you know how
tidal you know the seacomesin fills the swimming pool
motion th-th- that ye knowcomestowards you but there s
this stage however the debatecomesat an opportune time and
intill t fan his timecomesi was jist bein coorse
the time the school pupilcomesto learn the words in
moral strength ahint us jackcomesclose to beaumont jack beaumont
my luve the lappin swawcomeslythe ti us upby as
of th- the money thatcomesto us is for outreach
p m1108: aye f1107: fittcomesaifter p m1108: p eh
so many different craft thatcomesin and eh summertime also
royal trust dixon halls shecomesin eh once a month
his stuff he he definitelycomesacross as a manic depressive
case in case he evercomesacross m816: [laugh] in case
muckle pleugh staff an hecomesand swabbles mei i m
and then he turns redcomesat me a dervish afore
f831: [laugh] my husband oftencomeshame cause he works in
in peterheid an he oftencomeshame m842: aye f831: he
whan oor lord jesus christcomeshe wha caas ye is
no takin thum if hecomesi ll phone the polis
abeen blissit is he thatcomesi the name o the
i think about eight hecomesin and er he was
harry thomson smoking a cigarcomesin right he stops at
dusty and nasty miss woodcomesround just as he is
huge amount of trouble hecomesto edinburgh i take him
built for the cold whichcomesdraughts find passages under entrance
scottish scotch which of thesecomesnaturally if i did whatever
to livingston in 1995 whichcomeson top of a scottish
the ubi sunt theme whichcomesvia the norse edda is
there though look right fittcomesnext then m1092: erm this
the right place so petercomesto this junction does a
spark a seed bit naethincomesintae ma heid a find
brutal engineerin bit efter eftercomesthe theory the poetry o
sex offenders if pragmatically thatcomesas a result of legislation
so if this new managercomesin and she knows somebody
like this what if someonecomesin pause doesn t that
was a superstition if snaacomeson at a funeral they
myself if the branch linecomesto pass i ll be
be ruined if the truthcomesto the fore lilian i
relationships because i think therecomesa point [laugh] certainly in
i think that the diddiecomesaff o that some wey
o yon kin at jistcomesat ye wi nae clear
trees wi the green voicecomeshomer in his quaet sheen
turra hospital near aabody thatcomesin gangs awa hame wi
year the month o januarcomesin wi droothy hogmanay auld
nummer o young folk thatcomesintae contact wi gaelic throu
trill like a palm treecomeslike a kintra loon wi
teeth at bedtime finiver derknesscomestae stop the germs wi
eleven f1091: [tut] no thencomesfive m1092: five two f1091:
alone in defeat head bowedcomesforward showing despair then begs
never [inaudible] f1091: and thencomesm1092: eight eleven f1091: [tut]
stewart then in evening shecomeswith christine to say that
its lees syne richt kindlycomesdaith an aff tae the
fit tae meeve t bycomesgrandmither tae see foo they
past thirty year the musiccomesooto aa thon pipes tae
the bins tae afore maggiecomessadie soon as there s
leaf fur eve afore shecomestae grief adam angry yer
mairriet on the surface butcomestae the knawledge that as
hail or the twa haufscomesthegither tae be fair tae
kirk puil whan this caurcomesalang an stops on the
a splendid evening fr frankcomesalong to make this an
ay ti you yins atcomesefter this tid canna weill
this come next f1091: thatcomesnext m1092: uh huh f1091:
further notes that this closurecomeson top of the closure
silent at this the kettlecomesto the boil and pepper
covered by this bill subversioncomesunder security service legislation people
an appropriate expression but thiscomeswithin a positive context of
see ma heart sadie maggiecomesin the morra and we
s hard physical wurk thitcomesmaist readily intil ma mynd
oan the cooker afore shecomesdoon carolanne they ll want
f1127: hey fann granny [censored: forename]comesin we ll have to
we ll sune see whacomessecond best we ll stan
senses though one still occasionallycomesacross the phrase stupid with
in with the wheelchair gladyscomesclucking along in the rear
terribly homesick but with familiaritycomescontempt as they say at
with eyebrows raised little liarcomesfiona s voice startled the
string unless the and eccomesin with land preservation restrictions
i identify with traveller whocomesto a crossroads and has
in his new role descomesto his position with some
raith cup match jimmy rcomesto rescue with one for
a significant amount of incomecomesvia service level agreements with
film on my best palcomeswith me etc one sentence
ih cammy true trust onlycomeswith real healing laughs stew
to the public examination systemcomeswith risks and the bigger
perfected using the pain thatcomeswith smack induced constipation yes
than throwin a stone justcomesnaturally ye just say ye
her gold to alabaster shecomesround to my side of
we div rise och atcomesas nae surprise wither dis
1 3 thir lines thatcomesat the stert o kittredge
m830: abint that mist thatcomesin aff the sea at
looked at an interesting examplecomesin the sestet of a
nods at the entrance incomesmuriel wearing her best frock
micht catch a cold beaumontcomesin looking for her shawl
ve waited till mrs blaikiecomeson duty perspiringly parading her
watter an the bairn thatcomestill t gie her we
on the night alex ewancomesto ask for milk her
prowling around behind lizzie nowcomesto speak intimately to her
s bob made so fittcomesnext m1092: mm [inaudible] [inaudible]
his neighbour in lucrece shakespearecomesover as not so much
a sorta community person thatcomesround the doors checkin so
adventures so the giant pantagruelcomesupon another giant called panurge
mmhm f1067: an example thatcomesto my mind ehm damhan
ears m1108: and [censored: forename] justcomesf1107: [censored: forename] m1108: aye f1107:
style and just write whatcomesnaturally scots words and all
to mr scott yet jimmycomesto see me on his
in his yard a fermercomeswanderin in aboot an says
the study bletherin an incomesauld jin on a sudden
er muckle o thi workforcecomesfrae glasgow an thi surrounding
bonny an braw as nichtcomesin gless faas a degree
an the ither name thatcomesin is a tart dressed
an gin a heavy shoorcomeson a m feart a
dusk o an autumn skycomestheir bletherin sang an cheerfu
scotland neither english nor foreigncomesto stand for an inauthentic
is given and a licencecomeslater might have some merit
dark me asleep the milkiecomesto put some mair pints
the snaabree ay the maistercomesdoun ye chap hauns see
the hairt flichter that aywiscomesafore hinney music the sea
sword [snort] [inaudible] sword [inaudible]comesi- i m going to
you said that your coachcomesto bolton can you let
press the west end festivalcomesto gibson st that s
didna another old standard thatcomesto mind is iron jug
worse a local example thatcomesto mind is the problems
be like the circus thatcomesto town once a year
rehearsal in the efterneen incomeses lad in s 50s
french doors in our roomcomesin and the m642: now
obvious modern tribute to urquhartcomesin er alasdair gray s
away for future use dodcomesin hassled dod gasping for
by a fearsome walrus johnnycomesin johnny were you chased
dark grey in colour andcomesin large angular chunks reading
conflict gradually die away thorfinncomesin pale and wounded byde
towards the entrance and incomeslizzie in full traditional fisher
in handy for bakin dodcomesracing in dod did you
a plush red floor incomesthe food a hair on
by the social the hermitcomesalive high on a huntly
kicked chair breaking now nightcomesdark s a bruise no
was a cutty cloak andcomesfrae the fransch roquelaure ah
the queen as the ministercomeson slowly holds a crown
like a scythe man wintercomessweeping old fields bare leapfrog
brallin and tovin ay douncomesthe lord nou a follaed
one secret adverb a volunteercomesto the front of the
information a range of informationcomesto you and you can
will and the next generationcomesalong and increases the difference
the bedding 8 20pm belovedcomesbut lover s sound asleep
as best they can georgiecomesdownstage to speak to the
on earlier for the derkcomesearlier black gobs o muckle
testament the buik o ruthcomesefter judges and was pitten
yiv aye said the bestcomesfi the simple treasures nature
be born of the fleshcomesfirst but to be born
the gret speerit frae himcomesluve the grettest thing i
squeals but gin the souncomesower strang or saft s
depairtment while tocher for scotscomesthrou the scottish airts cooncil
these toys alive western civilisationcomesto the east wagner thundered
ross finnie waste water regulationcomesunder the environment richard lochhead
of work because the problemcomesunder the heading of coastal
about spying on people informationcomesto you about what is
linen keenin wins abseil dooncomeso been glissade like fite
arthur wis taen awa anecomestither gyangs quo chae as

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