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of three of fran├žois rabelaiscomicprose narratives about the giants
three of fran├žois la- rabelaiscomicprose navel- narratives about the
s coming to safeways getcomicat safeways f1115: fitt aboot
shh and er get acomicf1116: comic [inaudible] safeways f1115:
er get a comic f1116: comic[inaudible] safeways f1115: eh f1116:
family of giants and theircomicencounters as they wander through
eccentric yes eh m1008: ehcomiceccentric yes f1009: mmhm mmhm
some extension of the traditionalcomicuse of scots in mock
if any notion of thecomicbook fat man remained it
is regarded as unsophisticated andcomicenglish seemed to have triumphed
had become largely confined tocomiccharacters in pantomime these roles
farr does granny buy acomicat oot the shoppie leave
granny do you get acomicfarr does granny buy a
the native vocabulary associated withcomicor low subject matter in
comedy create in the dreamcomicbut alarming confusion everything turns
would have seemed rustic andcomicin london and in his
strengths is his ability atcomicverse and in particular a
m1007: somebody like that beingcomicm1008: yes i think i
a man a com- acomicyou know he s m1007:
free with this and ourcomic[opening packet] a free figure kimi
worth o sweeties an acomiceach geordie gittin the dandy
carried in his head fromcomiccut days instead the plain
source of liquid supply acomickin o a lad fin
grue fin the wee scotchcomicsez ae beat gars aa
simply bad english or acomiclanguage appropriate for buttons and
stour richt up the staircomicturn tod s lassie aye
incident is not without itscomicside for marshall bulganin and
s not he is notcomiche s something else isn
the boys own paper thecomicthat cam out ilka wick
can be viewed as beingcomicbut can also be seen
[tut] givin in a weecomicjust in case that we
has a nice touch ofcomicslightly homely terror which i
that belongs in a teenagecomicstrip weekly rather than in
s tale isnae tragic butcomicthe franklin pits forrit a
the bertold brecht theatre thecomicopera in berlin and other
mixed repertoire of narrative lyriccomicand serious songs both old
on the back of thiscomicm1128: scooby doo f1127: spongebob

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