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shopping days till christmas [note: handdrawn cartoon here in original]commandercrabb it was over a
sawai raja maan singh jicommanderin chief of the moghul
alexandr ignatyevitch lieutenant colonel batterycommandertoozenbach nikolai lvovich baron lieutenant
in the newspapers of thecommandercrabb incident although we read
disclose the circumstances in whichcommandercrabb is presumed to have
upheizit ti the degree ocommandero the palace marischalry nou
on the day ti becommandero the palace marischalry an
me but is nou thecommandero the palace marischalry an
ye ve been appyntit batterycommanderhere olga whit dae ye
m636: cause he was supremecommanderin burma wasn t he
ye no unco fleyed thecommandersays ye re but a
ye vershinin oor new batterycommanderis cummin ti see ye
yeir faither wes a batterycommanderthare an ah wes an
i don t think aircommanderthatcher has ever got over
widnae gie up an thecommandersaid o k on your

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