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rimbaud 8 19 pm 0commentsanother reason to leave scotland
rimbaud 3 13 pm 3commentsfriday january 06 2006 no
rimbaud 2 20 pm 2commentsmonday april 03 2006 scotland
rimbaud 9 00 pm 20commentsmonday june 19 2006 ideas
rimbaud 2 42 pm 1commentssaturday february 18 2006 a
rimbaud 7 43 pm 0commentssaturday march 11 2006 good
rimbaud 10 15 am 7commentssaturday may 13 2006 gretna
rimbaud 6 30 pm 1commentssilverware for the underdogs today
rimbaud 8 13 pm 2commentssunday december 18 2005 henry
rimbaud 5 05 pm 6commentsthursday june 15 2006 legal
rimbaud 9 21 am 7commentsthursday march 30 2006 more
rimbaud 1 28 pm 0commentsthursday may 04 2006 the
rimbaud 12 00 am 2commentswednesday december 28 2005 bob
rimbaud 9 41 am 0commentswednesday march 29 2006 some
have to consider seeking thecommentsof highland list members may
and galloway council seeking theircommentson the issues raised by
to the executive seeking itscommentson the issues raised in
the executive and visitscotland seekingcommentson the issues raised in
to the executive seeking itscommentson the issues raised in
des mcnulty msp seeking theircommentson the joint health improvement
topical today we are seekingcommentson the paper that is
decision before february in mycommentsand in the detailed comments
society to make more detailedcommentsin writing rhoda grant could
comments and in the detailedcommentsof lydia wilkie of the
end of 1998 they invitedcommentson a more detailed consultation
to introducing the bill andcommentson the detailed provisions of
interested in annabel goldie scommentsabout the attitudinal problems in
i was interested in yourcommentsabout the consultation lasting eight
ahead and to seek thosecommentsfrom other interested local members
would be interested in yourcommentson how robust the current
interested in the minister scommentson standard grades will she
be interested to hear yourcommentson that elizabeth holt there
will be interested in anycommentsthe committee might have on
committee do members have anycommentsabout the introductory paragraph i
third paragraph are there anycommentsabout the last paragraph in
other points are there anycommentsabout the third paragraph are
does anybody have any othercommentson that paragraph about preferential
the convener are there anycommentson that paragraph members no
page 4 are there anycommentson the introductory paragraph des
does any member have anycommentson the paragraph on allowances
does any member have anycommentson the paragraph on smoking
nation states i make thosecommentsbecause several members have said
look forward to hearing memberscommentsboth on the points that
review ministers will welcome anycommentsdo members object if we
annul as members have nocommentsdo they agree that we
issues and constantly look forcommentsfrom members on everything under
some useful specific and technicalcommentsfrom snp members inevitably however
clerk members might find thecommentsfrom the faculty of advocates
on this one no memberscommentshave been received and no
4 march however no memberscommentshave been received and no
4 march however no memberscommentshave been received and no
november last year and nocommentshave been received from members
it do members have anycommentshelen eadie i think that
taken careful note of memberscommentsi suggest that i ask
2 and ask for anycommentsif members have any comments
convener i endorse both memberscommentsincluding that about the feeling
members wish to make anycommentsmembers no the convener are
does the committee have anycommentsmembers no the convener we
taken the spirit of thosecommentson board the convener members
convener do members have anycommentson that nicola sturgeon it
section as members have nocommentson the background introduction on
event do members have anycommentson the evaluation form or
in future do members havecommentson the next section paragraphs
instance do members have anycommentson the paper mrs mcintosh
that do members have anycommentson the paragraphs on general
draw his attention to memberscommentson the petition as set
circulated do members have anycommentson the proposal at this
out whether members have anycommentson the suggestions for recommended
paper if there are nocommentsor questions do members agree
initial list based on thecommentsthat members have made during
yorkhill in glasgow from thecommentsthat members have made so
backdrop to many of thecommentsthat members have made will
to the committee for thecommentsthat members made at the
deal today with questions orcommentsthat members might have on
members should have before themcommentsthat she has submitted by
uk members will see thecommentsthat we have received do
is introduced if members havecommentsthey should get them to
out do members have anycommentsunder health and safety do
safety do members have anycommentsunder official stationery and mail
smoking do members have anycommentsunder the heading of alcohol
comments if members have anycommentswe can write with them
after we have heard memberscommentswe want to be aware
the subordinate legislation committee scommentswere forwarded to all members
the subordinate legislation committee scommentswere forwarded to all members
members have said that suchcommentswere made to members or
that members may raise thecommentswill form part of our
not wish to make anycommentsabout the instrument we shall
as that by which anycommentsare to be made being
4 date by which anycommentsare to be made see
as that by which anycommentsare to be made the
are there any questions orcommentschristine grahame the petition calls
have any further thoughts orcommentsdennis canavan i refer to
to come are there anycommentsdonald gorrie that is very
committee do you have anycommentshelen eadie it would be
feed in any views orcommentsi understand that the list
it iii made any othercommentsin relation to fcam whether
are are there any othercommentsmary scanlon what will happen
the auditor general have anycommentsmr black i will pass
nicola sturgeon to make anycommentsnicola sturgeon i will not
convener as there are nocommentson any of those statutory
word sole are there anycommentson anything else on the
that information are there anycommentson it dr murray i
commissioner shortly are there anycommentson our programme or the
feelings are there any othercommentson page 1 des mcnulty
interests order are there anycommentson page 1 des mcnulty
then are there any othercommentson page 1 we move
point taken are there anycommentson page 2 mr ingram
been circulated are there anycommentson that paper mr munro
situation do you have anycommentson that ross finnie that
of the committee have anycommentson the draft report before
buy does anyone have anycommentson the executive s response
but whether we have anycommentson the fact that the
convener are there any othercommentson the paper please note
c take into account anycommentson the proposed draft order
boards are there any furthercommentson the salmon conservation scotland
the paper are there anycommentsor questions on the petition
of the committee have anycommentsor thoughts about that mr
the nfus for any furthercommentsrelating to the petition as
wales the first minister scommentsthe reality is that any
the parliament are there anycommentsthere is none the last
of the committee have anycommentsto make about paragraphs 26
budgets do you have anycommentsto make on the proposal
she made some very negativecommentsabout the executive always indulging
made this morning including yourcommentsabout the recall of the
margaret curran made wide rangingcommentsabout what the executive has
inspection i have made somecommentsabout whether the code of
the other people who madecommentsand answered queries both in
made about plea bargaining mycommentsare not based on my
think that mary scanlon scommentsare well made at this
lot more talk but thecommentsi have made arise from
say that i made similarcommentsin the stage 1 debate
scottish executive from the recentcommentsmade by david blunkett about
chamber i will address thecommentsmade by each speaker first
to the committee some interestingcommentsmade by prisoners an old
in condemning the ill informedcommentsmade by some opposition msps
pays particular attention to thecommentsmade by the children introduction
that she has welcomed thecommentsmade by the social justice
in the light of thecommentsmade by tom wood deputy
lord hope lord steyn scommentsmade clear the potentially draconian
10 43 sarah boyack thecommentsmade this morning demonstrate the
made some helpful suggestions andcommentson what is generally a
be better to support thecommentsthat angus mackay made this
passes through parliament today thecommentsthat are made are recorded
jackie baillie i echo thecommentsthat have already been made
agree whole heartedly with thecommentsthat have been made about
with its expectations given thecommentsthat have been made about
we acknowledge some of thecommentsthat have been made about
whatever i think all thecommentsthat have been made this
member i will repeat thecommentsthat i made to tommy
to pick up on thecommentsthat irene oldfather made i
to the committee on thecommentsthat it made when the
will take on board thecommentsthat mike rumbles has made
the bill and to thecommentsthat mr jones has made
lead committee should reflect thecommentsthat were made at our
let me respond to thecommentsthat were made by andy
the bill some of thecommentsthat were made earlier are
the conveners liaison group fromcommentsthat were made earlier it
2000 c 1556 57 thosecommentswere made at stage 2
we must address that positivecommentswere made regarding the voluntary
than subjects in inverness thecommentswere made that the compact
committee the fisheries organisations madecommentswhich we relayed to the
i note the minister scommentsabout glasgow city council but
more questions i note yourcommentsabout the bill being over
annexe a of that notecommentsfully on the articles and
is responsible for bracketed cattycommentsnote please be mindful because
retirement housing person to whomcommentsshould be sent see note
questions about that my lastcommentsare about transport i welcome
welcomes the first minister scommentsduring first minister s questions
ask questions or to makecommentsmrs lyndsay mcintosh central scotland
does anyone have questions andcommentsms irene oldfather cunninghame south
advice if there are nocommentsor questions arising from mr
will obviously have questions andcommentsto put to the minister
richards i agree with thosecommentsa great start has been
all agree with your reasonablecommentsconvener that is why no
agree with iain mcmillan mycommentsdid not relate to the
macintosh i will take thosecommentson board i agree that
i welcome jim wallace scommentsabout council meetings which take
industry will also welcome thosecommentsbut the fact remains that
lochhead i welcome the ministerscommentsi am sure that the
answer and i welcome hiscommentsi wonder whether the first
will not repeat my earliercommentsabout the progress that has
i wish to reiterate earliercommentsby welcoming our guests i
add anything to your earliercommentsfurthermore have you found similar
on board the minister scommentsalthough i confess that when
on board the minister scommentsin the sense that the
that we will take thosecommentson board in our final
on board the minister scommentson the definition of serious
board and lothian health forcommentson the issues that were
shall take on board thecommentsthat we have heard this
executive with a request forcommentson its contents pe445 petition
with a request for theircommentson its contents pe481 petition
than long bill butler thosecommentsare helpful the issue is
on it so that thosecommentsare on the public record
what constitutes scots notwithstanding thosecommentsas michael russell said it
to provide encyclopedic notes andcommentsbeyond those already in oed
i certainly back up thosecommentsi spent part of saturday
we need to get thosecommentsin before we make a
convener we will reflect thosecommentsin our report i am
that committee to take thosecommentsinto consideration as part of
i neither depart from thosecommentsnor apologise for them i
legislation committee s request forcommentson those points the executive
phil gallie i have similarcommentsto those of michael matheson
respond in writing to thosecommentsto which i have not
will you expand on thosecommentswhat points did you put
like to make the followingcomments1 there are probably numerous
i want to make threecommentsand begin by taking up
to make a couple ofcommentsi was speaking particularly about
simply want to make theircommentsknown to the executive as
the disasters with annotations andcommentsmother reckons that if make
we need to make ourcommentsnow it is also why
make a couple of quickcommentson that before tim ellis
i am disappointed at thecommentsthis week that make it
subordinate legislation committee has nocommentsto make on them and
urge anyone else who hascommentsto make them that will
we expect to reach mycommentsabout baselines and monitoring measures
up with [inhale] as craickcommentsabout er urquhart s translation
bill aitken s rather impolitecommentsabout jackie baillie s age
covering the scaffolding with mycommentsabout kylie manogue s pert
landlords echoed linda fabiani scommentsabout rigidity and prescriptiveness in
diet and bill aitken scommentsabout rule 43 8 which
could you expand on yourcommentsabout sharing school and community
i welcomed the minister scommentsabout some of the changes
there were a number ofcommentsabout systems within the health
threats of closure rather thancommentsabout the bigger picture of
tax if i understood yourcommentsabout the black market they
mentioned hans jürg kupper scommentsabout the decline of burns
with mike russell s initialcommentsabout the nature of the
apply to margo macdonald scommentsabout the perception that the
i get to my finalcommentseuan robson talked about base
all of peter wood scommentsms thomson s point about
i was curious about yourcommentson the jails and where
it s always the badcommentsthat get said about f833:
it i hope that mycommentswill bring about a rethink
to the minister for hiscommentsand for putting the codes
to hear the minister scommentsangus mackay i appreciate the
respond to the minister scommentsby saying that i was
thank the minister for hercommentshowever i was careful when
many of the minister scommentsindeed i can take issue
that the parliament notes thecommentsof the minister for social
required the first minister scommentson thursday suggested that too
further to the minister scommentson waiting lists and service
i accept the minister scommentswill he add to the
accept the implication of thecommentsin the paper that we
other mainstream prisons echoes yourcommentsconvener it is not just
2000 208 the convener mycommentson the 21 day rule
i have one or twocommentsfor which i crave the
well there have been numerouscommentsfrom visiting teams and competitors
staff concerned some of ourcommentshave been listened to the
to hear richard simpson scommentsi have a few brief
go along with helen scommentsi have written to the
and knitters here are somecommentsi would never have believed
we have yet to receivecommentsin relation to the timetable
the uk and europe thecommentsof the children have been
we have listened to thecommentsof the committees and have
instigating investigations do colleagues havecommentson that point margaret jamieson
want to have printed orcommentson the gow and its
s speech repeated some inaccuratecommentsthat have flown around in
want to respond to thecommentsthat i have heard and
i thank him for hiscommentsthe cost savings that have
who have asked for theircommentsto be included in the
they have no sound 9commentswhich seem to accord with
that have been set mycommentswill focus on enterprise lifelong
be grateful to hear yourcommentsgeorge macbride educational institute of
women too she would hearcommentslike she was nice and
to hear the views andcommentsof the school children on
we will then add ourcommentsbefore it goes further stephen
is almost insignificant anyway furthercommentsby the key interest groups
from the executive and furthercommentsfrom the nfus and to
as there are no furthercommentsi will move on to
further national parks the keycommentsin each of these areas
in the light of theircommentswe took further advice the
period extant however lawrence scommentsin his early correspondence with
inevitably however some of theircommentswere predictable political posturing snp
christine grahame has quoted mycommentsat stage 2 at some
move to some brief finalcommentsi call george lyon for
given the clerking team somecommentsi urge anyone else who
doubt want to add somecommentsi would appreciate it if
herself alluded to that incommentson 5 october although some
there to listen to yourcommentsand tell you more on
position is on the recentcommentsby east lothian council s
harper s1m 2391 recent allegedcommentsby sheriff ronald smith on
many of mr wilson scommentscan be passed on to
and read other people scommentsfor more information on e
enthused me were the apparentcommentsfrom visiting cyclists on the
on from elizabeth holt scommentsi refer to the section
in scotland in 1936 shecommentsmrs muir rumbles on and
down their various views andcommentson flip charts provided in
be affected in relation tocommentson hostel owners and parents
alien to me people scommentson independence included the allegation
gotn an essay back weecommentson it dt tell me
welcomed their complaints suggestions andcommentson matters concerning the area
letter with uncle bruce scommentson operation lawrence of arabia
support to brian monteith scommentson scottish centres which provide
and in particular with hiscommentson seafarers and the threshold
the light of the recentcommentson smoking by the chief
thank pauline mcneill for hercommentson taking a stand on
cosla s and sportscotland scommentson the current guidelines on
s poetry in caledonia emiliecommentson the effect on her
the subordinate legislation committee scommentson the order were forwarded
to the executive for itscommentson the points that were
bill we asked specifically forcommentson the resource implications of
to link with irene scommentson younger people if we
consider an invitation to submitcommentsto the executive on its
tried to respond to allcommentstommy sheridan on a point
and so on his openingcommentstriggered that off in my
thank adam ingram for hiscommentswe now move on to
the burden and invites yourcommentsif such a deed is
the passengers i ve hadcommentslike straighten your tie driver
to associate myself with yourcommentsthis has been a tremendously
why we should draw yourcommentsto the attention of the
schools and medical practices suchcommentsare reminiscent of the racist
cassettes are accompanied by writtencommentsfrom the senior moderator for
if there are no othercommentsi will bring the public
assessment and are accompanied bycommentsin english written by the
and mail there are nocommentsso everyone is happy we
appropriateness of tricia marwick scommentsthe report that we are
translators heinrich julius heintze hecommentsthey are the truest songs
i appreciate mr henderson scommentsi am concerned that the
am quite surprised by thecommentsthat mike russell has just
take as given as daviscommentsburns reflects the marginalization of
andy and ee do jobbiecommentsfiona lifting beastie s skirt
and we will report ourcommentsto the lead committee which
evening times last night thecommentsof one bill mcvey who
little to add to mycommentsthe scottish crime squad will
for another jurisdiction and mycommentstoday will be restricted to
and hugh flinn for theircommentswe will continue to consider
visitors in the gallery mycommentswill echo the experiences of
[inhale] i it was thecommentsi got were along the
needs clarification gordon jackson scommentswere interesting in the case
in dumfries edinburgh and perthcommentswere very diverse but there
wis bit twa o thecommentsnaething tae fear there it
him my mother too oftencommentsi don t want a
of my ability in previouscommentsthe scientific assessment of the
aside from the somewhat unusualcommentsby lord rodger incidentally he
open discussion mr [censored: surname] invitedcommentsfrom the meeting regarding matters
a result of fire brigadescommentsit seemed from the interviews
the room the views andcommentsof the children from the
from dundee believes that suchcommentswould be deliberately confrontational and
mep that the parliament condemnscommentsby the chair of the
s1m 3779 roseanna cunningham reportedcommentsby the chief executive of
appeals procedure in relation tocommentsdelivered by the health technology
i was amused by thecommentsof john rickman the clerk
hamstrung by michael portillo scommentsthat they would cut something
aid of gordon jackson scommentsin the stage 1 debate
and i ll receive theircommentssometime next week it s
daughter and granddaughter adding theircommentstwo generations of unfulfilled lives
we agreed to seek thecommentsof the executive city of
be an amalgamation of thecommentsof the scottish executive the
mr drummond has submitted hiscommentsa copy of which is
contentious and has provoked manycommentsand petitions including a 3
has surprised historians ranald nicholsoncommentseven more astonishingly james bound
may wish to see whatcommentsthe transport and the environment
kizzy the adults threats orcommentsand the narrative which is
these performances and the writtencommentswhich accompany them can also
we should ask for hiscommentsin order to consider incorporating
light of dennis canavan scommentsperhaps we should reconsider and
with in annabel goldie scommentsas she pled for diversity
and addressed robert cullen onycommentsmr cullen then with a
i strongly agreed with thecommentsof kate maclean and andy
eighteenth century scotland thomas crawfordcommentsthat in countries with a
also find brian fitzpatrick scommentsin that respect interesting he
exerted unconsciously when a markercommentsthat a students essay is
one of keith raffan scommentsthat an intelligent and coherent
echo dorothy grace elder scommentsthat it is fair to
a good one and macintoshcommentsthat the song must early
an read ither fowk scommentsfor mair speirins anent e
pupils and brought appreciative publiccommentsreally interesting work it s
i support nicola sturgeon scommentsthis is a devolved issue
to reflect the consistency ofcommentsand concerns i cannot comment
it to perth and invitedcommentsand observations copies of the
it to perth and invitedcommentsand observations copies of the
community consultation notice notice invitingcommentsin relation to proposal to
gathering was the consistency ofcommentsacross the country in rural
dareau for her advice andcommentsin the preparation of the
the baths while swapping scepticalcommentsis this the hot water
is thus revealed the narratorcommentsjanie emerged as always empty
end of shouted commands orcommentscreates an excited urgent mood
dr colin milton for hiscommentsand advice tony glendinning for
1796 and as hans hechtcommentsserved as a kind of
english yet as helen savvacommentsthis is transitional and not
her da injection he medcommentsaboot her size at smootie

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