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cause that a person hascommittedis committing or is about
suspects that a person hascommittedis committing or is about
in which a person hascommittedis committing or is attempting
cause that a person hascommittedor is committing an offence
and insert for an offencecommittedafter the coming into force
to punish for an offencecommittedagainst others to allow the
offences the driver would havecommittedan offence in relation to
who disputes that they havecommittedan offence may request a
grounds to suspect of havingcommittedan offence offences penalties and
believe that a person hascommittedan offence that is different
believe that a person hascommittedan offence under section 1
believe that a person hascommittedan offence under section 1
register an offender who hascommittedany common law offence with
offence is about to becommittedas opposed to when he
for an offence that wascommittedbefore the order came into
the punishment of an offencecommittedbefore the order comes into
after an offence has beencommittedbut about post mortems that
that an offence has beencommittedby a child the principal
officer 5 if an offencecommittedby a partnership is proved
including where the offence iscommittedby a uk national part
circumstances an offence may becommittedby preparing for the commission
that an offence is onlycommittedby someone who deliberately hunts
that sentences for other crimescommittedduring a more serious offence
that an offence is beingcommittedif a casual person is
is when no offence wascommittedif for example the fouling
likelihood of an offence beingcommittedit does not seem to
offence appears to have beencommittedor b where that person
custody when the offence wascommittedor which has been in
nae offence would hae beencommittedthat is how the defender
to the person who hascommittedthe offence bearing in mind
that an offence has beencommittedunder section 1 of the
used if an offence iscommittedunder the bill in the
prevent that offence from beingcommittedwhat is the idea behind
respect of sentencing for offencescommittedafter the coming into force
evidence and producing documents offencescommittedby witnesses who fail to
who are alleged to havecommittedfurther offences while on bail
offences under scots law ifcommittedin scotland however the principle
relation to offences that arecommittedin scotland they extend the
only to offences that arecommittedin the uk and the
be applied were the offencescommittedin the uk supported by
who are alleged to havecommittedoffences however it is clear
registration of people who havecommittedsexual offences abroad and come
just the prisoners who havecommittedsexual offences that are subject
and what offences these veteranscommittedspecifying the total numbers in
powers to stop offences beingcommittedthat was a tortuous question
executive how many offences werecommittedunder paragraph 5 of schedule
the impact of the crimescommittedby gangs on a transnational
tells of people who havecommittedcrimes so that they can
a percentage of all crimescommittedin each area s1w 28561
many drug related crimes werecommittedin each police force area
executive how many crimes werecommittedin scotland by those released
scottish executive whether it remainscommittedto supporting community schools s1o
among its users we arecommittedto supporting comprehensive and enforceable
government in westminster is genuinelycommittedto supporting organic farming to
of the united kingdom iscommittedto supporting scots eh in
on the coalition benches arecommittedto supporting that strategy in
all public works contractors arecommittedto them b supporting the
is proved to have beencommittedwith the consent or connivance
is proved to have beencommittedwith the consent or connivance
expenses the scottish executive iscommittedto ensuring as far as
learning those skills we arecommittedto ensuring that by 2005
impairment that the parliament iscommittedto ensuring that deaf and
at national level are allcommittedto ensuring that everyone complies
understand that the uk iscommittedto ensuring that it will
and sandra white we arecommittedto ensuring that older people
can take i am thereforecommittedto ensuring that the review
december a hardy bunch ofcommittedgow volunteers arrived prompt at
minister said that she iscommittedto encouraging more volunteers to
role of volunteers we arecommittedto increasing the number of
volunteers and people who arecommittedto their football clubs those
process the sqa has alsocommitteditself to a detailed statistical
in the past sportscotland hascommitteditself to getting out of
good that the executive hascommitteditself to implementing the task
published in 1999 the executivecommitteditself to increasing the number
all the executive has notcommitteditself to the development of
the elderly population we havecommittedourselves to providing public internet
be helpful i am alsocommittedto providing support to the
in its development we havecommittedto providing the legal financial
the teaching profession has beencommittedto higher still higher still
david eaglesham my association wascommittedto the principle of higher
that the teachers were notcommittedto the principles of higher
and this year we havecommitted2 6 million to the
abuse project we have alsocommitted20 million to rolling out
its progress rigorously and havecommitted250 million over two years
what programmes the 250 millioncommittedto digital initiatives will be
the fact that we arecommittedto working actively towards that
mr mcaveety we are absolutelycommittedto working in partnership on
our society the executive iscommittedto working in partnership with
a local level we arecommittedto working together with the
also stated that they arecommittedto working towards secure status
beyond that we are alsocommittedto working with the uk
circumstances where the act iscommittedoutwith the uk including where
of the public funds alreadycommittedor of any future funds
scotland liberal democrats are alreadycommittedto increase spending on dealing
the liberal democrats are alreadycommittedto spend 100million a year
and energies are already fullycommittedyet the consultative council on
work harder or are morecommittedthe councils for voluntary service
note that the executive iscommittedto promoting and mainstreaming voluntary
issue of mainstreaming we arecommittedto promoting and mainstreaming voluntary
whether the scottish executive iscommittedto the youth voluntary sector
are supported and they recommittedehm so there could be
ehm my parents are verycommittedehm very vocal ehm and
they are liable to becommittedin areas outwith those with
strategy at sportscotland we arecommittedin our work to moving
service to which we arecommittedin that regard because of
recommendations and that we arecommittednow to implementing them in
sales to which we arecommittedthe alternative form of diligence
i know we are allcommittedthe issue is the personal
the pressure nurses are hugelycommittedto a caring vocational profession
in the parliament five arecommittedto a definite time scale
to the debate we arecommittedto a health service that
english only 3 we arecommittedto being open and accessible
today s scotland we arecommittedto challenging racism whatever form
proud and the minister iscommittedto doing so we are
that is why we arecommittedto doing what we can
they are dedicated we arecommittedto driving forward that agenda
belong to parties that arecommittedto eventual entry into the
care and that we arecommittedto finding ways to achieve
care and that we arecommittedto finding wayys to achieve
of the community we arecommittedto further enhancement of concessionary
said earlier the economists arecommittedto giving us a report
the fourth year we arecommittedto improving pay in the
to understand but we arecommittedto it we are determined
this afternoon overall we arecommittedto looking at pharmacies as
do so we are stronglycommittedto maintaining our work in
one year generally we arecommittedto making decisions on grants
for all msps who arecommittedto personal care for the
and english because we arecommittedto raising standards of literacy
such issues if we arecommittedto reducing the level of
to the committee we arecommittedto securing a viable network
message over that we arecommittedto the health care team
oil companies in aberdeen arecommittedto the knowledge economy and
access experienced staff who arecommittedto the nhs but want
cross purposes we are alsocommittedto undertaking a review of
years broken down by thosecommittedby persons aged a under
under section 1 has beencommittedsection 5 2 provides that
her majesty s government iscommittedunder the ospar convention for
of their very experienced andcommittedchief executive recognises that the
to which the executive iscommittedon the oft report it
minister for communities wendy alexandercommittedthe executive to resolving the
says the scottish executive iscommittedto a ban on tobacco
the scottish executive is thereforecommittedto a multi channel approach
notes that the executive iscommittedto a policy of openness
scottish executive whether it iscommittedto an inclusive consultation process
know that the executive iscommittedto and supportive of initiatives
sense the scottish executive iscommittedto avoiding the closure of
mccabe the executive is unequivocallycommittedto bringing proposals to this
acknowledge that the executive iscommittedto closing the opportunity gap
present cost the executive iscommittedto delivering best value for
issue the scottish executive iscommittedto equality of opportunity for
margaret curran the executive iscommittedto eradicating poor quality housing
cathy jamieson the executive iscommittedto improving the life chances
were the scottish executive iscommittedto investing more in education
precisely why the executive iscommittedto moving forward on the
scottish executive whether it iscommittedto reducing traffic growth and
that the scottish executive hascommittedto social inclusion partnerships this
executive maintains that it iscommittedto the transfer of council
is enacted the executive iscommittedto those aims we have
arrested were believed to havecommittedand how many of those
upon forthocht felony and thosecommittedthrow suddande chaudemellay aps ii
water and congratulates all thosecommittedto the principles of the
s peace distinguishes between actscommittedupon forthocht felony and those
how much a has beencommittedin each of the last
what funding it has allocatedcommittedor underwritten in respect of
new parliament building has beencommittedto date and that a
has indicated that it iscommittedto listening to young people
eh has undertaken and iscommittedto recognising the value of
and lifelong learning has alsocommittedto starting the process of
future financial support has beencommittedto the glasgow science centre
something to which you werecommittedit was also described as
fluent in gaelic but alsocommittedto the gaelic medium education
b is projected to becommittedin future years on transport
been a spent and bcommittedto date s1w 12276 mr
that when homicide had beencommittedan inquest should decide whether
is alleged to have beencommittedby its nationals or on
to resources that have beencommittedin the past they do
since many of its mostcommittedmembers have been scottish teachers
whether the killing had beencommittedper murthyr vel per praecogitatam
since then we have beencommittedto the principle that something
of us with troops beingcommittedto adventures that many of
faulte or trespasse quhilk iscommittedbe ane hoate suddaintie and
cent of recorded crime iscommittedby young people addressing criminal
is why last october wecommittedsubstantial new investment to older
vermin a pointer on howcommittedthe council is on this
parliament is supposed to becommittedto a programme of social
crucial is that i remaincommittedto and will deliver on
people that the parliament iscommittedto enabling disabled people to
of the snp which iscommittedto independence but because gordon
interests of patients and iscommittedto rebuilding a public health
interests of patients and iscommittedto rebuilding a public health
the welsh assembly is whollycommittedto revitalising the welsh language
16 billion that labour iscommittedto spending and that a
theme and the centre iscommittedto staging functions and live
of the parliament is personallycommittedto sutherland and only the
s proclamation that it iscommittedto the sector through its
malitia quhilk is don andcommittedwittinglie and willinglie after deliberation
of derrida said or kristevacommittedfaithfully to memory in addition
substituting the words was notcommittedfor ought not to have
running that programme were verycommittedi want to ask about
full employment in europe andcommittedmember state governments to making
sent to drug courts havecommittedonly a minimal number of
sector more money we havecommittedourselves to reviewing how we
anomalies should be addressed wecommittedourselves to start by ending
that some people were lesscommittedthan others to the idea
15 the government remains fullycommittedto a viable network of
she was pregnant he wascommittedto an asylum and catherine
promote the use of scotscommittedto fostering cross border links
than ever before i remaincommittedto having all the additional
we will continue to becommittedto helping these languages flourish
love my job i mcommittedto it five weeks later
how much funding will becommittedto national training organisations over
principles the eu should becommittedto subsidiarity as others have
staff of every species wascommittedto the approach adopted at
from wales and was likewisecommittedto the deep the village
revivals in 1991 and 1992committedto the last his only
on 30 march 2000 remainscommittedto the pig industry restructuring
the first minister i remaincommittedto the points that have
stone by a neighbourhood enthusiasticallycommittedto the recycling philosophy the
know that the conservatives werecommittedto the right to buy
realme and to the churchescommittedto their charge all such
and to the churches therecommittedto their charge all such
realm and to the churchescommittedto their charge all such
how much of its advertisingcommittedin 2002 03 will be
learning i have a verycommittedstaff at the primary school
and its highly skilled andcommittedworkforce and expresses total support
1979 and the abuse wascommittedby a member of the
early was that i dcommittedmy usual error of leaving
o derrida said ur kristevacommittedfaithfully tae memory in addition
her brother and diverse sorceriescommittedwhen she lived and kept
part of the cruel slaughtercommittedupon forethought felony alexander lecprevik
numerous dalliances as well ascommittedfriendships conspiracies and tragedies i
december 1915 a burglary wascommittedat the post office a
the tug was too farcommittedon her northward course for
sae young could he haecommittedsae heinous a crime as

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