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informal familiar situations whiles icompareit tae an undergrund activity
informal familiar situations whiles icompareit tae an undergrund activity
though shee for beautie maycomparewith seine for swannes and
informal familiar situations sometimes icompareit to an underground activity
henryson s poetic version andcomparethe level of s- erm
it and ask them tocomparethe two versions thereby noticing
the novel extract they cancomparetheir versions with the original
resembled granite that is tocomparethe known properties of granite
scots and northern english dialectscomparemodern dutch haver and german
leaguer of bergen op zoomcomparemodern dutch roggebrood modern german
genre they were asked tocomparea good set of instructions
also usually in present tensecomparethe following two texts the
operate in texts is tocomparetwo different texts which have
is to suggest that theycomparetwo texts from the same
the world canst thou nearestcompareto thy flatterers timon replies
ix it s interesting tocomparecohen s and urquhart s
modern translation [inhale] if youcomparethe modern translation with urquhart
find equivalents and can finallycomparetheir altered version with the
matter for members we couldcompareourselves with westminster which i
it would be easier tocompareprices in different countries to
difference you only have tocomparethe actions of the liberal
if so how these targetscomparewith targets adopted by other
seven years and how thesecomparewith normal rates of admission
inception and how these figurescompareto pre launch projections s1w
introduced and how the figurescomparewith sales in england s1w
england and wales says andcompareit with the executive s
it is perhaps better tocompareoral poetry with the speech
short syllables in scottish speechcomparethe second syllable in the
contributors to the debate didcomparethe situation for scots with
to find out how theycomparethe situation this year with
route if we wish tocomparethe cost effectiveness or efficiency
crucially if we wish tocomparethe level of public subsidy
s short story logopandocy andcomparethe style his pastiche of
and requirements in the billcomparewith the conditions of appointment
second did not one mightcomparethe distinction in scots law
states but to identify andcomparebest practice across the member
class and teacher can thencompareand discuss the sentences and
back and see how theycompareto english language m815: a
challenging and how do theycomparewith current performance i do
age and geographical classifications andcompareits effect on public behaviour
for holyrood also appear tocomparefavourably with those reported for
eurydice [click] and you cancompareit with er geoffrey chaucer
connotations fair fresche seimlie raircomparethe vocabulary here with that
department under the spending reviewcomparewith the percentage increases received
kilmarnock and loudoun parliamentary constituencycomparewith the scottish average in
accurate picture that we cancomparewith what is in the
words make us feel icomparethe characters of mike teavee
it might be useful tocomparethe similarities and differences in
project so that we cancomparethe potential costs of developing
ye can think o taecomparewi t it s e
at ehm see if youcomparethe writing it s something
way in which one couldcomparewhat happens in one jurisdiction
glimmering of just try tocomparemy colleagues and their petty
in that setting and thencomparethem to consider why there
adults in buchan s daycomparethat tae the popular romances
needs to be taken tocompareand contrast aspects of the
an for richt we cannacomparewi auldwarld heroes like guan
my life a chynge ayontcomparetho it s cauld abune
night or secret killing 3comparebute manuscript no 68 cooper

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