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reported no parent in employmentcomparedto 1 of rural subjects
subjects reported one parent workingcomparedto 13 of urban subjects
urban subjects attended church occasionallycomparedto 20 of rural subjects
one more scots speaking siblingscomparedto 30 of rural subjects
claimed to speak scots themselvescomparedto 58 of rural subjects
grandparents from the north eastcomparedto 62 of rural subjects
parents from the north eastcomparedto 63 of rural subjects
subjects reported both parents workingcomparedto 65 of rural subjects
groups societies outwith the homecomparedto 65 of rural subjects
born in the north eastcomparedto 68 of rural subjects
one more scots speaking parentscomparedto 69 of rural subjects
one more scots speaking grandparentscomparedto 70 of rural subjects
friends in the north eastcomparedto 99 of rural subjects
has higher than average incomescomparedto many areas of scotland
and b higher grade qualificationscomparedto the national average in
is overexposed to private financecomparedto the uk average mr
further or higher education institutioncomparedwith the national average in
constituency area died from cancercomparedwith the national average in
area died from lung cancercomparedwith the national average in
diagnosed with coronary heart diseasecomparedwith the national average in
would provide value for moneycomparedwith alternative direct channels to
would provide value for moneycomparedwith alternative direct channels to
savings made in each projectcomparedwith the public sector alternative
are 78 per 100 000comparedwith 1 000 per 100
per 1 000 this yearcomparedwith 1 000 per 100
cases in every 100 000comparedwith 78 cases in every
the environment and rural developmentcomparedwith 54 million according to
the rural affairs department getcomparedwith other departments what was
it charges 10 per daycomparedto the daily rate of
next three years that iscomparedwith 5 per cent in
than 60 per cent todaycomparedwith only 35 per cent
area recently and he hadcomparedthe crime figures between 15th
and often in single figurescomparedto the large number of
percentage changes these figures representcomparedwith previous years s1w 9230
the various selections were thencomparedand discussed by the whole
and estar is discussed andcomparedmiddle primary classes can collect
eu legislation on implementing authoritiescomparedto the value of benefits
with seating accommodation for 500comparedto 800 in trinity church
influence of church is slightcomparedwith that of local clubs
be attractive to through freightcomparedto the east and west
4 5 of waste recycledcomparedto other small european countries
the minch is very smallcomparedto that from the run
grove this was small baconcomparedto the accident i told
of the highlands and islandscomparedwith two or three groups
eight olympic sized swimming poolscomparedwith 1 500 in australia
expressing positive comment on themcomparedwith 1 in 4 favouring
original building user brief 35comparedwith 17 this accounts for
proposing to ask this timecomparedwith 1991 i will rehearse
employing 4 400 in 1998comparedwith 7 800 in 19811
officers on 31 december 2002comparedwith 835 in june 1999
low rent that they receivecomparedwith a landlord with a
[note: table here in original] these results were thencomparedwith a separate set of
the text can profitably becomparedwith a similar but different
effectiveness of a scottish bancomparedwith a uk ban i
at such a competitive disadvantagecomparedwith businesses south of the
hair cleanness of actual streetscomparedwith dirt of people esp
f718: mmhm mmhm mmhm m017: comparedwith er the way scots
that non locals were beingcomparedwith everyone else in the
the position is modest whencomparedwith for example denmark which
seed rape it is beingcomparedwith in the gm field
gm crop it is beingcomparedwith in the trial and
seed rape it is beingcomparedwith in the trial at
river journey here could becomparedwith more leisurely descriptions in
say how much is thatcomparedwith my normal brand if
due to lack of fundingcomparedwith only two students doing
collecting information on particular topicscomparedwith other approaches such as
level of policing activity whencomparedwith other more pressing demands
that we are being overzealouscomparedwith our competitors there does
comparison there is concern thatcomparedwith our competitors we are
used in policing the millenniumcomparedwith the amount forecast s1f
and their behaviour was impressivecomparedwith the behaviour of children
came the lights could becomparedwith the lights came on
incidents of drink driving whencomparedwith the number of recorded
in the graveyard could becomparedwith the opening of the
knyf this statement should becomparedwith the passage from sir
it is a disreputable dialectcomparedwith the various kinds of
of staff is very lowcomparedwith uk levels and that
enobarbus describes the scene whencomparedto north s translation of
provide heating this was luxurycomparedto the bell tent pitched
vostok rocket inside was trivialcomparedto the national air and
so that locals were beingcomparedto everyone else 3 9
the river is not beingcomparedto the human body in
the wey scots is funditcomparedtae the wey gaelic is
mony contributors tae the debatecomparedthe situation for scots wi
language a more exotic languagecomparedto english and scots m017:
create an anomalous position whencomparedto other investigation techniques used
but no other will docomparedto the rest of us
the impending crash which wecomparedto the titanic the other
s different even in aiberdeencomparedtae far we re fae
m muddled even if sanecomparedto grey face i looked
my room s nothing evencomparedto this m944: it s
of king solomon he alsocomparedthe information in the punt
is always sunny i vecomparedthe weather over 30 years
is a second rate languagecomparedto latin effectively he argues
confession followed and we anxiouslycomparedrejection slips those who had
same character s head iscomparedto those of the statues
a considerable psychological disadvantage ascomparedto those who are able
days this week can becomparedin some ways to the
reasoning behind the amendment icomparedits wording to what was
poverty in sweden is 9comparedto 21 in greece and
head of population in scotlandcomparedto 358 for england 6
might be around 45 minutescomparedto 90 minutes by bus
upper deeside sample was 58comparedto an overall total of
music show on the radiocomparedto fredericton glasgow was the
for he has no musclescomparedto geordie copy cat copy
dark really early in summercomparedto here and i mean
mmhm because you ve beencomparedto him in some of
for while the squire iscomparedto lancelot after rescuing a
ah f689: sort o spotlesscomparedto mine an ma flower
as for her stylistic leaningscomparedto mr pimp her designer
is slow to develop certainlycomparedto poetry it s slow
way we feel aboot thingscomparedto some places in the
but it ain t nothingcomparedto that if he had
shoes back beside armchair butcomparedto that sadie suddenly an
serving a disproportionately high sentencecomparedto that which she would
borders and given police numberscomparedto the central belt would
in the scottish prison servicecomparedto the five year period
they seemed quite far backcomparedto the highlands mm f122:
they are also extremely expensivecomparedto the open stalled shacks
is estimated at 120 millioncomparedto the prescription cost of
he s really dawkins himselfcomparedto the root of all
of gaelic radio and televisioncomparedto the service as it
too good or somethin [laugh]comparedto the thirteenth note [laugh]
at canadian universities is poorcomparedto the u k they
enticingly scrambled boiled or friedcomparedto the vile powdered stuff
s quite strange so friendlycomparedto what he d be
him how disgusting he iscomparedto your lean and alabaster
a bit mair than weecomparedtae the cushie doo in
1945 war wis i generalcomparedtae monie ither places is
is guid enough bit ochcomparedwi grannie s it s
the arm she is sweetcomparedwi him maister there was
work as m1014: mmhm m1015: comparedtae skivin school i suppose
in schools in england whichcompared17 of 25 pfi schools
got tv buff hardie 1987comparedwi thi glaswegian dialect yaised
might usefully be shared orcomparedare cloze procedure and multiple

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