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gangs aye wi greigorie scomplainta never thocht for a
verra thing for greigorie scomplaintae sowp wad be aneuch
s door wi greigorie scomplaintan that she haes a
ken she haed greigorie scomplaintbut you mak siccar she
wul it sort greigorie scomplaintpuddok it s the verra
from tommy sheridan msp 3complaintin relation to annexe 5
the adviser s report 4complaintin relation to annexe 5
item 3 in private 2complaintin relation to annexe 5
that tribunal to make acomplaintthe tribunal is concerned with
and the tribunal and everycomplaintwill be examined that is
or intention to make acomplainthas been publicised in the
when the restriction applies anycomplaintor intention to make a
disclose communicate or discuss anycomplaintor intention to make a
avoid discussing details of thecomplaintor intention to make a
or intention to make acomplaints1m 3385 dorothy grace elder
or intention to make acomplaintwith members of the press
services ombudsman can investigate acomplaintfrom a member of the
which people must take acomplaintto the ombudsman given that
constituent of mine has acomplaintwith the parliamentary ombudsman that
allowances and where such acomplaintis made the spcb shall
any member may make acomplaintto the spcb about another
the spcb has received acomplaintunder sub paragraph 3 the
spcb shall normally hear thatcomplaintwithin one month 4 where
that if msps raise acomplaintagainst another msp that complaint
session at 10 23 6complaintagainst henry mcleish msp the
session at 10 42 7complaintagainst henry mcleish msp the
item 3 in private 2complaintagainst richard simpson msp the
complaint against another msp thatcomplaintshould be handled by this
although no subsequent proceedings bycomplaintmay follow 2 subject to
where incidental to proceedings bycomplaintor although no subsequent proceedings
8 in relation to thecomplaintthe standards committee is to
8 in relation to acomplaintuntil it has confirmed that
lobbyists if we review acomplaintagainst somebody should not we
of an investigation into acomplaintagainst south glasgow university hospitals
and protects teachers against unjustifiedcomplaints1w 28532 michael russell to
msps should not communicate anycomplaintto the press or other
the past few weeks acomplaintwas highlighted in the press
the desk with her longcomplaintno tea making facility standards
to the lodging of thecomplaintor while the standards committee
that they are presenting acomplaintto the standards committee it
voice are you making acomplaintmadam do you know this
goes he is making nocomplaintnow i lay him down
inquiry rather than making acomplaintwe should expect evidence if
sir no no no acomplaintabout him would really make
us and have only onecomplaintto make her piece was
or b specified in acomplaintand in either case proved
and report back that thecomplaintwas either founded or not
case that evidence for acomplaintis available although more often
n paving stones plaint ncomplaintpleasance n pleasure park pleisirs
is the subject of thecomplaintthat member may issue a
another issue is that thecomplaintmust be taken to the
those concerns by way ofcomplaintrather it wanted to highlight
to sign off someone scomplaintor decide whether that person
the incident that instigated thecomplainttook place if a person
they must say what thecomplaintis about and they must
will be disclosed but everycomplaintwill be examined christine grahame
be dressed without comment orcomplaintbut when mother offers to
number dealt with by summarycomplaintfixed penalty notice or warning
organisations for example if thecomplaintis about financial management or
patients records in cases ofcomplaintor alleged negligence s1w 33550
by the service of acomplaintor petition and how many
complex style but letters ofcomplaintor suggestions for environmental improvements
uphold or dismiss a conductcomplaintwithin the meaning of the
he s made an officialcomplaintabout its colditz like practices
feel that there is acomplaintabout procedure i would like
the strongest possible terms acomplaintabout the fact that andrew
that the clyde consortium scomplaintabout the tender process for
tenant writes a letter ofcomplaintabout this on going saga
the prick there s acomplaintgoing in about this he
of the paragraph to thecomplaintmay be copied to the
has never received a formalcomplainthis response states the complaints
and got 16 letters ofcomplainti have never been asked
which would then read anycomplaintshould be substantiated by supporting
appropriate structure would examine thatcomplaintand report back that the
made as to how thecomplaintis to be dealt with
has not made a formalcomplaintto the tay liaison committee
says i ve only onecomplaintaboot the playpark st brigid
not it will be thecomplaintmight be based only on
then if you ve nocomplainthe asked through the crack
call for someone with acomplaintif the individual goes through
if i wanted it backcomplaintletter on it s way
their fur no growl ofcomplaintleaks from the thin line
no ah mms now nocomplaintsir i grey face briskly
process when we receive acomplaintis the clg suggesting that
ends with a note ofcomplaintwhen the poet compares the
mend aw kynds o fellcomplainta ve seen him sort
tae phone up wi acomplainteh scuse me but this
can handle them though onecomplaintfrom her to the a
the newspapers have a seriouscomplaintother than in regard to
hir mak a wurd ocomplaintshe wes the kynd that
this is a richt byordnarcomplaintthat maun aye end up
sides smith stated in hiscomplaintthat the defendant owned a
shows however we heard acomplaintthat there is an inability
the reply to a sovietcomplaintthus the soviet and british
matthew arnold s mid victoriancomplaintthat burns could not be
athoot girnin an makkin oniecomplaintmorag ah wul puddok an
athoot girnin an makkin oniecomplaintmorag na ah canna dae
the right to have theircomplaintheard on the time scale
expected the outcry which theircomplaintunleashed was sufficient to ensure
though it provided the firstcomplaintof the claim of right

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