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is a wide ranging andcomprehensivereport given the concerns that
earliest date possible wide rangingcomprehensiveresearch into the issue of
for a wide ranging andcomprehensivescheme that goes beyond the
who is sequestrated clear andcomprehensivesaving and transitional provisions are
with amendment 11 clear andcomprehensivesaving and transitional provisions are
to provide the clear andcomprehensivesaving and transitional provisions that
does not provide clear orcomprehensivesaving or transitional provisions amendment
lot to say about thecomprehensivespending review and about the
transport in scotland under thecomprehensivespending review and when will
the united kingdom three yearcomprehensivespending review cbi scotland had
2000 and its predecessor thecomprehensivespending review coupled with the
resources as you know thecomprehensivespending review made the resources
even in years when acomprehensivespending review or some other
be part of the nextcomprehensivespending review process which is
inquiry in the most recentcomprehensivespending review settlement scotland received
levels assumed in the 1998comprehensivespending review which was the
proportion of funds from thecomprehensivespending review will be allocated
to do so in acomprehensivespending review year such as
and economic development welcomes thecomprehensivepresentation made by the camanachd
and economic development welcomes thecomprehensivepresentation made by the camanachd
convener s welcome for thatcomprehensivepresentation there are major challenges
you for your clear andcomprehensivepresentation we will now consider
the distinction of being acomprehensivesurvey of everyone in the
scottish population there is nocomprehensivesurvey of that at present
why not use the mostcomprehensivesurvey the census for 2001
at present but such acomprehensivesurvey would be extremely valuable
organic production offers a morecomprehensiveecological approach to farming leaf
24 hours it offers acomprehensivepackage of care for that
different corbett 1997 offers acomprehensivetable o modal verb comparisons
in four parts is acomprehensivepackage of measures that will
public infrastructure we propose acomprehensivepackage of transport initiatives to
the ban there was notcomprehensiveand the other measures to
covers one medium while acomprehensiveban covers different areas there
measure the effectiveness of acomprehensiveban of the type that
talk about partial bans andcomprehensivebans a partial ban is
no such thing as acomprehensivetobacco advertising ban because the
ross and calls for acomprehensivereview in may 2000 to
glasgow and calls for acomprehensivereview of policing with a
hold and carry out acomprehensivereview of the flawed process
a clear policy framework andcomprehensivemanagement plan should be established
member states still lack acomprehensivepolicy framework for lifelong learning
consider the need for acomprehensivepolicy framework with associated targets
develop preventive measures and takecomprehensiveinterventionist measures across education and
agenda which will provide acomprehensivelist of actions and measures
there has to be acomprehensiveset of measures that cover
the existing emergency planning arrangementscomprehensiveand have they been tested
the development of a morecomprehensiveemergency dental service for grampian
muir russell the plans arecomprehensivethere are general emergency drills
is brought in with acomprehensivetobacco control strategy reduces tobacco
there must be clear andcomprehensivearrangements for those who are
need for a long termcomprehensivestrategy for continuing post compulsory
the implementation of a nationwidecomprehensivestrategy for significantly enhancing such
the scottish executive when acomprehensivestrategy on sustainable development will
memorandum explains the bill iscomprehensiveand follows the policy set
policy the committee welcomed thecomprehensiveand rapid response from the
twae individual swatches o acomprehensivepolicy on scots merkitly angus
some individual examples of acomprehensivepolicy on scots notably angus
tutors the pages have acomprehensivelist of hundreds of links
a range of authors acomprehensivelist of plays written in
certain that we have acomprehensivelist of the councils involved
and secondary schools using suchcomprehensiveand scholarly textbooks as the
should move to the postcomprehensiveera where schools keep the
era where schools keep thecomprehensiveprinciple of equality of opportunity
on the success of ourcomprehensiveschools and seek to promote
ruffwood schools public school meetscomprehensivewe spent the rest of
reports and demands an urgentcomprehensiveand targeted multi agency approach
exercise the introduction of thecomprehensiveapproach started just a little
advice scotland and a lesscomprehensiveresponse from cosla i will
lanarkshire council has given acomprehensiveresponse it points out that
you very much for thatcomprehensiveoverview of a major and
as soon as possible acomprehensivestate of the nation audit
as soon as possible acomprehensivestate of the nation audit
the information is perhaps notcomprehensiveacross the range of hmos
agency has a reliable andcomprehensivedatabase of information on waste
there you go we needcomprehensiveinformation on income distribution on
textile industry on 12 junecomprehensiveinformation on the spend from
that your guide is acomprehensiveinformation service currently being evaluated
recommendations including the development ofcomprehensiveperformance indicators for the police
requires nothing less than acomprehensivejobs regeneration plan supported by
there is a lack ofcomprehensiveimpartial research on the re
taking to ensure that acomprehensivebus service is available to
the next year professionally runcomprehensivedrug treatment rehabilitation and aftercare
the next year professionally runcomprehensivedrug treatment rehabilitation and aftercare
s novels from franchises tocomprehensiveeducation afterwards i was approached
cost effective manner through acomprehensivesystem of education screening and
scottish executive does not maintaincomprehensiverecords on company closures however
competitions this is quite acomprehensiveselection and crucially does not
english tae english dictionars iscomprehensivean includes aw words imported
slim by visiting an englishcomprehensivewhere the lads get boobs
kinna pseudo scots coorse acomprehensivescots dictionar the likes o
public services accessible flexible andcomprehensivechildcare is important in tackling
together those ideas represent acomprehensiveand helpful contribution to the
national park authority are ascomprehensiveas those for the loch
recent years that a maircomprehensiveliterature an leid curriculum fur
some very effective work acomprehensivenetwork of voluntary organisations has
tenants but no matter howcomprehensivethe scheme is some landlords
other enlightenment philosophers developed acomprehensiveaccount of human nature social
midlothian it will be acomprehensiveand independent study providing robust
of edinburgh council has acomprehensiveinspection programme people go round
the princess victoria deserves acomprehensivenarration from a late 1990
of convergence upon a singlecomprehensivenexus of ideas this fact
immediate setting up of acomprehensiveregister of sex offenders including
teach in a a com-comprehensivesecondary down in er a
fiery topknot a brushing socomprehensivethat you looked not just
view to promoting a morecomprehensiveupgrading of the route and
world literary centre haein acomprehensivewriters museum wi office space
whether registers of scotland hascomprehensivedata available in relation to
the petition we have hadcomprehensiveanswers from the executive city
been suggested we have receivedcomprehensiveresponses from the former minister
members interest order should becomprehensiveor concentrate on agreed problem
kirkinner author of the firstcomprehensiveaccount of galloway states of
theory of grammar as simplecomprehensiveand unchanging whereas the latter
to promote genuine full andcomprehensiveimplementation of an area of
diversity of provision within thecomprehensivesystem supported by changes to
respect national borders and thatcomprehensiveaction must be taken at
we are committed to supportingcomprehensiveand enforceable civil rights for
way they presented it moderncomprehensivecollecting practices prove that singers

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