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heritage extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 aboyne pupils
1956 extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 ballater pupils
pupils extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 crathie pupils
feugh extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 finzean pupils
coldstone extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 logie coldstone
1965 extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 lumphanan school
class extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 tarland pupils
tornaveen extracts from mini interviewsconductedwith primary 7 torphins pupils
99 147 references transcribed interviewsconductedby sheena middleton s m
in edinburgh and glasgow andconductedinterviews by telephone with landlords
interviews with children were allconductedon school premises where english
fact finding interviews were alsoconductedthose spoken to include professor
m unpublished aberdeen university interviewsconductedwith adults i t s
bain at crathie deeside interviewsconductedwith primary seven pupils date
the course of an interviewconductedat allachburn aboyne i t
the course of an interviewconductedat king s college millar
aberdeenshire and moray an interviewconductedby middleton with mcclure into
small salmon fishery has beenconductedat west greenland since the
on the fishery have beenconductedby the west greenland commission
regulating the fishery have beenconductedin nasco s north east
scottish executive whether it hasconductedany survey into the impact
crisis this large scale surveyconductedin 25 of secondary schools
thought of a survey beingconductedinto the use of scots
finance scotland bill shall beconductedusing the electronic voting system
to be taken shall beconductedusing the electronic voting system
was to be a friendshipconductedlargely through letters which lasted
support investment which is largelyconductedthrough scottish enterprise and what
honey dew and honey whoconductedany such research and whether
the results of the researchconductedby the north atlantic fisheries
executive what research it hasconductedinto any risks to human
period while further research isconductedinto possible links between the
public some market research cunninglyconductedon station bookstalls had revealed
taken steps to help producersconductedresearch assisted with local markets
in glasgow even though iconductedresearch in the west end
matter whether the research isconductedusing opencast mining or anything
how such research would beconductedwe can regard a ban
the research that has beenconductedwhich shows how unreliable an
phase 2 a pilot studyconductedin kaimhill primary school amongst
frank crowe crown office iconducteda fairly successful exercise to
salmon stocks the consultation exerciseconductedby the scottish executive prior
organisations beyond the executive weconductedsuch an exercise at stage
the safety audit of dounreayconductedby the health and safety
the safety audit of dounreayconductedby the health and safety
and bailiffs and ecclesiastics whoconductedchristian services in latin ruling
of braemar spiritual matters wereconductedin latin for half of
the audit process must beconductedbefore the contracts are signed
a variable trudgill 1975 96conducteda study into the use
1997 18 an earlier studyconductedby douglas cowie 1974 into
variable a major study wasconductedby hendry 1997 into the
involved in that process iconductedan inquiry in my constituency
and sport committee has alreadyconductedan inquiry into scottish ballet
education culture and sport committeeconductedan inquiry into the need
for the committee of inquiryconductedby lord burns in england
1 because the initial inquiryconductedby the committee will have
any other trials are beingconductedusing this method s1w 20835
scotland and i want negotiationsconductedspeedily to produce results that
learning and teaching scotland recentlyconducteda consultation on education for
that the process is beingconductedin consultation with the industry
partners consultation exercises were oftenconductedon the local authority s
ensure that consultation procedures areconductedunder clear rules of openness
of britain s salmon fisheriesconductedby the centre for marine
the eu as a wholeconductedby eurobarometer eb56 autumn 2001
not the whole lesson wasconductedin scots when it was
justice because organised crime isconductedacross national borders the bill
have your say events wereconductedacross scotland in 1998 to
a mori telephone poll wasconductedbetween 1 and 3 june
beagling is a winter activityconductedbetween september and march but
report on the educational workconductedby burns clubs among school
normal licensing procedures that areconductedunder the 1982 act i
and the first to beconductedunder the auspices of the
j ai sorti reassessment isconductedunder the original controlled conditions
convener the by order hearingsconductedby lord mackay can still
urban vernacular patterns in belfastconductedby milroy and milroy in
two wedding ceremonies that wereconductedby parlour registrars in different
recent technical assessments have beenconductedby scottish enterprise of a
by negotiations that were partlyconductedby scottish interests through the
female breast implants which wasconductedby six male doctors and
work in relation to operationsconductedby the scottish police forces
have been or are beingconductedwhereby paramedics deliver clot busting
with an adviser we haveconducteda number of inquiries but
new tenancy but we haveconducteddiscussions about them with the
of the sample varied iconductedface to face visits with
from slips an extended trialconductedwith spi technologies ltd demonstrated
the police it has alsoconducteda thematic review of the
committees appears to have beenconductedin a way that has
england and bear scotland hasconductedringway construction and has experience
aware that the unit hasconductedthematic reviews of complaints against
s terms if they wereconductedat all charities felt that
westminster were suddenly to beconductedin cockney scouse or jamaican
1999 a mori poll wasconductedof 73 msps they were
the tests that have beenconductedto date craig russell it
at greyfriars kirk afterwards heconducteda simple act of remembrance
the meal was pleasant andconductedin portuguese english and japanese
for the elderly should beconductedand evaluated before it is
marriages to have their ceremoniesconductedoutwith registration offices james smith
way in which you haveconductedproceedings you have done so
where a formal investigation wasconductedthe local government ombudsman was
to which spending reviews areconductedsouth of the border interruption
to mrs [censored: surname] who personallyconducteda tour to view the
are to be made andconductedand f conditions requiring the
marriage ceremony should not beconductedin a particular place and
making in scotland to beconductedin an open transparent and
marriages that might not beconductedin the security of a
28 11 98 alistair taylorconductedat torphins lcp sm 2
that that nation had notconductedthe trial in a genuine
and regional accents 1970 78conducteda matched guise test to
volume of its business transactionsconductedelectronically and what progress is

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