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conflagration after a lifetime sconfinementin the hapsburg court salvador
he had gone to aconfinementin fettercairn the baby was
who are put in solitaryconfinementagain we seem to be
that pauline mcneill is solitaryconfinementdifferent angus mackay yes solitary
different angus mackay yes solitaryconfinementis a longer term status
extending the period of temporaryconfinementto cell from half an
a longer term status whereasconfinementto cell is temporary pauline
the second question about temporaryconfinementto cell my understanding is
strong emotions the purpose behindconfinementis to give time in
to have escaped the urbanconfinementof moscow dark forests broke
that the only form ofconfinementangus mackay the short answer
is a specific category ofconfinementthe deputy convener do you
the minister is that theconfinementof young offenders is an
formal procedures that would allowconfinementof up to one hour

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