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on the bank the riverconstantlyunpicks its seams green leaves
a blue sky the riverconstantlyunpicks its seams such struggling
turn workin class speech isconstantlyseen as bein inferior tae
turn working class speech isconstantlyseen as inferior to a
that sepa issues it isconstantlymonitored and can be modified
clients have their cocoon monitoredconstantlyon cctv so as not
need to develop activities whichconstantlydraw upon pupils unconscious awareness
1 min add stock stirringconstantlycook for 30 mins add
boil and add cheese stirringconstantlywith a fork until melted
right yeah f963: people areconstantlyswitching from one sort of
home roads dept we areconstantlyin touch with roads dept
through isabel although we areconstantlyreminded by others especially her
of the regions i amconstantlyreminded that regions come in
the lounge as he wasconstantlyreminded to call the front
be that of a languageconstantlyevolving as millar observed mcclure
the production the fantastic andconstantlychanging scenery completely dwarfed the
slang is by its natureconstantlychanging we shall now examine
finding that marks were changingconstantlydepending on whom they spoke
it was stevenson who wrestledconstantlywith the torturing moral problems
add to the pan turningconstantlyuntil browned all over add
of the scottish parliament areconstantlyentering into dialogue with a
acknowledges that these changes mayconstantlyrepeat across generations she gives
the bench his dark eyesconstantlysearching for signs of reaction
whingeing fledglings it s likeconstantlyshovelling sand into a trio
from my children whom iconstantlyreprimand for leaving their homework
his head his eyes wereconstantlyshifting taking in everything before
you and others have criticisedconstantlyi am sure that many
car the driver chiel newsedconstantlyo cricket a watter buffalo
a scheme would avoid organisationsconstantlyapplying for licence renewals a
way in which local organisationsconstantlyinnovate that comment was significant
o information an that andconstantlytaking m942: yeah called identity
order but he he heconstantlychose the the the hard
a theme to which itconstantlyreturns clearly there are hard
annual general meetings and theyconstantlytell me that core funding
garb that gleemen get davidsonconstantlyforegrounds his imagery throughout his
more powers although the snpconstantlycalls for the parliament to
to 50 million we shouldconstantlylook for ways of making
lot of different issues andconstantlylook for comments from members
as a complex speculative undertakingconstantlybeing honed by grammarians striving
features operate in texts isconstantlybeing reinforced by using those
to a large extent beingconstantlycreated anew since each individual
s to do with beingconstantlyentertained f963: [laugh] mm f965:
home on maternity leave feelingconstantlysick and queasy for hours
internet and blogging i amconstantlywondering what is the fucking
whereas last year i wasconstantlyill it has made a
at last came i wasconstantlyoutside sniffing and listening for
eye fixed on the moonconstantlyreaffirming its position lean pickings
got to water these gardensconstantlyand as he says just
is a need to scrutiniseconstantlythe effect of sewel motions
that the standard language isconstantlylevelling out and eroding english
recent time condemns those whoconstantlyseek to talk down the
members of the european parliamentconstantlytried to unveil the secrets
waters where they are exposedconstantlyto high levels of young
basis there is a requirementconstantlyto modify the areas where
our jobs if we areconstantlyhounded about letters that we
that the issue that wasconstantlyraised and highlighted in our
drafting in more staff weconstantlyasked the managers in the
robust and the system isconstantlyimproving the problem is with
committee any good to beconstantlyinvestigating committee leaks with little
the key point we haveconstantlyheard the word reassurance we
the time and we wereconstantlymonitoring managing and prioritising to
and wasteful project has beenconstantlyopposed by the majority of
a prim up tight womanconstantlynagging her mother and daughter
mixture of lydgate and casaubonconstantlyyou know it s like
in that excerpt the convenerconstantlyrules matters not competent however

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