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have opencast mines in ourconstituenciesand are aware of particular
opencast coal developments in theirconstituencieswill know that there are
patients in ochil and stirlingconstituenciesas well as those from
patients in ochil and stirlingconstituenciesas well as those from
in pursuing issues in ourconstituenciesand in seeking to represent
my federal leader represent fishingconstituenciesi am not entirely sure
the social justice committee representconstituenciesin glasgow cumbernauld airdrie and
constituent in any of theconstituenciesthat i represent has ever
in my ear they representconstituenciesthroughout the country and are
the scottish executive which parliamentaryconstituenciescontain residential accommodation of institutions
and kincardine western isles bconstituencieswhich contain significant island communities
similar picture in most otherconstituenciesor regions it would be
to members returned from thoseconstituenciesor regions which are set
make a visit outside theirconstituenciesthey might need to claim
officials from informing msps representingconstituenciescontained within a planning authority
the scottish executive which parliamentaryconstituenciesfall within which new deal
boards fall within which parliamentaryconstituenciess1w 12259 margaret smith to
of the 641 mainland parliamentaryconstituenciesin britain 10 of the
huge amount back into ourconstituenciesand communities as a local
communities especially those in theconstituenciesthat they know well the
lab members who have coastalconstituenciesare aware that the real
b motherwell and wishaw parliamentaryconstituenciess1w 34846 andrew wilson to
the people in all ourconstituenciesand areas irene oldfather i
that many activists in ourconstituenciesare close to or over
many voluntary organisations in ourconstituencieslike others i have been
and a half in ourconstituencieswe are all surrounded by
for exceptional needs allowance aconstituenciesof over 250 000 hectares
example go back to yourconstituenciesand prepare for government however
constituency be created or shouldconstituenciescontinue to be determined nationally

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