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the executive is engaging inconstructivedialogue on that issue with
idea and to enter intoconstructivedialogue with all the partnership
the executive continues to haveconstructivedialogue with local government because
a enter into regular andconstructivedialogue with the fish processing
must be prepared in herconstructivedialogue with the westminster government
issue we all welcome theconstructivedialogue with westminster i am
er outcomes and get feedbackconstructiveformative feedback from the teacher
its effort and for theconstructiveattitude of its members the
impressed by the realistic andconstructiveattitude of the staff and
end and insert welcomes theconstructiverecommendation of the recent reports
that the parliament welcomes theconstructiverecommendation of the recent reports
i am pleased by theconstructivediscussions that we have had
terms we want to holdconstructivediscussions with our colleagues in
the industry has been soconstructivein its discussions with us
apartheid thus we played aconstructiverole on the international stage
i am pleased with theconstructiveworking relationship that we have
asking it to do somethingconstructiveand visible to meet that
and informal mechanisms expand theconstructiverole of scotland within the
i have not seen anyconstructiveattempt to bring forward an
that that would be aconstructiveway forward if so how
they are able to findconstructiveways in which to work
in the chamber on aconstructiveand cross party basis i
party we have had aconstructivediscussion about the future of
of ben wallace who makesconstructivecontributions to the european committee
deputy first minister mentioned theconstructivemanner in which members of
i am glad that theconstructiveexamination to which parliament has
on many occasions during manyconstructivedebates however since this is
encouraging sustainable development and beingconstructivein helping the executive to
documents are let us haveconstructivepolicy development and affordable measures
the european agenda in aconstructiveway ms macdonald john home
always encourage members to beconstructivepositive and polite before you
mr jenkins s far moreconstructiveapproach both to representing his
social justice i make aconstructivepoint here whether she will
fishing communities to support theseconstructivenegotiations and further calls on
also worth noting is theconstructiveabstention clause which allows one
has argued generates a sociallyconstructivemodel of the imagination that

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