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tobacco advertising bans reduce tobaccoconsumptionalthough your submission contains footnotes
tobacco advertising bans reduce tobaccoconsumptionis clear especially where additional
per cent reduction in tobaccoconsumptionresulting from advertising bans those
is a link between tobaccoconsumptionand ill health mrs warrington
prioritised the reduction of tobaccoconsumptionbanning tobacco advertising is a
are risks associated with tobaccoconsumptionbut that you would support
single biggest influence on tobaccoconsumptionif prices are pushed up
studies show that reducing tobaccoconsumptionin countries like scotland actually
there is evidence that tobaccoconsumptionin norway has come down
of the uk reducing tobaccoconsumptionin scotland will in the
eight or nine years tobaccoconsumptionincreased to reach its peak
the bill in context tobaccoconsumptionis in decline in scotland
tobacco advertising will reduce tobaccoconsumptionis overwhelming a brief glance
of tobacco is to reduceconsumptionit is inevitable that as
supports a reduction in tobaccoconsumptionnorway has a tobacco advertising
a steady decline in tobaccoconsumptionof something like 40 per
are risks associated with theconsumptionof tobacco brian fitzpatrick when
that a fall in theconsumptionof tobacco does not necessarily
to reduce or eliminate theconsumptionof tobacco in scotland the
risks are associated with theconsumptionof tobacco products and we
a marked increase in theconsumptionof tobacco products in the
risks are associated with theconsumptionof tobacco rhona brankin do
tobacco control strategy reduces tobaccoconsumptionrhona brankin therefore waiting for
rate of decline in tobaccoconsumptionthere that supports what you
to significant reductions in tobaccoconsumptionwe know that brian fitzpatrick
reduction in tobacco use andconsumptionyou mentioned norway and gave
that had an effect onconsumptionnorway is often used as
had the effect of reducingconsumptionin the united kingdom that
jobs the impact of reducingconsumptionon employment in the uk
jobs the impact of reducingconsumptionon employment in the uk
7 per cent reduction inconsumptionmrs warrington yes i dispute
in all areas of sourcingconsumptionreduction re use and recycling
insulation and thus reduce energyconsumptionand co2 emissions the following
uk advertising ban would reduceconsumptionby 2 5 per cent
particular product and thereby reduceconsumptionthere will be an economic
some people might reduce theirconsumptionwe must also consider whether
organic food or for theconsumptionof locally produced organic food
not necessarily lead to moreconsumptionof organic food and that
set a target for theconsumptionof organic food or for
minutiae we want to encourageconsumptionof organic food you may
for organic produce and focusconsumptionof that produce on people
an example of where cigaretteconsumptiondid not come down following
by high government taxation cigaretteconsumptionis reduced if prices fall
advertising the net effect onconsumptionmight not be dramatic mrs
because people will switch theirconsumptiondemand from one product to
and that any rise inconsumptionwould not necessarily be linked
production of vegetable crops forconsumptionby himself or his family
for increasing production rather thanconsumptioni presume that you thought
or in a programme forconsumptionrather than production robin harper
to provide food for humanconsumptionbut not by way of
to provide food for humanconsumptionbut not by way of
mammals b providing food forconsumptionby a living creature c
mammals b providing food forconsumptionby a living creature including
retained by fishermen for homeconsumptionother studies have sought to
effect on demand and thereforeconsumptionwe are considering who wins
a is unsafe for humanconsumptionand b could pass infection
whether for human or animalconsumptionproduced in and around the
statement that a fall inconsumptionmay not lead to a
could allow a rise inconsumptionmiss goldie the underground market
5 per cent cut inconsumptionwould not have the devastating
research has proved that increasedconsumptionof fruit and vegetables can
realised that government cannot controlconsumptionalthough it can encourage it
switching rather than to increaseconsumptiondo not bear scrutiny that
lead to an increase inconsumptionthat point is demonstrated by
you believe the cut inconsumptioncould be greater than 2
say that the impact onconsumptionwould be greater than 2
the uk for sale andconsumptionbut it is not made
uk is smuggled smuggling stimulatesconsumptiondirectly and the sale of
into the european market forconsumptionin expensive restaurants in paris
between our orgy of conspicuousconsumptionwe managed to see quite
and golden wonder for homeconsumption[note: photo: 'milking at pitcarles, 1972.'] dairy most farms kept
cigarettes it will bring downconsumptionone of the things that
they are and what theirconsumptionwill mean to people we
were pulled to maximise theconsumptionof milk by michael and
towns cleaner in their fuelconsumptions1w 6025 mr kenny macaskill
makers transport losses in onwardconsumptionof employees in these industries
shop break in and theconsumptionof that christmas poudding he
the legal limit of alcoholconsumptionacknowledges that sleep apnoea is
one cereal crop forms ofconsumptionbread and cakes the processing
micht blaa cholera leprosy ricketsconsumptionague whetted the scythe that
care there was no conspicuousconsumptionca canny wi the butter

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